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But Mary Chu, the school’s parent coordinator, seems to know them all. 但该校家长协调人玛丽#8226;朱(Mary Chu)似乎认识每一个学生。She spends her days darting in and out of a windowless office just off the main lobby, sometimes with a phone on each ear, holding one conversation in English and another in Mandarin. 她每天都会冲进或冲出学校大厅一个没有窗户的办公室,有时会在两只耳朵旁各放一部电话,跟一方讲英语,跟另一方讲普通话。She also speaks Cantonese and a little Toisanese. 她还会说广东话和一点点台山话。She said her Fujianese needs work.她说她的福建话还有待提高。As with many schools in New York City, an overwhelming majority of the students at P.S. 160 are poor; the entire school qualifies for free lunch. 像纽约市的很多学校一样,第160公立学校的绝大多数学生都不富裕:全校的学生都有资格得到免费午餐。So the administration tries to pile on cultural activities, like violin lessons or dance classes, that students would otherwise miss.因此校方会尽力组织许多学生们本来没机会参与的文化活动,比如开设小提琴课或者舞蹈班。Other challenges are more singular: Each year, hundreds of students enroll who not only are new to the school and the country, but also are unfamiliar with their parents.该校面临的其他一些挑战则较为特别:每年都有数百名不仅刚刚来到这所学校和这个国家,而且连跟自己的父母都不熟的学生入学。Ms Chu said that most of their students who were born to recent Chinese immigrants were sent back to China as babies, spending a few years living with family so their parents could work. 朱说,出身于中国新移民家庭的学生,大多在婴儿时期曾被送回中国,跟亲属同住若干年,这样他们的父母就能出门赚钱了。While their children are gone, the parents, many of whom were in debt from their journey to the ed States, work grueling hours, often traveling around the country from one job to the next.趁着孩子不在身边,父母们——其中很多人是借债来美国的——会拼命打工,常常因为工作变动奔走于美国各地。When the children are old enough to start school, their parents bring them back.孩子到了上学的年龄,会被父母接回美国。It’s not uncommon for our population here, said Patrick So, the school’s social worker. 这种情况在我们这里并不鲜见,该校社工帕特里克#8226;苏(Patrick So)表示。He said that he asked a mother at the school recently, In six years, how many times did you see your kids?他说他最近在学校里问过一位母亲:六年里你见过孩子几次?She said, ‘Maybe a few months,’ Dr So said.她回答,‘可能一起待过几个月吧,’苏说。The school offers workshops in subjects like music and art, so parents can spend time with their children and bond without being distracted by work or things that might be going on at home. 学校开办了音乐、艺术等科目的培训班,使得家长既可以陪伴孩子,又不会因为工作或者待在家里时可能发生的一些事情而分心。Dr So also hosts workshops for parents on how to discipline children, how to talk to them.苏还为家长办过培训班,教他们如何管束孩子,如何跟孩子交谈。This is a risk-free place, and they can spend time here together, Ms Russo said. 这是一个无忧无虑的地方,他们可以在这里共度时光,鲁索说。They don’t know each other, and we want to foster that relationship.他们不了解彼此,我们想让他们之间的关系变得更加亲密。Wenming Chen, a president of the parents’ association at P.S. 160, said that when her son was less than a year old, she and her husband sent him to China to live with her in-laws. 第160公立学校家长协会会长陈雯明(音)说,她和丈夫在儿子还不到一岁的时候将他送回了中国,跟她的公婆一起生活。She worked in Ohio; Michigan; Richmond, Va.; and Chicago before settling in New York City, as she chipped away at her debt from her trip to America.定居纽约市前,她在俄亥俄州、密歇根、弗吉尼亚州里士满以及芝加哥工作过,还清了为来美国而欠下的债务。When her son returned from China, Ms Chen said, he was not O.K. 陈雯明说,儿子从中国回来的时候,情况很不好。He had been exposed to dangerous levels of lead while in China, she said, and he still struggles with learning disabilities as a result.