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黑龙江阳光妇科女子医院哈市省医院做药物流产多少钱A picture of Jiang Qinqin.Study: Magazine ads of thin models make women overeat想瘦身吗?别看美女广告!Research now shows a supermodel figure or the ;ideal; thin woman image reflected in magazine advertisements trigger young women, obsessed with their own body image, to eat more. Interestingly, those with a more balanced healthy body image tend to eat less.一项研究表明,为身材所困的年轻女性看到杂志广告上的超级模特或是有着“魔鬼”身材的女性,会食量大增;有意思的是,身材匀称的女性看到这样的广告后反而会吃得更少。The study done in Australia is important in bringing out the point that advertising not only affects the way we think but also our patterns of eating behavior.这项来自澳大利亚的研究得出一个重要结论,即广告不仅会影响人们的思维方式,而且还会影响人们的饮食方式。Fiona Monro, graduate student at the University of New South Wales, explains the results of the study published in the November edition of the journal, Eating Behaviors: ;We would expect people who value the way they look would be reminded by viewing the image and not eat.;这项研究结果在《饮食行为》第十一期上发表。新南威尔士大学的研究生菲奥纳·蒙罗解释说:“我们原以为,为身材所困的女性看到广告中的苗条女性后会减少食量。”;We#39;re not sure why we found the reverse but possibly because of stress...[women obsessed with their appearance] see the idealized image and think about their own body so turn to food,; she adds.“可是不知道为什么得出的结论恰好相反,不过这可能是由于压力所致。当她们看到广告中的苗条女性,可能会很受‘刺激’,所以就大吃特吃。”Monro says, ;They might think #39;what#39;s the point, I#39;m never going to look like that, I may as well eat; or the image makes them think they#39;re thinner than they are so they eat more.;蒙罗说,“她们可能会这样想‘我永远也不可能有那么好的身材,还不如痛痛快快的吃’,或者是,她们看到这样的广告后会觉得自己变瘦了,所以就开始大吃。”Sixty-eight female university students took part in the study: two hours after their last meal, they were asked to prioritize the importance of physical attractiveness, health and physical fitness to find out whether they give importance to the way their body looks.新南威尔士大学共有68名女大学生参加了此项研究。为了了解调查对象是否在乎自己的体型,研究人员让她们在吃完饭的两小时后,对外表、健康和身体舒适度三个因素按照重要性进行排序。Monro and her team were studying the phenomenon of ;self-objectification,; or the way people perceive themselves and their bodies as an object to be valued for outward show as opposed to intrinsic worth.目前,蒙罗和她研究小组的其他成员正在研究“自我客体化”这一现象,即人们将自己及自己的身体视为一个客体,来衡量其外在形象而非内在价值。 /201206/185355黑龙江中医药大学二附院治疗妇科怎么样 Be a woman妇女The law of the sea is women and children first. 海上的规矩是妇女儿童优先。 Real' women stood by their men, and the heroine of the night was Ida Straus who stayed on board with her husband of fifty years, the owner of Macy's Department store. "Where you go, I go," Mrs. Straus is reported to have said. 但“真正的”女人会与她们的男人共进退。沉船当晚,就有这样一位真女人,她就是梅西百货创始人的妻子Ida Straus,她与相濡以沫50年的丈夫一起留在了船上。据说,她当时曾经这样说过,“你去哪里,我就去哪里。” Of the 705 people who survived, 140 were women in First Class, 80 were women in Second Class, and 76 were women in Third Class. Of the twenty-three female members of the crew, twenty survived.在生还的705人中,有140名女性是一等舱的乘客,80名女性乘坐二等舱,还有76名女性来自三等舱。船上的23名女性员工中有20人幸存。 /201110/159244黑龙江中医药大学附属第一医院预约

南岗妇产医院妇科人流很多中学男生开始抽烟都是因为周围的同学抽烟,自己如果不加入就会被孤立。这样类似的经历大概每个人都曾经有过,在英语里这种现象叫做peer pressure(同伴压力)。毕竟,没有一个人是能够孤立于人群、社会而存在的。Peer pressure can happen when we are influenced to do something we usually would not do, or we are stopped from doing something we would like to do. This may be because we want to be accepted by our peers.我们受同辈影响做一些我们平时不会做的事情,或者因为同伴而不再做我们原本喜欢做的事情,这就是“同伴压力”(peer pressure)。我们之所以会受影响是因为我们想要得到同伴的认可和接受。A peer can be anyone you look up to or someone who you would think is an equal in age or ability. A peer could be a friend, someone in the community or even someone on TV. You may experience peer pressure as you live up to either the individual#39;s or group#39;s expectations, or follow a particular fashion or trend.影响我们的同伴可能是你仰慕的一个人,也可能是跟你同龄或实力相当的某个人。可以是你的朋友,也可以是同一社区的一个人,或者是电视上的什么人。当你为了达到某人或者某个团体的期许而努力或者追逐某个时尚风潮时,你其实就在经历“同伴压力”。Peer pressure may influence us in a number of ways, including our:同伴压力对我们的影响有很多方面,包括:1. fashion choice1. 时尚选择2. alcohol and other drug use2. 酒精和毒品使用3. decision to have a boyfriend/girlfriend3. 是否要交男/女朋友4. choice of who our friends are4. 朋友的选择5. academic performance5. 学业表现 /201206/185685通河县中心医院妇科咨询 延寿县妇女儿童医院花多少钱

哈尔滨阳光妇产医院网上预约电话 导读:男人总说女人心海底针,而女人也未尝不觉得男人的心思难以揣测(unpredictable)。一起看看《男人帮》带来的对男性内心的剖析,你可能更加了解他,或更加了解自己。Sex and the City has been extremely successful at opening men#39;s eyes to the private world of women. And now, a new Chinese TV show Men is providing an honest, no-holds-barredwindow into the thoughts men wouldn#39;t dare say out loud to women. 《欲望都市》已经十分成功地让男士们看清了女性们的私人世界。而现在,一部全新国产电视剧《男人帮》则将那些男士们不敢对女士们大声说出的想法毫无保留和顾忌地展现出来。Men revolves around the lives of three men in search of the perfect relationship: Gu Xiaobai, afreelance writer who writes everything from screenplays to horoscopes; Luo Shuquan, a software engineer who works hard to buy an apartment; and Zuo Yongbang, a PR account director who doesn#39;t believe love will happen to him. 《男人帮》讲述了三位男主人公在生活中追求完美恋情的故事:顾小白;;从剧本到星座秘笈、几乎什么都写的自由作家;罗书全;;一位为了买套房子而拼命工作的软件工程师;左永邦;;一位从不相信爱情会降临到自己身上的公关公司客户总监。You probably won#39;t like these guys, but there are things women can learn from them about the male gender:尽管你可能会讨厌这些家伙,但从他们身上,女性们多少可以了解一些与男性有关的事情:1.Men are show-offs.男人爱炫耀。Men love ;chatty talk among friends; as much as women do. The three men in the show spend a lot of time together talking about things like troubled relationships and new women they meet.男性同女性一样喜欢;朋友间闲聊;。剧中