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Damn global warming!该死的全球变暖!When a pool of balls overflows its banks.当一池的球溢出其边缘时。 /201610/471579

Oxford Dictionaries suspended its #OneWordMap most-hated words project. An update to the blog post describing the feature stated: “We regret to inform users that due to severe misuse we have had to remove this feature from our website.”牛津字典暂停了话题#OneWordMa——最可恨单词这个项目。客上更新道:“我们很遗憾地通知用户,由于严重滥用,我们不得不把这个功能从我们的网站上撤销。”It’s possible that the suspension stemmed from the apparent outpouring of anti-Islam sentiment in the submissions to the project. Some Twitter accounts posted screenshots purporting to show that Oxford Dictionaries had barred certain sensitive words, like “Islam,” from submission prior to the decision to take down the project. 此次暂停有可能是源于在项目提交时对反伊斯兰情绪的明显流露。一些推特账户发布的截图显示,在决定拿下这个项目之前,牛津字典已经禁止提交如“Islam(伊斯兰教)”等某些敏感词汇。However, the nature of the misuse was not specified in the site’s statement, and Oxford Dictionaries had not responded to a request for more details about why the program was halted.然而,滥用的定义并没有在网站的声明中指定,而且牛津字典也没有回应终止原因的更多细节。PREVIOUSLY: Do you hate the word “moist”? Well, congratulations: You’re in excellent company. The word ― usually applied with varying degrees of ickiness to cake or to bodily orifices ― holds a legendary power of repulsion, and a new project by Oxford Dictionaries to compile people’s most hated English-language words is confirming this. 回顾:你讨厌“moist(潮湿)”这个词吗?好吧,恭喜你:你和大众品味一致。这个词通常指蛋糕或身体器官上不同程度的粘度——拥有一种奇葩的厌恶感,由牛津字典的一个新项目所编辑的“人最讨厌的英语单词”实了这一点。As of this writing, the website counts over 14,000 submissions, broken down by country, and “moist” hovers at or near the top of the list in the ed States, the ed Kingdom, Australia and Canada.在撰写本文时,网站上有超过1万4000次的提交,根据国家进行分类,在美国、英国、澳大利亚和加拿大,“湿润”这一单词徘徊或接近了榜首。 /201609/468672

It has been some week for The Simpsons.辛普森家庭再次走红已经有些时日了。First, they received international acclaim for forecasting Donald Trump#39;s election victory, then they were nominated for a Critics Choice award, and now the University of Glasgow has launched a philosophy course based on the musings of Homer Simpson.首先,他们因为准确预测特朗普的当选而受到国际赞誉,随后他们又被提名为“杰出家 ”。最近,英国格拉斯哥大学还专门开设了一门哲学课来研究辛普森爸爸。The Simpsons is one of the modern world#39;s greatest cultural artefacts, partly because it is so full of philosophy, according to the course description.据课程简介,大概是《辛普森一家》丰富的哲学性,使它成为现代社会最为伟大的文化产品之一。Since it first aired in 1989, The Simpsons has never been afraid to touch on the key issues of the day.自1989年第一次播出开始,《辛普森一家》总是紧跟时代话题。Politics, family, relationships, parenting, religion, education - you name it, they#39;ve done it.无论是政治、家庭、人际关系、为人父母、宗教亦或教育,只有你想不到,没有他们做不到的话题。And any glance at Homers greatest es shows that the cartoons main man has a view on everything from gender equality to fatherhood.只需略读辛普森爸爸的最佳语录,就会发现这部动画的主角关注众多话题,从两性平等到父亲的职责。In light of this, what can we learn from his pearls of wisdom?因此,我们能够如何借鉴他的如珠妙语呢?What can he teach us about life?他能够给我们什么生活上的启发呢?Through the medium of Homers idiocy, The Simpsons has shone a light on some of the most pressing societal issues in the modern world, such as...借辛普森爸爸这些“蠢话”,《辛普森一家》让现代一些最为急迫的社会问题浮出水面。比方说……Loneliness among the elderly孤寡老人The problem: More than a quarter of people over 65 who live alone are lonely, while it was revealed in 2014 that Britain is the loneliness capital of Europe - with people here less likely to know their neighbours or have strong friendships than people anywhere else in Europe.问题现状:超过1/4的65岁以上的独居老人表示深感寂寞,而2014年的调查显示,英国更是欧洲孤独之都。英国人不太认得他们的邻居,也比欧洲其他地方更难有坚固友谊。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:Old people don#39;t need companionship. They need to be isolated and studied so it can be determined what nutrients they have that might be extracted for our personal use.