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大丰市第二人民医院治疗尿道炎多少钱大丰市不孕不育医院预约挂号By his third year of art school, he had completed 45 works. None of them fit the official style, but a teacher, Pi Daojian, encouraged him to mount a solo show.到了美院的第三年,他已经完成了45件作品。它们都不符合官方风格,但一位名叫皮道坚的老师鼓励他举行个展。He had depicted the down and out. (Three of them appear in his current show.) One figure in a red shirt sits in a twisted pose, asleep, a jagged red line down the side of his face. Another painting shows four sleepy shoeshine men waiting for work.他描绘失意落魄的人(其中三幅作品出现在目前的这个展览中)。一个穿红色衬衫的人以扭曲的姿势坐着睡着了,他脸颊的一侧有一条锯齿状的红线。还有一幅画上,四个昏昏欲睡的擦鞋匠正在等活干。“He painted what he saw,” Mr. Pi said during a recent reunion with Mr. Zeng in Wuhan and a meal that featured black tofu, frog legs and chopped duck necks. “He found his own way to express emotion.”“他画下他所看到的,”皮道坚最近在武汉与曾梵志重聚时说,他们一起吃了一顿饭,点了臭豆腐、田鸡和切成段的鸭脖子。“他发现了自己的表达情感的方式。”Local propaganda officials pounced. “I was called to the exhibition place,” Mr. Zeng said. “I was panicked.” They grilled him.当地宣传官员没有放过他。“他们叫把我叫到那个展览的地方,”曾梵志说。“那时候我很害怕。”官员们质问他。“‘What is the meaning of your paintings? Are you trying to make a political statement? Is this blood on his face?’ they asked,” he recalled. “I said, ‘Yes, it’s blood, but it doesn’t mean anything.’ They asked why are these people looking so sullen.”“‘你画这个是什么意思,你是要表达什么政治立场吗?他脸上这个是血吗?’他们问,”他回忆说。“我说,‘是,这是血,但是它不代表什么特别意思啊。’他们还问我为什么这些人看起来那么阴沉。”The exhibition was closed to the public; only art students were allowed.于是展览不再对外开放;只有艺术学生被允许参观。Undeterred, he painted an even more raw series of works that showed the anguish of patients at the hands of callous doctors at a public hospital in his neighborhood. Then he zeroed in on the nearby butcher’s shop and its huge slabs of frozen meat. One canvas, smothered in the red and pink of raw meat, showed the butcher and his family taking an afternoon nap atop a thinly covered carcass.曾梵志没有被吓倒,而是创作了一个更加真实的系列,展现自己家附近一座公立医院中,患者在铁石心肠的医生手中忍受痛苦。然后他把目光对准附近的肉联厂,以及里面那些巨大的冷冻肉块。一幅画上,红色与粉红色的生肉厚厚地堆着,屠宰工人和家人在只有薄薄一层遮盖的尸体上睡午觉。The boldness of the paintings impressed an influential art critic, Li Xianting. Emboldened by his support, Mr. Zeng left for Beijing.他的大胆风格打动了有影响力的家栗宪庭。在他的持鼓励之下,曾梵志移居北京。There, he shunned the dirt-floor artists’ colony on the city outskirts, and shrewdly chose a tiny, leaky apartment in the upscale embassy district.在那里,他避开了城郊脏兮兮的艺术家聚居地,精明地在高档的使馆区选择了一个破破烂烂的小公寓。By then, the government was encouraging people to get rich. But there was an undercurrent of unease born from the government-ordered Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. He began painting what became a signature theme: portraits of men and women, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone, all wearing masks. They were almost always grinning with exaggerated smiles, but underneath lay feelings of angst.当时,政府正鼓励人们致富。但是1989年政府在天安门广场的屠杀带来了一种不安的潜在情绪。那段时间曾梵志以男人和女人的肖像为主题进行创作,他们有时成群结队,有时孤独一人,脸上都戴着面具,后来这个主题成了他的标志。