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Google pushed the commercialization of self-driving cars a giant step forward by announcing it is building a prototype vehicle – without steering wheel, brakes, or an accelerator – and will demonstrate it within a year.谷歌(Google)宣布,公司正在研发一款没有方向盘、刹车和油门的原型车,并称这款车将于一年之内发布,此举使得无人驾驶汽车的商业化进程又向前迈进了一大步。The company aims to prove that the means are within reach to allow passengers to travel safely to their destination in a self-driving vehicle – albeit at a speed not exceeding 25 miles per hour. Occupants will have no other role in the vehicle#39;s operation beyond stating their destination.这家公司打算明,让乘客安全地通过无人驾驶汽车抵达目的地是可以实现的——尽管速度不会超过每小时25英里(约合每小时40.2公里)。汽车行驶期间,乘客只需要确定目的地,不需要做其他任何事情。Chris Urmson, director of the project, hailed driverless technology#39;s potential ;to alleviate pain and to have a broad societal impact; by reducing the number of accidents, deaths, and injuries from accidents. He cited the roughly 32,000 automotive fatalities annually in the U.S. and 1.2 million worldwide. Another motivation for developing the technology, he said, during a phone press conference Wednesday morning, was to provide mobility to the elderly and disabled.项目主管克里斯o厄姆森认为,无人驾驶技术通过降低车祸率,减少因此导致的伤亡事件,从而有可能“减轻痛苦,产生广泛的社会影响力”。厄姆森引用数据称,美国每年都会发生大约3.2万起车祸,而每年全世界会发生120万起。他在本周三的电话新闻发布会上表示,研发这项技术的另一个动机是让老年人和残疾人也拥有行动能力。Auto industry executives have speculated about Google#39;s business strategy for self-driving technology, which it has been developing since 2009 and demonstrating on specially adapted Toyota (TM) and Lexus vehicles. Though known mostly for Internet search and advertising, Google researchers have discussed the project with global automakers, raising the possibility that it was shooting for an alliance or collaboration.汽车业的高管已经开始推测谷歌在无人驾驶技术上的商业策略。谷歌从2009年起开始研发这项技术,并在丰田(Toyota)和雷克萨斯(Lexus)的专用车型上进行了论。尽管谷歌扬名立万主要是靠它的网络搜索和广告务,但这家公司的研究人员已经与全球的汽车生产商探讨过无人驾驶项目,增加了它寻求同盟或合作的可能性。Some have questioned Google#39;s (GOOG) ability to mass manufacturer vehicles. Then again, Tesla (TSLA) had no history of building cars and it turned itself into a manufacturer in short order.有些人对谷歌是否有能力成为大型汽车生产商提出了质疑。不过,特斯拉(Tesla)过去也没有生产汽车的经历,却迅速地摇身一变成为汽车生产商。The drawing of Google#39;s prototype suggests a small urban runabout that looks nothing like a conventional car. The exterior will be soft, to protect pedestrians or bicyclists that might bump into it.谷歌原型车的蓝图像是一辆小型的城市轻便车,而不是传统的轿车。汽车外部也许会比较柔软,以此保护可能不慎撞上它的行人或骑自行车的人。Urmson didn#39;t rule out that Google might join forces with another automaker. Yet the company#39;s decision to create its own vehicle could influence, affect, and perhaps accelerate the thinking and plans of auto industry executives and engineers. Until now, global automakers have thought in terms of incremental steps, such as adaptive cruise control and automatic braking that aid drivers and provide backup systems, without assuming complete control.厄姆森并没有排除谷歌联合其他汽车生产商的可能性。不过谷歌开发自有汽车的决定可能会影响、甚至促使汽车业高管和工程师的思路和规划加快步伐。到目前为止,全球的汽车生产商仍着眼于循序渐进的步骤,比如自适应巡航控制系统、帮助司机的自动制动器、在汽车上提供后备系统等等。他们还没有考虑彻底让汽车自己控制自己。Mainstream automakers often refer to high-tech sensors and features, aly available on many premium models, as providing ;co-piloting.; A few auto companies have kept an eye on the rapid development of software and artificial intelligence that arguably can drive a car more safely than a human and have announced plans to offer a driverless car. Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer of Renault and Nissan, has targeted 2020 for introduction of a driverless model. Volvo has demonstrated a car that can self-park, without a driver, to journalists; it will be available in 2017, the company says.主流的汽车生产商通常会采用高科技传感器及高科技元素,这些在许多高端汽车上已经得以采用,比如“辅助驾驶”功能。少数汽车公司已经开始关注软件和人工智能领域的飞速发展,利用它们或许可以让汽车比在人类的操控下更安全地行进。这些公司已经提出了研发无人驾驶汽车的计划。法国雷诺(Renault)和日本日产(Nissan)的首席执行官卡洛斯o戈恩已经确立目标:在2020年推出一款无人驾驶汽车。沃尔沃(Volvo)也向记者展示了一款不需要司机,可以自动泊车的产品。这家公司表示,这款汽车将于2017年上市。As digital technology proliferates, automakers are understandably reluctant to relinquish control of their vehicles#39; ;brains; to Google or any third-party. The most far-sighted thinkers are beginning to imagine the car as a platform for e-commerce, where drivers might receive discounts and other offers as they approach a Wal-Mart (WMT) or a McDonald#39;s (MCD). If Google is right, that motorists no longer need to drive, cars may wind up carrying no occupants at times and could ride empty, picking up travelers or delivering merchandise as needed.我们可以理解,尽管数码技术正在迅猛发展,但汽车生产商并不愿意将他们对汽车“大脑”的控制权拱手让给谷歌或其他第三方。最有远见的思想家已经开始设想将汽车作为电子商务的平台,驾驶员可以在光临沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)或麦当劳(McDonald)时得到折扣或其他优惠。如果谷歌的思路没错,那么汽车以后便不必时刻搭载车主,也可以根据需要空驶、搭载旅客或运送货物。For many, the thought of traveling in a car that drives itself may seem improbable, if not horrifying. But Google aly has logged hundreds of thousands of accident-free test miles. Others have as well. The auto industry, particularly its newest members, is proving that highly advanced vehicles will possess abilities once only described as science fiction.对许多人来说,乘坐自动驾驶的汽车出行就算不吓人,也似乎是不现实的事情。但是谷歌已经实现了几十万英里的驾驶测试,而且没有出现事故。其他公司也一样。汽车业,尤其是其中的新秀,正在明高科技汽车将会拥有曾经只在科幻小说中描绘过的能力。 /201406/302870

