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福建省第二人民医院隆鼻多少钱福建省泉州丰泽区吸脂医院Think back to your college years. Did you spend more time at the lab bench than at the bar? Was getting a date harder than organic chem? If you carried protection was it for your pocket? We thought so.A study published in the current issue of the journal Sexual Health found that science students were more likely to be virgins than their artsy classmates.Researchers in Australia surveyed 185 men and women, ages 16 to 25, at the University of Sydney on their sexual history and STD knowledge. Responses to questionnaires revealed that “art students were younger [and] more likely to be sexually active” than science students (who, presumably were too busy doing homework to get out and get busy).And on average across groups, males were less likely to have had sex than females.As for the reasons behind the disparity between art chicks and science geeks, lead author Bernadette Zakher, of the university’s Department of General Practice, reserved comment, saying that the survey did not delve deeply into demographics or sexual history, “There isn’t enough information for conjecture.”Nature podcast editor Adam Rutherford has a few ideas. “I just hate it when stereotypes are right,” he posted on the UK’s Guardian website. “The research does not go into the potential causes of this lack of bedroom activity by my boffin brethren, nor does it detail the worthy sacrifice of cheap carnal thrills for rational agility and mental development, which I have convinced myself lies at the root of this problem. That, and the personal hygiene issues.”He blames a dearth of sexy role models for today’s blossoming men of science, citing, for instance, Charles Darwin’s marriage to his cousin and positing that Sir Isaac Newton “almost certainly died a virgin.”The main purpose of Zakher’s research was to look at young people’s attitudes toward chlamydia screening. “The important findings,” she says, “are that young people are not aware or concerned about chlamydia infection despite their risk for acquiring it.” As if talking to girls wasn't aly scary enough. /200901/60650泉州市欧菲医院隆胸多少钱 Women approaching 30 might once have modelled themselves on the feisty, ambitious heroine of the film Working Girl--willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead in business. But it seems today's 30-year-olds are more likely to get their inspiration from hopeless romantic Bridget Jones. 过去的的奔三女们可能会以电影《上班女郎》中精力充沛、雄心勃勃的女主人公为榜样,为了事业成功不惜一切代价,而如今的奔三女们则似乎更倾向于从无望而浪漫的布里奇特·琼斯(《BJ单身日记》女主角)身上获得启发。 Finding a man and settling down is the top priority for two-thirds of women born in 1979, a survey has found. 调查发现,在1979年出生的女性中,有三分之二的人认为找到一个伴侣,让生活稳定下来是头等大事。 The poll of 1,800 women approaching the milestone birthday found that 70 per cent considered it to be the right time to put their relationships and personal lives ahead of their careers. 这项对1800名即将跨过30岁门槛的女性的调查发现,70%的受访者认为现在最应该考虑的是感情和个人生活问题,而非事业。 More than 80 per cent said they thought it was the perfect age to get married. 超过80%的受访者认为,现在是结婚的黄金年龄。 But while love was a priority, only one in five of the women polled said they expected to be more attractive to the opposite sex, the Turning 30 report for Elle magazine found. Elle杂志开展的这项“迈进三十”的调查发现,尽管爱情成为首要大计,但仅有五分之一的受访女性认为自己对异性的吸引力增强。 /200904/67234Internet Problems 上网困扰Some educational specialists point out the negative effect the Internet can bring to people, especially the young learners. 让我们听听教育家们是如何论述网络的弊端的。教育专家们怀疑的3个观点:1. Computers in the classroom can raise educational standards.电脑教学能够提高教学水平。Educational specialists point out that there is no evidence to support this. Some even question whether it is a good idea to encourage young learners to have access to the Internet.2. Internet is a vast storehouse of valuable knowledge. 网络是个巨大的知识宝库。Educational specialists describe the Internet as a medium that has no quality control(质量监控) because anyone can post anything on the Internet. No editors will test their contributions. It is like a library that contains works of both the talentless and the talented, a picture gallery that exhibits both great works of art and childish scribbles, a museum that contains rubbish as well as wonderful treasures.3. We should give young learners increased access to the Internet so that they can get a vast amount of materials. 我们应该增加年轻人接触网络的机会,让他们通过网络汲取大量的资料。Educational specialists point out that this is a mixed blessing(好坏参半) because if the young learners are not educated to be discriminating (有辨别能力的), they may gain knowledge and genuine understanding, but at the same time they may be exposed to ignorance and foolishness as well. /200812/58751福建二院韩式三点多少钱

