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Arab news outlets say Yemen President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi dismissed his prime minister and vice president, Khaled Bahah, in a major government shakeup ahead of ed Nations-brokered peace talks with Iran-backed Houthi militants later this month.阿拉伯媒体说,也门总统哈迪罢免了总理兼副总统巴哈的职务。在也门政府发生重大人事变动之际,与得到伊朗持的胡塞激进分子的和谈将于本月晚些时候举行,和谈是在联合国的斡旋下进行的。Yemen state television, reporting Sunday, said Hadi had replaced Bahah with army General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar as the governments new vice president. He also appointed lawmaker Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr as prime minister.也门国家电视台星期日报道说,哈迪任命陆军将领阿马尔接任副总统,并任命议员达赫尔继任总理职务。The president had offered no public explanations for the moves by early Monday. But Yemeni and other international media have reported simmering differences between Hadi and Bahah over tactics and strategies for ending the countrys protracted civil war.直到星期一凌晨,哈迪一直没有对政府高层变动做出公开解释。但据也门和国际媒体报道,哈迪和巴哈围绕结束旷日持久内战的战术策略存在严重分歧。Those differences exploded into public view in December when Bahah rejected the presidents move to reshuffle the government without first consulting with him.去年12,巴哈反对哈迪在未同自己磋商之前改组政府,此举使两人的分歧公开化。Unlike the more hardline Hadi, analysts have described Bahah as favoring a political settlement to the conflict.分析人士说,哈迪持强硬立场,而巴哈则主张通过政治途径解决国内冲突。来 /201604/435544

  ORLANDO, Fla. A gunman who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State killed 50 people and wounded 53 in a crowded gay nightclub here early Sunday. The gunman, identified as Omar Mateen, had been investigated twice by the FBI for possible connections to terrorism, the bureau said, but no ties could be confirmed.佛罗里达州奥兰多——周日凌晨,一名宣誓效忠伊斯兰Islamic State)的持歹徒在一家人头攒动的同性恋夜总会杀0人,3人。凶手名为奥马尔·马廷(Omar Mateen),此前已被联邦调查局(FBI)调查过他两次,怀疑他和恐怖主义有联系,但未找到过确凿据。Mateen, 29, a U.S. citizen whose parents were from Afghanistan, called 911 and talked about the Islamic State shortly before the massacre at the Pulse nightclub, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, Ronald Hopper, an assistant agent in charge of the FBI’s Tampa Division, said at a news conference. Other federal officials said more explicitly that Mateen declared allegiance to the group.马廷是美国公民,现年29岁,父母来自阿富汗。FBI负责坦帕分局的助理探员罗纳德·霍珀(Ronald Hopper)在新闻发布会上表示,在袭击这家名为“Pulse”的夜店、造成美国历史上最惨烈的大规模击案之前不久,马廷曾拨打过911报警电话,在通话中谈到了伊斯兰国。其他一些联邦官员则更明确地说,马廷宣布效忠于伊斯兰囀?“The FBI first became aware of him in 2013 when he made inflammatory comments to co-workers alleging possible terrorist ties,but could not find any incriminating evidence, Hopper said.“FBI开始注意到他是013年。他向同事们发表了一些煽动性言论,显示或许和恐怖分子有联系,”但FBI找不到任何罪,霍珀说。In 2014, the bureau investigated Mateen again, for possible ties to Moner Mohammad Abusalha, an American who grew up in Florida but went to Syria to fight for an extremist group and detonated a suicide bomb; Hopper said the bureau concluded that the contact between the two men had been minimal, and that Mateen “did not constitute a substantive threat at that time.”到014年,FBI再次对马廷进行调查,怀疑他可能和穆莱·默罕穆德·阿布萨Moner Mohammad Abusalha)有关系。阿布萨哈是在佛罗里达长大的美国公民,前往叙利亚为一个极端团体效力,引爆了一枚自杀式炸弹。霍珀称,FBI得出的结论是这两人之间接触甚少,马廷“当时并不构成实质性的威胁”。The suspicions did not prevent Mateen, who lived in Fort Pierce, Florida, from working as a security guard, or from buying guns. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Mateen legally bought a long gun and a pistol in the last week or two, though it was not clear whether those were the weapons used in the assault.马廷住在佛罗里达州皮尔斯堡。FBI对他的怀疑并未妨碍他从事保安工作,或是购买。