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now it#39;s time for something more是时候说些更有营养的话题了wholesome. This is a game we#39;re going to play a game tonight in which the我们要在今晚玩一个游戏contestants are many years apart. One而参赛者的年龄相差很大 一位is a senior citizen the other one is a是老年人一位是junior citizen and it#39;s time to play青少年 现在是Generation Gap, let#39;s play it now!代沟间的战争 让我们马上开始吧Let#39;s go out to Hollywood Boulevard. That is my cousin Sal, he is not playing the game让我们走到好莱坞大道上 这是我哥们儿萨尔 他没有参与这次的比赛how#39;s it going out there, Sal? Is it still raining? Jimmy we#39;re surviving萨尔 那里的情况怎么样?还在下雨吗?吉米我们很好we#39;re staying warm and dry out here. Thank God, we are我们待的地方温暖而且干燥 感谢上帝 我们都在praying for you. I know everyone is praying for all of us here为你祈祷 我知道每个人都希望在场的观众会没事well let#39;s meet our competitors. First up让我们看看参赛者们 首先representing the Golden Generation, Mr. Leonard Beauchamp!出场的是代表黄金一代的伦纳德波尚先生!Welcome, Leonard, did I get the name right?欢迎 伦纳德 没叫错吧?Now you guys are not going to believe this你们都不会相信Leonard, tell everyone how old you are. I still don#39;t believe it but tell us.伦纳德 告诉我们你几岁了 我一直不敢相信 请你告诉大家92 years old. 92 years old. Well you look unbelievably good for 92 years old, I#39;m sure you92岁 -92岁 简直不敢相信 你已经92岁了 我敢肯定hear that every day, yes? Yes I do. You served in World War Two?你每天都能听到这样的话 对吗?是的 每天都能听到 你参加过二战吗?I served in World War 2 - 2 years and 10 months in combat我在二战中参与了2年10个月的战斗Wow which side were you on, ours? I was on哇 你是战争中的哪一方 我国吗?我站在the side of the Allies. Okay good. Leonard will be同盟国这边 很好 伦纳德将facing off tonight against Travers在今晚挑战特拉弗斯Tobis. Travers how not old are you? I#39;m 13 years old.托比斯 特拉弗斯 你几岁了 我13岁Travers is 13 years old, and that#39;s why we特拉弗斯13岁 这就是我们call this, ;Generation Gap; there#39;s a huge称这场游戏叫“代沟”的原因 他们之间gapI understand you fought in the world年龄差距很大——我知道你玩过of warcraft. Travers,so are you guys魔兽世界 特拉弗斯 所以你good at trivia and you know pop culture?擅长这些问答游戏而且知道流行文化吗?No I do not. You do not.perfect you#39;re我不擅长 你不擅长 很好 这perfect for this gameJimmy, Jimmy对我们的游戏很好——吉米 吉米I have to interrupt, I just have to say我想打断一下 我想说Leonard was loving the golden shower talk before. He was wild about it.伦纳德之前一直深爱着这个黄金脱口秀 他非常喜欢这个节目You into that kind of thing, Leonard? Know all about it.你了解这些吗 伦纳德?什么都知道Well, well don#39;t mention it to Travers,很好 千万不要告诉特拉弗斯He#39;s 13 years old. I#39;m going to ask each of他只有13岁 我将会问you a question from your opponent#39;s generation or as close to it as we can你们每个人关于你对立一代或者接近对立一代的问题manage whichever one of you gets the most answers right wins the game it#39;s你们中回答正确多的人会赢得本次比赛 这very simple, you understand?很简单 你们能明白吗?Yeah. Okay, Leonard, you get the first明白 好的 伦纳德 你先来回答第一个question-- the first question is what does问题——第一个问题是PS4 stand for? It#39;s not a ship in the Navy...PS4是什么意思?这不是海军的船Not a ship, no. He#39;s getting there he#39;s这不是一艘船 肯定不是 他快想出来了 他getting there. Leonard, okay, Leonard does not快想出来了 伦纳德 好了 伦纳德没有have the answer. Travers, that means you 特拉弗斯 这意味着你get a chance to answer what is a PS4, Travers?有机会回答这个问题了 知道吗?I believe it is a Playstation 4. It is a Playstation 4.