National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientists announced Wednesday the discovery of 715 new planets around distant stars, including four alien worlds roughly the size of Earth that might be the proper temperature for liquid water to form and, therefore, potentially suitable for life.美国国家航空航天局(National Aeronautics and Space Administration,简称NASA)周三宣布,发现了715颗围绕遥远恒星运行的新行星,其中包括四颗与地球大小差不多的新行星。这四颗行星或许拥有适合液态水形成的温度,因此可能适宜生命存在。This latest discovery, based on two years of data collected from 150,000 or so stars by the agency#39;s orbiting Kepler space telescope, brings the confirmed count of planets outside our solar system to nearly 1,700 worlds.这一最新发现以NASA开普勒太空望远镜用两年时间从大约15万颗恒星收集到的数据为基础。至此,太阳系外人类确切知道的行星数量增至近1,700个。#39;We have almost doubled the number of planets known to humanity,#39; said planetary scientist Jack Lissauer at NASA#39;s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., who is a science co-investigator on the 0 million Kepler space telescope mission.美国加州山景城(Mountain View)NASA艾姆斯研究中心(Ames Research Center)的行星科学家利斯奥尔(Jack Lissauer)说,人类已知的行星数量几乎增加了一倍。他是耗资6亿美元的开普勒太空望远镜任务的科学联合研究员。The team of three dozen astronomers, data analysts and planetary scientists detailed their findings in two research papers submitted to the Astrophysical Journal and discussed their findings Wednesday during a press conference held by NASA.这个由36个宇航员、数据分析师和行星科学家组成的小组在两篇研究论文中详述了他们的发现,并在周三NASA举行的新闻发布会上讨论了其成果。论文已提交给《天体物理学杂志》(Astrophysical Journal)。Almost all of these newly verified exoplanets--as the alien worlds are called--are smaller than the planet Neptune, a gaseous giant at the outer reaches of our solar system that is almost four times the size of Earth. The worlds are clustered around just 305 stars in solar systems that, like our own, contain multiple planets, the scientists said.所有这些刚被实的系外行星都比海王星要小。海王星是运行在太阳系外层空间的一个巨大的气态行星,体积是地球的近四倍。科学家说,这些行星分别围绕恒星系内的305颗恒星运行。那些恒星系跟我们的太阳系一样,内有多个行星。The researchers said that four of these newly confirmed planets are less than 2.5 times the size of Earth and orbit in the so-called habitable zone around their stars--that is, the distance at which the surface temperature of an orbiting planet may be right for liquid water. That means it would be not so hot that it would boil into space and not so cold that it would freeze solid.研究人员说,在这些新确认的行星中,有四颗行星的体积还不到地球的2.5倍,其轨道处于恒星周围的宜居带。行星若与恒星保持这样的距离,说明该行星的表面温度可能适合液态水的生成,也就意味着这一温度不至于高到液态水蒸发,也不至于低到冻结为固态。One of those new planets, called Kepler-296f, is twice the size of Earth and orbits a star half the size and only 5% as bright as our sun, said Jason Rowe, a research scientist at the SETI Institute and a member of the Kepler science group.外星生命探寻研究所(SETI Institute)研究员、开普勒科学组的成员罗伊(Jason Rowe)说,在那些新发现的行星中有一颗被命名为“Kepler -296f”,体积是地球的两倍,围绕一颗只有太阳一半大小且亮度只有太阳5%的恒星运转。Details of the others--designated Kepler 174d, Kepler 298d and Kepler 309c--weren#39;t publicly available Wednesday. The total, though, #39;increases the number of Earth-sized planets by 400%,#39; Mr. Rowe said.那些被命名为Kepler 174d、Kepler 298d和Kepler 309c的行星的具体情况周三没有对外公开。不过罗伊说,发现了这些行星后,人类已知的与地球同等大小的行星数量增加了四倍。Taken together, the new Kepler discoveries confirm that #39;small planets are extremely common in our galaxy,#39; said planetary physicist Sara Seager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who wasn#39;t involved in the discoveries. #39;I am extremely excited about this.#39;麻省理工学院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)地球物理学家西格尔(Sara Seager)说,开普勒望远镜的新发现实,小行星在系极为普遍,对此我感觉十分兴奋。他没有参与发现新行星的任务。The data were collected before the Kepler telescope malfunctioned last year, leaving it unable to track stars precisely enough to continue the planet-hunting mission for which it was launched in 2009. The Kepler scientists are now seeking funding from NASA to operate the telescope for another two years, in a reduced role, to study how planets form around stars.这些数据是在开普勒望远镜去年发生故障之前收集的。出现故障后,该望远镜无法足够准确地追踪这些行星,也就无法继续2009年启动的行星搜索任务。开普勒科学家目前正努力从NASA那里寻求资金,从而能再使用两年开普勒望远镜,这次该望远镜将扮演一个次要角色,主要研究行星如何在恒星周围形成。In the meantime, the researchers continue to pore through data collected while it was still working properly. Several thousand possible planet candidates exist, of which scientists expect to be able to confirm several hundred more planets in orbit around other stars.在开普勒望远镜仍正常工作期间,研究人员继续整理收集来的数据。目前存在着数千个可能的行星候选者,科学家希望能从这些候选者中确认,还有几百个运行在其它恒星周围轨道上的行星。 /201402/277801


