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郑州市第一人民医院做去疤手术多少钱郑州颐和医院祛疤手术多少钱That ran counter to our core belief.这将同我们的核心信念背道而驰Technology should benefit everyone.技术应当让每个人受益So we worked to close the digital divide.于是我们开始行动 试图缩小这一数字鸿沟I made a priority at Microsoft,我原来在微软and Melinda and I made it an early priority at our Foundation.以及我和梅琳达在盖茨基金会早期都确立了Donating personal computers to public libraries向公共图书馆捐赠个人计算机这一优先事务to make sure that everyone had access.以帮助每个人获得计算机使用权The digital divide was a focus of mine in 1997,1997年 这一数字鸿沟是我的主要关注焦点when I took my first trip to South Africa.当时我是第一次去南非I went there on business.我是出公差So I spent most of my time in meetings in downtown Johannesburg.大多数时间都在约翰内斯堡中心城区开会I stayed in the home of one of the richest families of South Africa.住在南非国内非常有钱的一位富豪家里It had only been three years since the election of Nelson Mandela当时离纳尔逊?曼德拉当选只有三年时间marked the end of apartheid.种族隔离刚刚终结When I sat down for dinner with my hosts,我同屋子的主人坐在一起用餐they used a bell to call the butler.主人用铃来呼唤仆人After dinner, the women and men separated and the men smoked cigars.餐后 女人们会和男人们分开 男人们会去抽雪茄I thought, good thing I Jane Austen,我心想 幸好我读过简·奥斯汀的作品or I wouldnt have known what was going on.否则我估计根本无法理解这里发生了什么201411/341822郑州/市中医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱 Thats the end of that.这个故事讲完了。The next story is called In Praise of the Taxpayer.下一个故事叫作《纳税人的荣耀》。That so many of the citys most venerable taxpayers have survived yet another commercial building boom,is cause for celebration.这个城市里,很多受人尊崇的纳税人又逃过了一次拆旧楼建新的商业大楼浪潮的劫难。他们为此庆祝。These one or two story structures,designed to yield only enough income to cover the taxes on the land on which they stand,were not meant to be permanent buildings.设计这些一两层的建筑,也只期望它们获得的收入能付得起土地租金就行了,并不把它们当做这长久的建筑。Yet for one reason or another they have confounded the efforts of developers to be combined into lots suitable for high-rise construction.然而由于种种原因,这些低层建筑常常困扰开发商让他们不知道该如何把这些零星的点组合成一块适合高层建筑的地皮。Although they make no claim to architectural beauty,they are, in their perfect temporariness,a delightful alternative to the large-scale structures that might someday take their place.虽然不能说这些小楼房有什么建筑设计的美感,但是,在它们这短暂存在的这段时间里,的确是钢筋水泥高楼林立的城市中一道亮丽的风景线,尽管最终要被取代。The most perfect examples occupy corner lots.最突出的例子就是拐角处的小楼盘。They offer a pleasant respite from the high-density development around them.它们是被迅猛发展的高楼包围着的一片惬意的栖息地。A break of light and air,这些小楼房为这高密度的水泥森林提供缕缕阳光和清新空气,an architectural biding of time.它们在和时间赛跑。So buried in signage are these structures,这些小楼房就这样被淹没在形形色色的商标之中,that it often takes a moment to distinguish the modern specially constructed taxpayer from its neighbor:以至于,要把它们的应纳税款和那些,附近的特别设计的大楼房区分开来,还得花些时间。the small commercial building from an earlier century,这是栋上世纪的小型商业建筑。whose upper floors have been sealed,他们的上面几层已经被查封了。and whose groundfloor space now functions as a taxpayer.但是一楼还营业着,并且缴着税。201512/417929新乡市激光祛胎记多少钱

河南省郑州/市额头除皱多少钱郑州/治疗多毛怎么样 My Lord Mayor, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is again an honour to attend this wonderful dinner and to speak to you as Chancellor for the fifth time.Lord Mayor, I remember coming here to Mansion House, just weeks after the government was formed in 2010 – with Britain on the brink of an economic crisis – to give my first major speech on the task ahead.I set out for you the economic plan we would follow, and I drew on the words Winston Churchill had uttered in this very hall, to say that while Britain could not pretend our travails were at an end, we were at least at the end of the beginning.In the four years since, supported by the resolution and sacrifice of the British people, we have worked through that plan.Now we are starting to see the results:Britain growing faster than any advanced economy in the world.A record number of people in work.Now strong business investment on the back of low business taxes.And a budget deficit this year set to be half what it was.Last week, the IMF said that our resolute fiscal policy had been in their words an ‘anchor for the British economy’ that had maintained confidence and stability in the face of the storm.And I want to say to the business and financial community: you did not waver; you stuck with us and I thank you.But the task is far from complete; and there are many risks to the progress we have made.Abroad, the risks stem from the weak eurozone, unpredictable geopolitics and the slowdown in some emerging markets.At home, our economy is still too unbalanced, so I am the first to say we need to continue our efforts to boost business investment, exports and housing supply.But the biggest risk comes from the tendency in parts of our body politics – the left and now too the populist right – to wage a war on enterprise, regulate prices, propose penal taxes, close Britain to business and return to the old ways of borrow and spend.We must win this battle.And go on confronting Britain’s problems with long term answers that will build an economy for everyone.So while I know this is my fifth speech to you as Chancellor; I hope it is not my last.For I want to finish the job.Lord Mayor, tonight we are joined by someone attending their first Mansion House dinner.Our Governor of the Bank of England.Mark, we all thank you for the integrity, intelligence and international reach you have brought to the challenges of the last year.And we look forward to what you have to say.Our 3 new Deputy Governors – Jon Cunliffe, Ben Broadbent and Minouche Shafik, together with Andrew Bailey, complete what I immodestly think is the strongest team of any central bank in the world.The Court continues the oversight of the Bank’s work, and at the end of this month Anthony Habgood will replace David Lees as its Chair.David, thank you for helping steer the Bank through the big reforms of recent years and the appointment of a new Governor.And thank you too to Charlie Bean for the 6 years he has given our nation as Deputy Governor.We are lucky that one of our greatest economists has chosen to dedicate his life to public service for so long.The Bank of England now sits back where it belongs, at the heart of our financial system – supervising the prudential regulation of our banks and insurers, thanks to the reforms I announced in my first speech here at the Mansion House in 2010.And in each speech since, I have set out new steps to strengthen the resilience of our economy and the financing that underpins it.2011, Ringfencing our retail banks2012, launching funding for LendingLast year, restructuring the Royal Bank of Scotland and firing the starting gun on the sale of our stake in Lloyds.It would be tempting this year, at the Mansion House, to pause for breath.But our task is far from complete – and today I will announce further changes to build that resilient economy for all and the strong, competitive financial services that should contribute to it.201504/368523三门峡市祛疤手术多少钱

三门峡市治疗黑脸娃娃多少钱I thought I would start with a very brief我觉得我得从城市的历史history of cities.简单说起Settlements typically began人们聚井而居with people clustered around a well, and the size揭开了典型的定居生活of that settlement was roughly the distance you could walk而这种定居的范围,也不过是你头顶着一盆水with a pot of water on your head.所能走的距离罢了In fact, if you fly over Germany, for example,其实,假如你能从德国上空飞过and you look down and you see these hundreds往下看,你会看到数以百计的小村庄of little villages, theyre all about a mile apart.每个距离约一英里You needed easy access to the fields.这样你就到地里去就很方便了And for hundreds, even thousands of years,几百几千年以来the home was really the center of life.家就是生活的中心Life was very small for most people.所以对大多数人来说,生活范围其实很小It was the center of entertainment, of energy production,家是欢乐,动力of work, the center of health care.工作,和医疗的中心Thats where babies were born and people died.在那里,也有生老病死Then, with industrialization, everything started之后工业化的兴起,to become centralized.一切开始变得集中起来You had dirty factories that were moved那些污浊不堪的工厂to the outskirts of cities.都搬到了郊外Production was centralized in assembly plants.产品也都被集中到装配厂You had centralized energy production.我们还把能源生产也集中起来Learning took place in schools. Health care took place学校是学习用的in hospitals.医院是治病用的And then you had networks that developed.然后网络也发展起来了You had water, sewer networks that allowed for this供水管网,污水管网也使得kind of unchecked expansion.不断的扩张成为了可能You had separated functions, increasingly.慢慢地,我们把不同的职能给区分开来You had rail networks that connected residential,铁路网连接到了住宅区industrial, commercial areas. You had auto networks.工业区和商业区,汽车交通网也建立起来了In fact, the model was really, give everybody a car,事实上,这个模式就是,给每人一辆车build roads to everything, and give people a place to park把路给修起来,然后在人们停车的地方when they get there. It was not a very functional model.弄个车库,其实这并不是一个行得通的模式And we still live in that world,但我们依旧生活在这样的环境下and this is what we end up with.所以这就是我们所得到的So you have the sprawl of LA,所以就有了洛杉矶的扩展区the sprawl of Mexico City.墨西哥城的扩展区You have these unbelievable new cities in China在中国匪夷所思般崛起了各种新城市which you might call tower sprawl.也可以称为“雨后春笋”Theyre all building cities on the model that we invented他们都是基于我们在50年代或60年代发明的模式in the 50s and 60s, which is really obsolete, I would argue,在建城市,我觉得这样是跟不上时代的and there are hundreds and hundreds of new cities而此时此刻,不计其数的城市that are being planned all over the world.正在世界各地紧锣密鼓筹备兴建In China alone, 300 million people,单中国来说,3亿人口,some say 400 million people,有的说4亿will move to the city over the next 15 years.将会在接下来的15年里搬迁到城市里That means building the entire, the equivalent这就等同于要美国of the entire built infrastructure of the U.S. in 15 years.