她说,在中国生活期间,他接触了达到危险水平的铅,结果至今饱受学习障碍的困扰。The first time I saw him, there was nothing in his eyes, Ms Chen said. 我第一次看见他时,他的双眼是空洞的,陈雯明说。She and her husband also have a daughter, who is now in prekindergarten nearby. 她和丈夫还有一个女儿,目前在附近上幼儿园。After the experience with her son, she refused to send her daughter to China.有了儿子的前车之鉴,她拒绝把女儿送回中国。Ms Russo and her staff try hard to build bridges to the families. 鲁索及其员工正竭力搭建与学生的家庭之间的桥梁。In August, Ms Russo, Ms Chu and several other teachers and administrators took a trip to China, organized by Ms Chu, hoping to gain a better understanding of their school’s community. 今年8月,朱组织了一项活动:她和鲁索以及另外几名老师去了一趟中国,希望借此机会更好地理解学校的社区。Students and their parents seemed to find it validating, Ms Russo said, that school staff members took time to learn about their country and their culture. 鲁索说,学校教职员工花时间去了解他们的祖国和文化的举动,似乎得到了家长和学生的认同。It also gave those who went on the trip more perspective on the experience of their charges.中国行也让参与其中的几个人得以用不同的视角来看待孩子们的经历。You don’t speak the language, and you have to rely on people and you have to figure things out, said Debra Fox, a fifth-grade teacher. 你不会说当地的语言,你必须依靠他人,得去想办法,教五年级的黛布拉#8226;福克斯(Debra Fox)说。You realize how difficult it must be. 你意识到他们一定很不容易。I always knew that, we always knew, but to experience it for yourself. 我一直知道这一点,我们一直都知道的,但你还是得亲身体验一下。To go into a store and just kind of smile.走进一家商店,只需要露出微笑。It makes you realize, she added, how hard these little guys have it.这会让你意识到,她继续说道,这些小家伙有多么不容易。 /201611/479846

Baoneng Group faces the forced liquidation of its investment in China Vanke unless it can meet impending margin calls on its borrowing — in a demonstration of the risk of using leverage to build a stake for a hostile bid.宝能集团(Baoneng Group)对万科(China Vanke)的投资面临被迫变现,除非它能满足迫在眉睫的追加贷款保金要求。这展示了利用杠杆积累股权、实施敌意收购的风险。In recent weeks, Baoneng’s fight for control of Vanke, China’s largest residential developer, has fascinated the country’s financial community. Vanke chairman Wang Shi had previously branded the private owners of Baoneng “barbarians”, warning that a takeover by them would wreck Vanke’s corporate culture.最近几周,宝能对中国最大住宅开发商万科控制权的争夺,紧紧抓住了中国金融界的注意力。万科董事长王石此前称,宝能的私人所有者为“野蛮人”,警告被其收购将毁掉万科的企业文化。Yesterday, Vanke sent a letter to regulators alleging a wide range of violations related to Baoneng’s use of structured debt vehicles to finance its stakebuilding in its target.昨日,万科向多家监管部门提交了一份报告,指称宝能使用结构型债务工具积累万科股份的做法存在多项违规。Vanke’s Shenzhen-listed shares fell 1.8 per cent yesterday and are down 30 per cent since they resumed trading this month following a suspension that began on December 19.昨日,万科在深圳的股价下跌了1.8%,自本月复牌以来累计下跌30%。之前万科股票在去年12月19日开始停牌。Regardless of whether regulators act on Vanke’s allegations, the fall in its share price could force Baoneng — which owns 25 per cent of Vanke and is the developer’s largest shareholder — to dump some of its holding in order to repay the debt that it used to acquire it.无论监管部门是否对万科的指控采取行动,万科股价下跌都可能迫使持有其25%股份的最大股东宝能抛售部分万科股票,以偿还用以收购万科股票的债务。Baoneng has used bank loans and sales of high-yielding wealth management products by its life insurance unit to acquire its Vanke stake.宝能在收购万科股票时使用了贷款,并通过旗下寿险公司发行高收益理财产品。Last month, Huang Qifan, the powerful mayor of Chongqing, called for the government to examine how privately owned Baoneng raised the funds.