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黑龙江省妇儿做白带常规阴道镜彩超多少钱黑龙江妇儿妇科医院人流多钱哈尔滨市中医院联系电话 London#39;s limousine-like black cabs will be coming to Shanghai streets -- though here#39;s hoping the fares won#39;t be as outrageous.伦敦黑色出租车将驶上上海街头,不过,市民希望这种类似豪华轿车的出租车定价不要太离谱。Shanghai LTI Automobile Co., a unit of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, is going to sell 200 TX4 cabs to a Shanghai-based taxi operator, a spokeswoman said. The first batch of 50 TX4s will be delivered to Shanghai Qiangsheng Holding Co. in September, she said.据上海英伦帝华汽车公司(Shanghai LTI Automobile Co.)的一位发言人称,该公司将向上海一家出租车运营商出售200辆TX4出租车。她还说,第一批50辆车将在9月份交付给上海强生控股股份有限公司(Shanghai Qiangsheng Holding Co.)。上海英伦是浙江吉利控股集团(Zhejiang Geely Holding Group)的子公司。The Shanghai Daily cited Shanghai Qiangsheng as saying it will use the vehicles to give priority service to people who have special needs, such as the elderly and disabled.据《上海日报》(Shanghai Daily)援引上海强生的话报道称,这些出租车在投入运营后将优先务老年人和残障人士等有特殊需求的群体。A significant departure from the Volkswagen cabs on Shanghai streets, the TX4 features an open-access luggage platform where the front passenger seat would be, with four seats in the back. #39;The Shanghai-made TX4 is the same model as the black cabs built in London. They are disabled-friendly vehicles,#39; said the spokeswoman.与上海街头的大众(Volkswagen)出租车截然不同的是,TX4的前排将不设置副驾驶座,而是供乘客放置行李的开放平台,该款车的后排设有四个座位。上海英伦的发言人表示,这款在上海生产的TX4以伦敦的黑色出租车为原型,是兼顾残障人士需求的一款出租车。Officials at Shanghai Qiangsheng weren#39;t immediately available for comment.记者未能立即联系到上海强生的管理人士就此置评。The flag-down fare has yet to be decided. When taking a standard four-door taxi in Shanghai, fares start at 14 yuan, or .25, for the first three kilometers, and increase by 2.4 yuan for every additional kilometer. The cost will increase by 30% late in the evening typically from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.打车价格还未确定。目前上海标准的四门出租车前三公里起步价为人民币14元(合2.25美元),此后每公里价格为2.4元。晚上11点至次日凌晨5点的打车价格将上浮30%。Shanghai LTI sells the TX4 for 200,000 yuan, more than double the cost of a Volkswagen #39;s Santana, which accounts for the lion#39;s share of the taxi fleet in Shanghai.上海英伦帝华汽车TX4的售价为人民币20万元,比大众汽车的桑塔纳贵一倍还要多。目前上海的出租车主要是桑塔纳。London#39;s black cab, sometimes called a hackney carriage, has a colorful history dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Its high-roofed passenger cabin was initially designed to accommodate gentlemen#39;s top hats, and the trunk was built to fit the old luggage trunks that travelers brought on overseas trips. Cab drivers undergo extensive training and pass a detailed test called #39;the knowledge#39; before setting out on the British capital#39;s roads.伦敦黑色出租车拥有辉煌的历史,最早可以追溯到20世纪初。它的高车顶设计之初是为了方便绅士的大礼帽,而行李箱的设计则是为了方便前往海外的旅行者所携带的老式行李箱。出租车司机在上路之前要经过大量的训练并通过名为“知识点”的详细测试。In 2006, Geely took over a 20% stake in the maker of London black cabs, which is now known as London Taxi Co, and set up Shanghai LTI to manufacture the cabs in China to pare costs. In February last year, Geely acquired the principal assets of the company in a deal worth about million.2006年,吉利汽车收购了伦敦黑色出租车制造商(目前名为伦敦出租车有限公司(London Taxi Co.))超过20%的股权,并成立了上海英伦帝华在中国制造这种出租车,以便降低成本。去年2月份,吉利以大约1,800万美元的价格收购了伦敦出租车有限公司的主要资产。Shanghai LTI has sold about 1,000 TX4 cabs in mainland China, including Beijing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing and Guangzhou.上海英伦帝华在包括北京、杭州、宁波、南京和广州在内的中国大陆城市已经出售了大约1,000辆TX4出租车。 /201407/310822方正县治疗盆腔炎哪家医院最好的

