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福建妇幼保健人流要多少钱泉州子宫肌瘤做手术多少钱晋江市中医院生孩子价格 ;I am an American ... and go at things as I have taught myself, free-style, and will make the record in my own way....; Saul Bellow#39;s Augie March was speaking on behalf of the millions of Americans who have insisted on dictating the terms of engagement for their own lives. These hardy Americans -- both natives and newcomers -- have not relented to the powerful winds of history; they have fashioned their own destinies. These are the Americans that bounce back and bound forward. Indeed, they know the power of a comeback, which is the first item onFortune#39;s fourth annual list of 100 great things about America. (We, meanwhile, are still going full speed toward our goal of compiling 1,000 marvelous things about the U.S. of A.) As we prepare for our July 4 holiday, we highlight those wonderful, unique people, places, products, and ideas that give American life its special spirit, or its moxie (No. 3). Feel free to add your own in the comments section.“我是个美国人……我做事都是靠自学,风格自由,也将以我自己的方式做唱片……”这是索尔?贝娄笔下的奥吉?马奇的台词,这也是数百万美国人的心声,他们坚持自己设定生活的条件。这些勇敢的美国人——包括土著和新移民——没有向历史的潮流屈,而是自己塑造了自己的命运。他们在经历挫折后重新振作、奋勇向前。他们懂得卷土重来的力量,这是《财富》(Fortune)第四年年度美国人最骄傲的100件事排行榜上的第一桩。(同时,我们仍全速朝着编纂美国人最骄傲的1000件事排行榜这个目标前进。)7月4日美国独立日假期前夕,我们为读者呈现那些独特且美好的人物、地点、产品以及创意,正是它们给了美国生活特有的精神,或者说活力(第3位)。欢迎大家在区写下你心中的美国美事。This year#39;s rules were the same as the previous years#39;: only the living can make the cut, and no repeats from past installments. Many thanks go to this year#39;s crop of Fortune interns for their help: Lily Cohen, Preston Cooper, Craig Giammona, Varun Nayar, Sameepa Shetty, Brandon Southward, and Andres Vaamonde.今年的规则同往年一样:只能提名在世者,而且不能与往年的榜单重复。非常感谢《财富》今年实习生的帮忙,他们是:莉莉?科恩、普雷斯顿?库珀、克雷格?贾莫纳、瓦伦?纳亚、萨米帕?谢蒂、布兰登?萨沃斯沃德以及安德烈斯?瓦芒德。Without further ado, and in no particular order, we give you this year#39;s 100 great things about America.言归正传,以下就是今年的美国人最骄傲的100件事排行榜,排名不分先后。--Scott Olster, editor——斯科特?欧斯勒,编辑1. Comebacks1. 东山再起Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Kobe Bryant, Arrested Development... Ours is a nation of second chances.比尔?克林顿、泰格?伍兹、唐纳德?特朗普、科比?布莱恩特、情景喜剧《发展受阻》(Arrested Development)……美利坚向来给人第二次机会。2. Wayfarer sunglasses2. Wayfarer系列太阳镜Immortalized by none other than James Dean, one of America#39;s coolest rebels.美国最酷的坏男孩詹姆斯?迪恩(50年代好莱坞演员,曾主演《伊甸之东》等电影——译注)使Wayfarer系列太阳镜成为永恒的经典。3. Moxie3. 活力Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Kaufman, Kanye West, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Don King, the list of American originals -- mavericks who have refused to entertain anything remotely close to the status quo -- goes on and on.梅?韦斯特、玛丽莲?梦露、安迪?考夫曼、坎耶?韦斯特、麦当娜、蕾蒂嘎嘎、唐?金……美国具有原创精神的人物还有很多很多,他们特立独行,致力于打破常规和现状。4. Reality TV4.