在15年内建造起整个国家基础设施Imagine that.想象一下And we should all care about this我们都应该关注一下whether you live in cities or not.不管你是否住在城里Cities will account for 90 percent of the population growth,城市主宰着90%的人口增长80 percent of the global CO2, 75 percent of energy use,全球80%的CO2,75%的能源消费but at the same time its where people want to be,同时,也是人们向往的地方increasingly.这情况与日剧增More than half the people now in the world live in cities,现在世界上一半以上的人口住在城市里and that will just continue to escalate.而且还会不断增加Cities are places of celebration, personal expression.城市是人们庆祝和表现的地方You have the flash mobs of pillow fights that a”城市里有枕头大战的快闪族——Ive been to a couple. Theyre quite fun. 我去过几次,还真有趣。You have”还有——Cities are where most of the wealth is created,城市是大部分财富的来源and particularly in the developing world,尤其是在发展中国家its where women find opportunities. Thats妇女也能拥有各种机遇,所以a lot of the reason why cities are growing very quickly.有很多原因可以解释为何城市发展如此快速Now theres some trends that will impact cities.但某些趋势会影响到城市First of all, work is becoming distributed and mobile.首先,工作遵循分配模式而且不再一成不变The office building is basically obsolete办公大楼基本淘汰了for doing private work.私人的工作The home, once again, because of distributed computation --由于有了分布式通信和分布式计算communication, is becoming a center of life,家,再一次成为了生活的中心so its a center of production and learning and shopping家成为了生产,学习,购物,还有医疗and health care and all of these things that we used还有那些我们认为to think of as taking place outside of the home.都是在家外发生的一切的中心And increasingly, everything that people buy,渐渐地,所有人们买的东西every consumer product, in one way or another,所有的消费品,通过不同的方式can be personalized.都能够实现个性化And thats a very important trend to think about.这是值得关注的一个重要趋势So this is my image of the city of the future.这就是我想象中的未来城市In that its a place for people, you know.图中那里就是人们可以待的地方Maybe not the way people dress, but --人们的衣着可能不会是这样,但You know, the question now is, how can we have all要知道,现在的问题是,我们要如何the good things that we identify with cities对于城市带给我们的产物without all the bad things?做到取其精华去其糟粕呢?This is Bangalore. It took me a couple of hours这儿是班加罗尔,在去年的时候to get a few miles in Bangalore last year.我花了好几小时才在班加罗尔移动了几英里So with cities, you also have congestion and pollution所以在城市里,有拥挤和污染and disease and all these negative things.有疾病还有很多负面的东西How can we have the good stuff without the bad?怎样取其精华去其糟粕呢?So we went back and started looking at the great cities我们暂且回头看看那么比较不错的城市吧that evolved before the cars.在有了汽车之前的状态Paris was a series of these little villages巴黎就是由好些小村庄that came together, and you still see that structure today.合并而成的,这种分布结构你今天还可以看得出来The 20 arrondissements of Paris巴黎的20个区are these little neighborhoods.就像20个小邻居Most of what people need in life can be大多数人们的生活所需within a five- or 10-minute walk.或许就在5到10分钟的步行范围里And if you look at the data, when you have that kind如果你去看那些数据,当你建立了of a structure, you get a very even distribution这种结构后,巴黎的商店of the shops and the physicians and the pharmacies内科医生,药房,还有咖啡厅and the cafes in Paris.都会很平均地分布在城市中And then you look at cities that evolved after之后你再看那些拥有了汽车后的城市the automobile, and its not that kind of a pattern.他们就完全不是这个模式了Theres very little thats within a five minute walk像匹兹堡,大部分地方of most areas of places like Pittsburgh.很少再有几步之遥的生活了Not to pick on Pittsburgh, but most American cities不单是匹兹堡,大部分美国的城市really have evolved this way.都演变成这个样了201504/370536 Hi, and Merry Christmas. I’m honored to have the chance to speak with you and your family this year.Recently, we learned that our governments, working in concert, have created a system of worldwide mass surveillance, watching everything we do.Great Britain’s George Orwell warned us of the danger of this kind of information. The types of collection in the book—microphones and cameras, TVs that watch us—are nothing compared to what we have available today. We have sensors in our pockets that track us everywhere we go.Think about what this means for the privacy of the average person. A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. They’ll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves—an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. And that’s a problem, because privacy matters. Privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be.The conversation occurring today will determine the amount of trust we can place both in the technology that surrounds us and the government that regulates it. Together, we can find a better balance, end mass surveillance and remind the government that if it really wants to know how we feel, asking is always cheaper than spying.For everyone out there listening, thank you, and Merry Christmas.201501/353957郑州/人民医院激光去胎记多少钱河南省郑州市做永久脱毛多少钱



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