上月,影响力很大的重庆市市长黄奇帆呼吁政府对私有的宝能集团的融资途径进行调查。A Baoneng unit, Shenzhen Jushenghua, acquired Rmb21.6bn (.2bn) worth of Vanke shares through nine different structured asset management plans created by several securities and fund management companies, according to the letter.万科报告称,宝能旗下的深圳钜盛华(Jushenghua)通过几家券商和基金公司创建的9个不同的结构型资产管理计划,收购了价值216亿元人民币(合32亿美元)的万科股票。Vanke’s criticism of Baoneng’s debt financing alludes to concerns over shadow banking. China’s stock market boom and bust last year was fuelled in part by borrowing from non-bank lenders — shadow banks — to fund stock purchases. Once prices began to fall, margin calls on the loans created a vicious cycle of lower prices and forced liquidation.万科对宝能债务融资的批评,提及了影子引起的担忧。去年中国股市的大涨大跌,在一定程度上得到了利用非贷款机构——影子——的贷款购买股票做法的助推。一旦股价下跌,追加保金的要求引发了股价下跌和被迫变现的恶性循环。“Small- and medium-sized investors, media and the public have expressed tremendous worry about whether Jushenghua’s high-leverage funding chain can continue, whether it will cause Vanke’s A-share price to drop off a cliff, and whether we will see a reappearance of the stock market disaster that led to systemic and herd-behaviour risk in 2015,” Vanke wrote.万科报告称,“中小股东、媒体、社会公众对于钜盛华的高杠杆资金链能否持续,是否会引发万科A股股价断崖式下跌,是否会再现2015年股灾期间二级市场系统性踩踏风险,表示了极大顾虑。”Jushenghua’s vehicles used a 2:1 leverage ratio typical of structured asset management plans.钜盛华的融资工具使用了常见于结构型资管计划的2:1的杠杆。Banks bought the senior tranches worth two-thirds of the total value, while Jushenghua put up the final third, comprising the subordinate tranche.作为优先级份额持有人,买入了这些资管产品总价值的三分之二,钜盛华作为劣后级份额持有人,持有其余的三分之一。To protect the senior tranche-holders against losses, the plans require asset managers to liquidate shares if Vanke’s stock price falls 20 per cent — unless the subordinate tranche-holder injects additional cash into the fund.为保护优先级份额持有人不受损失,资管计划要求资产管理公司在万科股价下跌20%的情况下卖出万科股票——除非劣后级份额持有人注入更多资金。Baoneng and Jushenghua did not respond to requests for comment.宝能和钜盛华没有回应记者的置评请求。 /201607/455662Government employees in two Chinese cities can now enjoy 2.5 days#39; weekly leave, twice a month, starting from April 1.中国两座城市的机关事业单位工作人员自4月1日起,每月可以享受两次2.5天的周末。Jinzhong in north China#39;s Shanxi Province and Ji#39;an in east China#39;s Jiangxi Province, are the first in China to adopt a new policy which encourages people to take Friday afternoons off to make a longer weekend.中国北部的山西省晋中市和中国东部的江西省吉安市成为全国第一批采取这一新政策的城市。该新政策鼓励人们每周五下午休息,从而拥有一个较长的周末假期。The change comes after the central government issued a document on promoting tourism, which called on local authorities to allow flexible work schedules to give employees more weekend vacation time.这一转变是在中央政府出台促进旅游业发展的文件后开始的。该文件呼吁当地政府允许弹性工作计划,让员工有更多的周末假期。Giving further details, the National Tourism Administration said the 2.5 days weekly leave policy would not involve a cut in working hours, as time could be made up on other days, guaranteeing a 40-hour working week.国家旅游局进一步解释称,2.5天的休假政策将不会使得工作时间减少,因为其他工作日的时间可以用来弥补并保每周40小时的工作时间。The new policy applies to people working for government departments as well as some public institutions.据悉,这项新政策适用于在政府部门工作的人员,也适用于一些事业单位。The local authorities in Jinzhong and Ji#39;an have promised the new system won#39;t affect the availability of their services for the public on Friday afternoons.晋中和吉安两市的地方政府已经承诺,新政策的实施不会影响到周五下午公众务的可用性。 /201604/435985

