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厦门权威整形医院在厦门人民医院激光点痣多少钱Change is good. It’s also inevitable, terrifying, and fraught—particularly “breakthrough change,otherwise known as the kind of change that will make everyone very uncomfortable and some of them unemployed.变革是件好事。它是在所避免的,也是令人害怕和忧虑的,特别是“突破性变革”,那种会让所有人都非常不舒,导致其中部分人失业的变革。We’ve all come across the many business books that attempt to tell us how to become a change agent. But what we haven’t much about is how, exactly, we should lead change within an organization. There’s been tons of blue sky, and not so much boots on the ground.许多商业书籍都试图告诉人们如何成为变革推动者,这类书我们屡见不鲜。但是,究竟怎样在一家组织中引领变革,则甚少有书提及。天马行空的理论太多,而脚踏实地的建议很少。Which is why I liked David Pottruck’s new book, Stacking the Deck: How to Lead Breakthrough Change Against Any Odds, so much. First, a disclaimer: I have known David since 2005, when I spent several months trying to convince him to talk about what it felt like to be publicly fired (he was co-CEO of Charles Schwab), and how he recovered his personal and professional balance afterwards. Incredibly, he agreed, and the resulting piece showcases a rarity—a humbled, vulnerable executive.我喜欢戴维o波特拉克最新著作的原因就在此。其大作名为《预先准备:如何突破所有障碍,引领突破性变革》(Stacking the Deck: How to Lead Breakthrough Change Against Any Odds)。首先声明,2005年我就与戴维相识。当时,我花了几个月来说他,想让他谈谈被公开解雇【他曾是嘉信理财(Charles Schwab)联合首席执行官】的感受,以及之后他是怎样在个人和职业方面重新实现平衡。不可思议的是,他答应了我的要求。从我就此写出的报道中可以看出,戴维是少见的谦卑而又居于弱势的公司高管。The good news is that Pottruck recovered, and he has since founded and invested in several companies. All the while, he continued to teach an executive education class at Wharton on breakthrough change—something he had done successfully at Schwab and elsewhere. The book comes out of his teaching, but is supplemented by extensive interviews he conducted with current top executives such as Intel President Renee James, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, JetBlue CEO Dave Barger, and others.好消息是他恢复了过来,成立并投资了数家公司,而且一直在沃顿商学院的高管培训课上教授突破性变革——在嘉信理财以及其他公司,他都成功实现了突破性变革。这本书来源于他的教义,但他还补充了大量对现任高管的访谈,包括英特尔(Intel)总裁詹睿妮、星巴克(Starbucks)首席执行官霍华德o舒尔茨和捷蓝航空(JetBlue)首席执行官戴夫o巴格尔等。The book is broken down into two parts; one the “Stacking the Deck process,in which Pottruck offers nine specific steps to create and lead the change process in your organization; and the second, a higher level look at the kinds of skills needed to motivate and inspire your team. The key point, he says, is a simple one, but it bears repeating: “Leading change requires leading people. Any transformation you propose, small or large, will ultimately not succeed if you don’t have the leadership skills to drive the process forward.”这本书分两部分:第一部分是关于“预先准备过程”,波特拉克在此具体介绍了在企业内部形成并引领变革的九个步骤;第二部分更进一步,探讨了鼓舞和激励团队成员所需要的技巧。他说,要点很简单,但值得反复强调,那就是:“变革需要有领导力的人来引领。如果不具备推动变革所需的领导技能,你所倡导的变革无论大小,最终都不会成功。”