  The confidential deals Apple strikes with suppliers have been dragged into public view by the bankruptcy last week of a key component maker in Arizona.上周,苹果(Apple)在亚利桑那州的一家关键组件制造商申请破产,导致苹果与供应商间的保密协议被拖进公众视野。Details of Apple’s non-disclosure agreements, which suppliers are not allowed to acknowledge, have emerged in court filings by GT Advanced Technologies, including the m penalty the iPhone maker imposes for any leak of product information.苹果的保密协议细节(协议要求供应商不得供认这些细节)已出现在GT Advanced Technologies提交法院的文件中,这些细节包括,若产品信息有任何泄漏,苹果将对泄密方处以5000万美元罚款。Ahead of a court hearing tomorrow, GT’s lawyers are arguing that even more information about its relationship with Apple should be published, in the interests of creditors and shareholders.明天法院将举行庭审。GT的律师在开庭前主张,为债权人和股东的利益起见,应将GT与苹果关系的更多细节公之于众。In filings last week, the manufacturer called its supplier agreement with Apple “oppressive and burdensome”. That marked a sudden about-turn by the Nasdaq-listed company, which a year ago was enthusing to shareholders how the partnership would transform it. Creditors and bondholders are together owed more than 0m by GT.GT在上周提交给法院的文件中称,其与苹果达成的供应商协议是“压迫性的和苛刻的”。此事标志着这家纳斯达克(Nasdaq)上市公司的态度突然发生了180度的转变。一年前,该公司还在兴奋地向股东表示与苹果的合作关系会让公司发生多大的改观。GT现在欠债权人和债券持有人合计超过5亿美元。With the exact circumstances leading up to GT’s sudden filing for 11 bankruptcy protection unclear, other companies in Apple’s supply chain are watching the case with nervous interest.现在还不清楚在GT依据美国《破产法》第11章申请破产保护前到底发生了什么,苹果供应链中的其他公司正在紧张地关注此案。Most of Apple’s suppliers are in Asia but under chief executive Tim Cook, it has worked to expand its US supply chain. Its ,000 Mac Pro has been manufactured in Texas since December.苹果的供应商大多在亚洲,但在首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)的领导下,苹果已努力扩大其在美国的供应链。去年12月以来,该公司售价3000美元的Mac Pro一直是在得克萨斯州制造的。Last November, Apple said it would lend GT 8m to help it set up a sapphire manufacturing facility in Arizona. Though neither party would comment on what the synthetic sapphire would be used for, analysts concluded that it was probably destined to replace the hardened glass used in the iPhone’s screen. Apple has since said its Watch accessory will also come with a sapphire screen.去年11月,苹果曾表示它会借给GT 5.78亿美元,帮助后者在亚利桑那州建立一家蓝宝石制造工厂。虽然双方都不愿就这种人造蓝宝石的用途置评,但分析师推断,它很可能会被用来取代iPhone屏幕所用的强化玻璃。苹果之后表示,Apple Watch也将使用蓝宝石屏。Encouraged by tax breaks, both companies had trumpeted the partnership for creating hundreds of jobs.受税收减免措施激励,这两家公司都曾大肆宣扬这一合作关系会创造数百个就业岗位。Under the agreement with GT, Apple was to design and build a facility near Phoenix, and lease it to GT, drawing power from a purpose-built solar array.根据与GT达成的协议,苹果要在凤凰城附近设计建造一家工厂并出租给GT,其电力将来自专为该厂建造的太阳能电池阵。But barely a year later, GT filed for bankruptcy. This came as a shock to Wall Street, which sold down its stock by more than 90 per cent in a day, and Apple itself.但刚过了一年,GT就申请破产。这件事对华尔街和苹果自身都构成了冲击。华尔街在一天内抛出了90%以上的GT股票。“We are focused on preserving jobs in Arizona following GT’s surprising decision and we will continue to work with state and local officials as we consider our next steps,” Apple said.苹果表示:“在GT作出这一惊人决定后,我们的工作重点在于保住亚利桑那州的就业岗位。我们将继续与该州及当地官员合作,共同思考后续行动。”While GT is looking to blame its deal with Apple for its financial difficulties, it aly faces a class-action lawsuit from angry shareholders who claim that it “misrepresented and/or concealed” its financial position, its ability to meet Apple’s requirements and its progress on manufacturing the sapphire.虽然GT打算将其财务困境归罪于与苹果的协议,但它已遭到愤怒股东的集体诉讼。这些股东称,GT“歪曲和/或隐瞒”自身财务状况、满足苹果要求的能力以及制造蓝宝石的进展。GT did not respond to requests for comment.GT没有回复记者的置评请求。As recently as August, GT said in an earnings call that it was confident it would meet the operational targets and receive its final prepayment of 9m, which had been due by the end of this month. But when the iPhone 6 was revealed last month without mention of a sapphire screen, GT’s stock tumbled.就在今年8月,GT还在财报电话会议上表示,它相信自己能够实现经营目标和收到1.39亿美元的最终预付款——这笔款项应于本月底前给付。但苹果上月发布iPhone 6时未提到蓝宝石屏,GT股价随后暴跌。Few suppliers are able to achieve a higher profit margin than Apple itself, which reported gross margins of 39.4 per cent in its June quarter. Long-term partners have become accustomed to its demanding financial terms, in part because they have been able to ride on the back of Apple’s rapid growth.很少有供应商能实现高于苹果自身的利润率。苹果财报显示,在截至今年6月的这个季度,该公司的毛利率为39.4%。苹果的长期合作伙伴已对其苛刻的财务条款习以为常,部分原因在于它们能从苹果的高速增长中捞到好处。GT appears to be the first of its thousands of suppliers to run into such public financial distress. It is aly beginning to wind down the sapphire manufacturing operations related to Apple products, which it said cost it m a day, leading to the loss of 890 jobs, out of 1,110 full-time employees.在苹果的数千家供应商当中,GT似乎成为了首家遭遇这种公开财务困境的公司。GT已开始逐步关停与苹果产品有关的蓝宝石制造业务,它表示,此举造成的损失达每天100万美元,还导致1110名全职员工中有890人被裁员。GT hopes that lifting the veil of secrecy that Apple has imposed will help its case. It asked the court for permission to file unredacted details of its situation “in the interest of their creditors, equity holders and other stakeholders, as well as to ensure an open, transparent and fair process”.GT希望,揭下苹果硬罩在双方协议上的神秘面纱能有利于自己的案子。GT请求法院“为了GT债权人、股权持有人及其他利益相关者的利益,以及为了确保程序的公开、透明和公平”,批准它无保留地在文件中披露其详细情况。In court filings, GT said that Apple’s non-disclosure agreements “provide that each breach of the confidentiality obligations will require GTAT Corp to pay liquidated damages to Apple in an amount of m per occurrence”.GT在提交给法院的文件中表示,苹果的保密协议“规定,GTAT公司每违反一次保密义务,就须向苹果付5000万美元违约金。”