我肯定这是第四代游戏主机 这就是第四代游戏主机10 points for Travers, and Travers the next question is for you:特拉弗斯得到十分 下个问题是特拉弗斯的what does, Travers, what does PBS stand for?特拉弗斯 PBS是什么意思?I think it stands for...我觉得它的意思是…possibilities beyond surrealism, I don#39;t know!跨越超现实主义的可能性 我不知道!Excellent guess, but not correct Leonard what does PBS stand for? PBS...猜得不错 但是不对 伦纳德 PBS是什么意思?PBS…Yes, PBS. That#39;s, that#39;s, that#39;s a question.是的 PBS是什么意思 这 这 这是个难题Yeah. What does PBS stand for? PBS?确实是个难题PBS是什么意思呢?是什么?You know A, you know N you know CBS.你知道A 知道N 知道CBSWhat does PBS stand for? Public Broadcasting System那么PBS是什么意思呢?公共广播系统That is absolutely right! We have a tie game.完全正确!现在已经打成平局了Sal, give him 10 points and we#39;re going萨尔 给伦纳德加10分然后我们来to take a break, when we come back we will休息一下 下一轮play the rest of the game我们会继续剩下的所有比赛Generation Gap so stick around, we#39;ll be right back.不要走开 我们马上回来We are locked in a battle of experience我们目睹着这场versus youth it is 92 year old Leonard与青春的战争 92岁的伦纳德against thirteen-year-old Travers the对抗13岁的特拉弗斯score is 10 to 10 let#39;s keep it going现在的比分是10比10 希望能继续保持the first question Travers is for you第一个问题是特拉弗斯你的name this look at the screen准确说出屏幕上的classic toy right there on the screen to your right.经典玩具的名字 请看你右边的屏幕I believe that is a Slinky? That is a这是机灵鬼?这就是Slinky, wow! Have you ever played with a Slinky机灵鬼 厉害了!你玩过机灵鬼吗Travers? Yes I have. You have. Leonard have特拉弗斯?玩过你玩过 伦纳德you ever played with a Slinky?Never! Never will. Never will?你玩过机灵鬼吗?没玩过!以后也不会玩 以后也不玩?What do you mean? That#39;s not on the bucket list, huh?这是什么意思?不在你的遗愿清单上 是吗?Leonard, your question, from Travers#39;s generation is: name this伦纳德 你的问题 是有关特拉弗斯年代的:说出modern toy right there on the screen name that toy.你右边屏幕上的现代玩具的名字it was very popular this holiday season这在这个假期很流行all the kids wanted it... Not Pokemon is it?所有的孩子都玩过它…不是口袋妖怪吧?No, I#39;m sorry, it is not Pokemon. Travers, what is that toy?不是哦 我很抱歉 这不是口袋妖怪 特拉弗斯 这是什么I believe it is a Furby? It is NOT a Furby! Oh my goodness.是菲比精灵吗?这不是菲比!天哪That is a Hatchimal. That is a Hatchimal.是神秘蛋 那是神秘蛋Alright the next question is for Leonard, Leonard complete the song好的下个问题是伦纳德的 伦纳德 请补充完整这首歌的歌词it#39;s getting hot in here so take off这里越来越热 脱掉finish the rest it#39;s getting hot in here so take off完成剩余部分 这里越来越热 脱掉-take off your not hat... take off your rain-- your overcoat!脱掉你的不是帽子…脱掉你的雨——你的外套!Your overcoat, no! That would have been better I think.你的外套 不是哦!你可以答得好点的Travers, do you know it#39;s getting hot in here so take off...特拉弗斯 你知道吗 这里很热 脱掉All your clothes. All your clothes is right, Travers, yes.你全部的衣全部的衣是对的 没错Travers has the lead and the next question goes to特拉弗斯已经遥遥领先了 接下个问题也是Travers, too. Travers, complete this song:特拉弗斯的 特拉弗斯 补充完整歌词:goodness gracious, great... goodness gracious, great--善良 亲切 爱的…善良 亲切 爱的——Great sunshiny day? No, that#39;s a different song.明媚的一天?不是 这是另一首歌Leonard, do you know that I know that one.伦纳德 你知道这——我知道-let#39;s hear it! Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!说出来吧!善良 亲切 爱的火球!That is absolutely right. Leonard closes the完全正确!