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China has a growing number of Christians, and that#39;s causing increasing tensions with the officially atheistic ruling Chinese Communist Party. China#39;s solution is if you can#39;t beat #39;em, co-opt them.中国的基督教徒越来越多,导致与无神论的GCD的关系越发的紧张。中国的解决方式是如果你无法打败它那就收编它。;Over the past decades, the Protestant churches in China have developed very quickly with the implementation of the country#39;s religious policy,; says Wang Zuoan, director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, according to the state-run China Daily newspaper. ;The construction of Chinese Christian theology should adapt to China#39;s national condition and integrate with Chinese culture,; including its path of socialism.“过去几十年来,新教教会在中国宗教政策的实施下发展的非常快速,”国家宗教事务局长王作安说,《中国日报》报道。“中国基督教神学的构建应该适应中国的国情,并与中国文化融合,”包括其社会主义路线。Christians in China have to worship in state-approved and supervised churches, and official estimates number the country#39;s Protestant population at 23 million to 40 million, with 500,000 more baptized each year. Wang was speaking at an event in Shanghai to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China. He didn#39;t address the estimated 12 million Catholics in China, about half of whom illegally follow the lead of the Roman Catholic Church while the other half worship in the officially sanctioned, Vatican-rejecting Catholic church.中国的基督教徒只能在国家批准和监管的教堂里祷告,官方估计中国新教徒数量在2300万到4000万,每年新增50万。王是在上海参加新教三自爱国教会全国委员会成立60周年纪念日上讲这番话的。他并没有提及在中国的预计的1200万天主教徒,其中大约一半非法的听从罗马天主教会的领导,其余一半则听从中国官方持的、梵蒂冈反对的天主教会的领导。Wang didn#39;t elaborate on this new ;Chinese Christian theology,; but the Three-Self Patriotic Movement#39;s Gu Mengfei explained that the year-old Chinese push to promote correct Christian theology encourages pastors and laypeople alike to extract moral teachings in line with Biblical times and with other religious faiths. ;This will encourage more believers to make contributions to the country#39;s harmonious social progress, cultural prosperity, and economic development,; Gu added.王并没有对这种新的“中国基督教神学”做过多的阐述,但是三自爱国教会的顾梦菲解释说,一年来,中国积极推进正确的基督教神学观,鼓励牧师和俗人吸收圣经时代的道德教化以及其他的宗教信仰。“这将鼓励更多的信教者为国家和谐的社会进步、文化繁荣和经济发展做出贡献,”顾说。 /201409/326825




  Ticket prices for tourist attractions in Beijing will remain stable despite an expected glut of visitors during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, according to an official at Beijing#39;s tourism authority.根据北京旅游局相关工作人员表示:即使已经预料到大批游客将会在即将到来的;双节;--中秋节和国庆节,来到北京,但是北京各大旅游胜地的票价仍将会保持不变.We support the suggestions from the China National Tourism Administration and will not raise the ticket prices at scenic spots during the coming holidays,; said Zhao Guangchao, a member of the Beijing Tourism Development Commission. ;Besides, ticket prices of Beijing#39;s attractions are comparably cheap.;北京旅游发展委员会的赵广超称:“我们持中国国家旅游局的建议,并且在即将到来的节假日,我们不会提高旅游景点的票价。除此之外,北京市内的各大景点的票价相对更便宜”According to the tourism research center at the China Academy of Social Sciences, the average ticket price at all 186 top-level attractions in China was 112 yuan (.50) at the end of 2014. However, the ticket price at scenic spots in Beijing is relatively cheap. A ticket for the Palace Museum, for example, only costs 60 yuan, despite being a top attraction.根据中国社会科学院旅游调查中心的研究表示:在2014年末,中国186个5A级旅游景区的普遍票价为112元(17.5美元),相比较之下,北京各大风景名胜的票价更便宜.例如即使作为最顶级的景点的故宫,票价仅收取60元Zhao said that related government departments would check ticket prices at tourist sites during the National Day holiday and impose financial penalties if necessary.