美国烟酒及爆炸物(Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)披露,马廷在前一两周合法购买了一长和一手,不过目前尚不清楚他在袭击中使用的是不是这些武器。Hours after the attack, the Islamic State claimed responsibility in a statement released over an encrypted phone app used by the group. It stated that the attack “was carried out by an Islamic State fighter,according to a transcript provided by the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadi propaganda.袭击发生数小时后,伊斯兰国通过他们使用的加密手机应用发表声明,宣称对此事负责。追踪圣战组织宣传的赛德情报集团(SITE Intelligence Group)提供了一份文稿,其中显示,该组织称这次袭击“由伊斯兰国斗士发动”。But officials cautioned that even if Mateen, who court records show was born in New York and had been married and divorced, had been inspired by the group, there was no indication that it had trained or instructed him, or had any direct connection with him.但官员警告,即使马廷是受到了伊斯兰国的煽动,并没有迹象表明他曾经受过该组织的训练或教导,也没有据显示他和该组织有任何直接联系。法庭记录显示马廷出生在纽约,曾成婚并已离婚。“The FBI is appropriately investigating this as an act of terror,President Barack Obama said from the White House.“FBI正把此事作为恐怖行径来调查。这是恰当的做法,”奥巴马总统在白宫表示。来 /201606/449028

  Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s president, has signalled she is willing to resign next year or accept the decision of an impeachment vote this Friday.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)已表示,她愿意明年辞职或接受本周五弹劾表决得出的决定。This development follows six weeks of massive civilian protest in response to a corruption scandal that has riveted the nation.韩国民众已举行了六周的大规模抗议,以回应一桩举国瞩目的腐败丑闻。Ms Park told leaders of the ruling Saenuri Party that she will either agree to resign in April or accept the decision of the constitutional court following an impeachment vote, according to local media reports.据当地媒体报道,朴槿惠对执政党“新国家党Saenuri Party)的领导人表示,她同意明年4月辞职,也会接受宪法法院在一项弹劾表决后作出的裁决。Last Tuesday, Ms Park told the nation in a televised address she would step down in accordance with a schedule drawn up by parliamentarians. That was dismissed by opponents as a stall tactic, and the following day they vowed to push forward with an impeachment motion.上周二,朴槿惠在电视讲话中向韩国民众表示,她会按照国会议员们拟定的时间表下台。反对派认为这是一种拖延战术,并在次日发誓要推进弹劾动议。The announcement of Ms Park’s resignation comes as the heads of nine of South Korea’s biggest family-controlled conglomerates (chaebol), including Samsung and Hyundai, were today dragged before a parliamentary inquiry into their role in the nation’s corruption scandal.朴槿惠宣布辞职意愿之际,包括三星(Samsung)、现Hyundai)在内的韩国九大财阀的领导人今日都应要求出席了国会听会,以阐明他们在这桩腐败丑闻中扮演的角色。来 /201612/482064。


  The son of a former prime minister of Pakistan returned from Afghanistan Wednesday a day after he was rescued from al-Qaida-linked kidnappers in a military operation.此前被一伙与基地组织有关联的绑架者绑架的巴基斯坦前总理之子周三从阿富汗返回家中。他在前一天的一次军事行动中获救。A special Pakistani aircraft brought Ali Haider Gilani back from Kabul and landed at the airport in the eastern city of Lahore where family members received him amid tight security.巴基斯坦派一架专机将阿里·海德尔·吉拉尼从喀布尔送回巴基斯坦。飞机降落在巴基斯坦东部城市拉合尔,吉拉尼在严密的安保之中与家人团聚。Hundreds of supporters and relatives welcomed him at his family residence as he returned home after three years in captivity and showered rose petals on his car.被关押三年的吉拉尼返回家中时,数以百计的持者和亲属在他的住处欢迎他归来,并且向他乘坐的汽车抛洒玫瑰花瓣。Pakistani televisions broadcast the images live during the journey of his convoy from the airport.巴基斯坦电视台现场直播了吉拉尼从机场被护送返回家中的全过程。Gilani was abducted at gunpoint during an election rally in his southern home town of Multann three years ago before he was taken across the porous Afghan border.吉拉尼三年前在家乡木尔坦参加一次竞选活动期间被持绑架,之后被越境带往阿富汗。A joint U.S.-Afghan counterterrorism commando operation recovered Gilani from an al-Qaida compound in the Paktika province bordering Pakistan in a pre-dawn raid on Tuesday.