“老人家需要被孤立和研究而不是陪伴,因此他们的营养素就能确定下来,以被我们个人使用。”Being a man作为男人The problem: There is a ;crisis in modern masculinity;, with men failing to cope with personal and professional pressures, according to a report by mental health charity CALM.问题现状:心理健康机构CALM最新报告表明,现在出现了“现代男子气概危机”,男性难以应对个人及职业压力。Phrases like ;man up; are commonplace, damaging and can blur our understanding of masculinity and manhood.“拿出男人的样子来”这种话早已耳熟能详。然而这样的话会破坏和混淆我们对男子气概和男儿气质的理解。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:“The code of the schoolyard, Marge! The rules that teach a boy to be a man. Let’s see. Don’t tattle. Always make fun of those different from you. Never say anything, unless you’re sure everyone feels exactly the same way you do.”“玛姬,学校的真谛就是要让一个男孩长成一个男人。走着瞧,不要多嘴。记得要捉弄那些跟你不一样的人。如果你不确定是否跟大家同感的话,什么都不要说”。Coping with pressure应对压力The problem:问题现状:Research from mental health charity Mind found that four in five 18 to 34-year-old men put on a brave face when they are anxious.心理健康慈善机构Mind的研究表明,4/5的18到34岁的男性都会在焦虑的时候强作镇定。Repressing those feelings won#39;t help anyone.然而,抑制焦虑只是无济于事。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:Just squeeze your rage up into a bitter little ball and release it at an appropriate time, like that day I hit the referee with the whisky bottle.“你应该把怒气攒到合适的时间爆发,就像那天我用威士忌瓶子砸了裁判那样”。Young people年轻人The problem:问题现状:A controversial one, this, but there is no denying that many young people feel that the future they wanted has been prevented by older generations.这其实挺棘手的,但事实是,很多当代年轻人都认为老一辈人阻止他们去追求他们自己想要的未来。Not only was there the referendum vote to leave the EU, but also claims of inter-generational unfairness prompted by fears that the younger people are essentially getting turned over by a system that favours older people.这不仅说的是脱欧投票,也指因担心年轻人会被一个更偏向老者的体制颠覆所产生的代际不公。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.“我相信如果我们不加干涉的话,孩子就是我们的未来。Diversity多样性The problem: Hate crimes against ethnic minorities in the UK leapt by more than 40 percent in the month following the EU referendum.问题现状:在脱欧公投之后的那个月里,英国出于对于少数族裔的仇恨心理而引发的犯罪行为激增超40%。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:Just blame it on the guy who doesn#39;t speak English.“怪那些不说英语的人(即少数族裔)好了。”I#39;m a white male, age 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are.“我是一个年龄在18-49岁以内的白种男性。不管我的意见有多蠢,大家都听我的。”Politics政治The problem: We are so far beyond telling the truth in politics that Oxford Dictionaries has announced a joint US-UK word of the year: post-truth.问题现状:我们已经偏离政治真相太远了,为此,牛津词典颁布了2016英美年度词汇,即“后真相”。The word, which follows in the wake of Brexit and Trumps victory, is defined as relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.这个在脱欧公投及特朗普当选之后出现的词,被定义为一种情感及个人信仰比客观事实更能左右公众舆论的环境。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:People can come up with statistics to prove anything.“人们可以用数据来实所有的事情。”Fourteen percent of all people know that.“14%的人都知道这一点。”Working life工作The problem: It was warned last year that a slump in productivity over the summer months could cost the private sector 8bn each year.问题现状:去年,有人警告每年夏季出现的生产力衰退将会造成私营企业损失约80亿英镑。The price of laziness is not to be sniffed at.因为懒惰而付出的代价不容小觑。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:Lisa, if you don#39;t like your job don#39;t strike. Just go in every day and do it really half-assed.“丽莎,要是你不喜欢你的工作,也不能罢工。你可以每天去做做样子就好啦。”;I want to share something with you - the three little sentences that will get you through life.我想跟你说点事,下面这三个短句能够帮你顺利度过这一生。Number one: Cover for me.第一句是,“替我应付一下”。Number two: Oh, good idea, boss!第二句是,“老板您说得对”!Number three: It was like that when I got here.第三句是,“我来这的时候就已经那样了”。Fatherhood为人父亲The problem: Piling pressure on children can be both debilitating and damaging.