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2019年11月15日 20:35:59

淮安妇保院有泌尿科吗Pope Backs Tolerance, Stresses Importance of Religion教皇会见法总统 造访巴黎圣母院  Pope Benedict XVI arrived in France Friday on a four-day visit that will take him from the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris to the shrine in Lourdes. This is Benedict's first trip to France as pontiff. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世星期五开始抵达法国,进行为期4天的访问,他将造访爱丽舍宫和圣母院。这是本笃十六世第一次以教皇的身份访问法国。To the notes of the Marseillaise, Pope Benedict was welcomed at Orly airport in Paris by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni.  在法国国歌《马赛曲》的乐声中,教皇本笃十六世在巴黎奥利机场受到法国总统萨尔科齐和第一夫人卡拉.布鲁妮的欢迎。At the presidential Elysee Palace, Mr. Sarkozy told the pope that, for the millions of French Catholics, Benedict's visit was a truly exceptional event. He added that: "In the secular republic that is France, all welcome you with respect." 在爱丽舍宫,萨尔科齐告诉教皇,他的到来对于法国数以百万计的天主教徒来说是一件盛事。他说:“在政教分离的法国,人们都竭诚欢迎您。”The pope explained the major reason for this visit. 教皇解释他此次访问的主要目的。The pope said he wanted to join pilgrims from around the world, who are converging on the Marian shrine of Lourdes to mark celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to a 14-year-old peasant girl. 教皇说,他这次来访是要和来自世界各地的朝圣者一同聚集到圣母院,纪念圣母玛丽亚向一名14岁的牧羊女显圣150周年。The pope also spoke of his concerns in what he called these uncertain times of tension and conflict. 教皇同时也对目前这种紧张和冲突的令人心神不定的时代表示担忧。Benedict said it is important to promote a unity that is able to guarantee the respect for national differences and different cultural traditions. He said one should not forget that national identity can only be achieved in openness toward other peoples and through solidarity with them. 教皇说,提倡一种团结,以便确保尊重民族差异和不同的文化传统,这一点非常重要。他说,人们不应该忘记,民族性只能通过对他人开放、通过与他人团结才能实现。The pope's stay in the French capital coincides with the second anniversary of his speech about Islam that offended many Muslims. Pope Benedict, at the start of a four-day visit to France, has upheld the principle of separation of church and state - but also noted what he says is the importance of religion in society. 教皇访问法国首都的时间正好是他发表关于伊斯兰教的演说两周年。那次演说当时激怒了许多穆斯林。200809/48428江苏省洪泽县中医院泌尿科咨询Well he was a bit unfriendly, but Anna got what she needed.他有点不友好,但是安娜完成了任务。Here are the phrases she used: I just want to make sure that...这些是她用过的表达方式:我只是想确定……Could you possibly clarify...你能澄清一下……I just want to check...我只是想核对……Just to be absolutely clear...只是想百分百确定……One thing I wasnt sure of was...有一件事我不太确定的是……Well, everything in the warehouse seems to be okay.仓库里的一切似乎都没问题。Back in the office, Tom is having less luck.回到办公室,汤姆就没这么走运了。Really? Here it says 5,000 not five...oh...真的吗?这里写着是5000而不是5……Its going to be a long day for him!这对他来说会是漫长的一天!Until next time. Bye!下次见。再见! /201612/483620And Mr Lime ordered grapefruits, but got pineapples. Tom. Yes.Listen.Lime 先生定了葡萄,但是收到的是菠萝。汤姆! 是的。听着。Were you responsible for these errors? Well...yes, but Paul...你能对这些失误负责吗? 是的,但是保罗……Mistakes happen. But it seems that Mrs Kumquat left our offices even angrier than when she came in and she says she will never use Tip Top Trading again.错误已经发生了。但是似乎Kumquat女士离开办公室的时候甚至比她进来的时候更生气,并且她说她再也不会光顾 Tip Top Trading了!I tried my best.我尽力了。I understand you told her to spray paint the bananas and to stop being such a miserable old witch.我知道你让她去给香蕉喷漆,并且不要像一个令人讨厌的老巫婆一样。Yeah, well look, shed been very rude to me.If you werent such a good salesman I would fire you for that.是的,她对我非常的粗鲁。如果你不能当好一名销售,我就因此开除你。Anna Yes.安娜。 是的。Well done. Not only was Mr Lime satisfied that his business would be resolved, but we might even get some extra business from him, thanks to your Imperial Lemon proposal.干得好。Lime先生不仅因为他的商业问题得到解决而满意,而且我们还可能和他达成了额外的订单,多亏了你的皇家柠檬建议。I hope so.希望如此。You were in a difficult situation and you handled it well.你处于困境却处理得很好。You remained calm, friendly and professional.你仍然很沉着,友好,专业。So, great job. Im really impressed. Im going to…干得好,给我留下了非常深刻的印象。我将要……Oh no. Its a call from the USA.不,是从美国来的电话。Oh god! What?上帝! 怎么了?Its the boss! Whose boss? Ours!是老板! 谁的老板? 我们的! /201612/483613淮安妇幼保健医院地址

