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Pakistan#39;s president has denounced St Valentine#39;s Day, saying the festival has no connection with Pakistani culture and should be avoided. His remarks came after a district in north-western Pakistan banned Valentine#39;s Day celebrations.近日,巴基斯坦总统公开抨击情人节,称这一节日和巴基斯坦文化毫无关系,应该被禁止。他的这一言论是在巴基斯坦西北部某地区禁止情人节后发出的。Valentine#39;s Day is popular in many cities in Pakistan, but religious groups have denounced it as decadent.在巴基斯坦的很多城市,情人节很盛行,但是一些宗教团体则称,这是一种衰败的现象。Earlier this week, the local government in Kohat, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, told police officers to stop shops from selling Valentine#39;s Day cards and items. Kohat district is run by a religious political party and borders Pakistan#39;s conservative tribal areas.在本周的早些时候,开伯尔·普赫图赫瓦省的科哈特地区的当地政府,要求警察禁止商店出售情人节卡片和相关物品。科哈特地区是由宗教政治党派领导的,该地区与巴基斯坦保守部落地区接壤。Meanwhile, the Peshawar local council also passed a resolution to ban celebrations of what it called a ;useless; day.与此同时,白沙瓦地方议会也通过一项决议,禁止庆祝这所谓的“毫无用处”的一天。Kohat district administrator Maulana Niaz Muhammad told the B Urdu: ;Valentine#39;s Day has no legal grounds, and secondly it is against our religion, therefore it was banned.; While giving cards and flowers was not in itself a bad thing, linking this to a specific day was not appropriate, Mr Muhammad said. He added that he felt such practices could encourage obscene behavior.科哈特地区的行政官毛拉纳·尼亚兹·穆罕默德告诉B乌尔都频道:首先,情人节不合法,其次,它和我们的宗教相违背,因此被禁止了。” 穆罕默德表示,尽管赠送卡片和鲜花本身是件好事,但把它和特定的节日相联系就不合适了。随后他还补充道,他认为这些行为会鼓励人们做出下流的作为。In past years, conservative social groups, who view the day as a festival of immorality detrimental to traditional marriage, have declared the day to be ;shameless;.在过去几年里,保守社会团体一直将这一节日视作对传统婚姻的道德损害,他们宣称这个节日是“无耻的”。In neighbouring India, Valentine#39;s Day also garners opposition, usually from Hindu conservatives who say it is alien to Indian culture and - as argued by Pakistani Muslims - contrary to traditions such as arranged marriages.在邻国印度,情人节也备受反对,印度教保守派常说该节日是“外来物”,就好像巴基斯坦穆斯林说它有反包办婚姻的传统一样。 /201602/426359

The Eastern Han Dynasty entered its middle period when the 10-year-old Emperor. He came to the throne in 88 AD, his mother, Empress Dowager Dou led the court audiences.公元88年,仅10岁的和帝继位,窦太后临朝。东汉的统治进人了中期。By then, Xiongnu had split into the northern and the southern parts again.这时,匈奴再次分裂为南、北两部分。By 91, the northern group had been wiped out in the allied expeditions of Han and the Southern Xiongnu.公元91年,汉和南匈奴联手铲除北匈奴。The triumph over the Northern Xiongnu enabled Dou Xian, the commander-in-chief and the brother of the Empress Dou to take over the administrative affairs.这一胜利,使大将军窦宪(窦太后的兄弟)得以掌权。This threw the imperial court into prolonged turmoil.汉朝廷从此被卷人混乱的漩涡。In 92, Emperor He allied with his eunuch, Zheng Zhong, finally destroyed the power of the Dou clan and grasped the power himself. Zheng Zhong was granted the title of Marquise for it.和帝于公元92年与宦官郑众等人合力诛灭窦氏,掌握实权,郑众因功封侯。From then on, eunuchs were involved in the reign progressively.