伦纳德缩小了gap. Leonard the next question is not比分差距 伦纳德 下个问题不是for you it#39;s for Travers. Travers, this你的而是特拉弗斯的 特拉弗斯 这is from what classic movie? this is the是出自哪部经典电影呢?屏幕上是它的poster-- ;The Birds;- ;The Birds; wow, that#39;s right!海报——“群鸟”“群鸟” 没错that#39;s absolutely right. And Leonard, this is from what recent movie?完全正确 伦纳德 这出自哪部近期的电影呢?Come on Leonard.Do you know?I don#39;t think so.No? Alright.加油伦纳德你知道吗?我真的不知道不知道吗?好吧Travers, you want to take a guess特拉弗斯 你要猜猜看吗;Angry Birds;-;Angry Birds; that#39;s right yeah all right wow“愤怒的小鸟”“愤怒的小鸟”没错 没错 很厉害啊Travers has a big lead.Better start cheating here, Leonard.特拉弗斯遥遥领先了啊 伦纳德 你要开始作弊才能赶上啊You have a lot of making up to do. Here the next question你还要做很大的努力才能超越 接着下一个问题is for Leonard, Leonard who is this是伦纳德的 伦纳德famous Ed? Ed? I don#39;t know you, Ed. From the ed Kingdom.著名的Ed是谁?Ed?我不知道你啊 Ed 来自英国That means he must be British then, huh?那就是说他是英国人?Give him half credit for that.Gotta get something for that British. No guess?给他半分吧 答出英国人确实要给半分啊 猜不出来吗?Travers, name that famous Ed.I know the song, I don#39;t know the guy#39;s name特拉弗斯 说出著名Ed的名字 我知道他的歌 但我不知道他的名字-nobody knows? That is Ed Sheeran. Oh how sad for Ed都不知道吗?是爱德华希兰 爱德华希兰会很伤心的Sheeran. Travers, name this famous Ed Travers?Ed Sullivan?特拉弗斯 说出这个著名的Ed 知道吗?埃德·沙利文?Wow, what#39;s going on here!厉害啊 领先很多了啊!Travers have you been sneaking around in your grandpa#39;s VHS cabinet?特拉弗斯你是不是偷偷看你爷爷的录像带Benjamin Button over here你肯定是本杰明·巴顿啊Alright Travers you get the next question Travers with the big lead特拉弗斯你来回答下个问题 特拉弗斯真的遥遥领先啊what are these movie characters called?这些电影角色分别叫什么名字?What, what are these movie characters这些角色分别叫什么called?I maybe they#39;re from Alice in名字?可能出自爱丽丝Wonderland they#39;re called the three梦游仙境 他们叫三个dwarves.The what? The three what did you say?The three dwarves!Oh, ok.小矮人什么?三个什么?三个小矮人!好吧oh I thought it was something worse.好吧 我以为你说了更糟糕的话呢alright and well Leonard do you want to伦纳德你想give it a shot? What are those characters猜猜看吗?这些角色called?This is a mystery to me here.What?叫什么?这对我来说是个谜你说什么?I know it#39;s not the Munchkins. Yes it is the Munchkins!我觉得这应该是芒奇金人 没错 这就是芒奇金人!Leonard, Leonard this question is for you伦纳德 伦纳德 这个问题是你的what are these movie characters called? Hmm... hmm... hmm again.这些电影角色叫什么?嗯…嗯…嗯还是不知道Yeah, do you recognize them at all? Have you seen them?还没认出他们来吗?你看过他们吗?No I do not.You do not. So you have no idea... Travers what are those没看过 你没看过 所以你不知道…特拉弗斯这些characters called?They#39;re called Minions角色叫什么?他们叫小黄人They are called Minions, and you know what?他们叫小黄人 你知道吗?This game is completely out of hand. I#39;m very sorry这场游戏的结果真是完全无法预料结果啊 我很抱歉Leonard but unfortunately you have lost伦纳德 很不幸你this game of Generation Gap, although在这场代沟游戏中失败了 即使you tried valiantly, Travers is the你很勇敢地去尝试了 特拉弗斯是这场比赛的winner but we have prizes for both of you--赢家 但他们两个人都会得到奖品——Travers.Good game.Leonard, Lenoard, you are特拉弗斯你做得很好了伦纳德 伦纳德 你在going home the proud owner of a hoverboard, and是这个悬浮板的主人了Travers you go home with an ironing board!特拉弗斯你可以带着这个烫衣板回家Thanks for playing Generation Gap!感谢参加这个代沟游戏Hi, I#39;m Jimmy Kimmel. If you liked that,我是吉米鸡毛 如果你喜欢这种视频click the subscribe button below and good things will happen forever.