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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? Salmonella is a type of virus.这合理吗?沙门氏菌是一种病毒。This one is not true.这是假的。Salmonella are bacteria that can cause food poisoning and other health problems.沙门氏菌是能导致食物中毒和其他健康问题的细菌。AZUZ: Back in June, 41 people in 20 U.S. states got sick because of a salmonella outbreak.回到6月的时候,美国20个州的41个人因为沙门氏菌的爆发生病。Officials with the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, traced this outbreak to a peanut butter plant in New Mexico.美国食品药物的官员发现这次的爆发和新墨西哥州的花生酱工厂有关。On Monday, regulators shut it down.周一的时候,管理者把它关掉了。Back in 2011, new food safety laws gave the FDA the power to shut facilities down.回到2011年时,新的食品安全法赋予了美国食品药物关闭工厂的权利。This is the first time it#39;s done it.这是它第一次行使这个权利。And an FDA report found the conditions at the plant might have led to the products there being contaminated with salmonella.一份食品药物的报告发现产品被沙门氏菌污染可能是因为工厂的环境。A spokeswoman for the company that owns this plant says it#39;s working with officials to get the proper health and safety procedures in place.据这家工厂公司的发言人称,公司正与官员共同努力让这个过程变得合适的健康与安全。 /201212/211712。

  • 全球网友热捧最可爱的婚礼视频 - 最有创意的集体婚礼 可爱的婚礼,婚礼的歌曲是Chris Brown 克里斯布朗 - -永恒 Forever。 Article/201003/99641。
  • Golden Sand Beach (Jinshatan in Pin Yin) is situated in the southeast of Phoenix Island (Xuejia Dao) in Qingdao and is close to the Bohai Sea. The beach stretches from east to west like a crescent. Its claim to fame as 'The No.1 Beach in Asia' is due to its soft, golden sand. Jinshatan is about 3,500 meters (2 miles) long and 300 meters (0.1 miles) wide. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in China.Golden Sand Beach is endowed with appealing sceneries. Golden sand, white clouds, blue sea and fantastic reefs make up a beautiful picture. One of the reefs is shaped like a frog. The 'stone frog' disappears or appears with the rising or ebbing of the tide, hence its name 'Indistinct Stone Frog'. Many marine lives such as crabs, shellfish and starfish flourish in the water. In addition, Golden Sand Beach is famous for its 'three treasures' - sea cucumber, abalone and crab, which are delicious and nutritious when prepared fresh.Jinshatan can be divided into seven areas: exhibition area, sports area, children's land, seashore entertainment area, bathing area, beach leisure area and shopping area. The recreational facilities are well equipped. During the day, visitors can go yachting, speed boating or surfing. Football and volleyball matches are held on the beach, as well as musical performances and evening parties. After a busy day, it is good to have a relaxing bath in the bathing area, then camp on the beach and enjoy the beautiful night.A festival called 'Cultural and Tourism Festival' has been held annually on Golden Sand Beach since 1998. The festival is sponsored by the administrative committee of the Qingdao Economic and Development Zone and the People's Government of Huangdao District in Qingdao. The opening and closing ceremonies are the highlights of this festival. Many famous singers, actors and artists will be invited to sing, perform and entertain. Visitors can also participate in a variety of interesting activities such as football and volleyball matches, cross-country races, beach sculpture competitions, calisthenics competitions, folk art exhibitions and movies.Golden Sand Beach welcomes visitors from all over the world. It is a place worth visiting.Getting there:To get to Golden Sand Beach, take the ferry from Qingdao Ferry Terminal to Phoenix Island (Xuejia Dao), and then take the No. 4 city bus. Another way is to ferry from Qingdao Ferry Terminal to Huangdao Ferry Terminal, and then take the No.1 or No. 18 Article/201009/114464。