哈尔滨第六医院门诊的开门时间What can Chinese billionaires learn from Li Ka-shing ? Be careful of debt. 中国的亿万富豪们能从李嘉诚那里学到什么?是,要谨慎看待负债。 In a rare media interview last week, Asia#39;s richest man said property markets in Hong Kong and China both look overheated, and stressed the importance of financial prudence. #39;We need to be careful about debt, as if we are ting on thin ice,#39; Mr. Li told China#39;s Southern Weekend. #39;We have been buying less land in Hong Kong and China because prices are so high.#39; 这位亚洲首富在上周罕见地接受了国内媒体采访,说香港和中国大陆的房地产市场都有过热迹象,并强调了审慎理财的重要性。《南方周末》引用李嘉诚的话说:“我一生的原则是不会去赚最后一个铜板。”李嘉诚还表示,“过去两三年我们买入的项目较少。香港地价高,已看到不健康的趋势……内地的地价也飞涨,我们也无法成功投得土地……对于债务和贷款问题,非常小心处理,如履薄冰”。 Real estate has been a leading source of wealth creation in both Hong Kong and China, but Hong Kong developers are much more cautious with credit than their mainland peers. The total debt-to-asset ratio of Hong Kong-based developers―at around 30%―is half that of those on the mainland. 不管在香港还是中国大陆,富豪很多来自地产行业。在对待信贷的态度上,香港开发商比他们的内地同行要谨慎得多。总部位于香港的开发商的资产负债率大约在30%,这一水平是内地同类企业的一半。 In China, developers have been growing fast by buying land using borrowed money, building apartments quickly, and sometimes selling them even before they are completed. But the government#39;s efforts to cool the housing market have slowed sales and price growth, putting that model at risk. 在中国大陆,开发商使用借贷资金大量购地,快速建设住房,常常还未完工便开始售房回笼资金。他们凭借这一模式快速成长。然而政府的购房限令放慢了销售额的增长速度,使这种快进快出、高杠杆率的经营模式面临风险。 #39;Many Chinese companies are borrowing at very high rates and there is no way that they can make this kind of return,#39; said Antonio Huang, head of Asia structured trade and export finance at Banco Santander SA. As money gets tighter, some will inevitably go bust, he said. 西班牙国家亚洲结构贸易与出口金融主任 Antonio Huang说,中国企业借贷的利率很高,而他们根本不可能达到这么高的回报。随着资金收紧,有些企业将不可避免地倒闭。 At Mr. Li#39;s Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., which operates ports, telecommunications and retail businesses, liabilities were 43% of assets as of June 30. Net debt as a percentage of net total capital, the amount by which net assets exceed cash, stood at 20%. By comparison, Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., controlled by China#39;s richest man, Wang Jianlin, had a total debt-to-asset ratio of 76% as of June 30. Its net-debt-to-net-total capital ratio was 38%. 截至今年6月,李嘉诚旗下经营港口、电讯及零售的和记黄埔有限公司,其资产负债率为43%,净负债占净资本(总资产减现金)的百分比为20%。 大陆公司则更激进。拿中国大陆首富王健林掌管的大连万达商业地产股份有限公司来说,截至6月30日,其总资产负债率达76%,净债务占净资本比为38%。 Mr. Li#39;s empire can afford to take on more debt. His ports, electricity and telecom businesses have relatively low operational risks, and are hardly affected by economic cycles, because people have to have utilities even in a downturn. The companies also generate a lot of cash, which helps pay down debt quickly. 李嘉诚的生意能负担起更大规模的债务。港口、电力和电讯业务的经营风险较低,并且几乎不受经济周期的影响──经济不好,电费和电话费还是要付的。这些业务可产生大量资金,能快速缩减负债规模。 