Pottruck is very specific in his how-to (each chapter ends with a one-page action plan to help bring each step to life), but he also brings much of the responsibility back to the leader. It is the leader’s job to understand just how stressful this process is, to celebrate victories when they occur, to develop an overarching vision that allows people to foresee the endgame, and—perhaps most important—how to determine which kinds of people should be on the change team. Metrics are important, but they can be overused, Pottruck says. “Remember that leading a breakthrough change is fundamentally about creating and managing both the actual momentum and the perception of momentum.”在具体如何操作上,波特拉克讲得非常具体(每个章节末尾都有一页行动方案,来帮助读者实现每个步骤)。不过,他也把大部分责任重新放回领导者肩上。领导者要明白变革过程的压力之大,在取得胜利时要庆祝,还要提出整体愿景,让大家预见最终的结果。同时,也许最为重要的是,领导者还要能识人,知道哪些人应该进入变革团队。波特鲁克认为,衡量指标很重要,但可能被滥用:“要记住,从根本上说,领导突破性变革,就是既要产生并管理实际动力,又要形成并管理对这股动力的认知。”What I enjoyed most about Stacking the Deck was Pottruck’s discussion about how a leader can communicate to inspire—and how, more than anything, authenticity is what matters. He uses a touching example of a speech from Howard Schultz, who, in his first week back at CEO of Starbucks, with sales collapsing, burst into tears while apologizing for the company’s performance. “I hadn’t gone in there planning to cry, but I was apologizing that we as leaders had let them, the workers and their families, down.”在这本书中,我最喜欢的部分是波特拉克谈到的两个问题,一是领导者怎样通过沟通来达到激励他人的目的;二是真诚有多重要。他举了一个感人的例子:重新担任星巴克CEO的第一周,霍华德o舒尔茨在演讲时痛哭流涕。当时星巴克销售额不断下滑,舒尔茨为公司业绩不佳道歉。舒尔茨后来说:“上台发言时我没打算流眼泪,但当时我是代表领导层道歉,为我们让员工及其家人失望道歉。”Had Schultz faked that emotion, the company might never have made it to the turnaround. But he didn’t—and then, once having established the connection, he was able to rally his store managers to be accountable for their storesperformance. Writes如果舒尔茨当时是在做戏,星巴克也许永远也无法扭转局面。但他的表现是真情流露——而建立了情感纽带后,他就能鼓舞各店铺经理对自己门店的业绩负责。波特拉克写道:“就变革进行沟通时,动机(以行动换取奖励)没那么重要,更重要的是激励(让人从内心产生渴望,想参与真正的重大事件,并为之做出贡献)。”这是非常棒的一课,而且对解释了为何众多变革项目以失败告终大有帮助 /201411/344406厦门祛斑的价格 The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday that ;significant progress; has been made in the U.N.s long-running probe into allegations Iran worked to develop nuclear weapons.国际原子能机构总干事天野之弥星期一说,联合国对有关伊朗试图发展核武器的指责所进行的长期调查取得了“重大进展”。Yukiya Amano said he reported to the IAEAs board about his trip to Iran that included visiting the Parchin military site that has been a key focus of the investigation.天野之弥说,他已经向国际原子能机构理事会报告了他的伊朗之行,包括访问调查重点之一的帕尔钦军事地点。Amano said environmental samples were taken at Parchin before his visit in a process that included Iranian representatives ;swiping samples.; He specified that in some circumstances the IAEA permits countries to participate in verification activities in ways that do not compromise the agencys work.天野之弥说,伊朗方面在他访问帕尔钦之前就提交了帕尔钦的空气样本。他说,在某些情况下,国际原子能机构允许相关国家参加检查活动,前提是国际原子能机构的工作不会受到影响;Authentication by the agency of the samples was achieved through use of an established verification process,; Amano told reporters.他告诉记者,这些样本通过了该组织一个核查程序的检验,被明是有效的。Earlier Monday, Irans state-run IRNA news agency ed a spokesman for the countrys nuclear agency saying samples were taken without IAEA inspectors present.星期一早些时候,国营的伊朗共和国通讯社援引伊朗核机构发言人的话说,收集环境样品时,国际原子能机构检查人员不在场。