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But this question lingers and I continued to be troubled by the unequal distribution of scientific knowledge throughout the world.但这个问题仍旧萦绕着我,我依旧会被世界上科学知识的分布不均衡问题所困扰。We have learned to edit the human genome and unlock many secrets of how cancer progress.我们已经学会编辑人类基因组,揭开了许多癌症形成的秘密。We can manipulate neuron activity literally with the switch of light.我们甚至可以通过光束来操控大脑神经元的活动。Each year with more advances in Biomedical research, exciting transformative accomplishments.每一年生物医学领域都有巨大进步和让人兴奋的、颠覆性的伟大成就。Yet, despite the knowledge we have amassed, we haven’t been so successful in deploying it to where it’s needed most.然而,尽管人类已经掌握和积累了大量知识,但是我们还是没能很好地把它们运用在最需要的地方。According to the World Bank, 12% of the world population lives on less than 2 dollars a day.据世界统计,目前世界仍有12%的人一天的生活费不到2美元。Malnutrition kills more than 3 million children annually.每年超过三百万的儿童死于营养不良。Three hundred million people are afflicted by Malaria globally.全球有三亿人正受疟疾折磨。All over the world, we constantly see these problems of poverty, illness, and lack of resources impeding the flow of scientific information.在世界各地,我们经常看到贫穷、疾病和资源短缺这些问题,这些都阻碍了科学知识的传播。Life-saving knowledge we take for granted in our modern world is over-unavailable in the underdeveloped regions.现代社会里那些习以为常的救生知识在不发达地区还未普及。And so, in far too many places, people are still essentially trying to cure a spider bite with fire.于是,在世界上很多地区,人们仍然用火疗的方法来处理蜘蛛咬伤事件。While studying at Harvard, I saw how scientific knowledge can help others in simple, yet profound ways.在哈佛学习期间,我知道了科学知识是如何用简单的又深刻的方式帮助到其他人的。The bird flu pandemic in the 2000s looked to my village like a spell cast by demons.在2000年的时候,禽流感肆虐,对我们村而言,这种病就像是魔鬼的诅咒。Our folk medicine didn’t even have half-measures to offer.在我们的民间治疗中根本找不到解决办法。Whats more, farmers did not know the difference between the common cold and flu.更严重的是,农民们不知道普通的感冒和流感之间的区别。They did not understand that the flu was much more lethal than common cold.他们不明白流感比普通的感冒要致命地多。Most were also unaware that the virus could transmit across different animal species.而且,大部分人根本不了解流感病毒可以在不同物种间传播。So when I realized that simple hygiene practices like separating different animal species could help to contain the sp of the disease,所以当我了解了简单有效的卫生措施,比如隔离不同的物种可以遏制疾病的传播,and that I could help make this knowledge available to my village.并把这样的信息告诉我的村民。That was my first ;aha; moment as a bioscientist.我的心里第一次有了作为生物科学家的成就感。201606/447322。

  • Now, as an introvert, I might gently allude to certain ;assholic; qualities in this mans behavior,作为一名内向者,我也许会委婉地暗示这个人的行为确实比较混蛋,but Im not going to lunge for the a-word.但我不会直接使用“混蛋”这个词。But the extrovert says, ;If he walks like one, if he talks like one, I call him one.;但外向者会说,“如果他表现得像个混蛋,我就会称他混蛋。”And we go past each other.这就是我们的不同。Now is this something that we should be heedful of? Of course.这一点我们是不是需要留意呢?那是当然。Its important that we know this.这一点非常重要。Is that all we are? Are we just a bunch of traits?但这就完了吗?我们就只有这几种特点吗?No, were not. Remember, youre like some other people and like no other person.并非如此。别忘了,你们跟一些人很像但又独一无二。How about that idiosyncratic you?这个独一无二的你,到底是什么样的呢?As Elizabeth or as George, you may share your extroversion or your neuroticism.伊丽莎白们或者乔治们,你们可能都有些外向或者神经过敏。But are there some distinctively Elizabethan features of your behavior, or Georgian of yours,但你们的行为中是不是有些伊丽莎白独有的或者乔治独有的特点,that make us understand you better than just a bunch of traits? That make us love you?能让我们更好地了解你?而不是简单地对号入座?能让我们喜欢上你?Not just because youre a certain type of person.不仅仅因为你是某种特定类型的人。Im uncomfortable putting people in pigeonholes.我不喜欢把人放进鸽子笼里然后贴上标签。I dont even think pigeons belong in pigeonholes.我甚至觉得鸽子都不应该待在鸽子笼里。So what is it that makes us different?究竟是什么让我们与众不同呢?Its the doings that we have in our life -- the personal projects.是我们一生的所作所为——我们的个人事业。You have a personal project right now, but nobody may know it here.你们大家都有个人事业,但可能谁都没有意识到。201608/463032。