自此,宦官越来越多地参与到东汉的政治统治之中。Most successors to of the throne after Emperor He were children.和帝以后继位的皇帝也多是小儿。Therefore, reigns of government had to be held by empress regents, in fact who usually relied on their clansmen. Naturally, the power were lost, and the consort clans manipulated the imperial court.太后临朝听政,实是依靠娘家的父兄掌权,因此往往是大权旁落,外戚势力集团左右朝政。When a young emperor grew up, he tried to break away from the control of the empress * s family, seeking the support of eunuchs close to him. Consequently, eunuchs replaced consort clans to seize the power.小皇帝年长之后,为摆脱外戚的控制,就向身边的宦官寻求帮助,继而宦官又掌大权。Such pattern repeated constantly, and the reign of Emperors An, Shun and Huan had no exception, either.外戚与宦官的斗争循环往复,在安、顺、桓帝时也都发生过。The year 146, when Emperor Huan came to the throne, it was a turning point at which palace eunuchs began to rise to supremacy, causing even greater upheavals in the court. The Eastern Han Dynasty entered its last stage when consort clans and eunuchs had the imperial power in hands.公元146年,桓帝在位时,这一斗争出现了转折点。宦官的权利达到无以复加的地步,在朝廷中掀起更大的波澜,形成东汉王朝后期的宦官与外戚专权的格局。Liang Ji, the brother of the Empress Liang, was the general during the reign of Emperor Shun.顺帝时,梁冀(梁皇后的兄弟)为大将军。After the death of Emperor Shun in 144, Empress Dowager Liang and Liang Ji became the prominent power holders of the Eastern Han court.公元144年,顺帝死后,朝廷的大权便落人梁太后和梁冀的手中。Initially, Liang Ji installed a two-year-old boy on the throne, known as Emperor Chong.梁冀先立2岁的小儿为帝,是为冲帝。The young emperor died in the following year. Then he had another boy the emperor, who was the eight-year-old Emperor Zhi.次年冲帝死, 他又立8岁的小儿为帝,即质帝。Young as an emperor, he knew that Liang Ji was imperious and despotic.质帝虽小,但却知道梁冀专权骄横。Once in the court, the young emperorsaid to Liang, “You are a domineering general. ”上朝时,他说梁冀此跋扈将军也。In resentment, Liang Ji poisoned Emperor Zhi,and put fifteen-year-old Liu Zhi on the throne, that was Emperor Huan.梁冀很忿恨,就把质帝毒死,另立宗室15岁的刘志为帝, 是为桓帝。Therefore, Liang Ji controlled the imperial court for nearly twenty years and his influence was tremendous.梁冀专权近20年,势力庞大。When Empress Dowager Liang died in 159, it gave way to Shan Chao, a eunuch who could defeat the Liang clan. Conspired with Emperor Huan, Shan Chao had the army besiege Liang’s mansion, then Liang Ji committed suicide, while all his family members were executed.公元159年(延熹二年),梁皇后死,桓帝与中常侍单超等人合谋,以1000余人包围梁冀的府第,梁冀自杀,梁氏的族人皆被诛。Title of nobility was bestowed to Shan Chao.单超因功封侯。In fact, it was the fourth time that eunuchs dealt heavy blows on consort clans in the history of the Eastern Han.这是宦官对外戚的第四次打击。It benefited the politics and society to annihilate Liang Li and his partisans, but from than on, the regime of the Eastern Han was monopolized by eunuchs.诛除梁冀及其党羽,对当时的政治、社会都有好处;但从此以后,东汉政权为宦官垄断。When the imperial power came into the governance of eunuchs, the politics tended to be gloomy. At this point, some righteous state officials with their followers united to fight against the clique of eunuchs in various means.宦官垄断政权以后,政治日益黑暗,一些比较正直的高级官吏及其门生、故吏, 采取各种形式,对宦官集团展开了斗争。