For years, Iran denied access to IAEA personnel, insisting Parchin was strictly military in nature and would not be opened up to outsiders. Iranian officials have blamed the U.S. and Israel for the focus on Parchin, saying those countries provided faulty intelligence alleging research toward building nuclear weapons. Iran has long insisted its nuclear program is peaceful.伊朗多年来一直不准国际原子能机构进入帕尔钦,坚持说帕尔钦是军事性设施,不对外开放。伊朗官员认为,帕尔钦成为关注焦点是因为美国和以色列提供了错误情报,说伊朗企图制造核武器。长期以来,伊朗一直声称其核项目是用于和平目的的。来 /201509/400826VLADIVOSTOK -- Russia is seldom thought of as an Asia-Pacific country. Yet it is one -- thanks to its Far East. The Russian Far East is a huge area of northeastern Eurasia stretching from Lake Baikal to the Pacific Ocean. Allowing Russia direct access to the Asia-Pacific region, the RFE makes it a truly transcontinental nation, the only other such a country being the U.S.符拉迪沃斯托克—俄罗斯很少被认为是一个亚太国家,尽管它的确属于亚太地区——多亏了它的远东地区。俄远东地区是亚欧大陆东北部的一大片区域,从贝加尔湖延伸到太平洋,使得俄罗斯名副其实的属于亚太地区。远东地区使俄罗斯成为一个横跨大陆的国家,除此之外唯一一个横跨大陆的国家是美囀?The RFE contains all kinds of natural treasures -- oil and natural gas, iron ore and copper, diamonds and gold, pristine fresh water (Lake Baikal alone has 20 percent of the worlds unfrozen surface freshwater), timber and fish stocks (for example, the Sea of Okhotsk is one of the most biologically productive areas of the world ocean).远东地区蕴含着丰富多样的资源——石油、天然气、铁矿石、铜、钻石、黄金、以及纯净的淡水(仅仅贝加尔湖就拥有世界上20%的融化的地表淡水)、木材、鱼类资源(例如,鄂霍次克海是世界海洋中生物生产力最强的地区)The entire vastness of the RFE contains just over 6 million residents. Being remote from, and having tenuous transportation links to, the countrys European core, suffering from underdevelopment and the lack of infrastructure, the RFE is a source of constant concern for Moscow. Ever since Russia acquired these territories, there have been recurring worries that they are at the risk of being lost due to external aggression, foreign encroachment, internal separatism -- or a combination of the three.偌大的远东地区却仅仅00多万居民。远东地区距离俄罗斯欧洲核心地区遥远,交通连接薄弱,饱受发展滞后和基础设施匮乏之苦,远东地区成了莫斯科一直以来的头痛之源。自从获得这部分领土之后,俄罗斯就就一直担心它会因为外部侵略、外国侵占、内部分裂或者三者的综合而失去远东地区。Chinas Looming Shadow中国逼近的阴影The RFE has historically had an ambivalent relationship with its giant neighbor, China. It is seen as an indispensable economic partner. Yet China is simultaneously a source of threat. After all, the southern part of what is now the Russian Far East used to be under the Qings nominal sovereignty until the second half of the 19th century. Despite the fact that, at the official level, the border issue between Moscow and Beijing is fully settled by legal treaties, there are lingering concerns in Russia that China might in the future reclaim the land. This is not helped by the well-known sentiments of many in China who still see the 19th-century border treaties with the Russian Empire as ;unfair; and count them as part of ;the century of humiliation.;俄罗斯远东地区在历史上与它的强大的中国邻居曾有过一段喜忧参半的时期。中国被俄视为必不可少的经济伙伴,尽管中国同时也是一个危险的根源。不过毕竟在19世纪后半叶以前,远东地区的南部地区还是处于清朝的主权管辖范围的。尽管莫斯科与北京关于边界问题已经在官方层面上通过法律条文完全解决了,但是俄罗斯一直有人在担心中国会在不远的将来会重新索要回这片土地。许多中国人都认9世纪与沙皇俄国签订的条约是“不平等”的,并且认为这些条约是“屈辱的世纪”的一部分,这种普遍的观点又会助长俄罗斯的担忧。