这些人面孔上几乎总是带着夸张的微笑,但其下掩饰着焦虑的情绪。Word sp. By 1993 he had held his first solo show in Hong Kong. In 1998, an art curator in Beijing, Karen Smith, introduced him to Lorenz Helbling, a Swiss citizen, who became the most influential Western dealer in China and has represented Mr. Zeng ever since.他的名声不胫而走。1993年,他在香港举行了第一次个展。1998年,身在北京的艺术策展人凯伦#8226;史密斯(Karen Smith)将他介绍给瑞士人何浦林(Lorenz Helbling),后者成为中国最有影响力的西方艺术交易商,从那以后一直为曾梵志担任代理。In one of his first sales, Mr. Helbling sold a Zeng painting of eight young Chinese men and women wearing masks to an American tourist for ,000. Ten years later, the painting sold at a Hong Kong auction for .7 million, making Mr. Zeng the most expensive contemporary Chinese artist, a position he retains unchallenged.何浦林卖出的第一批作品中有一幅画,上面是八个戴着面具的中国年轻男女。何浦林将它以1.6万美元的价格卖给了一位美国游客。十年后,这幅画在香港的一次拍卖会上以970万美元的价格售出,使曾梵志成为作品售价最昂贵的当代中国艺术家,这个位置至今未曾受到挑战。In time, Mr. Helbling arranged the big break: an introduction to Mr. Pinault.何浦林抓住时机,促成了一次重大突破:他把皮诺介绍给了曾梵志。“Pinault had been saying he wanted to come and see my works,” Mr. Zeng recalled. “I drove myself, and on the way there was a car accident. I kept Pinault waiting for three hours. People were calling me and yelling: ‘Where are you?’ I nearly screwed the whole thing up.”“皮诺先生说过他想要来看我作品,”曾梵志回忆。“那天我自己开车,然后路上正好有个车祸,皮诺等了我足足三个小时。别人一直给我打电话问我‘你到哪了’,我差点就搞砸了。”During the visit, Mr. Pinault bought two canvases and wanted to buy more. “Actually,” Mr. Zeng said, “I told him: ‘I was only going to sell you one. But since I am late I will sell you two.’”那一次皮诺买了曾梵志的两幅画,他还想买更多。“其实,”曾梵志说,“那时候我和他说,‘我本来只打算卖给你一幅画,但既然我迟到了,我就卖给你两幅吧。’”Mr. Zeng’s works have been shown in two historic palazzos in Venice that Mr. Pinault restored as venues for his huge art collection. The fact that Mr. Pinault owns one of his favorite paintings, a portrait of the artist Lucian Freud, and displays it so prominently in his Belgravia home in London in a 0,000 18th-century frame, seems to give Mr. Zeng the most pleasure.皮诺修复了两座历史悠久的宫殿,用来容纳自己庞大的艺术收藏,曾梵志的作品也曾在那里展出。皮诺拥有曾梵志本人最喜欢的作品之一——艺术家卢西安#8226;弗洛伊德(Lucian Freud)的肖像,并将它用一个价值10万美元的18世纪画框装起来,醒目地挂在自己伦敦贝尔格莱维亚的家中,这似乎是最让曾梵志开心的。“I asked him many times to borrow the Lucian Freud for one of my shows, and he always said no,” Mr. Zeng said. As a gesture of their friendship — they hang out together in Europe, Mr. Zeng said — Mr. Pinault agreed to send it to Beijing for the show.“我问过他很多次要借这幅弗洛伊德,但是他一直说不行,”曾梵志说。作为友谊的表示——他说两人在欧洲时会聚一聚——皮诺才同意把它送到北京参加这次展出。There was a reason for the reluctance. Mr. Zeng said, “They had to close off the street in London and get a crane to take it out of his front window.”他犹豫是有原因的。曾梵志说:“他们还要把伦敦的路给封了,然后用一台吊车从窗户把画吊出来。” /201611/478594盐城市城南新区妇科官网 东台市男科大夫