  • 5. Airdrop Tube Artillery5. 空投管式火炮Tube artillery may sound like an overly flippant way to describe this weapon design, but when you see it in action it#39;s quite accurate. The demo shows these tubes being dropped from an old-fashioned looking bomber in the path of a battalion of tanks. The deployment system requires self-activating parachutes to allow a more gentle landing. After the tubes land and embed themselves in the soil, they pop out of the ground, open up in the middle, and second tubes fall out. These apparently have missiles in them, and though they may look extremely small and the tubes simply falling at a ninety degree angle doesn#39;t seem ideal for aiming (it certainly requires ideal soil conditions for anything like the intended aim) the tubes decimate the oncoming tanks.管式火炮听上去是对这种武器设计的一个过于轻率的描述,但当你看见它的操作就会觉得这个描述很准确。演示视频显示,这些炮管被一架老式轰炸机投放在一个坦克营的行进道路上。部署系统需要在炮管随降落伞平稳着陆后才自动激活。炮管着陆后,自动嵌入土地中,然后从地面弹出,中部打开,第二根炮管伸出。显而易见它们携带有导弹,虽然它们可能看起来非常小,炮管简单的进行非瞄准性的90度旋转(这需要理想的土壤条件才能达到预期目的),但火炮却可以大面积的消灭迎面而来的坦克。What#39;s not explained about this is why a country that has the technology to create tiny missiles able to destroy tanks and sufficient air power to drop the rods would want to rely on ground fire when a longer range bombardment, or just the bomber itself, seems like it could easily destroy the somewhat archaic method of ground attack anyway.无法解释的是为什么一个拥有摧毁坦克的微型导弹技术和具备空投实力的国家在远程轰炸时会依赖地面火力,而且轰炸机本身似乎就是一种古老的、可以轻易对地摧毁的攻击方法。If you feel that this is Dahir Insat overselling the destructive potential of their weapons in this , you haven#39;t seen anything yet!你是否感觉Dahir Insat 公司在视频中夸大了这种武器的破坏力,而且你还什么都不知道呢!4. Prefab Restaurants4. 预制餐馆You wouldn#39;t think that fine dining and automation are two concepts that would go well together. Higher end sit down restaurants are about class, refinement, and sophistication, while mechanical arms are about cold efficiency. Dahir Insaat still created a demo where meals are served by having pre-assembled trays of food rolled over drop points on the floor above. Setting aside the cost of installing the numerous conveyor belts and mechanical arms (and good luck if you#39;re expecting the customers to give tips to machines as a way to cover an expense that they traditionally did when they were dealing with humans), the fact the food is apparently all warmed up the same amount in advance and served in little compartments makes it difficult to shake the thought that the customer has basically been served a very large TV dinner.你不会觉得美食和自动化是两个概念,把两者合在一起就好了。高档餐厅具备一流、精致和温文尔雅的用餐务,而机械臂却显得很冷淡。Dahir Insaat公司创建了一个用餐演示视频,装有成品食物的托盘从楼上下降到楼下指定位置。撇开传送带和机械手臂的安装成本(如果你希望客人给机器小费,以此作为付费用的一种方法,那么只能祝你好运了,传统上他们在与人打交道的时候才会给小费的),实际上,食物显然都是相同的热度和数量,小隔间的务使人很难思想有所转变,顾客基本上是在接受熟食快餐务。Curiously, the restaurant still employs a serving staff that have to also bus their own tables. The only aspect of the process that all that automation saves is delivering the food to the table. On top of that, this isn#39;t really touched on in the , but can you imagine how loud those arms would be? Consider how loud this man#39;s prosthetic limb is, multiply that noise many times over in volume, and have it happen almost constantly around the restaurant, a vast open space with nothing to dampen the sound. Consider how intimidating it would be at first to have an immense metallic arm descend from the ceiling to deliver food. People will need to be much, much more comfortable with large hydraulics than they are before that wouldn#39;t make many customers very uncomfortable to eat there.可令人奇怪的是,这家餐馆仍然雇佣了务员,并让每个人负责的一个餐桌。全过程自动化的唯一体现就是把食物送到餐桌上。最重要的是,这并不是真正的视频画面,但你能够想象得到这些机器会有多大声吗?想象一下人的假肢声音有多大,把这个声音放大数倍,使它充斥着整个餐馆,在没有任何能够抑制声音的巨大开放空间之中。幻想一下一个巨大的金属手臂从天花板落下提供食物给我们,这是多么可怕的画面。人们需要更多的舒适感,人工务与机械务相比,至少不会让很多顾客吃的很不舒。3. Circular Cities3. 环形城市Have you ever noticed how the majority of cities are are basically collections of rectangular areas? Well, Dahir Insaat has created a large number of plans for circular cities (referred to as ;Turnkey Cities;) using prefabricated buildings for communities of around 200,000. What#39;s wrong with curved roads is that at the speeds required for emergency vehicles, they make it especially easy to lose control of the vehicle. Visibility is also decreased for all drivers, meaning this city is likely going to be much less safe to drive in than most.