问题现状:给孩子太重的压力很有可能会适得其反。Two years ago the Lancashire FA launched an initiative that urged parents to not shout or communicate with their children while they were playing football, with welfare officer Neil Yates saying he recently watched an under-nine game where a child was reduced to tears by baying parents.两年前,兰卡斯尔足协呼吁父母不要在孩子上场踢球的时候试图对他们大喊大叫,而福利干事尼尔?耶茨也提到他最近看过的一场九岁以下孩子的球赛,其中一个小球员因自己父母的咆哮伤心流泪。When sporting success can be a ticket to riches and a new life for the entire family, it#39;s no surprise that the pressure can become a little overbearing (just watch the American documentary Trophy Kids), but quite clearly this is not going to help the poor child.运动方面的功成名就确实可以让整个家庭过上好日子,因此说是“压力山大”一点也不为过。(只用看看美国纪录片《奖杯孩子》就知道了),然而,这对于穷人家的孩子而言却没什么用处。Indeed, a 2014 study by researchers at the University of Colorado showed that making children take part in structured activities like football training or music practice hinders their ability to set and reach goals.实际上,据科罗拉多大学2014年的研究表明,让孩子参加一些结构化的活动,比如说足球或音乐训练,会阻碍他们设定目标和达成目标的能力。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:OK, son. Just remember to have fun out there today. And if you lose, I#39;ll kill you.“儿子,只用记住我们今天是来玩的。如果你输了,我就会‘杀了你’。”Marriage婚姻The problem: Figures released earlier this month showed that women do 60 percent more unpaid household work than men.问题现状:本月早些时候公布的数据表明,女性比男性要多做六成的家务活,还分文不取。Women still spend twice as much time in the kitchen as men, and around two hours more per week on laundry, despite the rise of the supposed ;new man;.尽管分担家务及照顾子女重担的“新派男子”正在兴起,女性花在厨房的时间依然是男性的两倍,而且每周也会在洗衣方面多花大约两小时。Homer says:辛普森爸爸说:;Marge, I#39;m going to miss you so much. And it#39;s not just the sex. It#39;s also the food preparation.;“玛姬,我会很想你的。不只是因为做爱,也是因为你能做饭。” /201702/490351

I took a train to Oxford last Wednesday to give a speech to the benefactors of my old college. I was in excellent spirits. The sun was shining and I was amusing myself ing a blog post by Chip Conley, the entrepreneur, about the wisdom that comes with age. At 56, he likes to see himself less as a carton of milk bearing a sell-by date than a bottle of fine wine that gets better every year.不久前的一个周三,我坐火车前往牛津,为我母校的赞助人做一次演讲。那天我精神不错。阳光灿烂,我读着企业家奇普?康利(Chip Conley)的一篇文自娱自乐,其内容是智慧随年龄增长。56岁的他,不把自己视为一盒带有保质期的牛奶,而是一瓶放得越久就越香醇的上等葡萄酒。As I walked through Oxford I felt inclined to agree. I too was like an improving bottle of wine. No longer did the honey stone whisper: “You aren’t good enough.” The intensity — both the misery and the odd spurt of joy — I felt as an undergraduate had finally receded. Lady Margaret Hall, whose fa?ade used to look like a prison to me, has had vast sums spent on it and in the late afternoon sun looked borderline handsome.在我走过牛津街头时,我倾向于赞同他的观点。我也像是一瓶渐入佳境的葡萄酒。蜂蜜石不再低语:“你不够好。”我在本科生期间体验过的强烈感受——无论是痛苦还是偶尔迸发的喜悦——终于消退了。玛格丽特夫人学堂(Lady Margaret Hall,牛津大学的一个学院——译者注)教学大楼的外立面在我眼里曾经像是监狱,近年这栋楼花了大量资金修缮,在夕阳下看起来竟然有点美丽。I was even looking forward to giving the speech. Nothing could go wrong, the audience was captive and I had written something that I felt balanced comic reminiscence with sincerity, and was edgy enough to keep the audience from nodding off over the port.我甚至开始期待做演讲。不会有什么问题,观众会全神贯注,而我写的演讲稿既包含有趣的回忆、又不失真诚,而且妙语连珠,足以阻止观众在波尔图葡萄酒的影响下打盹。Two minutes in, and I was aware the laughter was strained — and it became more so as I ploughed on. Within seconds of my sitting down, two men were jostling at my elbow in protest. One of them, teeth gritted in rage, demanded to know what was going through my head when I had decided to insult everyone. The other simply said: “Just go!” pointing at the door.开讲2分钟后,我就意识到笑声很牵强——随着我继续演讲,气氛变得愈发紧张。我坐下才几秒钟,就有两位男士挤我的手肘表示抗议。其中一人气得咬牙切齿,要求知道当我决定侮辱所有人时大脑里在想什么。