美国与阿富汗周二黎明前展开联合反恐突击行动,将吉拉尼从基地组织位于帕克提卡省的一处据点中营救出来。帕克提卡省毗邻巴基斯坦。He was then transferred to the U.S.-controlled Bagram military base where he spent the night and underwent medical check-ups, according to U.S. and Afghan officials.美国和阿富汗官员说,吉拉尼随后被转移到美国控制的巴格拉姆军事基地过夜,并接受了医疗检查。来 /201605/443175A Colorado doctor has been ordered to stop seeing patients and is being fired from her medical school teaching job for calling first lady Michelle Obama ;monkey face; on Facebook and defending herself as ;still not racist.;由于在脸书上称呼第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马;猴子;,并声称自己;不是种族主义;,科罗拉多一名医生日前已被勒令停职,并将遭到医学院停职。Dr. Michelle Herren, a white pediatric anesthesiologist at Denver Health Medical Center and a faculty member at University of Colorado School of Medicine, made the comment after another Facebook user called Obama eloquent, The Denver Post reported.据《丹佛邮报》报道,米歇尔·赫伦医生是丹佛医疗中心的一名白人麻醉师,同时还是科罗拉多大学医学院的教职工。在另外一名脸书用户夸奖米歇尔口才好之后,她做出了此番言论。Herren responded with an unflattering photo showing the first lady yelling, and this:赫伦用了一张显示米歇尔正在叫喊、且看起来不怎么样的照片进行了回应,内容如下;Doesnt seem to be speaking too eloquently here, thank god we cant hear her! Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!! There! I feel better and am still not racist!!! Just calling it like it is!;;似乎说话不太流利,感谢上帝我们不能听到她讲话!猴子脸和很烂的黑人英语!就是这样!我感觉很好,但我不是种族主义!只是看到什么说什么;Her post also criticized Obamas Ivy League education: ;Harvard? Thats a place for entitled folks said all the liberals!;她的帖子还批评了米歇尔接受的常春藤联盟教育:;哈佛?那平权法案(受照顾)人群所说全是自由派的地方;JoAnn Nietto, who spotted Herrens comments on a friends Facebook page, told A-7 News that she flagged the post for the University of Colorado medical board after it stayed there for four days.乔安·涅托在一个朋友的脸书界面上发现了赫伦的言论,他对A-7新闻频道表示,赫伦将该帖子归于科罗拉多大学医委会名下,并且保留了四天;It really outraged me to see that she works at Denver Health, which serves a huge minority population,; Nietto told the Denver Post.涅托向《丹佛邮报》透露;真正令人气愤的是看到赫伦在丹佛医疗中心这样一家务于大批少数族裔人口的地方工作; /201612/483081


  The government will devote more efforts in 2017 to implement the new assessment mechanism of local officials that focuses more on environment than economic growth, said the top economic planner.国家最高经济规划部门近日表示,2017年,政府将加大力度,以更为注重环境而非经济增长的新的评价机制对地方官员进行考核。Under the new measures, officials performance will be judged based on various environment-related indicators, including resources utilization, environment quality, ecological protection, green lifestyle and public satisfaction, said Zhao Chenxin, spokesperson of the National Development and Reform Commission.发改委发言人赵辰昕表示,根据新措施,官员考核将基于多项与环境相关的指标,包括资源利用、环境质量、生态保护、绿色生活和公众满意度等。This is the first time that environment protection carries more weight than economic development in auditing officials performance since 1949, when the Peoples Republic of China was established.这是949年中华人民共和国成立以来,官员考核的环保权重首次超过经济发展权重。In the ;Green Development Index System;, which is released last December, economic growth category carries a weight value of 9.2 percent, less than half of the value of other environment categories such as resources utilization and environment quality.在去年十二月发布的《绿色发展指标体系》中,经济增长的权重值为9.2%,不到资源利用、环境质量权重的一半。Specifically, the level of PM 2.5 is weighted 2.75 percent while the weight for growth rate of per capita GDP is only 1.83 percent.具体来说,PM2.5水平的权重占2.75%,而人均GDP增速权重仅.83%。Huang Langhui, a former senior official of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that this marks a major change in Chinas development mode.前国家统计局高级官员黄朗辉指出,这标志着中国发展方式的重大变化;The strong public reaction towards worsened air quality shows that the environment pollution has become an issue related to peoples safety and social stability. The whole society has reached an agreement that the economic growth achieved based on polluted environment is meaningless,; Huang said.黄朗辉说道:“公众对恶化的空气质量的强烈反应表明,环境污染已成为一个关系到人类安全和社会稳定的问题。全社会已达成共识,那就是以污染环境为基础的经济增长是毫无意义的。”来 /201702/491722