For the time being, Moscow and Beijing are ;strategic partners,; with the relationship increasingly resembling a quasi-alliance. One major reason China needs a strong bond with Russia lies in the Russian Far East.目前莫斯科与北京是“战略合作伙伴”,并且二者的关系正逐步向准联盟靠近。中国需要同俄罗斯维持紧密关系的一个重要原因就是远东地区。First, Beijing wants to have a secure and peaceful northern border with Russia, so that it can concentrate its military resources and planning on other strategic theaters, above all in the Western Pacific. The memories of confrontation with the Soviet Union, when China had to expend enormous efforts on reinforcing its frontiers with a hostile neighbor to the north, have not yet faded away.首先,北京想同俄罗斯维持一个稳定和平的北方边界,这样它就可以集中他的军事资源应对其他的战略地区,主要是西太平洋地区。与前苏联的对抗,中国不得不花费巨大的精力来加强他同北方敌人的边界(防卫力量),而中国对此还记忆犹新。Second, Chinas voracious economy needs the RFEs natural resources, which makes sense not only economically but also, at least as much, strategically. There are signs that China is beginning to see Eastern Russia as an important ;strategic rear area;, a proximate overland supplier of a range of vital primary commodities. This is directly related to Chinas intensifying contest with the U.S. for primacy in the Asia-Pacific. Beijing is increasingly worried that, if this rivalry comes to a head, Washington may use its trump card -- launching a naval blockade of the sea lanes through which China receives most of its imported primary products.The growing dependence on imported raw materials and rising concerns about the fraught relations with the U.S., and its Indo-Pacific allies, seem to have resulted in Beijings attaching much greater priority to the RFE than was the case five or 10 years ago.第二中国经济增长的巨大需求需要俄罗斯远东地区的自然资源,这在经济和至少战略上都说得通。有迹象表明中国开始将俄罗斯远东地区视作重要的后方战略区域;一个多样且重要的初级产品(未经加工或因销售习惯而略作加工的产品)的内陆直接供应地。这直接和中国强化同美国在亚太地区的主导权的竞争有关。北京愈来越担忧如果这场竞争激化,华盛顿可能使用其杀手锏-对中国海上通道进行封锁。中国大多数初级产品进口依赖于海上通道。对原材料进口不断加强的的独立性和对对美关系极其印度洋盟友的担忧似乎已经使北京,相0年以来,将俄罗斯远东地区视作重要目标Until recently, the Chinese economic presence in the RFE was quite limited. The number of Chinese migrants in the RFE has also been modest -- no more than 300,000 -- most of them as sojourners rather than permanent residents. There are, however, indications that Chinas footprint in the RFE is about to grow. Chinas interest in the RFE has coincided with Moscows hour of need. Although just a few years ago the Kremlin was reluctant to allow the Chinese direct access to the most valuable industries of the Far East, it had to change its mind when faced with Western isolation over Ukraine and now having few alternatives but China. Moving, or rather being pushed, closer to China amidst confrontation with the West, Moscow has lifted formal and informal restrictions on Chinese investments that existed hitherto and begun to actively court Chinese capitals.直到最近,中国在远东地区的经济存在还很有限。远东地区中国移民的数量也不是很多—不超过300000—大部分都只是暂住居民而不是永久居民。然而有迹象表明中国在远东地区的存在感将要加强,中国在远东地区的利益正好与莫斯科的需求一致。尽管几年前克里姆林宫还是不情愿中国直接插手远东地区最有价值的产业,但是现在俄由于乌克兰问题而受到西方的孤立,它不得不改变想法了,并且除了中国它也没有多少备选的国家。莫斯科在于西方的对抗中,更接近或者说被迫接近中国,它已经放宽了目前对中国投资的正式或非正式的限制,并且开始积极寻求中方的投资。