你有没有注意到,大多数城市的布局基本上都是矩形?Dahir Insaat公司创建了大量的环形城市计划(简称“Turnkey Cities”)应用的预制建筑社区约200000个。车辆在弯曲的道路遇到突发事情时车速过快,很容易造成车辆失控 。驾驶员的能见度降低,意味着与其他地方比较这个城市可能最不易于安全驾驶。The circular patterns also mean the wasting of large areas of space, and while all that green may be nice to look at, surely the landlords housing some of those 200,000 people will want a bit more space for rooms.环形图案会浪费大面积的空间,虽然环形绿化看起来比较漂亮,但这20万的住户肯定更希望房间空间大一些。2. Safe Beds2. 安全床This is likely the most widely mocked invention patented for Dahir Insaat. A lot of that comes from how the animation shows the invention working very quickly and giving it more of a slapstick element. It was also pointed out a lot that this device is similar to a 2010 model patented by an inventor from China. But none of that is to say it#39;s not a deeply flawed device, which raises a lot of questions not addressed in the demo.这可能是 Dahir Insaat公司受到人们嘲笑最多的发明专利。动画大量的展示了这个发明工作如何的迅速,同时也给它增添了很多的滑稽因素。也有人指出,这个设计类似于中国一位发明家的2010专利模型。但是,这并不意味着它不是一个有缺陷的设计,在演示中有很多问题还没有解决。The idea is that if the beds seismometers detect an Earthquake (a particular problem in Dahir Insaat#39;s home country, Turkey) the bed will automatically slide open a compartment for the sleeper to drop into, and a lid will slam down over them like a very compact panic room. Nothing is said about how the person on the bed is supposed to get back out if there#39;s a false positive or even if there really was an earthquake the bed protected you from.如果床上的地震仪检测到了地震(Dahir Insaat总公司所在的国家土耳其,提出一个特别的问题),床会自动打开一个隔舱,沉睡者落入其中,盖子愈合,就像一个狭小的恐慌室。如果这是一个假的信息或者即使真的发生了地震被床保护结束后,床上的人应该怎么回来,这点根本没有说。We see supplies like bottles of water under the mattress but since there#39;s barely room to lift your head and a mattress in the way, it wouldn#39;t really be accessible. It#39;s also missing a way to discard human waste, which if you#39;re expecting to stay in there long enough to need water supplies will undoubtedly become an issue. It#39;s definitely an idea that needed some more time in the think tank before it got sent to the animation studio.我们看见了床垫下面放有瓶装水之类的所需品,但是因为没有足够的空间抬起头并打开床垫,所以这些东西根本无法使用。它还缺少一种丢弃废弃物的途径,假如你需要长时间的呆在里面,那么所需的供应水无疑成了一个问题。在它被送到动画工作室之前,专家小组需要花费更多的时间来想到一个好点子。1. Copter Combat Systems1. 直升机作战系统It#39;s probably the most infamous Dahir Insaat ever released. An immense, four-bladed copter is smuggled near military bases with vast arrays of fighters and bombers, or even an aircraft carrier. After slowly assembling its blades it becomes airborne and its immense revolving gun devastates its massive targets so thoroughly there#39;s scarcely a shot fired back.这可能是Dahir Insaat公司曾发布的最臭名昭著的一个视频。一个巨大的四翼直升机偷偷潜入附近的拥有大批战斗机和轰炸机,甚至是航空母舰的军事基地。它的桨叶在缓慢收集后,变成了空载机,其巨大的旋转式几乎不费一一弹就将大量目标彻底摧毁。It isn#39;t so much that the rate of fire for a weapon powerful enough to destroy a tank at a huge range would be much lower than they present here, but in one of their own other demos this copter design wasn#39;t powerful enough to haul both freight and its own power supply, so stable fire with a gun like that is simply ludicrous. The real question here is: why would the system use a stationary, floating machine artillery piece, when raising it into the air would primarily serve to make it an easier target? Surely an array of missile launchers could perform the same task from the ground without the slow assembly process, and would be just as easy to smuggle within range of the enemy target.在一个巨大的范围内,其武器射击速度的威力并不足以摧毁坦克,这比他们在场要低很多。但在他们的其他演示中,这架直升机的设计还不能够进行远程空运和自己供电,而且能够如此平稳的开简直是可笑之谈。真正的问题是:为什么这架直升机会使用一个固定的浮动机械火炮,当它飞到空中时,不是很容易会是自己成为一个目标吗?导弹发射阵列在没有经过地面的组装流程就可以执行相同的任务,并且很容易偷偷潜入敌方目标范围。This is especially true when it comes to the scenes where the quadcopter fires missiles on an aircraft carrier. But then, really, like many of the Dahir Insaat inventions, it seems to be more about looking impressive than functioning well.尤其是来到直升机对航母发射导弹的场面时,更是如此。但是,说真的,像公司的许多发明,它的功能似乎更加令人印象深刻。 /201706/512608。
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