  Billionaire Donald Trump won another state in his bid to become the Republican nominee for president with a decisive victory Tuesday in the western U.S. state of Nevada.亿万富翁川普星期二在美国西部内华达州获得决定性胜利,在其参选共和党候选人的道路上再下一城。Final results showed Trump with 46 percent of the vote, far ahead of Florida Senator Marco Rubios 24 percent. Texas Senator Ted Cruz finished in third place with 21 percent.最后计票结果显示,川普赢得46%的选票,遥遥领先于佛罗里达州联邦参议员卢比4%的得票率。德克萨斯州联邦参议员克鲁兹赢得21%的选票,位居第三。Trumps win is his third straight victory after taking primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina earlier this month. It also gives him momentum going into an important week in the campaign with a dozen states voting on March 1.本月早些时候,川普在新罕布什尔州和南卡罗莱纳州的共和党初选中胜出,星期二是他连续次赢得共和党初选的胜利日,美国10多个州将同时举行初选,这次胜利使川普在此之前获得了良好的势头。Trump gave a victory speech, saying that despite pundits predicting his campaign would not go far, he is now ;winning the country.; He also said that when more Republicans drop out, he will pick up a lot of their supporters.川普获胜后发表讲话说,尽管分析人士曾预计他在竞选中不会走得很远,但是他目前正在赢得整个国家的持。他还表示,其他共和党参选人退出后,很多他们的持者会转而持川普。来 /201602/427895

  The American Institute in Taiwan on last Friday released the names of delegation members who are to represent the US at president-elect Tsai Ing-wens inauguration in Taipei on May 20.美国在台协会上周五宣布了出席蔡英0日的就职典礼的美方代表团名单。Former US trade representative Ron Kirk is to lead the delegation and is to be accompanied by former US deputy secretary of state John Negroponte, AIT Chairman Raymond Burghardt, AIT Director Kin Moy and Stimson Center distinguished fellow Alan Romberg. Kirks name as leader of the delegation was leaked to the media a few days ago.其中,美国前贸易代表柯克将担任代表团团长,其名随行人员包括前副国务卿约翰·内格罗蓬特、美国在台协会理事主席薄瑞光、美国在台协会台北办事处处长梅健华以及华府智库史汀生中心资深研究员容安澜。由柯克担任代表团团长的消息也是不久前才透露给媒体。Some Taiwanese Americans were disappointed with the list of names. They said this would have been a perfect opportunity for US President Barack Obama to boost relationship by sending higher-ranking officials.一些台美人对这份代表团名单感到失望。他们认为,美国总统奥巴马若能派出更高层的官员出席,将是促进台湾和美国关系的一个完美契机。An official with one leading Taiwanese American group told the Taipei Times that members were ;disappointed; with the delegation as announced by the AIT in Washington. The official said. ;We certainly dont want to show disrespect to Ron Kirk, but we were hoping for someone with political clout.;某主要的台美团体的负责人接受《台北时报》时表示,当华盛顿的在台协会公布代表团名单时,所有成员都;失望透顶;。这位负责人表示:“我们并非有意冒犯柯克,只是希望能派出更具政治影响力的人物。”Kirk served as US trade representative from March to March 2013. He served as mayor of Dallas, Texas, from 1995 to 2002 .柯克009月至2013月担任美国贸易代表。此前的1995年到2002年,他曾担任德克萨斯州达拉斯市市长。Negroponte is vice chairman of McLarty Associates, a leading international strategic advisory firm. He served as US deputy secretary of state from 2007 to and later as director of national intelligence.内格罗蓬特现任麦克拉提咨询公司副主席,这是一家领先的国际性战略咨询公司。他曾于2007年至年担任奥巴马政府副国务卿一职,还担任过国家情报总监。US House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific Chairman Matt Salmon has also announced that he will attend the inauguration.此外,美国众议院亚太事务小组委员会主席马特·萨蒙表示也将出20就职典礼。来 /201605/444055