The main thrust has been in the hydrocarbon sector, epitomized by the gargantuan 400 billion, 30-year contract signed in May 2014 by Gazprom and CNPC to supply the RFEs gas to China. In other landmark developments, focused on eastern Russia, Moscow agreed to sell Chinese companies stakes in the countrys most lucrative oil field and the worlds third biggest copper field.最主要的推动力是在油气方面,集中体现在2014月俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)与中国石油天然气公司(CNPC)签订的远东地区向中国提供天然气的协议,总额达极其庞大的4000亿美元,时间长达30年。其他具有里程碑意义的进展方面,集中在俄东部地区,莫斯科同意出售给中方公司俄罗斯最赚钱的油田和世界上第三大铜矿的股票。Recent Russo-Chinese deals in the RFE have not been limited to resource-extraction industries. In 2014, Russian and Chinese government-affiliated companies announced they would jointly develop Zarubino port, strategically located in the south of the RFE at the junction of Russian, North Korean and Chinese borders. The port at Zarubino will give China direct access to the Sea of Japan, which it has long coveted. The port, with the expected throughput capacity of 100 million tons, will mostly handle Chinese cargoes. Chinese companies have also become the principal investors in a large-scale integrated casino resort near Vladivostok, which is slated to open in 2015 and aims to service mostly visitors from China.最近中俄在远东地区的贸易不再仅限于资源开采业014年中俄政府的附属公司宣布他们将共同开发扎鲁比诺港,这个港口位于远东地区南部,是中朝俄三国交界的地方,极具战略意义。中国可以通过位于扎鲁比诺的港口直接进入日本海,这时中国觊觎已久的。这个港口,预期有一亿吨的吞吐量,将主要装卸中国的货物。中国企业也是一个位于符拉迪沃斯托克附近的大兴综合性度假村的主要投资者,该度假村预定015年开业并且务对象主要是中国游客。Speaking at Saint Petersburgs Economic Forum in May 2014, Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao called for the linking up of the RFE with northeast China in order to ;turn the two into a big market -- a new economic bloc in Asia.; In dealing with the RFE, Beijing can deploy its giant state-owned corporations, which boast some of the deepest pockets in the world and are driven by the governments strategic calculations as much as by purely commercial considerations. Compared to Western companies with shareholder responsibility, they can make hefty investments with much longer planning horizons and without expecting short-term returns. This gives China a significant advantage in the RFE, where business projects often require massive financial outlays, are accompanied with significant risks, and do not promise quick profits.014月的圣彼得堡经济论坛上,中国国家副主席李源潮发表讲话并呼吁加强远东地区与中国东北部地区的衔接,为了“是这两个地区合成为一个大市场——一个亚洲的新的经济联盟”。在对待远东地区方面,北京可以部署他的庞大的国有企业,其中一些是世界上经济实力最雄厚的企业,国企以此为傲。这些企业是为了国家战略计划务并且纯粹的为了追求经济利益。和西方股份制的公司相比,它们可以用更加长远的目光进行大型的投资,并且不要求短期的回报,这使得中国在远东地区有了一个极其重要的优势。(因为)远东地区的投资经常是需要数额庞大的出并且伴随着明显的风险,而这些投资也不一定能获得快速的收益。The RFE is one piece in Chinas long-term geopolitical game aimed at creating zones of influence along its continental frontiers in Eurasia. Two other major areas, where Beijing pursues similar goals of securing its borders, getting preferential access to rich natural resources, and probably gaining there a degree of political control in the future, are continental Southeast Asia and Central Asia. Incidentally, large parts of these regions, like the RFE, were in the past under Chinas sovereignty or suzerainty. Another common feature of Beijings policy toward the ;rear areas; is to bind them up with the neighboring regions of China: southwestern China (especially Yunnan province) for Southeast Asia, western China (Xinjiang) for Central Asia, and northeastern China (Heilongjiang) for the RFE.