点击订阅 永远都会有好事发生 Article/201706/512378Oh, that#39;s lovely... So graceful.哦,真是可爱啊。真优雅。The corkscrew spin, flawless...瞧那螺旋旋转,完美无缺。His signature move, the Flying Dutchman. Poetry in motion.瞧那套动作,飞翔的荷兰人。诗歌般的韵律。And there it is, the ;Baby Bird;. Breathtaking.而这个,新生的小鸟,令人惊叹。A sumo wrestler figure skating? Surprising.一位相扑选手在花样滑冰?令人吃惊啊。What#39;s not surprising?有什么是更惊喜的吗?How much money Heather saved by switching to GEICO.她换成了GEICO保险,一共节省了多少钱?Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.只需15分钟就可以节省15%以上的费用。 Article/201612/482528FLASH英语口语:Visiting Grandma in the Hospital 探望外婆 /200607/8479North Korea has suffered devastating flooding in the northeastern part of the country following a typhoon.台风登陆后,朝鲜东北部地区遭遇特大洪水。The government has called the recent flooding the worst the country has experienced since 1945.政府称这是1945以来朝鲜经历过最严重的洪水。Flooding is a fairly common occurrence around the world. But what#39;s newsworthy is North Korea is actually admitting it.洪水在世界上是一个相当普遍的现象。但值得一提的是,朝鲜竟然承认了此次洪水的危害。Most news coming out of North Korea portrays the country and its leader as strong and successful. But now the country is getting help from over a dozen local and international relief agencies including some that represent the ed Nations.来自朝鲜的大多数新闻描绘的是国家和领导人的强大和成功。但现在朝鲜正向十几个当地和国际救援机构寻求帮助,包括一些代表联合国的机构。According to various stories published by state-run Korean Central News Agency, the flooding has destroyed many buildings. 据国立朝鲜中央通讯社,洪水已经摧毁了许多建筑。The government apparently told the ed Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs that 133 people have died and 395 more are missing. OCHA reports over 35,000 homes and 8,700 buildings have been damaged. About 100,000 people are believed to be displaced.朝鲜政府告知联合国人道主义事务协调办公室,洪水已造成133人死亡,395人失踪。据人道协调厅报道,超过35,000个家园和8,700座建筑已被破坏。大约有100,000人流离失所。Even so, the stories about the flooding on the KCNA website are mainly focused on the united response from the North Korean people and government. 即便如此,朝中社网站对洪水的报道主要集中在朝鲜政府和人民的团结一致。译文属。 Article/201609/466154

Berlin, 1987柏林,1987年My father was a guard on the west side of the Berlin Wall, while another man guarded the east. Eventually, the wall came down. But even after moving away, my father carried a piece of it with him. While I grew up, it lingered over all of us, a barrier between him and the rest of the world.我父亲是柏林围墙西侧的守卫,而另一个男人则看守东侧。终于,墙倒下了。不过就算搬走后,我父亲仍带着围墙的一片碎片在身上。当我长大,那阴影仍跟着我们,一道父亲和其余世界间的屏障。I decided I would help by taking him back to Berlin to show him the beautiful place it had become. When we arrived, the stranger who answered the door became familiar. The guard who patrolled the opposite side of the wall now welcomed us as a friend. After that, things were better for my father.我决定要带父亲回柏林看看它成了多美的地方来帮助他。当我们抵达时,应门的陌生人渐渐变得熟悉。以往巡逻围墙另一边的守卫如今以朋友的身分欢迎我们。在那之后,父亲的情况就好转了。Airbnb, belong AnywhereAirbnb,属于任何地方 Article/201611/479609