Then the Movement of Pure Comments and Partisan Prohibition took place successively.于是相继发生了 “清议”运动和“党锢”事件。The Movement of Pure Comments: Eunuchs ’ monopoly on the regime not only worsened the politics, but interdicted scholars’ official career, depriving their further development.清议:宦官专政不仅使政治黑暗,而且也阻断了仕途,严重地侵夺了士人的上进之路。At that time, the number of students in the state academy had reached up to over 30 000. Along with many Confucian scholars in the prefectures and counties, they allied with scholar-bureaucrats, forming a huge political force in the court and the commonalty to criticize the eunuchs * interference in the regime.这一时期,太学生已发展到30000余人,各郡县的儒生也很多,就与官僚士大夫结合,在朝野形成一个庞大的官僚士大夫反宦官专权的社会政治力量,批评宦官专权乱政。This is the so called Pure Comments.这就是所谓的“清议”。Partisan Prohibition: Confucian officials and students of the state academy not only availed public opinion to attack eunuchs, but began a conscious effort to form a coalition to drive out the political influence of the eunuchs.党锢:官僚士大夫和太学生们不仅在舆论上抨击宦官,还试图在政治上打击宦官势力。Therefore, the conflicts between the two sides intensified gradually.这样,官僚士大夫和太学生与宦官集团之间的斗争愈演愈烈。The matter came to a climax in 166 over a murder case.公元166年的一桩命案则使其斗争达到高潮。Zhang Cheng, a fortuneteller in Luoyang, instructed his son to commit a murder.术士张成教唆其子杀人,为司隶校尉李膺逮捕。Li Ying, one of the famous Confucian scholars in government who was serving as the governor in the capital province, arrested the Zhangs, but indeed at this time a general pardon was issued.适逢国家有赦令,可是李膺因张成与宦官关系密切,就把他们处死。Li disregarded it and executed the Zhangs anyway due to the Zhang#39;s close relation with eunuchs.不料想张成的弟子,诬告李膺与太学生、诸郡儒生及游学士人“共为部党,诽讪 朝廷”。However, Li did not anticipate that ZhangJ s disciple would then accuse him of forming clique with students of the academy and scholars in various prefectures to defame the imperial court and the emperor.EmperorHuan became extremely enraged, and arrested Li as well as some 200 students.桓帝大怒,逮捕了李膺等200余人。This arrest order that coined the term “the partisans”.“党锢”一词由此而出。Later, officials Huo Xu and Dou Wu submitted humble petitions again and again, requesting leniency for the partisans. Under their urging, Li Ying and the university students were released and exiled back to their hometowns. Their civil liberties were stripped for life.后经尚书霍 婿、城门校尉窦武等一再向桓帝说情,才得赦免回归田里,但却禁锢终身。This was the first partisan prohibition.这是第一次“党锢”。After this event, the opposition and struggle between Confucian official and students and eunuchs became acute farther自这次事件之后,官僚士大夫和太学生与宦官集团的对立和斗争进一步激化。After the death of Emperor Huan in the next year, Emperor Ling succeeded to the throne.第二年,桓帝死,灵帝立。General Dou Wu, the father of Empress Dowager Dou and taifu Chen Fan acted as regents.太后之父窦武以大将军的身份与太傅陈蕃辅政。They restored the rights of the partisans, like Li Ying and other famous scholars, and in fact made many of them imperial officials.他们起用了李膺和其他一些被禁锢的名士。Later in 168, concerned that the eunuchs were exerting too much influence over the young emperor and the empress dowager, Dou Wu and Chen entered into a plan to exterminate the leading eunuchs.