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小学三年级英语作文 -- :58: 来源: 小学三年级英语作文 范文happy dayToday I'm very happy,after I have breakfast,I go to park.It's a sunny day ,the bird is singing,I'm singing too.When I get to park,I see some girls are playing games ,so I join them.We play very happy.Then I have lunch with my friends.We both have a good time.what's a happy dayMothers Day母亲节是五月的第二个星期日今年母亲节那天,我为母亲买了一件毛衣和一束鲜花作为礼物,感谢母亲为我付出的辛苦母亲收到礼物后,非常高兴Mother's Day comes on the second Sunday in May each year. On that day this year, I bought a sweater and some flowers my mother to thank her her hard work me. Receiving my gift, my mother was very happy.吉安去胎记价格My Cousin 我的表弟 -- :5:5 来源: My Cousin 我的表弟  I have a lovely cousin. His name is Bai Yun. He is seven years old. He has a round face, a small nose and two big eyes. His eyes look like grapes, and his hair is short and black.  He likes playing games and ing books. And he likes listening to stories best. He often plays with me and asks me to tell him stories. We all love him.  我有一个可爱的表弟,他叫白云,七岁了他长了一张圆圆的脸,一个小鼻子和两只大眼睛他的眼睛看起来像葡萄,他的头发又短又黑  他喜欢玩游戏和读书,他最喜欢听故事他经常和我玩,并要我给他讲故事我们都爱他吉安人民中医院丰胸多少钱Student Life --19 ::1 来源: Speaking of my student life, it's very interesting. Besides studying, we have many parties at our school special festivals. Of course, we must study many subjects at school and do homework every day. I receive instructions from my teachers and discuss problems with them.   Although sometimes we have many exams in our student life, it can be good us. Everyone hates exams, but it helps us realize how much we've learned from school. Just enjoy your student life. It goes by fast.一年级英语作文:This is me --1 01:1:31 来源: Hello, everybody! My name is Michael. I'm a hay boy. Because I laugh every day. I have a big family. There are three people in my family, my mother, my father and I. My parents are managers and I'm a student. I study in Grade Seven, Cla Eleven, Dongzhou Middle School. It#39 a nice place. There are many students in my cla. I have a good teacher, Mi Jiang.  My favorite leo are English and Maths. I like dogs very much. I have only one dog. Its name is Doudou. It#39 a pretty dog. Oh, I got to tell you something about my old friend. His name is Tad. His hoy is playing basketball. So he is taller and stronger than I. He has two big eyes and long hair. He is my best friend. This is me, a hay boy!吉安哪间医院去除眼袋是权威

吉安祛除色素痣哪家医院好吉安中心医院治疗痘痘多少钱《蜘蛛侠II经典台词 -- 3::18 来源:kekenet 故事发生在“蜘蛛侠”打败“绿色恶魔”的两年后,彼得·帕克远离自己挚爱的女友玛丽·简,继续过着平淡而充满刺激的双重生活,白天他依旧是温文尔雅、有些木讷的大学生,晚上则化身成为拥有无限超人力量、除暴安良的蜘蛛侠不过彼得·帕克却越来越难以平衡这种双重性格,周围的人开始怀疑他的身份,甚至很多人对其开始猜疑和误解彼得·帕克一直生活在矛盾中,他希望向玛丽表白自己的爱恋,更希望能够跟她坦诚自己的真实身份另外,彼得发现好友哈里·奥斯本对蜘蛛侠杀了他的父亲,一直耿耿于怀,身陷仇恨,不可自拔……与此同时,一场失败的实验使一位被称为“章鱼士”的天才科学家变得偏激和疯狂,为了夺取权力和钱财,“章鱼士”耍出各种手段,让他成为令蜘蛛侠最头疼的敌人蜘蛛侠为了阻止这位疯狂科学家的恶行,开始了又一场惊心动魄的冒险之旅……Peter Parker''s having a rough time. His double life as the superhero Spider-Man is having a devastating impact on his civilian life. Things are so bad he declares that he''s quitting, and never putting on the suit again. However, his sense of duty ces him to become a hero again when the brilliant scientist Dr. Otto Octavius is demed in an accident and becomes Dr. Octopus. With four metal tentacles sticking out of his back, he''ll prove to be a more than worthy opponent Spider-Man.