泉州欧菲医院是公立的Get a Boyfriend Blazer  穿一件男朋友的外衣  Before you slip on a pair of weekday jeans, consider your workplace and what is appropriate—if you are a banker or a lawyer, you might be limited to twill trousers even on Casual Friday! But if you work in a more casual profession, try upgrading a sleek pair of jeans with a structured blazer. For a classic look, pair a black jacket (like Sarah Jessica Parker's velvet number) with dark denim or a bright white tuxedo design (like Gwyneth Paltrow's) with a lighter or acid-washed pair. Think suit and match light colors with light and dark with dark.  当你准备穿着牛仔裤去上班的时候,得先考虑一下你的工作环境,该穿什么合适。如果你是位家或者律师,那么只怕在休闲星期五这天也得穿着西装裤。如果你处在一个更宽松自由的领域里,则可以尝试一下穿上修身的牛仔裤和结构感突出的外衣。经典的搭配是,黑色的外衣加深色的牛仔(如莎拉·杰西卡·帕克)或者亮白色的小礼(例如)配更淡的裤子。考虑下让亮色和亮色搭配,深色和深色搭配。 /201008/110695泉州胎记哪家好 Sometimes willpower is a lot like the television remote control — hard to find just when you want it most. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stop smoking, get to the gym regularly, win a promotion or pay off some debts, developing your sense of willpower is an important part of changing any behavior.We all know that breaking a bad habit or establishing a new, healthy one can be difficult, but persistence pays off. Researchers at the University of Washington found that 63 percent of those who made New Year’s resolutions were still keeping their resolution two months later. It’s not going to be easy, but there are ways to increase your willpower, stay resolved and achieve your goals.First Things FirstDon’t try to restructure your finances, win a promotion and lose weight all on the same morning. Establish one clear, specific goal and formulate a realistic strategy for achieving it. Extra willpower sometimes requires extra energy, so don’t stretch yourself too thin. Focus on one goal at a time.Start SlowMomentum builds gradually, and whatever your goal, don’t expect to achieve it overnight. Real success takes time. If you are trying to kick a caffeine habit, start by replacing your morning cup of coffee with a glass of water, instead of vowing never to drink coffee again. Congratulate yourself on the small achievements that will pave the way toward a larger one. These successes help your will power grow.Support NetworkBolster your willpower by tapping into a support network. Ask friends, family or colleagues for assistance and tell them exactly how they can help. If your credit card bills have skyrocketed, for instance, let friends know that you are cutting back on expenses. Suggest having a potluck dinner instead of meeting at an expensive restaurant. Find a support group or organization related to your goal and attend their meetings. You can get valuable advice, understanding and information — all of which increase commitment and willpower.Changing Your EnvironmentIf possible, alter your environment to reduce temptation or encourage positive behavior. Want to get in shape? Keep an extra set of workout clothes in your office as a reminder to stop by the gym on the way home. Quitting smoking? Avoid bars or restaurants where you might be tempted to light up.More Than WillpowerSometimes changing your behavior requires more than willpower. If you are struggling with an addiction or want to make a significant lifestyle change, seek the guidance and support of a professional. An expert may be able to provide intensive support and followup or prescribe medication to reduce physical symptoms. For example, without help only 5 percent of smokers can quit but that number rises to 30 percent when people seek both drug therapy and counseling. /200901/60532泉州好的整容医院

泉州脱毛哪个整形医院好放飞梦想,没有不可能I have a band in Beijing, Woodie Alan. The moniker is a joke, reflecting my name and that of my Chinese partner, Woodie Wu, but the group is not. In fact, much to my surprise, I am fronting a pretty happening little band.I never could have pulled this off back home. I owe my success as a gigging musician, however far it goes, to being an expat. Moving here and re-establishing my identity has allowed me to redefine myself, casting off old insecurities and pursuing a reality I always envisioned but didn't quite know how to achieve. In this, I am not alone.Many people find that expat life allows them to liberate themselves from the accumulated reputation and history that can come to define you. Everyone plays an established role with his or her families and old friends, and moving somewhere new gives you an opportunity to reboot. Expats may also be more willing to give something new a try; after all if you've traded Milwaukee for Beijing, why not try your hand at fronting a band, or running a bar, or riding a motorcycle?Woodie Alan plays regularly at The Stone Boat, inside Ritan Park, within one of the city's Embassy districts. The little bar is actually a stone boat and sits on a lake with a small stage extending over the water and tables sp along the banks, a surprisingly serene, pastoral setting right in the middle of downtown Beijing.American expat Jonathan Ansfield and his wife run the Stone Boat. Jonathan is a journalist and blogger, contributing to Newsweek and other publications and Web sites. Now he is also a bar proprietor and a small-scale Beijing music impresario, booking performers for free shows three nights a week during the warmer months.'It's an out of body experience -- certainly nothing I ever did or would have done had I stayed in America,' he says. 