由于幼帝和太后为太监所左右,公元 168年,他们又共谋诛除宦官集团。When word got out, headed with Chao Jie, the eunuchs instead mobilized the imperial guards and had Dou Wu arrested, who committed suicide later.可是,由于事泄,以曹节为首的宦官发兵逮捕窦武,窦武自杀,窦氏宗族惨遭灭门。The dan of Dou was executed. The eunuchs immediately removed the partisans from government and again suspended their civil liberties.曹节等宦官迅速清除其同党,再次实行免官禁锢。The eunuchs were not content with just removing the partisans from government. In 169, they persuaded the 13-year-old Emperor Ling that the partisans were intent to rebel.但是宦官并不满足于此,公元169年,他们对13岁的灵帝说朋党欲造反。The leading partisans, including Li Ying, Du Mi, and Fan Pang were arrested and executed. Overall, about 100 people lost their lives.后以李膺、杜密、范滂为首的朋党皆被杀,前后又100多人丧命。This was the second Partisan Prohibition.The Partisan Prohibition was not lifted until 184, when the Yellow Turban uprising took place.这是第二次党锢这次党锢直到中平元年(184年)黄巾大起义时才被解除。It was Lu Qiang, also a eunuch, who made the proposal.建议解除禁锢的也是一个宦官,即中常侍吕强。Fearing that the prohibited partisans felt discontented and would plot with Zhang Jiao, then Lu made the suggestion.他怕受禁锢的人心怀不满,与张角等“合谋”,因之提出这一建议。Emperor Ling accepted it, decreeing that the partisans be free from the prohibition.灵帝接受了这个建议,下诏解除了“党锢”。Then the internal struggle of the ruling clique, which lasted more than several decades, was suspended temporarily in the confrontation of peasant rebellions.统治阶级内部的这场长达数十年的斗争,在农民起义面前,暂告中止。 /201512/413035

First doctor: “This morning for breakfast he requested something called ‘wheat germ, organic honey and tiger’s milk.’”医生甲说:“那家伙说今天早餐想吃……某种叫做‘小麦胚芽、有机蜂蜜和Tiger#39;s Milk有机蛋白质营养棒’的东西。” Second doctor: “Oh, yes. Those are the charmed substances that some years ago were thought to contain life-preserving properties.”医生乙:“对啊。很多年前,人们对这些东西可着迷啦,他们笃信这里面含有维持生命必备的营养成分。”Fans of Woody Allen may recognize that snippet of dialogue from his 1973 comedy, “Sleeper.” The main character, a health-food store owner somehow frozen in 1973, has been thawed out 200 years later. He awakens to a world he can barely fathom, down to the kinds of food now said to constitute a sound diet. Everything that nutrition specialists once said was good for you, or really bad, turned out to be wrong.如果你是伍迪·艾伦(Woody Allen)的粉丝,或许你已经认出上述对话是他1973年的喜剧电影《傻瓜大闹科学城》(Sleeper)中的片段。影片的主角是一名健康食品商店的老板,1973年他莫名其妙地被冷冻了起来,直到200年后才被解冻。他苏醒过来,发现自己来到了一个令他迷惑不解的新世界,就连所谓的“健康食品”也改变了——过去被营养专家宣称是对人大有益处或害处的东西,后来发现都不是那么回事儿。First doctor: “You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies or hot fudge?”医生甲:“你是说,不包括油炸食品?也没有牛排、奶油馅饼或热巧克力?” Second doctor: “Those were thought to be unhealthy — precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true.”医生乙:“他们觉得这些东西不健康——不过,我们现在知道,事实恰恰相反呀。”