盐城国家高新经济技术开发区男科电话PEARL RIVER DELTA, China — As Wong Kin-kao stands on the deck of the traditional Chinese wooden junk he is building in Shenwan, a cluster of fish ponds and factories in the Pearl River Delta of southern China, he shouts to be heard over the shriek of metalwork from steel ships that are being worked on nearby.中国珠江三角洲——中国南方珠江三角洲的神湾是一个鱼塘和工厂聚集的地方,为了压过附近钢船上金属加工的刺耳声音,黄球叔站在这里的一艘他正在建造的中国古老木制帆船的甲板上大声喊着。“It’s like a piece of art,” said Mr. Wong, a bronzed 54-year-old with stony hands and a quick grin, describing what he loves about the scimitar-shaped boats with the batwing sails that he so rarely gets to build.“它就像一件艺术品,”54岁的黄球叔说起他喜欢这个形如弯刀、帆如蝙蝠翼的木船的什么时说,他有着古铜色的健康皮肤、一双坚硬有力的手和一个快乐的笑容。如今,他很少有机会造这种船。A native of the delta region, Mr. Wong in 1982 swam for two hours from nearby Zhuhai, on China’s mainland, to what was then the Portuguese colony of Macau to escape China’s strict Communist government. Once there he set up an early incarnation of Yi Hap Shipyard, a builder of wooden junks, which symbolize the delta and the maritime culture that drove China’s early growth.黄球叔在珠江三角洲土生土长,1982年,为了逃脱中国共产党政府的严格控制,他从附近的中国大陆的珠海游了两个小时来到了当时是葡萄牙殖民地的。到后不久,他成立了一个后来成为义和船厂的造船厂,专门制造古老的木制帆船,那是珠江三角洲航海文化的象征,曾驱动了中国的早期发展。“Not many people are hand-making wooden junks anymore,” Mr. Wong said. “I wish more people would.”“没有多少人用手工制造这种木帆船了,”黄球叔说。“我希望能有更多的人来干这个。”Within the next few months, the junk, the Dai Cheung Po — also known as the Aqua Luna II — will unfurl its blood-red sails above its high stern and low bow and join its smaller sister, the Cheung Po Tsai, or the Aqua Luna I, aly in Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, to offer parties and dinners.再有几个月,“大张保”号木船(英文名Aqua Luna II)的血红色的风帆将在其高船尾和低船头上撑开,驶入香港的维多利亚港,她的姊号“张保仔”(英文名Aqua Luna I)已经在那里提供乘船派对和晚宴务。It is one of a few of these traditional ships with sails being made by one of the last remaining junk builders in China.这艘船是由中国最后的古帆船制造者建造的为数不多的传统帆船之一。“The building tradition is more or less moribund,” said Stephen Davies, a former director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.“造船的传统或多或少已在走向灭亡,”香港海事物馆前馆长戴伟思(Stephen Davies)说。Yet the style remains traditional, “insofar as they are still doing what Grandpa did, and before him,” he said.但样子仍然是传统的,“只要他们仍按照爷爷和爷爷以前的方法去做,”他说。The new junk is made of Southeast Asian ironwood and teak and cost about .3 million to build. It was commissioned by a restaurant group in Hong Kong, which lies about 50 miles east of Shenwan on the edge of the delta where the river’s silty water turns ocean blue.新的古帆船是用东南亚铁木和柚木制造的,造价约为130万美元。这艘船是受香港一家餐饮集团委托制作的,该餐饮集团位于神湾以东约80公里的珠江三角洲边缘,珠江混浊的河水在那里流入蓝色的海洋。Also in Hong Kong is the Dukling, a classic, red-sailed junk that dates from 1955. It sank once and was recently refurbished. Since June, its owners have offered tours of Hong Kong’s waters, reflecting how junks today are used mostly for tourism and private parties.香港还有一艘名叫“鸭灵”(Dukling)的红帆古典帆船,这艘船是1955年造的。它曾沉没过一次,最近重新清理装修过。自去年6月起,船主已用其为游客提供香港湾游览务,反映了如今这种帆船主要作为旅游和私人聚会场所的用途。They are three of only a handful of junks that remain in the delta, replaced long ago by stouter wooden fishing vessels without sails, speedboats and huge container ships.