The case could break legal ground as judges must weigh the rights of corporate confidentiality against those of creditors in a bankrupt company.本案可能开创法律界的一个先例,因为法官必须就企业的保密权利与破产企业债权人的权利作出权衡。GT says Apple’s non-disclosure agreements give the iPhone maker “disproportionate power”.GT表示,苹果的保密协议赋予这家iPhone制造商“过分的权力”。“GTAT also believes that Congress’s express desire for public access in bankruptcy cases#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;outweighs contractual demands for secrecy,” it said in its request to unseal certain filings. “However, absent express direction from the court, GTAT will not risk exposing itself to potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in additional liabilities.” The judge approved its request, setting the stage for further revelations this week.GT请求公开它提交的某些文件,它表示:“GTAT还认为,美国国会关于破产案应向公众透明的明确愿望……比合同的保密要求更重要。不过,如果法院不给出明确的指示,GTAT不会冒险让自身背上可能达数亿美元的额外债务。”法官批准了GT的请求,这为本周披露更多的信息奠定了基础。 /201410/335730。

  It’s time to make peace with the term phablet.现在是时候坦然接受“平板手机”(phablet)这个词了。Sure, the tech industry could have come up with a prettier, less jarring way to refer to smartphones that are big enough to be used as tablet computers. But phablets deserve their own unforgettably descriptive name. They aren’t simply large-screen phones. They are a distinctly new type of computing device, a machine that is often more useful, and more versatile, than either smartphones or laptops.当然,科技业本可以想出一个更加漂亮、更加悦耳的词,来称呼这种大到足以被当作平板电脑用的智能手机。但平板手机有资格拥有一个令人难忘的描述性名称。它们不只是屏幕很大的手机,而是一种明显属于新类型的计算设备,常常比各种智能手机或笔记本电脑更加有用、更加灵活。Phablets could even become the dominant computing device of the future — the most popular kind of phone on the market, and perhaps the only computer many of us need.平板手机甚至可能成为未来的主导性计算设备——市场上最流行的一种手机,很多人也许只需要这种电脑就够了。Now, I’ve long been on the record as hating big phones. But this week I decided to try using the latest one, Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus, with its 5.5-inch display, as my primary, all-purpose computer — a machine for work, fun and everything in between. I had to make occasional stops at my laptop to write my articles, but I ended up spending about 80 to 90 percent of my computing time with Apple’s big phone.一直以来,我都公开表示不喜欢大尺寸手机。但本周,我决定试用一下苹果最新的、5.5英寸屏的iPhone 6 Plus,把它当作我的多功能主电脑,开展从工作到的一切活动。虽然我不得不偶尔打开笔记本电脑来写文章,但我所有计算机时间的大约80%至90%都用在了苹果公司的大尺寸手机上。I didn’t exactly prefer this lifestyle; if you’ve got the resources and patience to buy a laptop, smartphone and tablet, go for it. But if an alien race swooped down on the planet and forced earthlings to use only a single computer, I’d choose the iPhone 6 Plus. If you’re looking for one machine for everything, a phablet like this isn’t a bad way to go.我并不是非常喜欢这种生活方式;如果你有资源和耐心,还是可以笔记本电脑、智能手机和平板电脑各买一部。但是,假设某个外星种族入侵地球,迫使地球人只能使用一台计算机,那我就会选择iPhone 6 Plus。如果你正在寻找一台万用机器,选择这样的平板手机也不错。Apple doesn’t use the P-word, but the 6 Plus, which goes on sale on Friday, is larger than the original Samsung Galaxy Note, the device that came out in 2011 and is generally credited as being the first phablet. (The latest Note has a 5.7-inch screen.) It’s obvious why Apple had to make a phablet, a device that its executives and fans had long made fun of. Despite the awkwardness of holding a device as large as a cafeteria tray up to your ear, phablets made by Samsung and other companies have become a huge global hit. Phablets are aly more popular than laptops and desktops, and they’ll almost certainly begin outselling tablet computers soon, too.苹果没有使用平板手机这样的字眼,但周五上市发售的6 Plus,比三星2011年推出的首款Galaxy Note更大,后者通常被视为全球第一款平板手机。(最新款Note的屏幕为5.7英寸。)虽然苹果的高管和粉丝长期都在说平板手机的笑话,但该公司还是不得不推出一款平板手机,其原因显而易见。尽管用这种设备接听电话有点尴尬,好像把自助餐托盘贴在耳朵上一样,三星等公司推出的平板手机已在全球掀起了热卖狂潮。平板手机的人气已经变得比笔记本电脑和台式机更旺,其销量几乎肯定很快就会开始超越平板电脑。Their popularity might reflect the unimportance of the phone part of the phablet: Who makes phone calls anymore? Instead, some market-watchers argue, a significant number of the world’s population either can’t afford or can’t manage a tech future in which we all own three devices — a PC, a tablet and a phone. Lots of people want a single machine that can fulfill most of their computing needs.这样的人气可能反映了平板手机的手机部分并不重要:如今谁还打电话呢?而一些市场观察家则认为,对于“每人都有个人电脑、平板电脑和手机这三大件”的科技前景,全球有大量用户要么买不起,要么无力应付。很多人希望只需一台机器,就可以满足他们的大部分计算需求。On the other hand, a phablet presents many trade-offs. Depending on the job you have, there’s a good chance it isn’t nearly as comfortable for sustained work as your PC. As I wrote in my review of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 earlier this year, many of the tasks we call “work” usually require a great physical keyboard, and obviously the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t have that built in.另一方面,平板手机也意味着你要进行很多权衡取舍。这取决于你的工作性质,如果是长时间工作,很有可能用平板手机远远无法像用电脑一样舒适。正如今年早些时候,我评测微软Surface Pro 3时所写的,我们称之为“工作”的很多任务,通常都需要用到一个出色的物理键盘,而iPhone 6 Plus显然没有自带键盘。What’s more, though it’s quite thin, the 6 Plus is about 27 percent taller and 32 percent wider than Apple’s old flagship, the iPhone 5S. That makes it something of a monster in your pocket. There were times this week when I reached for my old iPhone 5S and fell in love again with that device’s seductively compact design. (Apple also introduced a new small phone, the iPhone 6, with a 4.7-inch screen; my colleague Molly Wood reviewed both iPhones earlier this week.)