Moviegoers laughed. They recognized how they were whipsawed by contradictory expert pronouncements about what they should or should not eat to stay healthy. On this score, not much has changed. How many times have Americans about a study damning this or that food, only to then hear the revisionist opposite? Avoid eggs, we were told; they clog your arteries. Wait, we then heard, eggs have nutritional value. Coffee can give you cancer. Hold on, coffee can improve brain function. Butter is terrible. Well, not really. Again and again, yesterday’s verity becomes today’s punch line.看到这里,观众们纷纷大笑起来。他们意识到,关于为了保持健康应该或不应该吃什么,专家们一直在给他们灌输相互矛盾的意见,让他们莫衷一是——只有这一点似乎一直都没有改变。多少次,一项研究言之凿凿,宣称这种或那种食物“罪大恶极”,结果不久,就又有人提出相反的论断。我们被告知不要吃鸡蛋,因为它们会堵塞你的动脉——接着我们又听说,鸡蛋颇具营养价值;咖啡会害你患癌症——等等,咖啡可以改善脑功能;黄油简直糟透了——好吧,其实也并非如此。一次又一次,昨天被奉为至理名言的,变成了今天的笑话。The vagaries of nutrition claims infuse the latest episode of Retro Report, documentaries exploring major news developments of the past and how they still resound. This installment harks back to the 1970s, when many health authorities asserted, with unshakable confidence, that a diet low in fat and cholesterol was essential for a healthful life (wheat germ and tiger’s milk presumably optional).最近一期的“Retro Report”(回顾历史上的重大新闻,并探讨其现实意义的系列电视纪录片)中就充斥着此类变幻莫测的营养学声明。这期节目回顾了上世纪70年代,当时,众多卫生部门都以坚不可摧的信心声称,低脂肪和低胆固醇的饮食(譬如小麦胚芽和Tiger#39;s Milk有机蛋白质营养棒之类)是健康生活必不可少的一部分。“Fat-free” became a mantra, not to mention a marketing tool to sell breakfast cereals and high-caloric snacks. If anyone qualified as a heretic back then, it was Dr. Robert C. Atkins, a cardiologist who died in 2003. The Atkins diet encouraged loading up on fat-laden foods like steaks and omelets, and steering clear of pasta, b and other carbohydrates.“脱脂”仿佛成了一个魔咒,更不用说它实际上已经化身为推销早餐谷物和高热量小食品的一种营销工具。而在当年,要说特立独行离经叛道,当属心脏病医生罗伯特·C·阿特金斯(Robert C. Atkins)士了(他在2003年去世)。阿特金斯饮食法鼓励人们大量进食高脂肪食物,如牛排和煎蛋卷等,同时避免食用意面、面包等碳水化合物。But conventional wisdom held that fat was bad, period, with relatively few Americans distinguishing between saturated fats (meat, eggs, dairy products) and healthier unsaturated fats (fish, vegetable oils, nuts). Typically, people turned to bs, cereals and potatoes — and to sugary soft drinks — for the calories they no longer got from protein-rich foods.但传统观念认为脂肪不是好东西,句号,一度只有少数美国人能对饱和脂肪(肉、蛋、乳制品)和较为健康的不饱和脂肪(鱼、植物油、坚果)区别对待。通常,人们只是直接转而食用面包、谷物、土豆以及含糖软饮料,以便获得他们原本应从富含蛋白质的食物中摄取的热量。“Diet is a trade-off,” Gary Taubes, a science journalist and the author of “Why We Get Fat,” told Retro Report. “If we reduce the amount of fat, you have to replace it with something.” That something tended to be carbohydrates. The result? Carbo-loading Americans grew fatter. “We put the whole country on a low-fat diet,” Mr. Taubes said, “and, lo and behold, we have an obesity epidemic.”“膳食是个交易过程,”《我们为什么会发胖?》(“Why We Get Fat”)一书的作者,科学记者盖里·陶比斯(Gary Taubes)在接受”Retro Report”采访时说。“如果我们减少了脂肪的摄入量,就必须用别的什么东西来替代它。”——比如碳水化合物。结果,大量食用碳水化合物,让美国人变得更胖了。陶比斯先生说:“在整个国家推行低脂肪饮食后,瞧啊,肥胖大肆流行了开来。”Obesity has proved a stubborn plague, one that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says affects 35 percent of American adults — about 79 million people. Tens of millions more, while not technically obese, are overweight. Not coincidentally, diabetes is a big national headache, even if the C.D.C. reported last month that new cases of the disease had begun to decline.