影片片段:Peter: Now what?Peter: Doctor Octavius. We have to shut it down. Please tell me how.Octavius: Peter Parker! Brilliant but lazy!Peter: Look at what''s happening. We have to destroy it.Octavius: I can''t destroy it. I won''t.Peter: You once spoke to me about intelligence. That was a gift to use the good of mankind.Octavius: A privilege.Peter: these things have turned you into something you''re not. Don''t listen to them.Octavius: It was my dream.Peter: Sometimes to do what''s right we have to be steady and give up the things you want the most, even our dreams.Octavius: You''re right. He''s right. Listen, listen to me now.Peter: Now, tell me how to stop it.Octavius: It can''t be stopped. It''s self-sustaining now.Peter: Think!Octavius: Unless...the river! Drown it! I''ll do it.Peter: Hi!MJ: Hi.Peter: This is really heavy.Peter: MJ, in case we die...MJ: You do love me.Peter: I do.MJ: Even when you said you didn''t.Octavius: I will not die as a monster.MJ: I think I always know all this time who you really were.Peter: And you know why we can''t be together. Spiderman will always have enemies. I can''t let you take that risk. I will always be spiderman.语言点提示:1. turn someonesomething into... 把某人某物变成...someonesomething turn into...某人某物变成...例如:Lisa has turned into a beautiful woman.丽莎已经长成一个大姑娘了. in case (of...) 万一...,以防...例如:In case it rainsIn case of the rain, you''d better bring an umbrella with you.你最好带一把伞以防下雨 蜘蛛侠 经典台词 II现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴让人笑掉牙 --1 :: 来源: 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴让人笑掉牙你见过跳着街舞的黑人孙悟空吗?你见过穿着普拉达、古琦、阿玛尼的玉皇大帝吗?你见过龙王和他的妻子为是否给孙悟空金箍棒争打不休吗?你见过身着现代装、脚穿高跟鞋为孙悟空争锋吃醋的龙女吗?这就是现代版的音乐剧《大梦神猴The modernized version of the famous Monkey King musical makes jaws drop with its contemporary twists. The people behind the scenes share with Chen Jie their inspirations and their optimistic views about Chinese musicals.Every Chinese grows up with the story of the Monkey King, but I'll bet not many have ever seen it like this: the main character is an African-American who dances hip-hop; the Emperor of Heaven wears Prada, Gucci and Armani; the Dragon King and his wife fight with each other about whether to give weapons to the monkey or not; their three daughters, all in modern dresses and high-heel shoes, compete the heart of the monkey.Everything in the new version of the Monkey King musical, co-produced by Beijing Permance Arts Group and Beijing Genhua International Culture and Media, makes jaws drop.Broadway actor Apollo Levine, who plays the monkey, sings in English while he duets with the Emperor of Heaven actor who sings in Chinese. The monkey converses in English with his followers, who all speak in Chinese.Audiences may feel a bit disconnected in the first few minutes, but are soon so drawn by the actors' emotions and the dramatic story, that they will not find anything strange in the musical.The story is no longer a hundred-year-old folklore about the gods, the spirits and Buddha, but an aspiring contemporary drama about a young man who keeps leaving home in search adventures, after he gains power, he takes the responsibility to protect his family and finally realizes the value of home."I had no idea about the Monkey King bee I came here. The cast and director are wonderful and they help me learn everything about the story. I watched movies and television versions," Levine says."I always try to find something in me similar to the character and get to the table. Ironically, I find myself in the monkey. Like him, I travel and explore everywhere. I don't want to stay at home. The play helps me to find my responsibility in my family." 3 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴吉安最好的做塑美极医院A World Without Trees -- :00: 来源: A World Without Trees Have you ever imagined a world without trees? Try it, and you will see the whole world dry up and look like a broken tortoise shell. At night, the temperature would drop sharply. Living creatures could not run away and it would be as if they lived in hell.   there are some effective steps we can take now to protect trees. First, strict laws must be enced. Second, the government should offer subsidies to people who plant trees. Most important of all, every citizen must develop an awareness of the importance of trees and remember: "no trees means no living things."吉安开眼角手术

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