远东地区是中国长远的地缘政治策略的一部分,目的是为了在亚欧大陆上创造一个沿着中国大陆边界的势力范围。另外两个主要的地区是东南亚和中亚,在这些地方中国想达到类似的目的,即保卫边疆,获得对丰富得然资源的优先开采权,并且将来可能对这些地方拥有一定程度上的政治控制。顺便说一下,在过去,中国对这些地方都曾经拥有主权或宗主权。北京对于他的“后方”地区的政策的一个共同的特点是把这些地区同他们相邻的地区捆绑在一块:中国西南部(尤其是云南省)和东南亚,中国西部(新疆)和中亚,中国东北部(黑龙江)和远东地区。Despite its seeming enthusiasm about the growing intimacy with Beijing, Moscow is aware of the costs and risks of embracing China. Chinas privileged access to the RFE could lead to Chinese economic dominion which would not only exclude other foreign competitors but can also begin to squeeze Russian companies out of the RFE. Economic sinicization may, sooner or later, set the stage for the erosion of sovereign control尽管莫斯科和中国好像打得火热,它也清楚向中国靠近的代价。中国在远东地区的特权可能会确立中国在该地区经济上的统治地位。这不仅会赶走其他国家的竞争者也会把俄罗斯的企业从远东地区排挤出去。经济上的中国化,迟早都会为弱化(俄罗斯在该地区的)主权控制打好基础。There is a probability that Chinas exclusive economic penetration of the RFE would eventually be followed by a rising degree of geopolitical control, ultimately jeopardizing Russian sovereignty and threatening to turn the RFE into not just a raw material appendix but also a military-strategic base for China in the North Pacific, especially if Moscow enters a full-fledged alliance with Beijing. The RFE could become exactly what some Chinese prefer to call it -- ;Outer Manchuria,; a territory where Russian sovereignty is getting increasingly tenuous and where matters are decided in Beijing and Harbin rather than Moscow or Vladivostok.中国在远东地区的排他性的经济渗透很有可能最终会导致一个(对该地区)更高程度的地缘政治控制,到最后会危机俄罗斯的主权,并且有把远东地区不仅当做他的原材料提供地而且还是一个太平洋北部的的中国的军事基地的威胁,尤其是如果俄罗斯成了中国的一个全面的盟友。远东地区有可能真的成为一些中国人称呼它的那样—“外满洲里”,在该地区俄罗斯的控制力正在减弱并且(关于它的)重大事项是由北京和哈尔滨决定而不是莫斯科和符拉迪沃斯托克。Some security experts in Russia even discuss a scenario in which China moves to annex the RFE by a surprise attack. This is not to say that such an invasion is imminent or likely. However, it cannot be ruled out, if Russia becomes too weak -- particularly if it descends into chaos due to a severe political or economic crisis. If China tries to grab the RFE, this may draw in other players Would the U.S. pre-emptively occupy Chukotka, Magadan, Kamchatka and the Arctic shore of Yakutia before Chinese enter these territories? And would Japan, in turn, take control of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands?俄罗斯的一些安全部门专家甚至讨论了一种情景——中国通过突袭来夺取远东地区。这并不是说这种侵略即将发生或者有可能发生。但是如果俄罗斯变得很薄弱——尤其是当它由于一些政治或者经济危机而突然陷入混乱的时候,并不排除有这种可胀?如果中国夺取远东地区,这可能会招来其他国家。美国会先发制人的抢在中国前面占领楚科奇,勘察加,马加丹和雅库特的北极海岸吗?并且日本会随后占领库页岛和千岛群岛吗?The ed States and the Russian Far East美国和俄罗斯远东地区Sarah Palin may not have been too far from the truth when she said that she could see Russia from her backyard. In fact, Alaskas Little Diomede Island sits just over two miles from Russias Big Diomede Island in the middle of the Bering Strait.Sarah Palin说她在她的后院里能够看见俄罗斯,这可能真不是在说谎。