更重要的是,尽管6 Plus相当薄,但却比苹果上一代旗舰手机iPhone 5S长约27%,宽约32%,因此把它放在口袋里会显得很突兀。本周,我用了几次我的老iPhone 5S,又重新爱上了它那诱人的紧凑设计。(苹果公司还推出了一款新的小型手机iPhone 6,屏幕为4.7英寸,我的同事莫莉·伍德[Molly Wood]本周早些时候评测了这两款新iPhone。)Yet what it lacks in pocketability, the iPhone 6 Plus makes up for in usability and accessibility. Your phablet, like your phone, is a machine you always have with you, but like a tablet, it has a screen big enough to let you accomplish many more productive tasks. And unlike a laptop, it’s instantly available. Pull it out of your pocket and begin working anywhere.虽然不适合装在口袋里,但iPhone 6 Plus的可用性和触手可及的特质弥补了这个不足。平板手机像是手机,总是可以随身携带;也像是平板电脑,有一个足够大的显示屏,让你完成更多的效率型工作。但不同于笔记本电脑,平板手机马上就可以使用。把它从口袋里拿出来,你就可以随时随时地工作。Over the last week I used the 6 Plus to do just about everything I normally do with my phone and my laptop. Every morning I’d wake up, then slump into my phablet-friendly office, also known as my bed, couch or some other recline-friendly bit of furniture I could find. There I’d stare and tap at my screen all day long. This was sort of bizarre; my house is full of computers, and at least early in my experiment, I often had to restrain myself from grabbing a laptop to get stuff done.上周期间我用6 Plus做了几乎所有通常在手机和笔记本电脑上干的事情。每天早上醒来,我都会窝到适宜用平板手机的办公场所,也就是我家的床、沙发,或者是其他什么适合随便一靠的家具上。接下来,我就会整天盯着屏幕,在上面按来按去。真是有点诡异啊;我们家到处是电脑,而且至少是在进行这项实验的开始阶段,我往往要努力控制去拿笔记本搞定事情的冲动。But I persevered, and soon I found myself falling into the habits of a phablet-only life. I caught up with email, researched my articles, lots and lots of stuff on the web, worked with a few spsheets and, with the help of an add-on physical keyboard, even tried to write some of my articles on the 6 Plus.不过我挺住了,不久就发现自己染上了只靠平板手机过活的习惯。我拿它查电子邮件、为文章做研究、在网上浏览很多很多的东西、在几张表格上工作了一下,甚至还借助外接物理键盘,在6 Plus上写了几篇文章。I found that the 6 Plus has two advantages over smaller smartphones, and one primary advantage over rival phablets. Typing is much easier on the 6 Plus compared to small phones. When you hold the 6 Plus with two hands in portrait mode — that is, vertically — and type with your thumbs, there’s a perfect fit.我发现,6 Plus相对较小的智能手机有两大优势,相对竞争对手的平板手机有一大长处。与小手机相比,在6 Plus上打字要容易多了。双手握住竖着的手机,用两个拇指打字的时候,简直完美契合。Using the iPhone’s built-in on-screen keyboard or an on-screen keyboard made by Swype, I found myself jotting emails much more quickly than I have on traditional smartphones. Unfortunately, in landscape mode — holding the phone horizontally — the effect was ruined; as Molly also found, the 6 Plus is much too wide to type on comfortably.用iPhone自带的或Swype屏幕键盘,我发现自己敲电子邮件的速度要比传统智能手机快了不少。不幸的是,握住横着的手机时,这种完美效果全毁了。我和莫莉的感觉一样,6 Plus太宽了,横着打字很不舒。The other obvious advantage over smaller phones is screen size. The 6 Plus’s display is big enough to transform activities that are a bit unpleasant on small smartphones into tasks that are nearly comfortable to perform on a phone. These tasks range from watching movies to ing documents to scrolling through spsheets to sorting through email — anything where the display counts, and where you’re eager to save your eyes.它与小手机相比的另一项明显优势是显示屏尺寸。6 Plus的屏幕大小,足以将那些在小智能手机上有点令人不爽的体验变得几乎挺舒的,比如看电影、阅读文件、翻看表格以及查看电子邮件,诸如此类与显示屏有关、你又想节省眼力的事情。The 6 Plus’s advantage over other phablets is also pretty obvious: It runs Apple’s iOS, an operating system that is still far more intuitive and user-friendly than the interfaces that rivals like Samsung have built into their phones.6 Plus相对其他平板手机的长处也很明显:它运行苹果的iOS。三星等竞争对手的手机中内置系统的界面,在直观性和用户友好度方面,仍难望iOS之项背。It’s true, as Molly notes, that unlike Apple, Android phonemakers have added many extra software features to take advantage of phablets’ larger displays, including the ability to run two apps on a screen at once. But I’ve found many such features gimmicky; it’s not often that I need to watch a and sort through email at the same time.正如莫莉指出的,诚然,与苹果不一样的是,Android手机生产商已经推出了许多可以对平板手机的大屏幕加以利用的额外的软件功能,比如在一个屏幕上同时运行两个应用。不过我觉得,很多这类功能就是个噱头;需要同时观看视频又翻查电子邮件的时候,还真没那么多。What’s more important is iOS’s fundamental usability advantage over rivals. Apple’s operating system is easier to understand and easier to get around than Android, and app developers still devote most of their resources to creating the best apps for iOS first.更重要的是,iOS在易用性上对竞争者的根本优势。比起Android,苹果的操作系统更易于理解,也更易于上手。此外,应用开发人员还是会把大部分资源用于优先写出最佳iOS应用。One oft-mentioned risk of the 6 Plus, for Apple, is that the big phone will displace sales of Apple’s tablets. But the Plus could actually be a blessing. Apple sells the 6 Plus to carriers for prices starting at 0; the high-definition iPad Mini starts at 9.在6 Plus的风险方面,常常被提到的是,对苹果公司而言,大手机会替代iPad的销售市场。其实,6 Plus可能反倒是件好事。苹果卖给运营商的6 Plus的起步价为750美元(约合4600元人民币),而高清iPad Mini的起步价为399美元。But to customers who sign up for a cellular contract, the 6 Plus appears cheaper than the iPad — it’s just 9. In other words, if you choose a big iPhone over an iPad, Apple will be selling you a more expensive device at price that looks cheaper to you. So that’s the other big thing about phablets: They can make money for tech companies.不过,带合约的6 Plus只要299美元,在客户看来会比iPad便宜。换句话说,如果选了大屏iPhone而不是iPad,你就会用显得更便宜的价格从苹果那里买到一部价值更昂贵的设备。这样一来,平板手机又有了一大优点:可以为科技公司赚钱哪! /201409/329614