电视真人秀From ;This is Your Life; to ;The Real World,; ;The Jersey Shore,; and ;Duck Dynasty,; the genre displays Americans at their most heroic, narcisisstic, and human.从《这就是你的生活》(This is Your Life)到《现实世界》(The Real World)、《泽西海岸》(The Jersey Shore)再到《鸭子王朝》(Duck Dynasty),真人秀节目展示了美国人最具英雄主义、个人主义和人文主义的一面。5. Annual presidential turkey pardon5.每年的总统府火鸡放生仪式Though many more end up on the end of a fork, at least one bird goes free every year.虽然大部分火鸡都上了人们的餐桌,但每年至少有一对火鸡会获得自由。6 Cracker Jack6. 玉米花生糖With just one box, you won#39;t care if you ever go back.一盒在手,别无所求。7. Pixar7.皮克斯Home to the world#39;s most famous desk lamp.世界上最著名的那盏台灯就在这儿。8. The rule of law8.法治Keeping us a nation of laws, not men.我们是法治国家,不是乌合之众。9. Tupperware9.特百惠Path to economic opportunity for 1950s housewives. Path to longevity for millions of holiday leftovers.上世纪50年代,特百惠(Tupperware)从家庭主妇身上抓住了商机。如今,它是大家外带食品的首选。10. Open source/free software movement10.开源/自有软件运The dweebs were right: 90% of the Fortune 500 use Linux these days.群众的眼睛是雪亮的:如今90%的《财富》(Fortune)500强企业在使用Linux。11. Las Vegas strip11.之旅Because you are never too old to make bad choices.不管你多么老谋深算,在这里都会栽跟头。12. North Face fleece12.North Face抓绒衣Makes camping -- and life in the Northwest -- that much more enjoyable.让我们外出露营、以及生活在寒冷地区更加便捷。13. Beyonce13.碧昂丝The better half of America#39;s favorite couple.碧昂丝夫妇是美国人最喜欢的一对夫妻。14. The Liberty Bell14.独立钟;Philadelphia freedom, shine on me.;“费城自由,照耀着我。”15. Wisconsin Cheeseheads15.威斯康星奶酪大头They love their team. And they love their state. And we all love their cheese.他们热爱家乡的球队,热爱威斯康星。我们都大爱威斯康星奶酪。16. Maryland crab cakes16.马里兰蟹饼Sure, you can eat crab in other coastal states -- but would you want to?当然,在别的沿海城市你也能吃到螃蟹肉,但你愿意吗?17. Rap crews17.说唱歌手The posse is an American tradition, from the Jesse James gang to Wu-Tang Clan.他们无疑是美国传统的象征,他们的杰出代表包括杰西?詹姆斯和Wu-Tang Clan乐队18. Garfield18.加菲猫Sloth and gluttony in one cute calico package.聪明的猫咪,天生懒惰与大胃王的合体。19. Niagara Falls19. 尼亚加拉大瀑布Self-proclaimed honeymoon capital of the world. Also, an astounding natural wonder.自诩为全球蜜月圣地。当然,这也是自然界的一大奇迹。20. Drive-thru20.汽车餐厅Drive. Speak. Pay. Receive food. Laziness perfected.停车、选餐、交钱、拿到食物。它们是懒人们的最爱。21. Betty White21.贝蒂·怀特Blondes do have more fun.金发碧眼的美人的确能带来更多快乐。22. Steve Carell as Michael Scott22. 迈克尔·斯科特(史蒂夫·卡瑞尔所饰)He was so good, it hurt. That#39;s what she said.他好到让人心痛。她曾这样说。23. Air conditioning23.空调Willis Carrier invented this magnificent foil to overheating. Yeah, we#39;d say he was a pretty cool guy.威利斯·凯瑞发明了这种用于降温的金属箔片盒。我要说的是,凯瑞你真棒。24. Fast and Furious franchise24.《速度与》系列Two-hour doses of half-sentences, ridiculous catchphrases, and explosions. Who could ask for anything more?两个半小时的紧张剧情、各种喜剧桥段,外加刺激的爆炸场面。难道这些还不够吗?25. Mel Brooks25.梅尔·布鲁克斯He gave us ;The Producers,; ;Blazing Saddles,; and ;Young Frankenstein.; Need we say more?《发财妙计》、《神小子》、《新科学怪人》。还用我多说吗? /201307/248603福建省二院总部

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