Wanda#39;s real-estate business is much more cyclical, because 83% of revenue comes from property sales rather than leasing retail space, which generates a steadier cash flow. The company had negative operating cash flow in the first six months of 2013, requiring it to tap external funding to meet its financial needs and obligations, according to the prospectus of a recent bond offering. 而万达的房地产业务受经济周期的影响要大得多,因为其83%的收入来自房地产销售,而非现金流更加稳定的租赁业务。根据万达近期的债券募集说明书,去年上半年和今年上半年,公司的营运现金流均为负值,需筹集外部资金以满足其财务需求。 Despite tougher economic conditions at home, Wanda has gone on an overseas shopping spree. This year, it paid billion to build London#39;s tallest hotel, and another billion to buy British yacht maker Sunseeker International. Wanda acquired AMC Entertainment Holdings, a U.S. cinema chain, last year for .6 billion. Wanda says its debt ratios aren#39;t high compared with its Chinese peers, and it can sell investment properties to raise money if needed. 国内经济放缓的大背景下,万达加快了海外收购的步伐。今年,该公司投资10亿美元在伦敦兴建当地最高的酒店,并另付10亿美元并购英国圣汐游艇公司(Sunseeker International)。去年,万达斥资26亿美元收购了美国影院连锁企业AMC Entertainment Holdings。万达指出,其债务比例与中国同行相比并不高,且如果需要的话,公司可以出售一些投资性地产来进行融资。 Sifting through Forbes#39;s list of China#39;s rich, one might notice a pattern of high debt ratios at property developers and conglomerates. Overall, China#39;s corporate debt is high by international standards―127% of gross domestic product compared with an average of 70% in other emerging markets, according to Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA . The fortunes of Chinese billionaires are closely tied to their companies, because most are first-generation entrepreneurs with wealth bound up in the businesses they founded. 上了《福布斯》中国富豪榜的很多房地产开发商和综合性集团都采取了类似的高负债率经营模式。据西班牙对外有限公司(BBVA)称,如果以国际水平为标杆进行衡量,中国企业总体上负债水平很高,债务占国内生产总值(GDP)的127%,而其它新兴市场的均值仅为70%。高杠杆对中国富豪们的私人财富带来较大风险,因为他们的大部分财富依然投资于其公司当中。 To mitigate the risks, Chinese billionaires could borrow from the Li Ka-shing playbook. Mr. Li is also on an overseas buying binge, but he has managed to keep debt ratios low. Since the 2008 financial crisis, Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. has spent more than billion on overseas acquisitions, according to Dealogic. But as Mr. Li invests in European utilities, he is considering an initial public offering of his global retail business, A.S. Watson amp; Co., next year, which some analysts have valued at more than billion. 要降低风险,中国的亿万富翁应当从李嘉诚那里取经。李嘉诚也大举进行了海外收购,但他将负债率保持在较低水平上。根据数据公司Dealogic,自2008年金融危机以来,长江基建集团有限公司已投入超过220亿美元用于海外收购。在李嘉诚投资于欧洲设施的同时,他正准备让旗下全球零售企业屈臣氏上市,有分析师估计,筹资金额将高达200亿美元。 Not all bets by Mr. Li, often referred to as #39;Superman#39; in Hong Kong because of his business prowess, have done well. Hutchison lost billion over seven years because of investments in a high-speed mobile-phone network. But it has been able to absorb those losses because the conglomerate is diversified and debt levels are low. As more Chinese entrepreneurs join the world#39;s billionaire club―China now ranks only behind the U.S. in the number of dollar billionaires, according to Forbes―they should think about protecting their wealth more than growing it aggressively. 因非凡的商业能力而被香港人尊称“超人”的李嘉诚,其实也并非在商海中一帆风顺。和记黄埔曾因投资于高速移动电话网络而经历了长达七年、总计200亿美元的亏损。