  A Danish study has revealed that redheads are more sensitive to the cold and are more likely to suffer from toothaches. However the findings also indicate that gingers are less susceptible to skin pain and can handle hot food, Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,丹麦科学家的研究显示,红头发的人对于寒冷更加敏感,也更容易牙疼。但他们还发现,红头发的人对于皮肤上的疼痛不怎么敏感,且不怕食物烫手。Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen, one of the researchers, said: ;Our tests showed that redheads are less sensitive to this particular type of pain. They react less to pressure close to the injected area, or to a pinprick. They seem to be a bit better protected, and that is a really interesting finding.;研究人员拉斯;阿里蒂逖说:;测试显示,红头发的人对于这种特别的疼痛不太敏感。他们对于注射处近旁的压力或者针刺的反应不太强烈,就好像他们被保护的很好一样。这个发现真是太有意思了。;It is estimated that 2 percent of the world#39;s population is redheaded. 据估计,全世界有2%的人拥有红色的头发。 /201203/174247Apple Readies IPhone For China LaunchIPhone's Been A Long Time Comin' In China. Some Consumers Couldn't WaitEven as Apple (AAPL) gears up to officially launch the iPhone in China, as many as 1.5 million consumers in China have aly managed to get their hands on one through various unofficial channels. Below, the main methods for buying an iPhone (or something resembling one) in China now.Gray MarketA Beijing Internet company employee - who asks that only his surname, Shang, be used - bought his first-generation iPhone at mobile-phone market in the capital's famed Zhongguancun electronics shopping district, just a few months after its June 2007 release in the U.S. He paid 5,500 yuan, or about 0, for the privilege of being one of China's earliest iPhone adopters.'I was very much interested in its large touch-screen design. At the same time, it also serves as a multimedia player and game machine. I was attracted by all these functions,' he says. An Apple lover, Shang counts many of the company's products among his gadgets: MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Nano.Shang divides iPhone users into two groups: Those simply fascinated by its unique design; and those with a thorough understanding of Apple products and the Mac operating system. 'I purchase applications in App Store and download the de-coded ones from the Web as well,' Shang says. 'I also use Mobile Me service, which is a good combination with iPhone.'Still, he points out a few problems using his iPhone. 'For instance, the input method is not good and convenient enough' for writing Chinese characters. 'It's not easy to forward messages. When trying to open a couple of Web pages at the same time, the browser might refuse to work.''But still, I think it's aly the best high-end phone, even with these many problems,' he says.Jessica Wu, a 26-year-old trading company employee in Nanjing, bought her 8-gigabyte iPhone for about 0 at a mobile phone market in Feb. 2008. Her unit is 'jailbroken,' which allows her to download applications from Apple's App Store. One problem with her phone is that every time she upgrades the software, she has to jailbreak it again. 'Original iPhones can be upgraded directly through iTunes, which is more convenient.'But it's a small price to pay, she says. 'To some extent, iphone and other Apple products are considered a status symbol.'Buying Outside ChinaZhang May, a 28-year-old from Shanghai asked a friend to buy her an iPhone in the U.S. two years ago. She paid 9. 'I chose iPhone because of its good brand, good quality and good function,' she said. Zhang says she's had no major problems using her jailbroken iPhone in China.Hong Kong a self-run Chinese city where the iPhone is aly officially sold has been a popular place to pick up a legally unlocked iPhones without a SIM card or any type of commitment to a local cellular plan. Mainland Chinese residents can visit the city easier these days than in the past, and those who have access to a Hong Kong mailing address can also make purchases via Hong Kong's online Apple Store. Current prices range from HK,488 to HK,288, or about 0 to 0.The Shanzhai RouteThose with less money can hope that the iPhone's official launch in China will bring lower prices. Or, as many in China have done aly, they may just seek to satisfy their yearning for the iPhone look from one of the numerous shanzhai versions for sale in China's mobile phone markets, often alongside the real (gray market) iPhones. Often-seen copycats include the 'HiPhone' the 'iPhone Mini' and the 'iOrgane.' /200908/82756


