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江西省上饶副乳切除多少钱Im always a little bit nervous taking people whove got no experience into a very wild place.我总是担心带那些完全没有经验的人 进入荒野地带You know, its one thing operating on my own.我一直都是单匹马Suddenly youve got other peoples lives in your hand.突然发现 手中还拽着其他人的生命You know, he instilled a lot of trust.他给我们灌输了很多信任And I think that was the most important thing I learned on this journey, was learn to trust.我觉得在这趟旅程中 我学到最重要的东西 便是信任When you see someone whos never done it before suddenly on the edge of the cliff,你看着一个没有任何经验的人 就这么突然站到了岩壁边上and you can almost feel their heart beating,and I could see that look of horror,你甚至能感受到他心跳加速 能看见他脸上的惶恐but, you know, he did it, and thats amazing to see.但最后 他成功了 这真令人惊叹As terrified as I was,I think it made me a stronger person by coming out here虽然我一直提心吊胆 但这段刻骨铭心的经历and experiencing it and putting myself in those kind of situations.这番身临其境的洗礼 让我变得更加坚强And it really did push us to the limit.它也确实让我们超越了极限I think its always captivating,seeing somebody overcome real struggles.能目睹他人征那些真正的困难 总是令人心驰You know, we gave them the whole nine yards.我们完全放手让他们去做We didnt kind of hand it to them.并没有伸出援手And we threw them in, literally, the deep end.可以说 我们把他们投入了困境之中You know, this is ;Man vs. Wild;. This is the real deal.这就是荒野求生 这可是来真的We came to Canada, and were done with Canada.我们来到加拿大 并成功结束了加拿大之旅This experience has been unbelievable.这是段难以置信的经历201707/517142上饶痤疮专科医院 Im on an island in the Torres Strait,south of Papua New Guinea.我被困在巴布亚新几内亚南部 托雷斯海峡的一个孤岛上Theres a larger island on the horizon which offers hope of rescue.在海平线上可以看到一座稍大的岛屿 在那里被营救的可能性大一些But before attempting a risky crossing,theres the issue of food.但是在冒险渡海之前 我还要解决食物的问题Im on the lookout for the bigger fish that congregate near the reef.我想在浅水的礁石附近 捕到一条稍微大点的鱼But without goggles,its impossible to see clearly in salt water,但是由于没有护目镜 我完全看不清海水里面的情况So Ive adapted a plastic bottle as a viewfinder.所以我用塑料瓶做了个简易的水下观景器But the fish are few and far between,and those that I am seeing are proving too quick.但是这里的鱼群密度比较小 而且我所看到的鱼游得都很快Harpoon this up tight, give myself a bit more power in it.橡胶管拉到最紧 这样就叉会更有力Even with more power in my harpoon,Im having no luck in choppy waters with limited visibility.即便有了强有力的武器 视觉受限 我在海浪中什么都没抓到Looks like a couple of feelers just poking out from under that rock ledge.这里的礁石下面 露出来了几根触角But Ive spotted something that might be an easier catch.但是我发现了更容易捕捉的东西Yeah, theres a lobster down there.这下面有一只龙虾Sometimes if you just stroke the tips of the feelers,it will bring them out.只要敲一下龙虾的触角 它们就会从礁石下钻出来Need to do that first.这是我要做的第一步Lobster claws are powerful enough to break a finger,So I need to be careful.龙虾的大钳足以夹断人的手指 所以一定要小心But hes out, and Ive got a clear shot.它爬了出来 我正中目标201704/502075鄱阳县治疗疤痕多少钱