肥胖已成为一个顽疾,美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,CDC)的工作人员表示,在美国的成年人中,肥胖者人数高达7900万,占35%。还有数以千万计的人虽然严格来说算不上肥胖,至少也是超重的。无独有偶,虽然据CDC上个月报道,糖尿病的新病例数开始下降了,但它仍是令美国头痛的一大疾病。As for that low-fat diet, a major federal study concluded in 2006 that its health benefits were greatly overrated. Such a diet, researchers found, had no effect on the risk of heart disease or cancer, the two biggest killers in the ed States2006年美联邦进行的一项重大研究显示,低脂肪饮食的健康效益被大大高估了。研究人员发现,这种饮食对美国致死率最高的两大疾病——心脏病和癌症的风险并没有影响This Retro Report episode comes as the federal government is again rethinking its Dietary Guidelines for Americans. They form a nutrition template that Washington issues every five years and is a bible for millions of the diet-conscious, whose numbers undoubtedly include many who overindulged during the holidays and entered the new year with a pledge to shed pounds.本期“Retro Report”的推出,正值联邦政府再次反思其《美国膳食指南》(Dietary Guidelines for Americans)之际。这些每隔五年由华盛顿发布的指南得到了数以百万计的注重饮食者的追捧,并视其为营养模板和饮食圣经,毫无疑问,众多在节假日里胡吃海喝,而后又在新年伊始许愿一定要减肥的人也在其中。The new guidelines are expected to be issued this month by the Departments of Agriculture and of Health and Human Services, which tend to follow the recommendations of an advisory committee. One likely eye-catcher is a new assessment of cholesterol, long an archvillain. It seems destined for rehabilitation to some degree. Months ago, the advisory committee concluded that the dietary intake of cholesterol (the body produces this waxy, artery-obstructing matter on its own) had no real effect on blood levels of LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol. “Cholesterol,” the committee said, “is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”预计新指南将在本月由美国卫生和公众务部(Department of Health and Human Service)和农业部(Department of Agriculture)发布。这些指南通常都会遵循顾问委员会的建议。其中,一项关于胆固醇的新评估很可能将十分引人注目。长期以来,胆固醇一直被视为洪水猛兽,而该评估可以说在一定程度上为它平了反。几个月前,该顾问委员会得出结论,从膳食中摄取胆固醇(人体自己也会产生这种会阻塞动脉的蜡状物)对LDL(低密度脂蛋白胆固醇),也就是所谓的“坏胆固醇”的血液浓度没有实质影响。该委员会称:“我们无需担心过度摄取胆固醇。”There is a conspicuous American tendency to cling to a favored diet as the gateway to good health, keeping weight down, staving off cancers and banishing heart attacks. A consequence is an abundance of regimens — vegan, gluten-free, Paleolithic, fruitarian and many more — each promoted by its adherents as the one true path.美国人中存在着一种非常明显的倾向,总是喜欢追捧某种特殊的饮食,以为它是能让你身体健康、保持体重、预防癌症、避免心肌梗死的唯一制胜法宝。结果,各种各样的膳食方案层出不穷:素食主义、无麸质饮食、旧石器时代饮食(Paleolithic,又译,古式饮食)、果食主义等等,每一种都拥有大批忠贞不二的拥趸。But nutrition experts, including those in this Retro Report, caution that life is complex, and that we are more than what we eat. Among them is Dr. Barbara V. Howard, who was a principal investigator in the 2006 federal study of low-fat diets.但营养专家,包括本期“Retro Report”中的专家们都警告,生命远比吃什么东西复杂得多。芭芭拉·V·霍华德(Barbara V. Howard)士也是其中之一,她是2006年美联邦一项低脂肪饮食研究的首席研究员。