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Business商业报道Corporate governance in America美国的企业管治Heating up逐渐升温Shareholders are ever more willing to vote against management股东永远愿意对管理者投反对票TWENTY years ago Bob Monks bought an ad in the Wall Street Journal declaring members of the board of Sears, to which he hoped to be elected,non-performing assets.20年前,鲍勃.蒙克斯在华尔街日报刊登了一则广告,宣称西尔斯百货的董事会成员是不良资产, 在此之前,他渴望被选中的成为其中之一,可惜没有。Nowadays, shareholder activists just create a website.现今,股东维权主义者只需创建一个网站即可。On April 2nd Dan Loeb, a hedge-fund boss, launched valueyahoo.com, which brims with proposals for reviving the struggling web firm.4月2号,一个对冲基金的老板丹·勒布,建立一个valueyahoo.com网站,公布了各种拯救雅虎这不景气网络公司的方案。Mr Loeb is trying to get himself elected to Yahoo!s board against the wishes of its managers—a fight that could be the highlight of the annual corporate proxy season that is getting under way.勒布先生正尝试违背公司管理层的意愿,令自己被选进雅虎的董事会。一场可能成为公司年度股东大会期间的焦点战争正准备打响。He may win the shareholder vote, if Yahoo! does not strike a deal with him first.一旦雅虎没有预先和他达成协议,他可能赢得股东们的选票。Several hedge funds are urging shareholders to give boards a good kicking.几个对冲基金正说股东们给董事会一个下马威。Starboard Value has nominated five candidates to the board of AOL, another ailing web firm.Starboard Value已经给另一间衰落的网络公司—美国在线的董事会里提名了五名候选人。On April 2nd Pershing Square added a seventh candidate to the alternative slate of directors it has nominated to the board of Canadian Pacific Railway.4月2号,波欣广场在已经提命的加拿大太平洋铁路公司董事会候选人中增加第七位候选人作为董事的替代人。Shareholder activism isgetting back to normal after the financial crisis of 2008, says Peter Harkins of D.F. King, a firm that advises participants in proxy contests.股东激进主义在2008年经济危机后现正回归到正常。D.F. King的皮得.哈更斯说,D.F. King是一间为代理权争夺的参与者提供咨询的公司。It is not just hedge funds that are flexing their shareholderly muscles. Pension funds are at it, too.不仅仅是对冲基金显示了他们的股东权力。On March 27th it was reported that Goldman Sachs had made peace with the pension fund of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees,养老基金同样如此。在3月27号,据报道,高盛投资公司与美国养老基金会以及美国工会达成协议,which had proposed a resolution to split the roles of chief executive and chairman, both of which are held by Lloyd Blankfein.工会在为分离首席执行官与董事会提出了解决方案,而此前两个职位都是由贝兰克梵担任的。The bank convinced AFSCME to withdraw its proposal by agreeing to appoint alead director to keep Mr Blankfein in check.高盛同意任命一个首席董事以限制贝兰克梵,以此说美国工会会撤销它的方案。The union has made similar proposals at several firms, including JPMorgan Chase, whose boss AFSCMEs president calls themost dangerous man in America.该联合会在几间公司都采用了类似的方法,包括JP根大通—美国工会主席称他们的老板为美国最危险的男人。Rupert Murdoch, the embattled chairman and chief executive of News Corporation, will face a motion that he surrender his chairmanship to someone independent.鲁伯特.默多克,一个新闻公司备受争议的董事会主席兼首席执行官,将面临一项移交他的主席身份给某个独立人的变动。Two other issues are expected to attract scrutiny from shareholders this year.另外两个问题今年将有望得到股东们的严格审查。One is bosses pay.一个是领导者的工资。Investors will showa little more backbone in curbing it,having rather fluffed it last year,投资者将在处理这一问题上显示更大的决心,去年已经付出了很多,predicts Anne Simpson, who oversees the corporate-governance activities of CalPERS, a giant pension fund for Californias public employees.辛普森组织认为,该组织负责监督加州公务员基金—这一巨型的加利福尼亚公务员的养老基金的管理活动。Many boards struggled to win 70% support for pay packages last year, the first time such votes were required.许多董事会通过抗争,去年在薪酬福利当面赢得了约70%持,第一次被要求进行这样的投票。This year, several could lose the vote unless they have linked pay more explicitly to performance, reckons Paul Hodgson of GMI Ratings, a firm that measures corporate governance.今年,一些董事会可能会失去票数,除非他们把工资与绩效明确地挂钩起来。GMI评级机构的保罗-霍奇森这样指出,GMI是一间评估公司治理的公司。Perhaps the most contentious resolutions will be those demanding that firms be more transparent about their political spending,可能最有争议的解决方案是那些要求公司在关于政治方面的花费更加透明,and requiring boards to ensure that this money is used in the interests of shareholders, not managers.且同时要求董事会确保这些钱被用到符合股东的利益上而不是管理层。This effort is being fiercely resisted.这一方案被强烈地抵制。