  Technology reviewers are running out of superlatives to describe just how good it is. But they#39;re not talking about the latest from Apple. They#39;re talking about an Android: the HTC One. HTC#39;s new flagship phone is due April 19 for 9 with a contract.技术测评人士纷纷竖起大拇指,但他们夸的可不是苹果公司(Apple)的最新款手机,而是来自HTC(宏达电)的Android手机One。HTC这款全新主打产品将于4月19日面市,合约价为199美元。By many, many, many, many accounts it is one the best phones ever made -- and possibly the model that is finally better than an iPhone. Take a close look at what they#39;re are raving about.很多测评者都表示,HTC One是迄今最棒的机型之一,而且可能超越了iPhone。看看这些测评者到底怎么说的吧。Design设计:金玉其外HTC has wrapped the One in premium materials. No chintzy plastics here. Its case is carved from a single piece of aluminum. The phone, which is 0.36 inches thick and weighs about 5 ounces, is available in silver or black.HITC的One 手机外部采用高档材料,而非廉价的塑料。它的外壳是由一整块铝精雕细琢而成。手机厚0.36英寸、重约5盎司(约142克),有银色、黑色两种颜色可选。Impressive internals配置:卓尔不凡Inside, the phone features a Qualcomm (QCOM, Fortune 500) Snapdragon 600 Quad-Core processor running at 1.7 Ghz and 2 GBs of RAM, putting it on the high end of the Android spectrum. (Samsung#39;s upcoming Galaxy S4 features the same processor running at a slightly faster speed.) Internal storage comes in at 32GB or 64GB. One knock: There#39;s no SD card for storage expansion.这款手机配置了高通(Qualcomm)骁龙600四核处理器,运行速度为1.7GHz,内存为2 GB,在一众Android手机中十分出众。【三星(Samsung)即将推出的Galaxy S4手机采用了同系列处理器,只不过运行速度稍快。】One将发售32GB和64GB两个版本。不过有一点不爽:没有SD卡,因此无法扩大存储量。A gorgeous display显示:光照人The HTC One has a 4.7-inch screen at 1080p resolution, a.k.a. 1920x1080 pixels. That#39;s pretty much standard in this class of phones, but it squeezes an impressive 468 pixels-per-inch -- more than the S4 or Apple#39;s iPhone -- for crisper images and sharper text.HTC One手机采用4.7英寸屏,分辨率为1080p,即1920x1080像素。虽然这在这个等级的手机中几乎是标配,但它屏幕每英寸像素数高达468——比Galaxy S4以及苹果iPhone还高,因而图像和文字都更加清晰。Good sound声音:绕梁三日Like laptops, most smartphones don#39;t normally come with great speakers. HTC#39;s answer is so-called BoomSound dual stereo speakers. The name may be silly, but this Beats-designed setup sets the device apart. Crucially, the One#39;s two speakers are on the front of the device, not the back or sides.同平板电脑一样,大多数智能手机的扬声器通常都不怎么样。然而HTC One采用了所谓的BoomSound双立体声扬声器。虽然BoomSound这个名字有点傻,但这项由数字音响厂商Beats设计的功能令One手机卓尔不凡。最重要的是,它的两个扬声器都在手机的正面,而非背面或侧面。There are some drawbacks不足:白璧微瑕The One runs Android Jelly Bean, Google#39;s (GOOG, Fortune 500) latest, but HTC#39;s own software, dubbed Sense 5.0, operates on top. It features a new type of home screen, Blinkfeed, that draws on content from social feeds like Facebook and Twitter. Some people love it, some people don#39;t.One搭载了谷歌(Google)Android最新版本——果冻豆,但HTC同时还搭载了自家软件Sense 5.0。这款手机采用了一种新的主屏幕类型——Blinkfeed,从Facebook和Twitter等社交网络上抽取内容。至于说这是好是坏,就见仁见智了。And a so-so camera摄像头:差强人意The One packs a 4 megapixel camera, bucking the trend of cramming in increasingly more powerful cameras. (Samsung#39;s S4 will feature a 13 megapixel camera by comparison). Instead, HTC says its camera is an ;Ultrapixel; device, promising that the sensor pixels are twice as big as they are in most phone cameras. That means they gather more light, making for better low-light shots. In practice, resulting photos are a mixed bag.HTC One手机仅配置了400万像素的摄像头,一反手机摄像头像素越来越高的潮流。(相比之下,三星Galaxy S4手机将采用1300万像素摄像头)。相反,HTC表示,它的摄像头是一款“超像素”装置,称其传感器像素是大多数手机摄像头的两倍。这意味着它们能更好的聚光,从而在微光情况下获得更好的拍摄效果。实际上,One手机摄像头拍摄的照片有好有坏。 /201304/234964

  Two Chinese telecom carriers – China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd and China Telecom Corp Ltd – announced on Tuesday that they will offer Apple Inc’s latest iPhone 5 handsets in the Chinese mainland starting on Friday.两家中国电信运营商——中国联通(香港)有限公司和中国电信集团有限公司——周二宣布他们将在周五开始在中国大陆出售苹果公司最新产品iPhone 5。The release date for China comes almost three months after the iPhone 5′s debut in the ed States. China Unicom will offer service contracts for the device starting at 5,899 yuan (4) and China Telecom will offer it at a contract-plan price starting at 5,288 yuan.iPhone 5在美国发布近三个月后,才在中国大陆发售。中国联通将为设备提供务合同,起价为5899元(944美元);中国电信将使用合同计划的起价5288元。The iPhone 5′s debut in the Chinese market will be the first time that the two telecom carriers will compete with each other over customers starting from the release of an Apple mobile phone product.iPhone 5在中国市场的首次露面将是两家电信运营商第一次从苹果手机产品的发布开始,为争夺顾客而相互竞争。 /201212/214243。



  After months of rumors, Amazon finally announced its entry into the smartphone market at an event in Seattle Wednesday.流言蜚语持续了几个月之后,亚马逊(Amazon)在本周三西雅图的活动上终于宣告进入智能手机市场。CEO Jeff Bezos spoke to a crowd made up mostly of members of the media to announce the online retail giant’s newest product: the Fire phone, a device with a 4.7-inch screen, a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The new smartphone also features a 13-megapixel camera that can be launched by pressing a designated button on the side of the phone, and Amazon is offering free, unlimited photo storage on the Amazon Cloud Drive.面对以媒体人为主的观众,首席执行官杰夫o贝佐斯发布了这家在线零售业巨头的最新产品:Fire Phone手机。这款手机拥有4.7英寸的屏幕,2.2GHz的四核处理器以及2GB的内存。通过手机侧面的特定按钮,用户还可以使用高达1300万像素的摄像头,同时享受亚马逊Cloud Drive云存储上的无限照片容量。As had been rumored, the phone is being offered in an exclusive partnership with ATamp;T and can aly be found on the company’s website, starting at a price of 9.99 for a two-year contract with the 32-gigabyte model. For a limited time, Amazon is also offering a year-long Amazon Prime membership along with the new phone.