'I've always loved music and spent a lot of time going to clubs and seeing bands in college, but I can't see how I ever would have ended up booking bands had I stayed in the U.S. But I've been into the Beijing music scene since I got here [over 10 years ago] so it's something I really enjoy.'It's manifestly easier to realize some goals here than it would be in the U.S. American Jonathan Anderson, now an analyst for the investment bank UBS, fronted blues bands in Moscow in the early '90s and in Beijing at the end of that decade. In this city he co-founded the Rhythm Dogs with some of the city's finest musicians, including key members of the Cui Jian Band, China's first significant rockers.'I'm a mediocre harmonica player and a worse guitarist but I had my pick of incredible musicians,' says Mr. Anderson. 'With some vision, drive and hard work, anything was possible. It was like living out a fantasy. The quality of the guys I played with was head and shoulders above what I could have rated at home. It was like walking in and gigging with Led Zeppelin and that just doesn't happen in a more developed market.'Kaiser Kuo has a similar story. He moved to Beijing in 1988, formed the hard rock band Tang Dynasty in 1989, put out an album in 1990 and was touring all over the country by 1991. After returning to the University of Arizona to pursue a doctorate in East Asian Studies, Mr. Kuo found himself daydreaming about Chinese rock stardom and eventually quit school to return to Beijing. He rejoined Tang Dynasty and was soon performing in 35,000-seat stadiums. Now overseeing digital strategy for Ogilvy and Mather's Beijing office, Mr. Kuo still performs regularly with his band Chunqiu.'I can sit in a guitar store in the U.S. and hear 10 guys who smoke me in just an hour but here I am,' says Mr. Kuo. 'For me, this could only have happened in China.' /200803/32587 At the start of the freshman year, finding a job after graduation isprobably the last thing on your mind, but before you know it, it willbe senior year and finding that job will be your top priority. Hi, I amLindsey Pollak, generation Y and career expert and author of Gettingfrom College to Career. I am standing here on the campus of ColumbiaUniversity to talk about a four-year plan, to land a job of your dreamsafter you graduate。  在你刚上大学的时候,不用过多担心你的职业规划。尝试大量的活动,让你的足迹遍布校园。去上各种课程,看看你最感兴趣的是什么。  Buteverybody's experience is very different, there are few guidelines youcan follow for each of your four years. Freshman year, don't worry toomuch about your career plans, try a lot of activities, get your feetwet on campus and take several different classes to see what it is youmost enjoy. Sophomore year is a time to narrow down your academic focusand decide on the college major. You also want to narrow your optionsin terms of your extra curricula activities to focus on your biggestcommitments。  大学二年级的时候,你可以缩小你关注的学院范围,决定你的专业。减少课外活动,把精力集中在最重要的事情上。  Andfinally I recommend getting a professional internship the summerbetween your sophomore and junior years to start having professionalexperience you will be able to list on your resume. Junior year is atime to take on leadership positions in the extra curricula activitiesthat you've chosen. It's also really important to get your GPA above3.0 because that is the cutup for many employers to give you a job. Andfinally if you haven't on an internship aly, it's essential to haveat least one on your resume by the end of your junior year。  大学三年级,在你已经选择的一些课外活动中担当一些领导工作。这对于你获得3.0以上的平均分来说至关重要。也会更容易让你在毕业后获得一份工作。 至少找一份实习生的工作来做。实习经历在你毕业的简历上是必不可少的。GPA: grade point average 平均分。美国的GPA满分是4分。  Duringyour senior year, your goal should be to find a balance among theleadership positions you've taken on in your extra curricularactivities. Keeping up your great point average in your college majorand focusing on the job search for a position after graduation. Istrongly encourage you to become involved in your career servicescentre to make sure you are clear on the deadlines and requirements forany jobs you will be applying to。  在大学的最后一年。你的目标是在你的各种课外活动中取得平衡。学好你的主要课程,把精力集中在找工作上。  And finally it's your senior year of college, enjoy it, have some fun, take some time to really enjoy college before you're orphan to the real world。  最后,好好享受你的大学时光,在你独自面对社会之前尽情享受学校生活。  Nowif you'd got your four year college career plan underway, let's talkabout the dorm room situation. For tips on decorating in small spaces,check out the back to school series on fncimag.com. I am LindseyPollak, thanks for clicking on。 /200909/84571泉州哪家激光脱毛医院好泉州妇幼保健医院专家预约



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