江苏省淮安治疗宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的淮安市中山医院妇科检查多少钱Now first look behind the scenes of a new movie " Memoirs of a Geisha" based on the best-selling novel. It's the fictional life story of one of the most exotic and mysterious women in Japanese culture. Our national correspondent, Jamie Gangel, sat down with two of the movie stars. Visually stunning and emotionally intense, 'Memoirs of a Geisha' takes place in pre-World War II Japan and tells the story of Siyori, played by Ziyi, Zhang, who is sold as a child to a geisha house. Then with the help of the most prominent geisha, played by Michelle Yeoh, Siyori is transformed and discovers the secrets and the pain of geisha life. The word geisha part of it means art. In addition to the dancing, the singing, the music, there is a side that people believe is about sex. The geisha world is a very mysterious world. They did not choose to become geishas. They are chosen. And yes, there is the sex involved. That is the only time when the geisha can say yes or no. You two went to geisha boot camp, in effect? How hard was it to learn to be geisha? Tell them about your dancing. I am thinking about those very tall shoes. I have to say when that scene started I got nervous for you. We all did. Was it hard? Yeah. I remembered the first time when I saw them, I, you know, they told me that I have to dance in them, I just, I don't think it's possible. Did you fall? Yes, many times. In fact the two actresses only had six weeks to learn what geishas spend a lifetime perfecting. We have what we call, affectionately we call the seven rooms of torture. There was a room where you learn how to pour tea and sakei. Then there was a room where we learn how to walk how to kneel how to bow. The walking process we would put a slip of paper between our knees. And then when you graduate, you must glide across the room with a slip of paper and a bottle of sakei. Could you do it? Of course. Now walk. You are a magnificent geisha. It is a very painful story. Was it as hard to act as it is to watch? I think for each of us, there were different levels of the pain. They dedicate their lives to the perfection of music, to dance. Because they are working pieces of art, and you do not love, you do not marry, and you do not have children. Yeoh and Zhang have worked together before, in the popular martial arts film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". From a difficult point of view, is it harder to do the big action or is it harder to do the little one? Little one. You know, because you have to pay all your intention to those small subtle gestures. Those nuances are what make the story, which is told in the voice of a Japanese woman: 'I certainly wasn't born to the life of a geisha. ' But what 's surprised to many is that the author of "Memoirs of a Geisha" is a 48-year-old American man from Tennessee. I just couldn't believe that an American guy who wrote this such beautiful story about a geisha's life. How could he know? Did you feel, Michelle, that it was realistic? I didn't care because it takes you away from what we have or what we are facing every day, like, that's what movies are for me. I get transported to a magical world. For Today, Jamie Gangel. N N ews,New York. That's beautiful. I love the book. (Yeah. ) 'Memoirs of a Geisha' opens in select theaters tomorrow. 