One spot of the Great Wall, one of the world#39;s most recognizable landmarks, recently accommodated a set built and abandoned by a film crew in May in Beijing, a local newspaper reported.长城是世界公认的一个地标性建筑,据当地报纸报道,一个五月进驻的剧组在长城北京段的一处地点搭建了布景,却在拍摄后将这个布景留在了当地。According to the Legal Evening News, a film crew built a set which included a prop ancient tower for a scene. After they finished shooting, they left without dismantling the set.法制晚报称,剧组搭建的布景中主要包括一个古代道具城楼,用于一个场景的拍摄。但是在完成拍摄后,他们在没有拆除布景的情况下离开了。The remains of the prop set are still at the section of the Great Wall in Mentougou, Beijing, built near the No. 3 Watchtower. There are 17 ancient watchtowers which were recognized by China#39;s cultural authorities as cultural relics under protection. The leftovers, which are incompatible with the original scenery, have indeed harmed the environment and historical landscape.这个道具的残存还留在长城的北京门头沟段,在“沿字三号敌台”附近。这处地点分布的17座古代敌台被中国文物局认为文物保护单位。道具城楼破破烂烂,与原来的景色显得格格不入,严重破坏了长城的环境和历史风貌。Local village residents have no idea what the film is about. They didn#39;t know the film title, the director, the actors or anything else except the fact that it is a film or TV series set in ancient China. One villager surnamed Tang said, the crew went to this place to shoot in May, and built many buildings for the set, but wrapped up the filming very quickly and left.当地村民表示他们只知道这是一部古装剧或电影,但是对于电影内容、电影名称、导演、演员和其他一切都不清楚。一位唐姓村民说,这个剧组是五月来的,搭建了很多道具,但是没拍多久就离开了。The Party chief of the local village Li Zhengrong also said she didn#39;t know anything regarding a title or the names of the crew or the film. She only remembered that the crew paid a few residents for their help in assisting with labor of certain kind.村党委书记李正荣也称自己并不清楚电影亦或是剧组的名称,和任何关于电影的情况。她只记得剧组给了当地居民一些报酬,让他们帮剧组干活。Other village and township officials, as well as cultural departments, said they didn#39;t even know this had happened as the location is remote, far away from urban Beijing and they didn#39;t see any documents from a higher administration approving the filming in May. ;Some crews only shoot for one or two days. We don#39;t really notice this, as we only patrol from time to time,; said an employee from the Mentougou District cultural committee.其他乡镇领导以及文化部门甚至不知道这件事情的存在,因为该地比较偏僻,距北京城很远,而且他们也没有看到上级部门同意电影于五月拍摄的文件。门头沟文化委员会的一个工作人员称:“一些剧组只拍一两天,他们有时进行巡视,所以没有注意到这件事。”According to Beijing#39;s rules and regulations, such film shooting must first be approved and the set should be removed after the shooting with all the processes leaving cultural relics unharmed. Otherwise, the crew will be punished and fined, and the tapes would be confiscated.根据北京法律法规,这种借景文物拍摄的电影必须首先经过审批,完成拍摄后,布景道具必须拆除,全过程不允许损害文物。不然,剧组会被惩罚及罚款,胶片也会被收缴。The local authorities said they will investigate the case and locate those responsible for this.当地政府称他们会调查这起事件并追责。There is a precedent case where a film crew built a set near the same spot in October 2013 and left after filming was done. They removed and cleaned the set last November after media exposure. However, the same thing has happened again.这起事件已有先例,2013年10月,一个影视剧组在相同的地点搭建布景,完成电影后直接离开。直到去年10月媒体曝光后才拆除清理了道具。然而相同的事情又再次发生。 /201510/403933Young people in China aged between 14 and 35 spend more than a quarter of their lives online, according to a report on Internet behavior published jointly by the Communist Youth League and the Sogou search engine.据一份由共青团和搜联合发布的网络行为调查报告显示,中国14岁到35岁的年轻人,其生命中四分之一的时间都在上网。The report says, in the past year, those born in the 1980s spent 6.2 hours per day on the Internet. While the 90#39;s generation went online for 6.5 hours.报告称,在过去一年中,80后每天上网6.2个小时,而90后每天上网6.5小时。10 p.m. is the most active time for younger net users.晚上10点是年轻网民最活跃的时间。The young online users input 29 billion characters each day, with the emoji symbol meaning ;I don#39;t know whether to cry or to laugh; the most commonly used.这些年轻网民们每天要打290亿个字,“笑哭”是使用最多的表情。Speech input is gaining in popularity, especially among younger users, according to the report.该报告指出,语音输入越来越受欢迎,尤其是在年轻用户之间。The Sogou Pinyin, a popular Chinese input software, receives 240 million speech inputs on average every day.用户每天会使用中国流行的输入软件--搜拼音,语音输入2.4亿个字。The report also said that although young Chinese net users generally have a strong personality and like to complain, they have strong awareness of patriotism and are more rational when faced with rumors.报告还称,虽然中国网民个性越来越强、越来越爱吐槽,但是他们具有很强的爱国主义意识,面对谣言时也更理性。 /201706/512930Beijing#39;s environment authorities last Friday vowed zero tolerance to falsification of environmental figures, after Net users complained that mist cannons, or the ;magic smog cleaner,; are used around the capital#39;s air quality monitoring stations so that the data gathered will be more ;satisfying.;北京环保部门上周五宣布,将对环保数据造假的行为零容忍,因为有网民称有人在首都空气质量检测站附近使用驱雾炮和“魔力雾霾清洁剂”,使收集的数据更令人满意。The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced on its website that they have been insisting on the principle from the beginning to end to make sure the monitoring data are accurate and reliable, vowing to investigate the falsification of data.北京市环保局在其官网上声明,他们自始至终都坚持这样的原则:监测数据要准确可信,对造假行为严惩不贷。Since last year, many Beijing residents have written online that mist cannons are only used around some air quality monitoring sites, which shows a tenfold drop in ings compared with nearby regions.自去年开始,有许多北京市民在网上表示,驱雾炮只用于空气质量监测点附近,这使得空气污染指数与周边地区相比下降了十倍。Data from monitoring sites serves as key input to central and local governments for policy-making on environmental protection, which under no circumstances should be tampered, Wang Gengchen, a research fellow from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Global Times on Friday.中国科学院大气物理研究所研究员王庚辰在上周五接受《环球时报》采访时表示,监测点的数据是中央和地方政府指定环保政策时的重要依据,无论如何都不该被伪造。Besides the data falsification, China#39;s environmental inspectors and officers are often blocked during their inspection.除了伪造数据,中国的环境检测员在检测环境过程中还常常会被拒之门外。According to information regularly released on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, law enforcement officers in Jinan, capital of East China#39;s Shandong Province, were held for one hour by staff from a local company during an inspection on April 16. The company also refused to provide any data and shut the doors of its offices during the inspection.据环境保护部官网定期发布的信息显示,4月16日,山东省济南市的检测人员在检查一家公司时,被该公司员工扣留了一个小时。此外,公司还拒绝在检查期间提供任何数据并关闭办公室。Separately, work certificates of inspectors in Xingtai, Hebei were snatched during an inspection on April 17.