实际上,阿拉斯加的小代奥米德岛仅仅距离俄罗斯的白令海峡中心的大代奥米德岛两英里开外。The RFEs may not at present have a major economic importance for the U.S., as America has its own abundant supply of many of the natural resources the RFE has to offer. However, from a geopolitical perspective, the RFEs significance for the U.S. is only growing, as Sino-American rivalry in the Asia-Pacific shows no signs of abatement.现在远东地区对美国来说可能并没有重要的经济价值,因为许多远东地区能够提供的自然资源美国都有他自己的充足的来源。然而从地缘角度上看,远东地区对于美国的重要性正在增加,因为中美在亚太地区的对抗丝毫没有减弱的迹象;The greater involvement of Asias developed economies, such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore, would help offset Chinas rising economic influence in the RFE and contribute to a more stable equilibrium in the Asia-Pacific.;“亚洲发达经济体,像是日本、韩囀?新加坡(在远东地区的)更多的参与,会帮助抵消中国在远东地区的逐渐增加的经济影响,并且有助于亚太地区的更加稳定的(势力)平衡”As previously noted, China seeks to secure ;rear areas; along its continental periphery -- in mainland Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the RFE. Control over them would greatly expand Beijings sway in Eurasia and make it feel more confident vis-à-vis Washington. Of the three mentioned areas, the RFE carries an added significance because of its adjacency to North America as well as fronting the ever more significant Arctic. The higher the level of Chinese penetration of the RFE, the more risks it poses potentially for the U.S.正如之前提到过的,中国试图把它的“后方”同其相邻地区(东南亚大陆、中亚和远东地区)捆绑在一块,对这些地区的控制会大大扩大北京在亚欧大陆的影响并且使北京在与华盛顿的角力中更加自信。在上面提到的三个地区中,远东地区更加重要,因为它与美国相邻并且正对着一直以来极具战略意义的北冰洋。中国对远东地区的渗透越深入,对美国的威胁就越大。American interest in the fate of the RFE would not be without historical precedent: it was partly thanks to the U.S. diplomatic intervention that the Russian Far East remained Russian, when in the early 1920s Washington successfully pressed Japan, Americas main geopolitical opponent at the time, to pull out its troops from the region.美国对于远东地区命运的关注并不是没有先例:这一定程度上多亏0世纪20年代美国政治上的干预,成功迫使日本撤回了在该地区的军队,使俄罗斯远东地区仍属于俄罗斯,这时候日本还是美国主要的地缘政治上的对手。The goal of the U.S. should not be to keep China out of the RFE, for it is neither possible nor desirable. Rather, it should work toward enabling the RFE to integrate with the Asia-Pacific economies, so that China does not become the predominant player. Russia would definitely welcome such a strategy, as it fully corresponds with its own strong interest in having economic alternatives to China. Moreover, Russians are aware that China will not provide the RFE with what it needs, no less than cash, advanced technologies and expertise. This is precisely where America and other developed economies retain a remarkable edge over China.美国的目标不应该是把中国从远东地区的排挤出去,因为这不可能也是不可取的。相反,美国要确保使远东地区整合到亚太经济体中,这样中国对于远东地区就不能占领导地为了。俄罗斯肯定会对这个战略表示欢迎,因为这正好满足它的强烈需求——找到俄罗斯在经济方面中国的替代者。并且俄罗斯知道中国提供不了远东地区需要的东西——不仅仅是投资,还有先进的技术和专业知识。在这些方面美国和其他发达经济体相比与中国拥有很大的优势Of course, the Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia now make it difficult for the U.S. to invest in the RFE. However, Washington would be well-advised to at least let the Asians do business with the RFE rather than pressuring them into joining Western anti-Russia sanctions. The greater involvement of Asias developed economies, such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore, would help offset Chinas rising economic influence in the RFE and contribute to a more stable equilibrium in the Asia-Pacific.