但因为投资项目的多样化和低债务水平,公司经受住了这一考验。随着越来越多的中国企业家加入到世界亿万富翁俱乐部中(根据《福布斯》,中国亿万美元富翁总数现已仅次于美国),他们应当更多地思考如何保护他们的财富,而不应一味快速扩张。 /201312/267970哈尔滨市道外区妇幼保健所男科好不好 Well that took longer than it should have. The UK government has finally started selling down its 78 per cent stake in Royal Bank of Scotland. It should have started the process years ago. The shares closed at 338p on Monday. In August 2013 they were trading at around 340p, and in the intervening period there have been no dividends. About 31bn of UK taxpayers’ money has been tied up for two years in the bank, with no return. The public would have done better had its money been in a savings account, despite the woefully-low interest rates on offer. The government, it seems, is not a good allocator of investment capital.这件事本不该花这么长时间。英国政府终于开始出售其所持的苏格兰皇家(RBS) 78%的股份。它本该在数年前就开始这么做。周一,该行股票收于每股338便士。2013年8月,股价约为每股340便士,而且在政府干预期间未派发任何股息。约310亿英镑的英国纳税人资金被锁定在该行股份上长达两年,没有获得任何回报。如果当时把这些钱放在储蓄账户里,公众的收益原本还会高一些,尽管提供的利率低得可怜。看起来,英国政府并不擅长配置投资资本。An earlier sale would have been beneficial all around. Lloyds Banking Groupshares have risen 11 per cent since the government started selling down its stake in September 2013. In the same period, RBS has lost 7 per cent. True, RBS has been in a much weaker position than Lloyds. But the government stake, and the real (and realised) threat of political intervention in the bank has been a drag on the share price. Freed of that risk, the shares might have performed much better. And by selling down the stake earlier, the government might have enabled RBS to raise equity on the capital markets. It has been unable to do that (imagine the outcry if the government had ended up putting more money into RBS), so it has had to sell assets such as Citizens, its US bank, instead.更早一些出售原本对各方都有利。劳埃德集团(Lloyds Banking Group)股价在英国政府2013年9月开始减持以来已上涨11%。同一时期,苏格兰皇家的股价下跌了7%。没错,这与劳埃德相比,苏格兰皇家的状况一直疲弱得多。但政府持股以及政治干预该行的切实威胁(这种威胁最终变成了现实)一直在拖累该行股价。如果没有这些风险,苏格兰皇家的股价表现可能会好得多。此外,如果英国政府更早一些减持股份,苏格兰皇家原本能够在资本市场筹集股本。但该行一直无法这样做(想象一下如果政府最终要向该行注入更多资金所引发的强烈抗议吧),因此它不得不转而出售资产,例如旗下的美国Citizens。One of the reasons that the government may have been holding back is the risk of being seen to sell at a discount to the “in” price of 502p. But this argument was always a red herring. The in price is irrelevant. The government did not invest in the bank in order to make a profit, it invested in order to avoid the consequences of a collapse. With the threat of a collapse gone, there was little reason to hold on. As any er of the small print of investment literature knows, past prices are no guide to the future. RBS shares may never return to 502p — there is no point assuming that day will eventually arrive. Better for the UK taxpayer to sell out now, and to continue doing so (via quick, cheap institutional placements, rather than lengthy, expensive public offerings) until the stake has gone altogether.英国政府一直不启动减持的原因之一或许是,这么做可能会被人认为是在折价出售(相对于每股502便士的买入价格而言)。但这种论点其实一直是在转移人们的注意力。买入价格无关紧要。英国政府投资该行不是为了盈利,而是为了避免其倒闭。当倒闭威胁消失后,就没什么理由再继续持有了。正如任何读过投资宣传材料附属细则的人所熟知的,过去的价格对未来没有指导意义。苏格兰皇家的股价可能永远回不到每股502便士,也没有必要假设那一天终将到来。对英国纳税人来说,最好是立刻抛出并持续抛出(通过快速、低成本的机构配售,而非漫长、高成本的公开发售),直至彻底出清所持股份。 /201508/390821哈尔滨医科大学附属第四医院地址