另一个人只是指着大门说:“出去吧!”In the space of 15 minutes I had got up the noses of assorted former students, benefactors and dons. I had somehow told the men they were dim, the women frumpy, and had taken the name of the absent Stephen Hester, (chief executive at RSA Insurance, and a student in the year below me) in vain. Mine was a tour de force of clangers.在15分钟时间里,我惹恼了形形色色的校友、赞助人和大学老师。我不知不觉地告诉在场的男士们他们很蠢,告诉女士们她们很土,还在背地里议论了不在场的史蒂芬?赫斯特(Stephen Hester,RSA保险集团的首席执行官,比我晚一届)。我的演讲简直是充满过失的代表作。I have made a few people cross over the years, but what was remarkable about this was not the strength of the feeling but that, for once, I was trying to do the reverse. My college changed my life. It taught me how to work, how to think — and how to spot cant and feeble logic. LMH took me on despite atrocious A-levels and being entirely undeserving, but it is now doing something more worthwhile. It has set up a foundation year for students from poor backgrounds who despite difficult starts in life have performed far better at school than I ever did.这些年来我曾经惹怒过一些人,但这次经历的不同寻常之处不在于感受的强烈程度,而是我本来想(仅此一回)做相反的事情。我的母校改变了我的人生。它教会我如何工作、如何思考——以及如何发现虚伪和不堪一击的逻辑。玛格丽特夫人学堂录取了我,尽管我的A级考试成绩很糟糕,根本不配录取,但该校现在开始做一些更有价值的事情。它为家境贫困的学生设立了为期一年的预科课程,这些学生虽然在人生起跑线上经受了艰难坎坷,但在中小学的成绩比我当年要好得多。It is not nice to have people shouting in your face, but what shook me more was wondering how on earth, with all my experience, I could have misjudged my speech so badly.有人当着你的面斥责你不是好事,但更令我震撼的是,以我的丰富经验,我竟然会如此严重地误判自己的演讲效果,简直匪夷所思。By the end of the night I had worked out that Chip Conley was talking rot. I have nothing in common with an old bottle of fine wine, though if I at that moment had had one to hand, I would have downed the whole thing.那晚结束时我想明白了:奇普?康利是在胡说八道。我和一瓶陈年佳酿毫无共同点,尽管如果我当时手头有一瓶那样的好东西的话,我会一滴不剩地喝掉它。Instead of getting wiser with age, the reverse appears to be happening. The most noticeable change (apart from the ones that I see in the mirror) is that I am not frightened any more.随着年龄增长,我的智慧非但没有增长,反而似乎下降了。最明显的变化(除了我在镜子里看到的自己的模样)是我不再恐惧。I used to be scared of failing at work, or of being found out, or of what people thought of me. Being post-fear makes life more comfortable, but also more dangerous, because fear fends off disaster. It discourages you from packing a speech with sarky, teasing asides which, though possibly amusing to you, might be less so to those who are the butt of them.我曾经害怕在工作中失败,或者害怕被别人发现我没本事,或者害怕别人对我的看法。不再恐惧让日子更好过,但也更危险,因为恐惧可以避免灾难。恐惧会让你打消在演讲中夹带挖苦、戏弄性的离题话的念头,尽管这些调侃对你可能很好玩,但对那些被当成笑柄的人来说可能就没有那么幽默了。The incident has taught me something even more uncomfortable — how hard it is to learn from mistakes. I have form on this: I go on hitting the kerb when parking. I go on misspelling “separate”, despite the assiduousness of Google in correcting me.这件事让我知道了一个更让人不舒的教训——从错误中吸取教训有多难。我是这一点的活教材:我在泊车时一再撞上马路牙子。我仍然会错误地拼写“separate”,尽管辛勤的谷歌(Google)一次又一次纠正我的拼写错误。Doing something badly is painful. And as being in pain is not nice, I am getting good at pain-reduction strategies. Aly in my head I am spinning the story so I come out of it less badly, and I daresay in a day or two I will be blaming the audience for not seeing the funny side.把事情搞砸是令人痛苦的。正因为痛苦的感觉不太好,我开始擅长于减轻痛苦的策略。现在我脑海里已经在炒作这个故事,使自己的形象不那么糟糕,而且我敢说一两天后,我会责怪听众们缺乏幽默感。Which leads me to one thing I have got better at with age — recovering from a setback. A calamity on the scale of last week would once have left me cringing for a couple of years at least.这让我想到,随着年龄增长,我日益擅长的一件事是——从挫折中恢复过来。那种程度的演讲灾难以前至少会让我畏缩两年。I have spent the past 24 hours in a state of advanced mortification. But now that I have got this off my chest it may soon be time to pretend none of it ever happened.那次演讲后的24小时期间我处于深度难堪状态。不过既然我已经宣泄自己的感受,我可能很快就会假装这一切从未发生过。 /201705/507693

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