“We are not going to reverse any of the chronic diseases in this country by changing the composition of the diet,” Dr. Howard said when that report was issued. “People are always thinking it’s what they ate. They are not looking at how much they ate, or that they smoke or that they are sedentary.”“在这个国家中,改变饮食结构是无法逆转任何慢性疾病的,”霍华德士在发布上述研究报告时说道。“人们总觉得问题出在食物身上,却从不留心自己的食量,以及吸烟与否或是否存在久坐不动的生活习惯等。”Other explanations for why one person gains weight and someone else does not may include sleep patterns, genetic predispositions and the compositions of individual microbiomes — the trillions of microbes residing inside the human body. Some health researchers even question the significance of exercise in keeping pounds off, regardless of its other benefits. Among other things, one has to move around quite vigorously to hold the weight down. A Big Mac, for instance, has 540 calories. To burn it off, a person would need to jog or to swim laps for about 45 minutes. Not every Big Mac eater exercises that strenuously.对于为何有些人容易发胖而其他人则不然,还有些其他的解释,例如睡眠模式、遗传倾向和个人的微生物组(也就是栖息在人体内的数万亿微生物的总和)等。有些健康研究人员甚至对运动在保持体重中的重要性提出了质疑——虽然他们承认它可以带来其他好处。别的先不说,要控制体重,一个人非积极地运动不可。例如,一个巨无霸(Big Mac)含有540卡路里的热量。要消耗掉这些热量,需要慢跑或游泳45分钟。显然,不是每个吃巨无霸的人都会这么勤奋地锻炼的。Politics, too, can enter the picture. An example is the experience of Michael R. Bloomberg, a forceful public-health advocate when he was New York’s mayor. Despite resistance from restaurant owners and their political allies, Mr. Bloomberg pushed through a ban on trans fats (almost universally deemed a health hazard), and required fast-food outlets to post calorie counts.政治在饮食问题中也占有一席之地。就拿迈克尔·R·布隆伯格(Michael R. Bloomberg)的经历为例吧,他在担任纽约市长时是一位强有力的公众健康倡导者。尽管遭遇了来自餐馆老板和他们的政治盟友的阻力,布隆伯格依然力促通过了对反式脂肪(普遍认为它有害健康)的禁令,并要求快餐店公布其产品的卡路里计数。But he hit a political and a juridical wall when he also sought to restrict the sale of sodas and other sugary drinks of dubious nutritional value. State courts shot down his plan on procedural grounds. Mr. Bloomberg found himself widely denounced for having taken government nannyism too far.然而,当他试图限制汽水和其他营养价值存疑的含糖饮料的销售时,在政治和法律两方面都碰了壁。州法院基于程序上的原因驳回了他的议案。布隆伯格也因为让政府害了“奶妈主义”病(nannyism,禁止任何“可能”导致伤害的事情——译注)而广受批评。Then again, no one ever said figuring out the elements of a healthy diet would be easy. Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a nutrition specialist at Tufts University, suggested to Retro Report that accepted wisdom was not necessarily wise. Much of what has shaped dietary guidelines, he said, are “basically best guesses.” Uncertainty abounds. “I think now we know about 50 percent of what we need to know,” Dr. Mozaffarian said.不过话说回来,要找到健康饮食的要素绝非易事。塔夫茨大学(Tufts University)的营养学专家戴瑞什·莫萨法利安(Dariush Mozaffarian)士向“Retro Report”表示,受到广泛认可的观念未必就是正确的。他说,膳食指南中的大部分内容“基本上都是些‘最佳猜测’(best guess),”充满了不确定性。他还说:“我认为我们目前所知的,只占应该和需要知道的50%左右。”So is it possible that steaks, cream pies and hot fudge will someday be called the cornerstones of a healthy diet? Maybe if you can stick around for 200 years, you’ll find out.既然如此,有朝一日人们会不会将牛排、奶油馅饼和热巧克力列为健康饮食的重要组成部分?努力再活上个200年,你就知道啦。 /201601/423720

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