The US Chamber of Commerce argues that these resolutions, which mostly come from shareholders who are also trade unions or social activists, are not in the best interests of the firms concerned.美国商会认为这些解决方案,大多数是由来自工会或者是社会活动家的股东们提出,方案并不符合公司所关注的最大利益。Jim Copland of the Manhattan Institute, a think-tank, says thatsome of these proposals may serve primarily to chill corporate political speech broadly,一个曼哈顿研究所的智囊团,吉姆.科普兰认为其中的一些建议中的可能主要是为广泛地冻结公司政治性言论,including on issues that most diversified shareholders—as distinguished from the proposals sponsors—might prefer that the corporations views be heard.其中包括关于股东多样化的问题,有别于建议赞助商,这些股东们可能更喜欢公司的意见被听到。Well, maybe. But, as with the other issues on the proxy this year, that is for shareholders to decide.也许是这样。但就像今年董事会中的其他问题一样,这都将由股东们去决定。 /201306/243944

Executive pay高管薪资The final reckoning死后算账When bosses die in office, their true value is revealed经理意外翘辫子了,他们的真正价值才浮出水面Worth every penny 一分钱一分货IN HIS book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, Thomas Piketty argues that it is impossible to find an “objective basis” for the high salaries of senior executives in terms of their individual productivity: they pay themselves such exorbitant sums simply because they can. However, in a forthcoming paper in Management Science, an American journal, two academics claim to have found such an objective measure, and conclude that most bosses are not overpaid.托马斯·皮克提在他的《二十一世纪的资本论》一书中有这样的论述,即就高级管理人员的的个人生产力而言,实在是找不到他们能获得高额薪水的“客观依据”:他们为自己开出这么高的薪水,纯粹就是因为他们有权力这么做。然而,在即将发表在《管理科学》的一篇论文中,两位学者宣称他们发现了一种客观的衡量标准,并由此得出大多数高管的薪水并没有多付。In their study, Bang Dang Nguyen of the University of Cambridges Judge Business School and Kasper Meisner Nielsen of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology looked at how firms shares react when the chief executive or another prominent manager dies suddenly. They identified 149 cases of this happening at American companies between 1991 and 2008.该论文的作者分别是贾吉商学院的Bang Dang Nguyen和香港科技大学Kasper Meisner Nielsen,他们研究着眼于当企业的总经理或其他高管意外死亡后公司股价的变动情况。他们从1991至2008年间的美国公司中甄选出了149家发生此类情况的公司进行研究。They deem a boss to be overpaid if he gets more than his peers at firms of a similar type and size, but fails to boost his companys stockmarket value by at least the amount of his pay premium. They then assume that when an overpaid boss dies, investors will expect his successors pay to revert to the average, and will mark up its shares in anticipation of getting back the excess amount they had been handing to the deceased.这两位研究者认为,判断一名总经理薪资过高的标准是:如果一名总经理的薪水高于与他所在公司同类型、同等大小公司的总经理的薪资水平,但他给公司市值带来的提升却低于其薪资的溢价。他们继续假设,若一名薪资虚高的经理去世,股东们会预计他的继任者薪资将回归正常水平,于是就可以收回原先由死者多占有的那部分财富,进而抬高了股价。So, if the shares rise on an executives death, that means he was overpaid; if they fall, he was not. By this measure only 42% of the bosses studied were overpaid; furthermore, those with the most eye-popping rewards were found to be giving the best value for money, as measured by the share-price slump when they passed away.所以说,如果一名经理去世后,其公司的股价上升了,那就说明该经理的薪资过高了;股价降低的话,则没有。依据这种判断方法,作为研究样本的总经理中薪资过高的比重只有42%了。此外,那些报酬高的令人咋舌的经理人,他们给公司带来的价值完全对得起他们的薪资—他们去世后公司股价往往会大幅下跌。The study also reckons that of the increase in value that results from a firm hiring an executive, he gets 71% and the shareholders therefore get 29%. In the sense that investors at least get some positive reward from the relationship, executives as a whole are not overpaid.研究还计算出,一家公司雇佣的高管为其创造的价值提升中,该高管获得其中的71%,其他29%则是股东的收益。在这场雇佣关系中,股东是受益方,从这一层面讲,整体上来说高级管理人员的薪资并不过高。Followers of Mr Piketty are unlikely to be convinced. They would say that even when bosses add more value than the amount by which their pay exceeds the average, they are still overpaid because the average is itself excessive; and that it is inherently indecent for bosses to get such a big share of the gains from their relationship with their firms. But at least the study has added a bit of light to a debate that usually generates little but heat.也许,皮特提的追随者们不会就这么被说。他们会说,即使高管们创造的价值要比他薪资高于平均水平的数额还高,他的薪资仍是不合理的,因为这个平均水平本身就太高了;而且,一名从雇佣者那里捞走在收益中的这么大一部分,这件事本身就不很光。但不管怎样,这项研究还是这个雷声大雨点小的争议领域的一场新雨。 /201409/327427