  The Clinton campaign lashed out at the director of the FBI over the weekend after news that it was investigating a further batch of emails upended the US election campaign as it headed in to its final full week.希拉里竞选团队在周末猛烈抨击联邦调查局(FBI)局长,此前该局宣布正在调查又一批电子邮件,这个消息在美国大选竞选活动进入最后一个完整星期之际搅乱了选情。FBI director James Comey’s shock disclosure that his agents are seeking court approval to review newly discovered emails from Huma Abedin, 联邦调查局局长詹姆斯.科米(James Comey)上周宣布,该局探员正在寻求法庭批准,以审查从希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)的核心幕僚之一胡玛.阿贝Huma Abedin)新发现的电子邮件。one of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, looks set to dominate the final days of the campaign.这个令人震惊的消息看起来势必会主宰最后几天的选情。It comes amid signs the race was aly tightening. 这条消息出炉之际,迹象显示两名候选人之间的差距正在收窄。An A News tracking poll released on Sunday showed Mrs Clinton clinging to a one-point lead over Mr Trump, 46-45, in a four-way showdown that included the Libertarian and Green party candidates. 美国广播公司新闻A News)周日发布的一项追踪调查显示,希拉里相对于特朗普勉强保持一个百分点的领先,二人持率分别为46%5%;此次大选最终将是四人角逐,另外两人分别是自由意志党和绿党候选人。The poll, a rolling four-day average, had Mrs Clinton up by a dozen points just one week ago.追踪四天平均持率的这项滚动民调,在仅仅一周前显示希拉里领2个百分点。Separate N News polls in a pair of battleground states showed Mrs Clinton maintaining a six-point edge in North Carolina and locked in a dead heat with Mr Trump in Florida.全国广播公司新闻N News)在两个关键的战场州进行的民调显示,希拉里在北卡罗来纳州保持六个百分点领先优势,在佛罗里达州与特朗普难分上下。Kellyanne Conway, the property tycoon’s campaign manager, told A News that voters were souring on the constant cloud of corruption that follows Hillary Clinton around.特朗普的竞选经理凯利安康韦(Kellyanne Conway)对美国广播公司新闻部表示,选民对希拉里.克林顿周围不断出现的腐败乌云感到恶心。Robby Mook, Mrs Clinton’s campaign chief, said the Democrat had had her best Saturday fundraising performance this year and was buoyed by early voting turnout in states such as Nevada.希拉里的竞选经理罗穆克(Robby Mook)表示,民主党总统候选人进行了今年以来成果最佳的周六筹款活动,并受到内华达等州早期投票人数的鼓舞。Mr Comey’s public announcement on Friday, made before the FBI had obtained court approval to review the emails, drew fierce criticism from Democrats. 科米上周五在法庭批准联邦调查局审查电子邮件之前作出的宣布,招致民主党方面的猛烈批评。This was a terrible error in judgment by the director, said Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the House Intelligence committee.这是联邦调查局局长犯下的一个可怕的判断错误,众议院情报委员House Intelligence committee)资深民主党人亚当.希夫(Adam Schiff)表示。John Podesta, Mrs Clinton’s campaign chairman, said Mr Comey’s decision was unprecedented. 希拉里竞选团队主席约波德斯塔(John Podesta)说,柯米的决定是史无前例的。There is no evidence of wrongdoing, no charge of wrongdoing, no indication that this is even about Hillary, he told CNN’s State of the Union. 没有不当行为的据,没有针对不当行为的刑事指控,甚至没有迹象表明这与希拉里有任何关系,他在有线电视新闻网(CNN)的《国情State of the Union)节目中表示。Hillary’s not going to be distracted, in the final days of this election, over nothing.在这场竞选进入最后几天之际,希拉里不会为了无中生有的事情分心。Mr Comey began briefing lawmakers including the chairman and ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary committee over the weekend.科米周末开始向立法者通报情况,包括众议院司法委员House Judiciary committee)的主席和资深民主党成员。Mrs Clinton attacked the FBI chief for his deeply troubling handling of the email probe, 希拉里抨击联邦调查局局长,称他对电子邮件调查的处理令人深感不安。as Donald Trump seized on the issue to paint his Democratic rival as corrupt.与此同时唐纳特朗Donald Trump)抓住这个问题,称他的民主党竞选对手腐败。It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election, Mrs Clinton said at a rally in Florida on Saturday. 在选举前夕作出那样的宣布却没有什么信息是相当奇怪的,希拉里上周六在佛罗里达的一次集会上说道。In fact, it’s not just strange. 事实上,这不只是奇怪。It is unprecedented and it is deeply troubling.这是史无前例的,令人深感不安。At rallies in Arizona and Colorado, Mr Trump said the email issue was the biggest political scandal since Watergate.特朗普在亚利桑那州和科罗拉多州的集会上表示,电子邮件问题是自水门事件以来最大的政治丑闻。来 /201611/475330

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