它们是仍留在珠江三角洲的少数几艘帆船中的三艘,木制帆船在很久以前就被更结实的没有帆的木制渔船、快艇和巨大的集装箱船取代了。The 19th-century pirate Cheung Po Tsai, or Cheung Po “the Kid,” who crisscrossed the delta pillaging and later joined the Qing dynasty imperial navy, sailed a ship that looked similar to his namesakes, though its sails may have been a yellow woven bamboo, not red. The red color is largely a flourish, Mr. Davies said.十九世纪的海盗张保仔曾在珠江三角洲出没打劫,后来他加入了大清帝国的海军,他驾驶的帆船看起来与用他名字命名的帆船差不多,虽然他的风帆可能是用竹子编织的,是黄色、而不是红色的。戴伟思说,红色船帆在很大程度上是一种夸张。The life of the delta is partly interlaced because of junks, which were once numerous with their fanlike silhouettes, trading down into Southeast Asia and up the coast of China.三角洲的生活由于这种帆船而部分地交织起来,这种帆船的扇形轮廓曾在这个水域很常见,它们是中国与东南亚和中国海岸贸易的主力。The junk — the word’s origins are murky, with Chinese, Malay and Portuguese cited as influences — may have assumed its iconic, curved hull and sails about 1,000 years ago, during the Song dynasty, though written records are scarce.这种船在英文叫junk,该词的来源不详,据说有来自中文、马来语和葡萄牙语的影响,这种帆船可能在大约一千年前的宋代,就已经有了其标志性的弯曲船身和风帆,虽然来自那时的文字记载很少。Captivated by the junk’s beauty, David Yeo, the founder and owner of Aqua Restaurant Group, commissioned a Hong Kong master boat builder, Au Wai, to conceptualize and direct the construction of the Aqua Lunas and to work with Mr. Wong in Shenwan. The first was launched in 2006, and unlike junks of the past, both are motor-powered, and their sails are decorative.Aqua餐饮集团的创始人和所有者David Yeo被这种帆船的优美形状迷住,他委托香港造船高手Au Wai为“大张保”和“张保仔”做概念设计,并指导它们的建造,建造工作是与神湾的黄球叔合作进行的。“张保仔”是2006年建成下水的,它们与过去的帆船不同,都是电动的,它们的风帆只是装饰而已。“He has made more commercial junk boats than anyone else in Hong Kong. He is a master of a true art form,” Mr. Yeo said in an email. “An art form that is sadly dying out in Hong Kong today.”“他造的商业帆船比香港的任何人都多。他是一种真正艺术形式的高手,”Yeo先生在一封电子邮件中说。“这种艺术形式正可悲地在香港消失。”Mr. Au’s life reflects the sweep of delta geography. He is unsure where he was born but knows his father was from Guangdong Province in China, through which the Pearl River runs.Au先生的生活反映了三角洲的地理。他不知道自己在哪里出生,但知道他的父亲来自中国广东省的珠江流域。Known as Ah Sin — the honorific and name translate as Dear Magician, for his talent — Mr. Au, 85, grew up poor in Hong Kong.85岁的Au先生在香港的贫困中长大,因为他的才华,人们称他为阿辛,这是一个荣誉称呼,大致译为亲爱的魔术师。In his boatyard on Hong Kong Island, in the eastern district of Shau Kei Wan, he points to photographs of wooden ships of all kinds that he has built since being apprenticed to an uncle at the age of 13: simple “walla-walla” motorboats and corporate junks that carry some design elements of the traditional junk but without sails.在他位于港岛东部筲箕湾的船厂,他指着各种各样木制船的照片给记者看,这些都是自从他13岁给一个叔叔当学徒以来造的:有简单的“walla-walla”号托艇,也有为公司造的带有某些设计元素、但没有风帆的传统木帆船。Beyond the wood shavings, the harbor glitters in the sun. Fishing boats draw up outside to deliver their catch to the next-door Shau Kei Wan wholesale fish market.从木刨花堆远望,海港在阳光下闪闪发光。渔船停靠在筲箕湾附近的鱼类批发市场外,把打捞来的东西卸下来。