l!mmC*RJ270sd|-09D*0Nbq1S|3H@KJzA lone wolf weighs as much as four coyotes,一只狼的体重是草原狼的四倍,but one on one its still no match for a bison.但是一对一,狼还是敌不过野牛%^|u4O#4~0s[%m.J5q|。Wolves, though, live and hunt in packs of up to 15不过成员数最多可达15只的狼群,and when they launch a cooperative attack, theyre devastating.只要同心协力发动攻击,将会无往不利eJWxrN~D6T。First they get the bison on the run, then filter out the weak一开始先让野牛开始狂奔,从中筛选出虚弱的,and vulnerable and select the perfect target.在挑选完美的目标*N@;Gbe~D2],。Striking together, wolves can bring down prey many times their own size.群起而攻的狼群,可以绞杀打他们数倍的猎物;z]So)D5nZFqBnQ6Q。A million such chases must have taken place across these plains像这样的追逐在大草原上,必定发生过百万次,and we can still find echoes of these distant life-or-death encounters.我们仍然可以发现这些远古生死际遇的回生[[^A5-k(H%o*WxQ)dB。Not all evidence lies locked in bone and rock.并非所有据都封存在骨头或石头中DanvhjPKod。These pronghorn antelopes among the great survivors of the ice age reveal a lot about the distant past.这些叉角羚也是雄奇的冰河期生还者之一,揭示着许多远古的记忆U6a~SE.kMPF#5P8。As well as being tough enough to stand extremes of temperature, theyre famous for their speed.他们坚毅强悍,足以撑过极为严寒的气温,并以它们的速度闻名|*|2#Q[y^U。A sprinting pronghorn can top 60 miles an hour and cruise at 30 for several hours.飞奔中的叉角羚时速可快达60英里,还能以30英里的时速续跑数个小时4,B5]YY3zA^DM。This kind of speed requires a very finely tuned physique.这样的奔驰速度需要非常优越的完美体格BQ1;(Ge49;WGj。Pronghorn have a massive heart and run with their mouths gaping open,叉角羚拥有巨大的心脏V[eOfN2f(BMR_[7。奔跑的时候,长大着嘴,forcing extra air into their huge lungs.吸入更多的空气进入巨大的肺部55xo;ZhE)@i%G7~@。But whats the point? No predator can run this fast.重点何在呢?没有掠食者能跑这么快.eA~g,ceRIOQ|。Even the wolves can only manage 40 miles an hour.就连狼跑起来最快也只有时速40英里o;47aoe+0Vs8Z。So why do pronghorn feel this need for speed?为什么叉角羚需要这样的速度呢?This is why—once there was a predator here that could outrun the pronghorn a cheetah.这就是: 这里曾经有过一种掠食者,可以追的上叉角羚和猎豹C@3pb]Kc!KtO2F+!o+。69pr)x1ka;FIsnYbZq5#s87VSnOkmwMn#Eb9WhHuyf201304/236985In the Cretaceous Period, dinosaurs rarely die of old age. Predators rule. Their killers engineered for one purpose, attack. 在白垩纪时期,恐龙很少因为衰老而死。这是一个食肉动物统治的时代。而这些食物动物们的存在只为一个目的:攻击。Tyrannosaurus Rex was of ten thousand pound, self-propelled, antitank weapon. 雷克斯霸王龙体重1万英镑,行动迅速,能够攻击大型恐龙。Now, sixty five million years later, cutting-edge imaging technology lets us look deep inside their bodies to reveal just how the world’s greatest carnivores really work. Dinosaurs arm themselves with the most advanced weaponry nature has ever unleashed, tools that allow them to survive for over 100 million years. 如今,在6500万年后,高科技成像技术使我们更深入地了解这些恐龙的身体,以揭示这些世界上最大的食肉动物是怎样捕食的。恐龙们用最先进的“武器”武装自己,这些“武器”使它们存货了1亿多年。North America, 115 million years ago, reptilian creatures have evolved into killing machines. Death is everywhere, sweeping down from the air, stalking the forest, and sometimes thundering through the trees in the form of Tyrannosaurus Rex. 在北美洲,一亿一千五百万年前,爬行动物进化成了猎杀机器。到处充满死亡的气息,有的“杀手”从空中一掠而下,有的潜伏在森林中,有时,则能听见树林中雷克斯霸王龙咆哮的声音。T-Rex was the ultimate predator in the history of terrestrial animals. 雷克斯霸王龙在陆栖动物历史中是顶级捕猎者。T-Rex is one of the largest and deadliest animals ever to walk on two legs. For 2 million years, it rules the American West. Powerful and intelligent, this predator is equipped with the tools to bring down massive and well-armed prey. 雷克斯霸王龙是使用两条腿行走的动物中体型最大,也是最凶残的一类。它们统治美洲西部长达200万年。它们强壮并充满智慧,它们的身体结构使他们能够打倒大型恐龙或是身上布满盔甲的恐龙。The head, the skull of T-Rex is awesomely large. 雷克斯霸王龙的头骨十分巨大。And each tooth is an armor-crushing weapon.它的每一颗牙齿都能轻易刺穿盔甲。Tyrannosaurus Rex means tyrant lizard king. This alfa predator is 12 meters long, 5.5 meters tall and weighs 6 tons. 雷克斯霸王龙就是类蜥蜴爬行动物君王。这种顶级捕猎者身长12米,身高5.5米,体重6吨。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201402/275232

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