  • 英语会话800句 30 /200608/9118。
  • VOA流行美语 54: PAIN IN THE NECK, HAVE HAD ITpain in the neckto have had it今天Michael会教李华两个常用语:pain in the neck和to have had it。M:Hello? I'm sorry. I'm not interested. No. No thank you. Look, I said I am not interested! (sound of phone hanging up)L: Michael,是谁打来的电话,让你这么生气啊?M: That was someone who wanted to sell me a magazine subscription over the phone. Those people are such a pain in the neck!L: 嗯,我也不喜欢别人在电话里跟我推销东西。可是你叫他们什么?A pain in the neck?M: That's right. Pain. A pain in the neck is something that is just very very annoying.L: 噢,我明白了,"a pain in the neck"就是指讨厌到了极点。M: Exactly. I can't stand telemarketers. When I get home and finally sit down, they always call. What a pain!L: 那是真的很讨厌。哎,"a pain in the neck"是不是只能形容人呢?M: Not always. Things or situations can be a "pain in the neck".L: 噢, 所以,"a pain in the neck"还可以拿来指某样东西,或者是某种处境。那我可不可以说"It is such a pain in the neck when the electricity goes out"?M: You've got it! And it really was a pain in the neck, too! I couldn't do anything last week when we had the blackout. I couldn't cook, couldn't watch TV......L: 哎哟,不能看电视算得上什么"pain in the neck"。那天我开车回家,马路上连红绿灯都坏了,那才叫不方便呢。M: Yeah, well that's all over now. Oh man! It's my neighbor again! He always plays his drums in the evening. It's such a pain in the neck.L: 原来是你的邻居,他又在练习打鼓啊。唉,我也有个讨厌的邻居,她那只总是叫个不停,有时候晚上睡着了又给那吵醒了。真是个"pain in the neck"。M: Yeah, well if it's that bad, why don't you ask your neighbor to do something about it.L: 有啊。可是她不但不改,还和我们耍态度呢。这个人啊,也是个"pain in the neck"。M: I guess the only thing worse than telemarketers are noisy neighbors.******M: I have had it! That guy has got to stop doing this.....I've got to call him.L: 等等,Michael,你说"I have had it",那是什么意思啊?M: It means that I am so annoyed by something that I cannot stand it any longer.L: 噢,"I have had it"就是你再也无法忍受了,是不是?M: That's right. When we say "I have had it," we just mean that we have been dealing with the problem for a long time, and can't stand it any longer.L: 哎,Michael,这次让我来接。(Speaking to phone in English) Hello? No, sorry, I'm not interested. No, I'm not the lady of the house. Listen, we've had it with you telemarketers! Leave us alone! (hangs up loudly)M: Wow, looks like you learned this phrase quickly. Don't you think you were a bit rude with them?L: 什么?你说我粗鲁?哎呀,我真是受不了你。你这个人啊,就是没有魄力,什么事也做不成。你讨厌谁就直接告诉他嘛。还有啊,为什么你不敢理直气壮告诉你的邻居他打鼓的声音太吵了。光坐在那儿抱怨有什么用吗?M: Alright then, I've really had it with my neighbor. I'm going to do something about it this time.L: (Mocking tone of voice) 哟,Michael,这回来真的啦。你要做什么,打电话向你妈咪诉苦吗?M: I've had it with you too, Li Hua. You always laugh at me. You can be such a pain in the neck!L: 哎呀,Michael,对不起嘛。我不是故意要气你的啦!不过你说的也没错,有的时候我还真的是"pain in the neck"。M: No.....no. You're not really a pain in the neck. The noise is just making me crazy. I'm going to call that guy and tell him to stop.今天李华学的两个常用语都和人的情绪有关,pain in the neck是讨厌到了极点,to have had it是再也无法忍受下去了。 /200602/3129。
  • 4_04 Immigration Here’s my passport. 这是我的护照. Here’s my immigration form. 这是我的入境表. My return ticket is inside. 我的回程机票在里面. I just arrived from Taiwan. 我刚从台湾到这里. I’m here on vacation. 我来这里度假. I have a tourist visa. 我有观光签. I’ll be in the States for two weeks.我将在美国待两周. I’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn.我将住在假日饭店. Thank you for helping me. 感谢你帮忙. /200706/14149。
  • 即学即用英语会话词典A部分:离婚 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14904。
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