正如传闻所说,这款手机由亚马逊与运营商美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)独家合作推出,已经出现在亚马逊公司的网站上,32GB空间的两年合约机起售价为199.99美元。亚马逊还随新手机限时赠送一年的Amazon Prime会员务。After offering up info about the Fire’s physical specs and some of its features, including the new image recognition service Firefly, Bezos finally confirmed rumors that the new product has 3-D capabilities, in a sense. Bezos introduced the phone’s motion-tracking screen, which uses “dynamic perspective” head-tracking technology that relies on four corner-mounted infrared cameras to make images appear to be three-dimensional without the need for 3-D glasses.贝佐斯阐述了Fire Phone手机的物理参数及包括全新照片识别务Firefly在内的部分特性后,最终实了传闻,表示这款新产品在某种意义上拥有3D功能。贝佐斯展示了这款手机的运动追踪屏幕。它采用了“动态视角”技术,依靠在屏幕四角安装的红外摄像头,让用户不需要借助3D眼镜就能感觉到图片的三维效果。Bezos demonstrated how that technology can be put to use, making images on the phone’s display look more realistic while also registering the user’s face and head movements to cycle through Amazon products while shopping on the phone. To be sure, Amazon is aiming the new technology at Amazon Prime members to encourage them to buy more of the company’s products online. Users will also be able to tilt the phone to navigate the Fire’s maps feature and to initiate “auto-scroll” while ing a news article or Kindle book.贝佐斯演示了如何使用这项技术,让手机上的图片看起来更加真实。同时,当用户在手机上进行在线购物时,摄像头还能根据用户的头部和面部移动情况,记录下用户浏览过哪些产品。显然,亚马逊打算利用这项技术,鼓励Amazon Prime会员多在网上购买商品。用户还可以通过倾斜手机,从而利用Fire Phone的地图软件进行导航,也可以在阅读新闻或Kindle电子书时启动“自动翻页”功能。Amazon’s AMZN 2.69% stock price, which remained relatively unchanged at the start of Wednesday’s event, rose more than 3% following Bezos’ announcement.周三的发布活动开始时,亚马逊的股价几乎没有什么波动,但当贝佐斯的演示完成后,股价便上涨了超过3%。News of a potential Amazon smartphone with 3-D capability leaked earlier this year, with BGR even posting photos it claimed featured a prototype for the new product. Amazon added fuel to the fire earlier this month when it released a promotional featuring several people’s amazed reactions to an unseen product. The people in the can be seen tilting their heads back and forth while using the product, which added to speculation over the phone’s head-tracking technology.在今年早些时候就已经有消息透露,亚马逊可能将发布搭载3D技术的手机。移动产品资讯网站BGR甚至还发布了照片,宣称照片中的就是新产品的原型机。亚马逊也在本月初推波助澜,发布了一部推广视频,其中展现了几位用户面对从未见过的新产品时的惊讶反应。视频中的人们在使用新产品时,前后摇动着脑袋,更加让人们对新手机的头部追踪技术展开了猜测。Amazon is pushing the Fire to current and potential Amazon Prime subscribers, who will be able to use the phone to access streaming and thenewly-launched Prime Music, a music streaming service launched on Monday that lets Amazon Prime members listen to more than one million songs without interruption from ads.亚马逊对现有和潜在的Amazon Prime会员推送了Fire Phone产品的信息。他们将来可以使用这款手机观看流媒体,体验新发布的Prime Music。这是一款于本周一上线的音乐流媒体务,让Amazon Prime用户能够享受超过100万首音乐,而不必受到广告的干扰。One of the phone’s main features is Firefly, an image recognition service that can identify text and images as well as audio and . Bezos said users can use Firefly, which has its own designated button on the side of the device, to scan phone numbers, books and even works of art to get information and save it on the phone. Firefly can also recognize songs and television shows, or offer nutritional information for food.Firefly是Fire Phone手机的主要特色之一。这是一项照片识别务,既可以识别文本和图像,也可以识别音频及视频。这项务在手机的侧面拥有专属按钮,可以扫描电话号码、书籍甚至艺术作品,让用户得到相关信息并存储在手机中。Firefly还能识别歌曲和电视剧,或提供食物的营养信息。The phone also includes Mayday, a tech support feature that connects users via stream to support staff.手机还拥有一项Mayday务,能够提供技术持,让用户与人员进行视频通话。In addition to teasing the release of its new product with vague hints at what was to come, Amazon has been touting the increased selection in its Amazon Appstore. Amazon said earlier this week that it has nearly tripled its apps selection in the past year, to 240,000, a number that signals impressive growth, but which is still about one-fifth of Apple’s app offerings. Amazon also reached a licensing deal with Blackberry on Wednesday to make all of its apps available on the latter’s new line of handheld devices set to launch this fall.除了发布新产品,让人们对即将出现的手机有一定了解,亚马逊还就其应用商店增加的品种进行了宣传。亚马逊在本周早些时候表示,在过去一年之中,亚马逊商店的应用种类达到了之前的三倍,即24万种。这样的大幅进步令人印象深刻,不过它的应用数量仍然只有苹果(Apple)应用商店的五分之一。亚马逊在周三还与黑莓(Blackberry)达成了授权协议,让所有应用都能够在今年秋天发布的一系列黑莓手持设备中得以使用。One person who isn’t too excited about the partnership between Amazon and ATamp;T is T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who unleashed a Twitter rant against the new product a day before it was even announced. Legere came out against the exclusive partnership, tweeting that “Exclusivity sucks for customers,” while comparing the new Amazon device to the failed Facebook-HTC smartphone that flopped last year.唯一对亚马逊和美国电话电报公司的合作高兴不起来的人是运营商T-Mobile公司的首席执行官约翰o莱杰尔。他在这款产品发布的前一天就针对它发表了一条碎碎念的Twitter消息。莱杰尔反对独家合作,他在Twitter上说:“独家合作对消费者而言糟糕透顶,”同时他还把亚马逊的这款新产品比作Facebook与HTC去年合作推出、但却遭遇惨败的那款智能手机。 /201406/307066

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