“I was very naughty as a boy, and no one could control me,” Mr. Au said in Cantonese, the local language. Barely a teenager, he sold fish on the streets.“我是一个非常调皮的男孩,没有人能管住我,”Au先生用当地的粤语说。刚刚十几岁时,他就开始在街上卖鱼。“I did what I wanted. So my family said, ‘You should look for a special skill,’” he said. “An uncle was the owner of a shipyard and also a member of the ship association.”“我只做了我想要做的。所以我的家人说,‘你应该学一种手艺,’”他说。“有个叔叔是造船厂的业主,也是船舶协会的成员。”His son, Au Sai Kit, works with him, but because his son has no children, the family tradition will probably end there.他的儿子Au Sai Kit和他一起工作,但由于儿子没有孩子,他家的传统可能将不再传下去。Hardly anyone in Hong Kong is willing to do manual labor, the elder Mr. Au said, so he has to look to places like Shenwan, where he and his son travel regularly to confer with Mr. Wong and his team of workers.Au老先生说,香港几乎没有人愿意干体力活儿,所以他不得不到像神湾那样的地方去找人,他和他的儿子定期到神湾与黄球叔和他的工人们交流。Building a luxury junk is a labor of love, Mr. Au said.Au先生说,造一艘豪华木帆船是一种心甘情愿做的劳动。“We take the wood piece by piece, fit them together in a curve, measure each piece and cut it,” he said. Copper nails are used to hammer the hull together. No other metal or artificial materials are used.“我们把木料一块一块地按照曲线拼接起来,每块都是单独测量、单独切割出来的,”他说。船体是用铜钉钉在一起的。不使用其他金属或人造材料。It takes about a year to build a traditional junk, Mr. Wong said.黄球叔说,造一艘古帆船需要大约一年的时间。Once junks were made from camphor wood and pine from next-door Fujian Province, said Mr. Davies, the former museum director.曾任物馆馆长的戴伟思说,以前,木帆船是用来自广东邻省福建省的樟木和松木制造的。“They were simple to build. That was the genius of the hull design,” he said.“它们很容易造。这是这种船身设计的独到之处,”他说。But they had flaws.但它们也有缺点。“The hull is only joined together by nails, so you can’t have one high sail. You need low-stress rigging,” he said. “They had to keep adding sails to make the junk sail in a straight line.”“由于船身只是用钉子钉在一起的,所以你不能用高帆。你需要用低拉力的索具,”他说。“他们不得不添加风帆,这样才能使帆船直线行驶。”The idea of a Chinese junk has been romanticized, Mr. Davies said.戴伟思说,有关中国古老帆船的东西已被浪漫化了。“Junks were brutally hard work. The grunt work — it took 14 members of crew to work the sails. It was pure sweat,” he said.“木帆船上的工作非常辛苦。需要14名船员来操作风帆,那是力气活。纯脆是流大汗的工作,”他说。But Mr. Davies concedes that the traditional Chinese junk remains iconic.不过戴伟思承认,中国传统木帆船的样子是标志性的。“That sweep down to the bow, the fan in profile, with the masts that create this beautiful arc along the top. The fully battened, standing rigging. There is just a beautiful harmony in looking at it,” he said.“那种高船尾低船头的形状,那种扇形的轮廓,还有顶端形成一条美丽弧线的桅杆。所有的船舱门都关上、牵拉船桅和风帆的绳索拉直的样子。看着它真是一种美丽和谐的感觉,”他说。 /201702/490348阜宁县中医院妇科预约 盐城什么医院人流比较好

盐城协和男科医院可以增长吗 Arghhhh! What#39;s going on!? There is a light bulb over my head! Where did that come from?! HELP!娘亲啊,搞什么鬼啊!?我头顶上竟有一个灯泡!它从那里冒出来的啊?!救~命~啊~!If people in comics reacted as they would have done in reality, most good ideas would go to waste如果漫画中的人像现实中人的反应一样的话,那么大多数的好主意都会白白浪费掉的 /201704/503587盐城协和女子医院具体地址盐城治疗生殖器疱疹男科医院

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