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Putin: Sanctions will also hurt American businesses普京:制裁也会损害美国企业Earlier we spoke to our reporter Jake Rashbass in Moscow,on Russian President Vladimir Putin#39;s reaction towards the latest round of U.S. sanctions against Russia.早些时候我们曾与驻莫斯科记者杰克通话,讨论俄总统弗拉基米尔·普京对美国最新一轮制裁俄罗斯的反应。 Article/201407/31292980 Million Americans Certain UFOs ExistNew National Geographic Survey shows one-third of Americans believe in UFOs.A new survey conducted by national geography shows that one in three of us believe in UFOs, 80 million Americans, which may help us explain why UFO sightings have been on the rise, and now a new show on the national geographic channel chasing UFOs is digging into these sightings and find out exactly what is going on, Amy R back with that story.Yes, George, good morning to you and whether you believe in aliens or not, there are a lot of unexplained mysteries in the sky and this brand new show examines all the information to try to get to the bottom of them.Have you ever looked up and wonder are we alone? It is a question Fox M and Danna S try to answer in the hit show the X files.Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial?Now a new national geographic unscientific online poll shows that more than 80 million Americans believe UFOs exist and the truth is still out there, just this month alone, a rash of sightings across the country, strange light formations over Colorado springs, forth myer Florida and salt lake city, Utah, back in 2008 some central Taxas residents were so sure they had close encounters of a very real kind, they made national headlines. It was difinately not from around these parts.This week national geographic channel is exploring the mysteries of the unexplained in a brand new series called chasing UFOs, a team of investigators chasing down real life X files, reports of alien abduction, UFO sightings even military cover ups, there are skeptics and believers.See there is a light, hole sitting.These UFO hunters gather witnesses, searching for definitive evidence of extraterrestrial activity.Four really bright orange light and they are really big, there is one there there there and there.Wow what the hell is that? that#39;s incredible.And just like S this team even has a government insider dedicated to revealing the truth.UFOs are real and we need to make it permissible for scientists to study them without risking their career life.So as they search for the truth by testing theories, these UFO hunters may even stumble on their own X files.And while there will always be skeptics, most people agree on one thing, the government knows more than it#39;s telling us, about 80% of people in the survey think the government has concealed information about UFOs, always distrustful.It#39;s a quesion i got to ask you all the time, what do you know about the UFOs, but chasing UFOs premiers on the national geographic channel this Friday. /201401/271743视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》There he goes!他过来了He#39;s gone ten centimetres in four seconds,他4秒钟内爬行了10厘米but we#39;re running at 500 frames a second,但我们是500帧一秒which is 20 times normal time.比正常时间慢了20倍So in fact, he#39;s covered those ten centimetres in...那事实上 那10厘米距离他用了...We know that he does half a metre in one second.我们知道他1秒钟能爬半米Half a metre per second, yep.1秒半米 没错50 centimetres in one second, roughly.大约1秒50厘米So, how many body lengths is that?那相当于他的几倍身长He#39;s maybe doing five body lengths a second,他1秒之内能走5个身长if he#39;s two metres tall like I am.如果他像我一样有2米高Are you? Yeah. That#39;s how much more than a normal man I am.你有这么高 我就是比一般人高Eventually, the duo decide that if the silver ants were our size,换算过来 如果银蚁有人类的体型they#39;d be doing 280 miles an hour.他们可以达到280英里的时速They#39;re one of the fastest sprinters in the animal kingdom.他们是动物世界中最快的短跑健将之一了No wonder we#39;ve been struggling to film them.难怪我们拍摄得如此困难It does explain a few things.那确实说明了不少事情内容来自: Article/201405/298671

A vacation can be relaxing, exciting, and fun, unless you and your travel partner spend the entire time arguing about where to go and what to do.假期非常放松,激动和有趣,除非你和你的旅行伙伴所有时间都花费在争论去哪里和做什么方面。You Will Need你需要Agenda日程Budget预算Ability to compromise妥协的能力Breaks冷静Sense of humor幽默感Overnight trip (optional)夜间旅行(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Understand differences1.理解分歧Understand that different people like to experience traveling in different ways. One person may prefer to have a meticulously detailed schedule while another may prefer to wing it.要理解,不同的人喜欢以不同的方式体验旅行。一人可能喜欢详细地计划行程,而另外一人则喜欢随心所至。Test the waters by going away for only one night on your first trip with a travel partner.第一次和一名伙伴同行时,可以先尝试一个晚上的旅行,进行一下试验。STEP 2 Plan an agenda2.计划日程Make an agenda, itemizing what each of you wants to see or do on the trip.制定一份日程,列明双方想要在旅途中看到什么,做什么。Be open to any situations that arise on the trip that may be more fun or interesting than what is outlined in the itinerary.坦然面对旅途中可能出现的任何情况,可能比原来的行程更有趣。STEP 3 Budget the trip3.制定预算Set up a budget for the trip that clearly outlines how much the trip is going to cost. Specify every expense and determine how much each person is responsible for.为旅程制定预算,清晰地列出旅行需要的花费。具体到每一项花费,确定每人应该承担多少。STEP 4 Compromise4.妥协Be willing to compromise. Compromise means that sometimes both parties have to give up a little of something they want to make each other happy.愿意做出让步。让步意味着有时为了对方开心,双方都必须放弃一些自己喜欢的事情。STEP 5 Take a break5.冷静一下Take a break from each other. If you have travel plans that conflict, or one of you wants to stay in the hotel, split off and meet back together later.双方都冷静一下。如果你们的旅行计划互相冲突,或者其中一方想要待在旅馆里,可以暂时分开,稍后再会合。STEP 6 Work together6.一起努力Work off each other#39;s strengths and weaknesses. If your partner is better at planning, and you are better at taking pictures,then do what you are good at.取长补短。如果你的同伴擅长计划,你擅长绘画,可以发挥各自的长处。STEP 7 Laugh7.开心地笑Have a sense of humor. It is often easier to get along when you and your partner can share a laugh about your travel experiences.有点幽默感。如果你和你的同伴可以一起笑对旅行经历,你们将更容易相处。According to the ed Nations World Tourism Organization, in 2008, international tourism generated 4 billion.根据联合国世界旅游组织的统计,2008年,全球旅游业创造了9440亿美元的收入。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/324905

Rescuers work to open roads, restore communications一切为了救援:营救人员开辟道路恢复通信Rescuers are risking their lives to open roads, and restore communications.救援工作者冒着生命危险开辟道路,修复通信。As of Tuesday noon, nearly 76 percent of the electricity supply had resumed at ten townships cut off by the quake.截至周2中午,震后10个乡镇中已经有76%的供电已经恢复。In Longtoushan Township of Ludian County, the epicenter, it was 75 percent.而此次地震震中的鲁甸县龙头山电力已经恢复75%。The three 35-kilovolt transformer substations are back on line.3台35千伏的变压电站恢复工作。So are communications in Qiaojia County and Huize County.乔家镇和会泽县的通讯也已恢复。In Ludian County, 85 percent of the mobile communications base stations are providing normal service.而在鲁甸县85%的移动通信塔台已经能够提供正常务。Due to safety concerns, Yunnan provincial transport authorities have ordered all passenger buses in the countryside to stop operation.出于安全考虑,云南省交通运输局已经下令所有乡村客运公交停运。 Article/201408/319455

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