另外,河北省邢台市检查员的工作书在4月17日检查期间也一度被抢。As China enhances its efforts to curb air pollution, it often faces resistance from local companies, as the cost of violation, which might include fines and detention in China, is far lower than the cost of compliance. In some cases, companies are even shielded by local governments, which makes independent inspection more necessary.随着中国治理空气污染进程的加快,环保部门常常面临着当地企业的抵抗,因为违规成本(包括罚款和拘留)远远低于合规成本。有时当地政府还会包庇违规企业,这就使得独立检查势在必行。However, cheating or hindering inspectors from local governments is intolerable, as government bodies are fully aware of the consequences of the illegal behavior, Wang noted.王庚辰指出,由于政府部门已经深刻意识到这些违法行为的后果,因此会对作弊和阻挠环保部门执法的行为采取零容忍的态度。 /201705/508676

Carmakers are gearing up for a year of intense competition in China as the world’s largest auto market by sales faces both slowing growth and changing tastes in the form of electric cars and sports utility vehicles. 汽车制造商正准备迎接中国市场激烈竞争的一年。世界最大的汽车市场目前面临着增长放缓和品味变化——转向电动汽车和运动型多功能车(SUV)。 This time last year, global executives were bracing for a potential slowdown and a “new normal” of moderate sales growth to match a slowing mainland economy. 去年这个时候,全球汽车业高管们正准备迎接中国经济即将放缓的局面,以及与此相应的汽车销量小幅增长的“新常态”。 Fears became reality when the stock market rout last summer in China sent consumer sentiment into a nosedive. Sales dropped year on year from June to August, before a tax cut for small-engine vehicles in October propped up sales to finish 2015 with a growth rate of 4.7 per cent year-on-year. 去年夏天中国股市暴跌导致消费者信心一落千丈时,这样的担心成为了现实。6至8月期间销量同比下降。但10月份出台了针对小排量汽车的减税措施,提振了销量,使2015年全年销量增长4.7%。 After a bumpy run, global carmakers at the biennial Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, which opens on Monday, are keen to prove they are well positioned in China’s rapidly maturing market. 经历这一波折后,在周一开幕的两年一度的北京国际汽车展览会(Beijing International Automotive Exhibition)上,全球汽车制造商急于明自己在迅速走向成熟的中国市场处于有利地位。 Shifting consumption patterns have made SUVs one of the country’s most promising growth segments, with sales surging by more than 50 per cent in the first quarter of 2016 compared with the same period last year, in contrast to sedan sales which declined 1 per cent. 变化的消费模式使SUV成为中国汽车市场最有前景的板块之一,2016年第一季度销量同比飙升逾50%,相比之下,轿车销量下降1%。 That mirrors the growing popularity of gas-guzzling SUVs elsewhere in the world as fuel costs have followed the price of oil lower. 这与世界其他地方的趋势相符:由于燃料成本跟随油价走低,耗油的SUV车日益受欢迎。 The shift has helped established a beachhead for local automakers, according to Bill Russo, a Shanghai-based consultant. 据常驻上海的汽车行业顾问比尔#8226;鲁索(Bill Russo)介绍,这种转变帮助本土汽车制造商建立了一座桥头堡。 “For sedans, multinationals had the advantage but for utility vehicles seven out of the top 10 models are Chinese brands” thanks to their lower costs, he says. The trend is here to stay, he adds: “Utility is like a drug — once you have it, you’re hooked”. 他表示,“跨国公司在轿车方面具有优势,但对于多功能车,前10个车型中有7个是中国品牌,”这是得益于它们的成本较低。他补充说,“多功能车就像毒品——一旦你拥有了它,你就会上瘾”。因此这一趋势将会持续。 The move has put pressure on foreign brands as local carmakers have also improved their quality significantly in recent years, according to analysts. 分析师们表示,这种局面给外国品牌带来了压力,因为本土汽车制造商在近几年显著提升了质量。 “Multinationals are in a dilemma over whether to cut costs to compete,” says Yale Zhang, a Shanghai-based consultant. “跨国公司陷于要不要为了竞争而削减成本的两难境地,”常驻上海的顾问张豫(Yale Zhang)表示。 Domestic automakers are looking to expand on their newly privileged position. IHS Automotive predicts production of 50 new SUV models to be launched in China this year and says that 78 per cent of these will be domestic brands. 国内汽车制造商正寻求扩大自己新的有利地位。思迈汽车信息咨询公司(IHS Automotive)预计,今年中国将投产50款新的SUV车型,而且78%将是国产品牌。 Global automakers are aly revving up efforts to regain ground by bringing their most successful top-end models from home. Ford, for instance, will use the Beijing Expo to launch its F-150 Raptor in China, a popular pick-up truck in the US, as part of efforts to “inspire a generation of off-road enthusiasts,” says John Lawler, chief executive of Ford Motor China. 全球汽车制造商已经加紧努力,从自己的本土市场引进最成功的高端车型,以求收复失地。例如福特(Ford)将借这次北京车展在中国市场发布F-150猛禽(Raptor),这是一款在美国很受欢迎的皮卡。福特中国首席执行官罗力强(John Lawler)表示,此举是“激励一代越野爱好者”的努力的一部分。 But bigger is not the only way carmakers hope to do better in the Chinese market: electric cars also remain a priority for any auto brand looking to get ahead. 但是,“更大”并不是汽车制造商希望在中国市场更上层楼的唯一途径:对于任何寻求领先的汽车品牌来说,电动汽车也是一个重点领域。 While they are still only a small segment of the overall market, greater numbers of “new energy vehicles” are a strategic goal for Beijing even if the demand is not yet there. 尽管它们仍只占整个市场的一小部分,但是提高“新能源汽车”的销量是北京方面的一个战略目标,即使大量需求尚未出现。 The government is aiming for yearly sales to top 3m units by 2025, after growth of nearly 300 per cent in 2015 to 330,000. 政府的目标是到2025年每年销量达到300万辆;2015年电动汽车销量增长近300%,达到33万辆。 Li Keqiang, China’s premier, said in February that the government would step up support for the electric vehicle industry by shifting funds away from subsidies for production to rewarding companies that come up with new technologies and hit sales targets. 中国总理李克强在2月份表示,政府将加大对电动汽车产业的持,把资金从补贴生产转向奖励那些研发出新技术和达到销量目标的企业。 “Everyone is under pressure to show their latest NEV [new energy vehicle] models” at the Beijing Expo, says Janet Lewis of Macquarie. But margins will remain low for electric vehicles for a few years to come, she adds. “Right now, selling NEVs is not a profitable proposition.” 麦格理(Macquarie)的珍妮特#8226;刘易斯(Janet Lewis)表示,“大家都有压力,都要(在北京车展)展示各自最新款的新能源车。”但她补充道,未来几年电动汽车的利润率将保持在较低水平。“眼下卖新能源车赚不了钱。” A survey from McKinsey suggests that electric vehicles are gaining traction, helped by government policies that make it easier to get a licence plate for electric vehicles in China’s largest cities. 麦肯锡(McKinsey)的一项调查似乎表明,在政府政策的帮助下,电动汽车正在打开市场。在中国大城市,电动汽车更易上牌。 As in the SUV segment, foreign leaders still face local competition. LeEco, a Chinese tech company, became the latest to enter the space, last week [of Apr 18] announcing a new all-electric concept car christened LeSEE. 与在SUV市场一样,外国领先企业在电动汽车领域也面临来自本土品牌的竞争。中国科技公司乐视(LeEco)成为最新一家挤入市场的竞争者,在4月18日宣布了全电动概念车LeSEE。 “These [technology] companies are almost on par with Silicon Valley,” says Clemens Wasner at EFS, a consultancy. “In a western country their entry into the market would not be economically viable, but in China it might be.” “这些(科技)公司几乎与硅谷不相上下,”咨询公司EFS的克莱门斯#8226;瓦斯纳(Clemens Wasner)表示。“在西方国家它们进入市场在经济上不会可行,但在中国也许可行。” /201604/439399

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