婺源县去黄褐斑多少钱原味人文风情:Marriage.婚姻。Ooh, gosh! Thats so complicated. Complicated.喔,天啊!那太复杂了。复杂。We asked 30 gay men to do word association on camera. These are their responses to the word ;marriage.;我们请 30 位男同志对着摄影机做文字联想。这些是他们对「婚姻」一词的响应。Equality.平等。Everyone.每一个人。Non-existent. I feel like marriage is something people dont necessarily think about anymore when theyre in a relationship, you know? Its just a title.不存在的。我觉得婚姻是人们不见得一定会再去想的事,当他们在一段感情中时,你懂吗?它只是个头衔而已。Love. Im kind of a hopeless romantic, so when I think of marriage, Im just like, Oh, flowers, and big wedding, and...爱。我算是个无可救药的浪漫主义者,所以当我想到婚姻,我就会像这样:喔,花啊,还有盛大的婚宴啊,和...Together.在一起。Its a matter of a choice that you make in your relationships, but its important that everyone has that choice.这是你在感情关系中的一种选择,但重要的是每个人都拥有选择权。I think its a nice, um, idea that were all kind of striving for, right? Im not necessarily certain thats enough. I think its a good start.我想这算是一个我们都在努力争取的美好的,嗯,构想,对吧?我不全然确定那样就够了。我想这是个好的开始。Um...scary.嗯...可怕。Equality?平等?Love. Mmm...I wanna get married, eventually.爱。嗯...我想结婚,总有一天。Its been so exciting watching American attitudes shift in favor of marriage equality. Im excited to see that momentum keep building, keep growing.看着美国的态度转往持婚姻平权,真的很令人兴奋。我期待看到这股动力持续累积、持续成长。Love. Because I would think marriage is rooted in love, or why else would you do it?爱。因为我会觉得婚姻是深植于爱的,不然你为什么要这么做?Uh, I think about my husband. And that I feel very lucky and privileged to have the opportunity to marry him.呃,我想到我的先生。我觉得非常幸运且荣幸能有机会和他结婚。I think everyone has the equal right to be happy or miserable. Thats how I feel.我想每个人都有平等的权利感到开心或痛苦。我是这么认为的。I think right now, and probably twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years, well look back and wonder what we were thinking.我觉得现在,也可能在二十、三十、四十、五十年后,我们会回首过去并好奇那时的我们在想什么。Its a bond that you share with another person. Its separated from physicality. But its almost separated from love, in a way? Its a bond, its a deepness that goes beneath, like, that romantic, hippie-dippy, lovey stuff.婚姻是一个你与另一人共享的羁绊。它和肉体分离。但它也几乎和爱分离,从某方面来讲算是?它是一个连结,它的深度远超过像那些罗曼蒂克、很理想化、宝贝来宝贝去的东西。About time?也是时候了?Commitment?承诺?Growing up, I was taught that marriage was between a man and a woman and that it happened in a church. I realized that marriage happens in Vegas and happens in Hawaii on the beach, and everybody should have the opportunity to marry the person that they love.从小到大,我被教育婚姻是一男一女之间的事,而且在教堂里发生。我发现婚姻可以发生在拉斯韦加斯和夏威夷的海滩上,而且每个人都应该有机会和他所爱的人结婚。Lifelong.一辈子。Marriage is kind of the top of the mountain, right? When youre saying, ;Okay, yeah, Im with this person no matter what, no matter how they act, no matter how drunk they get and annoying.;婚姻有点像山顶一样,对吧?当你说:「好啊,对,我无论如何都跟定这个人,不管他的所作所为、不管他喝多醉或惹人厌。」Uh...happy.嗯...开心。Everybody.每个人。I think that its a pretty amazing thing when two people can commit themselves to a life together, or just for any period of time together. I think that its sort of a miracle. Marriage is cool.我认为当两人能给彼此一生的承诺,那是满令人惊叹的事,或仅相守一段时间也是。我想这算是一种奇迹。婚姻很酷。I see marriage as being something worth two of us united.我认为婚姻是值得两人结合的事。Commitment?承诺?From a perspective of same-sex marriage, theres sort of a school of thought that its this sort of assimilation, this sort of a patrimonial opportunity that comes through with marriage. But I am a Pisces, so I believe in love. And I believe if two people can find each other and they wanna commit to each other, I think its a beautiful thing.从同性婚姻的角度来看,有一派的想法认为婚姻带来这种同化、婚姻带来这种传承的机会。但我是双鱼座的,所以我相信爱情。而且我相信如果两人能寻觅到彼此并愿意给予对方承诺,我认为这是很美好的事。Equality.平等。Legal, finally.合法,终于啊。One Word: Marriage一个字:婚姻201702/490824 上饶铅山县做双眼皮多少钱上饶上饶县脸部去痣价格



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