哈尔滨医大医院可以做人流吗 China#39;s super rich should rethink the value of the once-coveted U.S. green card.中国有钱人应该重新思考,曾经让人羡慕的美国绿卡究竟是否值得拥有。中国首富、娃哈哈集团创始人宗庆后近日宣布,他已经去美国领事馆还掉了他的美国绿卡。Take beverage billionaire Zong Qinghou, one of China#39;s wealthiest people, who recently gave up his permanent-resident status because #39;China is getting better and stronger than America, #39; his spokesman said.中国人还是想要出去。根据贝恩咨询的一项调查,教育、资产安全和准备退休是最主要的原因。年初北京的雾霾和现在黄浦江里浮着的几千头死猪,都给人以寻找“退出机制”的动力。The Chinese do still want to go abroad, with education, safety of assets, and retirement preparation the top reasons cited in a Bain amp; Co. survey. Other concerns∪such as thick Beijing smog and the recent scandal of dead pigs floating in a river that supplies water to Shanghai∪add new incentives to look for an exit strategy.美国是中国富豪最喜欢的移民目的地。上个财政年度美国批准的7,600个投资移民的签中,有八成给了中国人。The U.S. is the most popular destination, with as many as 80% of the 7, 641 investor immigrant visas approved in the U.S. in fiscal 2012 taken up by Chinese.尽管中国富豪正在把家庭和财产转移海外,但波士顿咨询的一项调查显示,只有6%的高净值人士自己拿了外国护照。他们国内的生意还在增长,他们还没有到打包离开的时候。But while the rich are sending their families and assets overseas, only 6% of the Chinese high-net-worth individuals have taken up foreign citizenship, according to Boston Consulting Group. Their businesses are still growing in China, so they aren#39;t y to just pack up and leave.但一本美国护照的成本也很高,尤其对于那些没有意识到拿了美国护照就要交美国税的中国富人。和其他国家不同的是,美国对其永久居民和公民的海外收入和资本利得也都要征税。所有在拿到美国身份之后获得的收入,都必须缴纳美国税。普通收入的最高税率为39.6%,高收入者的长期资本利得要交20%的税。A U.S. passport can be costly, especially to the wealthy who often don#39;t realize that with U.S. citizenship come U.S. taxes. Unlike other countries, the U.S. taxes its citizens no matter where they live or where they earn their income. All gains realized after becoming a U.S. citizen will be subject to U.S. taxation. Ordinary income is taxed at rates up to 39.6% and long-term capital gains are taxed at 20% for wealthier taxpayers.“有钱人一般只给他们的家人和亲戚申请美国投资移民,因为这对他们自己来说会有很大的税务影响,”以伦敦为总部的国际律师事务所Withers的美国移民主管Reaz Jafri说。#39;Wealthy people often just send their relatives through the U.S. investor program because it has significant tax implications for themselves, #39; said Reaz Jafri, head of U.S. immigration for London-based international law firm Withers.美国护照可能是一个成本高昂的附属品──在享受美国公民权利的同时也得承担美国赋税。 《华尔街日报》的顾蔚解释了为什么一些中国富人放弃美国绿卡,转而考虑在一些债务缠身的欧洲国家和一些富裕的亚洲城市入籍,以享受更优惠的待遇。A foreign residency can become a political liability at home. Revelation of Mr. Zong#39;s green card has led some Chinese to question whether they should be represented by an #39;American#39; at the National People#39;s Congress. Mr. Zong and his family members no longer carry U.S. green cards.外国身份在中国国内也可能是个政治包袱。宗庆后绿卡被曝光后,有些中国人开始抱怨一个“美国人”是否适合作为人大代表。宗庆后之所以放弃美国身份,是因为“中国变得越来越好而且一定会比美国强” ,他的发言人如此说到,并补充说现在宗庆后全家都是中国身份,没有人持有美国绿卡。Some Chinese businessmen have applied for foreign passports so they can enjoy preferential policies at home. Those policies include China#39;s tax breaks for foreign investors. Some business owners got foreign passports so they could list their companies in Hong Kong as #39;red chip#39; stocks. But foreign investors are now subject to the same tax rates as locals, and Hong Kong has tightened listing requirements.