赵广超还表示,在国庆节期间,相关政府部门将在旅游景点监管票价,并且必要时加强罚款措施During the coming holidays, Beijing is expected to see another increase in visitor numbers. According to an estimate from Beijing#39;s transportation authority, the number of visits will reach 160 million from Oct 1 to 7. At tourist attractions, Oct 2 and 3 will see a great increase in visitors, the authority said.在即将来临的节假日里,预计北京将会再一次出现游客数量上涨的现象.根据北京交通部门的预估,从10月1日到10月7日游客数量将会达到1亿6000万.该部门还表示,从10月2日到3日,游客数量将会达到顶峰Song Yu, head of the Beijing Tourism Development Commission, said Beijing would collect information about the capacity of tourist attractions to avoid overcrowding.宋宇,北京旅游开发委员会会长表示,他们将会及时收集各旅游景点的相关信息以此来避免拥挤;For those that have reached their maximum capacity, scenic spots should stop selling tickets and inform other tourists immediately,; added Song.宋宇补充道:“那些已经达到最大容量的景点,应该停止售票并且立即通知其他游客” /201509/4001802014 has been a year to forget for casino operators in Macau. Unfortunately, things are unlikely to get any better next year.2014年想必已成了运营商希望忘记的一年。不幸的是,明年的情况也不太可能得到好转。Gaming revenue in the former Portuguese colony will contract 1 per cent next year as the ongoing crackdown on corruption in mainland China continues to keep big spending Chinese gamblers away, according to a fresh report from rating agency Fitch. The forecast, Fitch says, reflects #39;the persistent weakness in the VIP business, which seems to be spilling over to the premium mass segment#39;.根据国际评级机构惠誉(Fitch)的新报告,随着中国内地反腐斗争继续令出手阔绰的内地赌客远离,预计明年业收入将缩减1%。惠誉称,VIP业务持续疲软,而这种疲软似乎正在向大众市场中的高端板块扩散。Gaming revenue growth is expected to be flat this year following five straight months of year-on-year declines.在收入连续5个月出现同比下滑的情况下,今年营收预计将与上年持平。Revenues may record annual declines of 15 per cent to 20 per cent in the first quarter and a further 5 per cent drop in the second quarter before beginning to recover in the second half.收入在第一季度同比降幅可能会达到15%至20%,第二季度进一步下滑5%,直到下半年开始恢复增长。Some casino operators - such as Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands - have sought to take some of the sting from the retreat of high-spending VIP ;whales; by focusing on mass market gamers.一些运营商,如度假村(Wynn Resorts)和金沙集团(Las Vegas Sands),力求通过把业务重点放在吸引大众市场赌客,来减轻VIP大客户离场带来的冲击。However, Fitch reckons the problems affecting VIP traffic in Macau - corruption crackdown, slower economic growth in China and the rise of the Philippines as a rival gambling mecca - are going to weigh on the mass segment of the market as well.尽管如此,惠誉认为,影响VIP客流量的因素,如反腐运动、中国经济放缓以及菲律宾作为另一胜地的崛起,同样会对大众市场业务构成压力。Still, the longer-term outloook is not all gloom for Macau, according to Fitch, which argues that: #39;Despite revisions, we do remain favorable on Macau, as we continue to hold that Macau and the greater China market remain underpenetrated. We expect gaming revenue growth will be driven by new supply and infrastructure development and that the Chinese economy will continue to grow (6.8% in 2015 and 6.5% in 2016), anchoring mass market demand.#39;不过,惠誉认为,业的较长期前景并非完全暗淡无光。该机构指出:“尽管做出了修订,我们还是认为和大中华区市场没有饱和,因此仍然看好。我们预计,新的供应、基础设施建设、以及继续增长的中国经济(2015年的6.8%和2016年的6.5%)将撑大众市场的需求,进而推动收入增长。” /201411/343595

