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6第六单元 复印Conversation 1会话 1A:Could you copy this document for me?A:你能帮我复印这份报告吗?B:Its my pleasure. How many copies would you want?B:当然。你要几份?A:A hundred and fifty. No,wait,make that a hundred and sixty.A:—百五十份,不,等等,印一百六十份好了。B:Yes,sir. Will there be anything else?B:好的,先生。还有其他的事吗?A:No,thank you. That will be all for now.A:没有了,谢谢。目前没有别的事。B:Your document will be y in about ten minutes.B:这份报告大约十分钟就可以印好。Conversation 2会话 2A:Miss Liu,please come in.A:刘,请进来一下。B:What can I do for you,sir?B:我能为你做点什么,先生?A:Copy this report for me.A:帮我把这份报告复印了。B:OK. But which size should I use?B:但我应该用哪种尺寸的纸张?A:You should use the A4 paper is all right.A:你用A4的就可以了。B:l see. Should I have it bound?B:明白了,我需要把它装订好吗?A:It is unnecessary.A:没必要。B:That is all right.B:那好吧。 /201604/436537foregone conclusion ------ 定局英文释义A result that everyone assumes to be inevitable.例句The victory of the famous Olympic runner had been a foregone conclusion, but the race was won by a previously unknown young man.这位著名的奥运会跑步选手一直被认为胜局已定,但结果却是被一位之前名不见经传的年轻人赢得了比赛。 /201611/471246Discrepancy about Inspection检验争议A: Shall we talk about the question of inspection?A: 我们讨论一下商品检验问题好吗?B: Sure, go ahead. What terms of commodity inspection are stipulated in the contract?B: 好的,开始吧。合同中的检验条款是怎样规定的?A: The goods imported must be inspected according to the legal process, and the reinspection should be carried out within a week on arrival.A: 进口商品必须经过法定程序的检验,而且应在货物达到后一周内进行。B: What would happen if we have some disputes over the results of the reinspection?B: 如果我们对检验结果有争议该怎么处理?A: We can turn to some international authorities.A: 我们可以求助于权威机构做出公正的判定。B: What if that wont help us to find our respective satisfaction?B: 如果权威机构没有给出我们双方都满意的答复该怎么办?A: Then we can solve the problem through communication and negotiation.A: 那么我们也可以通过协商和沟通来解决问题。B: That will be just fine. In what way or process will the commodities be inspected?B: 那很好。商品检验要以什么方式和程序进行?A: Inspections will be made by sampling and they will be made by inspections as well as reinspection.A: 检验应抽样进行并且要经过检验和复验两个步骤。 /201602/425137saving grace ———— 可取之处(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) A quality that compensates for other faults.例句 My sister is not very intelligent, but her enthusiastic sincerity is her saving grace, and people always like and respect her.我不是很聪明,但情真义切是她的可取之处,人们一直很喜欢和尊重。 /201607/455756

Residency居住咨询A:Professor Zhang, recently I am working on a paper about immigration. I ran across some difficulties in my paper. Could you help me out?A:张教授,最近我正在写一篇关于入境的论文,现在我的论文遇到一点麻烦,您能帮我解决一下吗?B:Yes, sure. What is it? Just go ahead. I have told you that do not hesitate to turn to me whenever you are in trouble.B: 当然可以啊。是什么问题?尽管问吧。我不是跟你们说过吗?无论什么时候遇到问题都一定要来找我。A:Thank you do much. Thats very kind of you. There is a chapter in my paper about the right of residency a foreigner has in another country. Could you give some information about it?A:真的非常感谢您。您实在是太好了。我的论文中有一章是关于外国人入境者的居留权问题,您能给我讲讲这方面的知识吗?B: No problem. In accordance with the laws in the host country and abtain long-term, short term or permanent residency.B: 没问题。根据所在国的法律和有关的国际条约或协定,可以在该国短期、长期或永久居留。A: Amazing. Does it mean that any foreigner can obtain residency?A:真是不可思议。这是不是说任何一个外国入境者都有居留权?B: Not exactly. Foreigners who can not obtain long term residency before he or she asks for and gets permission.B: 不完全是这样的。外国人未经请求并获得许可不能在一国领土内长期居留。A: So, if a foreigner wants to obtain long term residency in another country, he or she has to apply for it first and then wait for permission.A:因此,假如外国公民想获得长期居留权就必须先申请然后再等候被批准。B: You are perfectly right.B: 你说的完全正确。A: Are there any regulations and rules for foreigners to obey if they obtain residency in another country?A:当外国人所在国取得居留权后有什么要遵守的规章制度吗?B: Of course there are. The obligations and rights of a foreigner are stipulated by the host country while he or she is in the period of residency. Foreigners ought to obey the laws and regulations of the host country.B: 当然有。外国人在居留期间的权利和义务有居住国的法律规定。外国人应遵守居住过的法律。A: So, these are the obligations foreigners must obey, right?A:那么这些就是外国人要遵守的规章制度了,对吗?B: Yes. And at the same time the host country is responsible for protecting the lawful rights and interests of them.B: 是的,不过与此同时,居住国对外国人的合法权益应予以保护。 /201603/430564

He wears gloves and cleans his tools with alcohol to avoid contaminating the ancient salt samples with modern microorganisms. "The salt round about us was crystallized out 260 million years ago, and 260 million years ago, organisms in this salt lake contributed towards the crystallization. And they became incorporated in the salt. We've taken samples of the salt back to a laboratory, and we carefully dissolve away the mineral part of the material and we feed the sample with nutrients that we know encourage the growth of these special bacteria. And indeed from some of the samples, we were able to hatch out viable bacteria that might be 260 million years old. If ancient bacteria can be revived on earth, this may also be possible on Mars. "Mars, many millions of years ago, had water, lakes, rivers and presumably salt lakes. And perhaps, on Mars, the salt lakes harbored populations of creatures like the ones on earth. So if one is going to look for life on Mars and our earthly experience down here is anything to go by, where better to look for life than salt deposits on Mars. The more examples of life surviving in a dormant state in harsh earthly environments, the better chance of finding it on Mars. Life has a way of hanging on, from the heat of an ancient salt deposit to the freezing cold of Antarctica. A lone scientist stalks the vast plains of the southern continent. Professor E. Imre Friedmann is looking for rocks, rocks that hold some of the hardiest microbes on earth. It's not as cold as Mars here, but almost. In his giant freezer at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Professor Friedmann keeps over 300 samples of bacteria found in rocks around the world. The bacteria are removed from rock in his laboratory. "and we collected this rock in the Antarctic desert and this is a rock which is colonized by microorganisms. The surface is lifeless, but under the surface, here, microorganisms exist which can be seen in this black zone and the leached white zone. The surface of that rock is also to isolate the microorganisms in this laboratory and grow them. We'll transfer pieces into the sterile medium. One day, we may isolate sleeping Martians in a similar way. "I m putting this enrichment culture here in the light because these microorganisms like plants need sunlight. This is a rock which has been placed here about two months ago. Here are the bacteria that have thrived in some of the toughest cold conditions that...words in this passagecrystallize: If a liquid crystallizes, it turns into crystals.结晶stalk:昂首阔步;大步走leach:to remove a substance from a material, especially from earth, by the process of water moving through the material, or to remove parts of a material using water:滤去sterile:completely clean and free from dirt and bacteria:无细菌的;消毒的200808/46468

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