之前拿外国身份还有一个好处是可以在中国享受特殊待遇,中国过去对外商有税务优惠政策。要在香港以“红筹”身份上市,企业主也需要一本外国护照。但现在外商投资企业和本地企业的税率已经拉平,而且香港提高了上市审查标准后,海外上市也不那么容易了。The sheer demand for visas to the U.S. and elsewhere by Chinese is making them harder to get, with China now the world#39;s biggest exporter of its people. In 2011 alone, 150, 000 Chinese got immigration visas from foreign countries, according to the Center for China and Globalization, a Chinese think tank.中国人对美国投资移民的庞大需求本身也使得美国绿卡更难拿了。现在中国已经是世界上最大的人口出口国。根据智库中国和全球化研究中心的数据,仅2011年,就有15万中国人获得了海外移民身份。For the U.S. investor visa program known as EB-5, an individual-country a is likely to kick in later this year, according to the U.S. State Department. That means some Chinese investors will need to wait for several years after their money has been invested in the U.S., Mr. Jafri said.根据美国国务院预测,今年开始,投资移民签会开始受国家配额限制,这意味着未来中国申请人把钱投到美国后,可能要等好几年才能拿到移民签。A U.S. green card can be lost just by doing nothing, yet the applicant may still be on the hook for U.S. taxes. In general, permanent residents who fail to enter the U.S. for more than a year will be treated as if they abandoned their green cards. This is a time burden for first-generation rich in China who are still deeply involved in their businesses at home.美国绿卡也很容易失去,但绿卡拥有者可能还要继续给美国税。一般来说,美国永久居民如果有一年没有踏上美国土地就被认为自动放弃了绿卡。这对还积极忙于打造他们的商业帝国的中国第一代富豪来说,这也是个不小的时间负担。#39;People should ask themselves if a U.S. green card is what they really want, #39; said Erik Wallace, a Hong Kong-based lawyer at Withers. #39;If not, there are other options available.#39;“人们应该问问自己,是否美国绿卡真是他们想要的,”Withers的香港律师Erik Wallace说,“如果不是,他们还有其他选择。”For Chinese businessmen who want to sp their empires to America, they can apply for an L-1 visa, which allows foreign employees of international companies to relocate to the corporation#39;s U.S. office. The L-1 visa, which can be extended to up to seven years, may legally be used as a steppingstone to a green card.对于想要把自己的生意扩张到美国的中国商人,他们可以申请L-1签。该签帮助国际公司的外国雇员在其美国公司工作。L-1签可以一共延期到七年,也可以合法地作为申请绿卡的一个踏脚石。The L-1 visa has no investment or job-creation requirements, while the U.S. investor visa program does, and L-1 visas can usually be approved in a matter of weeks. People on L-1 visas are subject to U.S. taxes on their U.S. income, but not on their overseas income and capital gains if they spend fewer than 122 days each year in the U.S., according to Mr. Wallace.和美国投资移民不同, L-1签对于在美国的投资金额,以及在美国创造的工作都没有特别要求。一般来说,几个星期就可以批下来。Wallace说,成功的申请人需要为他们的美国收入交税,但只要每年在美国呆的时间不超过122天,一般就不需要为海外收入交美国税。Many Chinese believe a foreign passport, especially if it is from the world#39;s No. 1 superpower, can protect them from being targeted by Chinese authorities, or get them on a plane out of China if the country sinks into turmoil. Those are unlikely scenarios and people need to be realistic about the costs and benefits of foreign passports. It is always good to have a backup plan, but rich Chinese also need to make sure that they aren#39;t overpaying for it.很多中国人相信一本外国护照,尤其是来自世界第一超级大国的护照,能够保护他们不受中国政府的惩罚。万一中国乱了,还可以坐上一架特别飞机离开中国,他们有必要更现实和理智地看待这个问题。给自己找一个备用方案是个好主意,但中国富人也没必要为其付出太高昂的代价。 /201310/262822哈尔滨整形妇科医院哈尔滨市三院贵吗



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