  BEIJING — In his 36th-floor hotel room overlooking Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, Merrill Newman developed a routine. He woke at 7:15, ate breakfast at 8 — eggs, toast and two cups of coffee — and then he waited.北京——在可以俯瞰朝鲜首都平壤的酒店36层的房间里,梅里尔·纽曼(Merrill Newman)养成了自己的生活习惯。他7点15分醒来,8点吃早饭——鸡蛋、烤面包和两杯咖啡——然后开始等待。A nurse and a doctor visited four times a day to take the temperature and blood pressure of the 85-year-old Californian. The interrogator, who sometimes shouted at him, called him a liar and told him to stop acting like a 3-year-old, came less frequently.护士和医生每天来四次,为来自加利福尼亚州的他测量体温和血压。那名审讯员来的则没这么频繁。审讯员有时会朝他大喊大叫,说他是骗子,让85岁的他不要再表现得像个三岁的孩子。A year after he was released by North Korea, Mr. Newman, a Korean War veteran who ran afoul of the North Korean authorities on a trip there last year, has finally told the story of his detention in an e-book, “The Last P.O.W.” by Mike Chinoy, released this week.去年,身为朝鲜战争老兵的纽曼去朝鲜后,与该国当局发生冲突。被朝鲜释放一年后,他终于在一本名为《最后的战俘》(The Last P.O.W.)的电子书中,讲述了自己被扣押的故事。该书由迈克·奇诺伊(Mike Chinoy)撰写,已于本周发布。A former ed States Army intelligence officer who fought in the Korean War, Mr. Newman was detained by North Korea for more than a month and accused of war crimes.参加朝鲜战争期间,纽曼是美国陆军的一名情报人员。他被朝鲜被关押了一个多月,并被控犯有战争罪。The narrative, based on interviews by Mr. Chinoy, a journalist, portrays the event as the unfortunate result of a collision between a naive 85-year-old and a paranoid state, worried that an elderly, ailing war veteran might be part of some American plot to reignite a 60-year-old conflict.故事以记者奇诺伊对纽曼进行的采访为基础,称该事件是一名天真的85岁老人与一个多疑的国家之间发生冲突而造成的。朝鲜担心,这位老人可能是美国某种阴谋的一部分,以重新点燃60年前已经结束的那场战争。Mr. Newman acknowledges in the book that his war service and his desire to meet relatives of the anti-Communist guerrillas he had helped train were his undoing.纽曼在书中承认,他被扣留的原因是参加过那场战争,并且想与当初他曾帮助训练的反共游击队员的亲属会面。Two tour guides who escorted Mr. Newman and an American friend on their sightseeing reported that desire to their superiors, he says in the book.他在书中说,陪同他和一名美国友人观光的两名导游,向上级汇报了他的愿望。“It was clearly my error to indicate I’d like to make contact with any North Korean survivors” from the war, Mr. Chinoy es him saying.奇诺伊援引纽曼的话说,“显然是我的错,我不该表示想和”那场战争中“幸存下来的任何朝鲜人接触”。The North Koreans detained him at the last moment, escorting him off the plane he had boarded for the flight home. They took him to the Yanggakdo Hotel, a 1,000-room tower on a small island in the center of the capital, where he was held in a guarded suite.朝鲜在最后一刻扣留了他,将他从回家的航班上带走了。他们把他带去了羊角岛国际酒店(Yanggakdo Hotel)。那栋高楼位于首都中心地区的一座小岛上,内有1000间客房。在那里,他被关在一间有人把守的套房里。The interrogations began the next day, Mr. Chinoy writes.奇诺伊写道,审讯是第二天开始的。The most explicit piece of evidence against Mr. Newman, in the interrogator’s view, was an e-mail Mr. Newman had sent to some of the veterans of the guerrilla brigade who now live in South Korea.在那名审讯员看来,最明显的一则对纽曼不利的据,是他发给现居韩国的一些游击队老兵的一封电子邮件。Mr. Newman had asked them if they knew of any colleagues who had stayed behind in North Korea, and whether he could find them. He had shown the email to his two guides.纽曼问他们知不知道有哪个战友留在了朝鲜,以及自己能否找到他们。他让两个导游看了这封邮件。The interrogator, a short, stocky man his 40s, said the email proved Mr. Newman was a spy and accused him of using the tour as a cover, Mr. Chinoy writes.奇诺伊写道,审讯员是一名40多岁的矮壮男子,他说这封邮件明纽曼是一名间谍,并指责纽曼以旅行作为掩护。Two weeks after his arrest, he was given a confession to , a rambling statement with grammatical errors that recounted how he had been involved in killing civilians and destroying “strategic objects.”纽曼被捕的两周后,他被要求宣读一份认罪书。这份杂乱无章、充满语法错误的声明里,描述了他怎样参与了杀害平民和破坏“战略目标”的行动。“You make a confession because you don’t have any choice,” Mr. Newman said in the account.“认罪是因为你别无选择,”纽曼后来说。The confession was posted online and a week later Mr. Newman was awakened at 6 a.m. and told to get dressed and prepare for his release. His iPad, cellphone and camera were returned. At the airport, he was given a pair of dark glasses to wear to make him less conspicuous.