200808/46186淮安妇保医院治疗便血多少钱North Korean Silence Creates Gaps in Tourist Killing Probe北韩杀游客案韩国发表调查结果  South Korean investigators have released what they call "interim findings" in a probe of this month's shooting of a South Korean tourist by North Korea's military. However, amid the North's total refusal to cooperate in an investigation, serious information gaps remain. South Korea's anger over the North's intransigence may be rising. 就一名韩国游客上个月被北韩士兵杀一案展开调查后,韩国调查人员发表了他们所称的“初步结果”。但是由于北韩完全拒绝合作,韩国方面无法获得至关重要的信息。韩国可能会对持强硬立场的北韩越来越愤怒。South Korean investigators are still having trouble verifying fundamental details in the shooting death of South Korean tourist Park Wang-ja. 韩国调查人员仍然无法核实韩国女游客朴旺子被杀一案中的一些基本细节。The 53-year-old Park was shot twice by North Korea's military two weeks ago during her visit to the North's Kumgang mountain resort. The area is managed by South Korea as a long-term project to improve inter-Korean relations. 53岁的朴旺子两周前游览北韩旅游圣地金刚山时被北韩士兵击中两身亡。该旅游区是韩国为改善南北韩关系而经营的一个长期项目。North Korea shared some information about the shooting with Hyundai Asan, the South Korean corporation that runs the resort but refuses any cooperation whatsoever with the South Korean government's probe. 北韩向经营该旅游区的韩国现代集团峨山公司透露了一些有关击的信息,但是拒绝跟韩国政府的调查组进行任何形式的合作。Hwang Boo-gi, an investigator for the South's Unification Ministry, says there is a discrepancy in accounts over the killing. 韩国统一部的一名调查员说,双方对杀事件的说法不一致。He says the South estimates the shooting location to be about 200 meters away from fences marking a restricted no-access area. That differs, he says by the North's claim of a 300 meter distance. 他说,据韩国方面评估,击事件发生在距离禁区围栏两百米处,这跟北韩所说的3百米距离不相符合。North Korea says Park crossed into the restricted area during a morning walk and ran away when confronted by North Korean soldiers. She was shot in the back. Pyongyang says South Korea is to blame for the incident and has demanded an apology. 北韩说,朴旺子早晨散布时进入禁区,当北韩士兵出现在她面前时,她掉头跑走,她是背后中身亡的。平壤说,韩国应当为此事件负责,并要求道歉。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has called the shooting "intolerable," and has suspended the tourism project completely until North Korea cooperates in the probe. Although Seoul is still permitting some travel to the North by private civic groups, it is urging some of the groups to cancel their upcoming visits.  韩国总统李明称这次杀事件是“不可容忍”的,他下令暂时完全停止旅游项目,直至北韩合作进行调查。首尔继续允许私人民间团体前往北韩,但敦促一些团体取消计划中的访问。With the Kumgang resort closed, North Korea is losing revenues by the day and so is the Hyundai Asan corporation. The company's president Yoon Man-jun has apologized for the incident. 金刚山旅游景点关闭,使北韩每天蒙受经济损失,韩国现代峨山公司也是如此。公司总裁尹万俊对杀事件表示道歉。He calls the shooting the most tragic incident to happen since the tours began, and says he feels personally sorry. 他说,自从开展这项旅游业务以来,这是最令人悲痛的事件,他本人为此感到难过。Senior South Korean officials are now telling journalists the South may stiffen its policy toward the North even further soon, if North Korea continues to stonewall the investigation.  韩国高级官员告诉记者,如果北韩继续阻止调查,韩国可能很快进一步对北韩采取强硬政策。They have not specified their possible course of action, which they say they will take at "an appropriate time." However, officials have hinted a separate tour program at the North Korean city of Kaesong may also be suspended. A North-South joint industrial park near Kaesong is seen, for now, as safe from the dispute over the shooting probe. 他们没有具体透露可能会采取什么行动,只是说,会在“适当的时候”采取行动。不过,韩国官员暗示,北韩城市开城的另外一个旅游项目可能也会被叫停。目前,南、北韩在开城附近共同建造的一个工业园区尚未受到调查杀事件所引起的争议的影响。200807/44836淮安区有治疗前列腺炎吗

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