当然,美国因为乌克兰问题而对俄罗斯的制裁使得它很难向远东地区投资。然而,华盛顿也会被建议至少要让亚洲国家在远东地区贸易而不是迫使他们加入西方的反俄制裁中来。亚洲的发达经济体,像是日本、韩囀?新加坡,在远东地区的更多的参与,会有助于抵消中国对于远东地区逐渐增长的经济影响同时也有助于建立亚太地区更加稳定的平衡。Artyom Lukin:Professor Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, RussiaArtyom Lukin:俄罗斯符拉迪沃斯托克的远东联邦大学教授。来 /201501/355822福建厦门狐臭治疗

厦门市三医院私立还是公办在厦门治咖啡牛奶斑大约需要哪家医 American forces misidentified a target in Kunduz, Afghanistan last month that resulted in a mistaken half-hour aerial attack on a hospital that killed at least 30 people, mostly doctors and patients, according to a U.S. military investigation.美国军方调查显示,美军部队上个月在阿富汗昆都士误认袭击目标而对一所医院进行了半小时空袭,导致至0人丧生,其中大多是医生和病人。Army Gen. John Campbell, the commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan, said Wednesday that Afghan forces asked for U.S. air support to strike a National Directorate of Security building believed to be occupied by Taliban fighters. According to the report, the AC-130 air crew instead fired 211 shells at a hospital operated by the international charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) that was 450 meters away.美国和国际部队在阿富汗的指挥官、陆军上将坎贝尔星期三说,阿富汗部队请求美军空中援,袭击据信被塔利班武装人员占据的国家安全董事会大楼。结果调查显示,AC-130机组人员50米外一所由国际慈善机构医生无国界运营的医院发11颗炮弹;This was a tragic mistake,; Campbell said in Kabul Wednesday. ;This is an example of human and process error. It was directly the result of avoidable human error.; Several factors contributed to the mistake, according to Campbell. The air crew launched more than an hour earlier than planned, missing out on a crucial brief that would normally include identifying no-strike areas such as the MSF hospital. Once in flight, the aircrafts electronic systems malfunctioned, eliminating the crews ability to transmit , send and receive email, or send and receive electronic messages.坎贝尔星期三在喀布尔说,“这是一个悲剧性错误。”他说,“这是人为和程序错误的一个例子,是由可以避免的人为错误直接造成的。”坎贝尔说,几个问题导致了这一错误。机组人员比计划提前一个多小时展开行动,没有参加一次关键的简报会,会上一般会包括确认像无国界医生组织的医院这种非袭击区的信息。在飞机飞行时电子系统出了故障,使得机组无法传送视频、收发电邮或者电子信息。The crew then believed it was the target of a missile, Campbell told reporters, so they moved out of the aircrafts normal strike range, degrading the accuracy of the targeting system. That loss of accuracy appeared to cause the coordinates of the Taliban target to land on an open field. The crew visually located the ;closest, largest; building to that field and, thinking that was the target, fired on it.坎贝尔对记者说,机组人员当时认为他们是导弹袭击目标,于是他们飞离飞机正常袭击范围,降低了目标系统的准确率。这似乎导致了塔利班的地面目标坐标锁定在一处空地。机组目测找到空地附近“最近、最大”的建筑物,认为那就是目标,于是开火。Campbell said some military personnel involved in the incident have been suspended from duties pending possible disciplinary action, and that the U.S. intends to assist Doctors Without Borders in rebuilding the hospital.坎贝尔说,与这次袭击有关的一些军事人员已经暂停工作,等候可能的纪律处分。美国计划帮助医生无国界重建那所医院。来 /201511/412601厦门腰腹部吸脂哪家医院好

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