这份认罪书被发布在了网上。一周后的一天,有人在清晨6点把纽曼叫醒,并要求他穿好衣,准备离开。他拿回了自己的iPad、手机和相机。在机场,他被要求戴上一副墨镜,好不那么惹人注意。“People really hate you here,” an interpreter who accompanied him said. “You’d better wear these glasses for the whole trip.”“这里的人真的很恨你,”陪同他的一名翻译说。“你最好一路上都戴着这副墨镜。”Mr. Newman failed to understand that for the North Koreans the 1950-53 war against the ed States had not finished, Mr. Chinoy writes. An armistice remains in place; a formal peace treaty has not been signed.奇诺伊写道,纽曼当时并不明白,对于朝鲜人来说,1950年到1953年的抗美战争仍然没有结束。目前是停战状态,正式的和平协议从未签署。Further, the former intelligence officer was not aware, he says, of the “visceral hatred” the government felt for the Kuwol regiment guerrillas he had helped train and equip, and who are considered as traitors in North Korea.此外,他说,这名前情报人员也没有意识到,政府对他帮助训练并提供装备的九月山游击队(Kuwol regiment),以及那些被朝鲜认为是卖国贼的人,怀有“发自心底的仇恨”。“It seems really stupid now, even having opened that door,” Mr. Newman says in the book. “But at the time it didn’t seem so.”“即使说当时的做法打开了一扇门,现在看来也是相当愚蠢的,”纽曼在书中说。“但当时却没觉得。”After his release, the North Korean news agency said Mr. Newman had been freed because of his confession, and his “advanced age and health condition.”在纽曼被释放之后,朝鲜的新闻机构称,纽曼获释是因为他的“高龄和健康状况”。Soon after he returned, the ed States State Department called. North Korea had submitted a bill for ,241 to the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang for the cost of his hotel room, meals, a phone call to his wife and for a lost plate.他回国后不久,美国国务院打来了电话。朝鲜向瑞典驻平壤大使馆开了一张3241美元的账单,包括他酒店房间和餐饮的费用,给他妻子打电话花费的23美元,以及弄丢一个盘子需要赔偿的3美元。Mr. Newman asked if the payment would help free other Americans detained in North Korea. Informed that it would not, Mr. Newman said he declined to pay.纽曼问,如果自己付了钱,是否有助于解救其他被扣在朝鲜的美国人。在得到否定的答复后,纽曼表示拒绝付款。 /201412/348607


  Chinese consumer prices accelerated last month but the deflationary slump for producers deepened.上个月中国消费品价格加速上涨。不过,生产商的通货紧缩却进一步加剧。China#39;s consumer price index ticked up to a year-on-year pace of 1.4 per cent in June, from 1.2 per cent in May, according to the government#39;s official figures. That was just above the 1.3 per cent pace predicted by forecasters.根据中国政府的官方数据,6月份中国居民消费价格指数同比上涨1.4%,略高于预测者给出的1.3%的涨幅。The ing is nevertheless below Beijing#39;s target of ;around 3 per cent; this year.不过,这一读数仍低于中国政府提出的今年令通胀率达到“3%左右”的目标。;Consumer price inflation in China has reached the bottom of the cycle, but upward pressure remains minimal,; said Moody#39;s Analytics before the release. They added:“In the near term, inflation will remain low and stable on account of low input prices, such as for food and energy, and soft demand. Policy easing measures are enabling a rebound in housing and other sectors, and this should boost confidence and consumer spending over time, which should lead to a rebound in inflation.”在数据发布之前,穆迪分析(Moody#39;s Analytics)表示:“中国消费品价格指数(CPI)已到达周期底部,不过上行压力依然很小。”他们补充说:“在近期内,由于较低的输入价格(比如食品和能源的价格)和疲软的需求,通胀率将处于低位并保持稳定。政策性宽松举措正在为楼市和其他产业的反弹创造条件。随着时间的演变,这些举措应该会提振人们的信心,提升消费开,从而令通胀率止跌回升。”Producer prices, meanwhile, deflated for a 40th consecutive month, falling 4.8 per cent year on year. A month earlier the pace was -4.6 per cent.与此同时,已连续下降40个月的工业生产者出厂价格,同比下跌了4.8%。相比之下,上个月的跌幅则为4.6%。The sustained decline in producer prices reflects the downturn in China#39;s housing market, which had led to excess supply of the materials used in the housing boom.生产者价格指数的持续下跌,反映了中国楼市的低迷,这种低迷行情导致楼市繁荣时期用到的多种原料供应过剩。 /201507/385253。




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