In 1274, Edward I#39;s coronation finally took place in a magnificent sanctuary created by his father.1274年爱德华一世的加冕礼 在他父亲修建的宏丽教堂中举行The Westminster in which he was crowned would,if Edward had anything to do with it,他的加冕地威斯敏斯特 不仅将成为英格兰的中心be the capital not just of England, but of Britain.也将成为不列颠的中心It was in Wales that Edward first made the seriousness of his ambitions crystal clear.爱德华的野心 初次显露是在威尔士Here, the dominant prince was Llywelyn ap Gruffydd,ruler of the mountainous kingdom of Gwynedd,greater Snowdonia.这里是卢埃林·爱普·格鲁菲兹的领土 他是格温内思这座山间王国的统治者 斯诺登的霸主Knowing that the difficult, not to say impossible terrain of his country深知自己这片地形复杂 易守难攻的领地had been the graveyard of English armies,Llywelyn was determined to resist their attempts to subdue central Wales.曾经是英格兰军队的死亡之地 卢埃林决心阻断 英格兰征威尔士中部的企图Here, the native Welsh clung on to their language, customers and laws.当地威尔士人坚持使用 自己的语言 风俗 法律Lords in their own lands, but still subjects of English King.虽然有自己的君王 却要向英格兰国王俯首称臣By the 13th century, Wales had become divided into the principality of Gwynedd, the disputed centre,到十三世纪时 威尔士被划分为三部分 格温内思公国 中部冲突地区and the encroaching English baronial and crown lands.以及英格兰贵族和国王渐进蚕食的地区Encroaching, that is, until 1258,when Llywelyn was strong enough to have himself declared ;princeps wallie; prince of Wales.这种逐渐推进的入侵持续到1258年 此时卢埃林已积攒了足够的实力 自封为威尔士王子 /201610/471470

It#39;s very hard to imagine just the scale of the volcanism which starts off at this time.当时的火山爆发规模大到无法想象的地步It#39;s vastly greater, several orders of magnitude greater, than anything we see on earth today.它太剧烈了,级别比当今地球上任何一次火山爆发都要高得多Thousands of square kilometres of, of red hot lava just pouring out of these fissures in the ground covering a vast area.数千平方公里的炽热熔岩从裂缝中喷涌上来,覆盖了大片地表And it wasn#39;t just the lava. These eruptions had pumped out millions of tons of poisonous gases.而且不只是熔岩。火山爆发还喷出了数百万吨有毒气体The theory was that these gases had effectively suffocated life in the oceans.科学家们认为这些气体将使海洋生物窒息Paradoxically, all this death could have been the dinosaurs big evolutionary break反过来说,这些死亡可能正是恐龙伟大进化历程的开始because it#39;s a well known evolutionary theory that mass extinctions can have a dramatic effect on evolution.因为根据众所周知的进化论,大灭绝能对进化产生戏剧性的作用Extinction events are obviously bad news for the things that are around at the time,灭绝事件对于当时那些生物来说无疑是噩梦but in a way evolution#39;s able to experiment quite a lot at this time但是从某种程度上,进化能在那个时候进行大量尝试because there#39;s less sort of competition going on at these moments of time因为当时竞争之类的因素少了很多and you often get the sort of major innovations and new, new groups start appearing in the aftermath of extinction events.而大批新生物种,新生群落就会在大灭绝之后纷纷出现So could a mass extinction have been responsible for the transformation of the dinosaurs in the mid-Jurassic?那么,大灭绝真的会导致恐龙在中侏罗世发生剧变吗It would have created a world free of competition allowing the survivors to evolve into all the new types of dinosaur.它创造了一个没有竞争的世界,幸存者们得以在此进化成各种新型恐龙。 Article/201705/508067

In Alaska, the best route to safety was to get onto a glacier,在阿拉斯加 最安全的路径 就是站到冰川上去but that meant a jump across icy water for me and for Simon.但那就意味着要跳过刺骨的冰水 我要跳 西蒙也得跳Don#39;t like the look of this stuff at all.You see, it#39;s just all free-floating,broken ice.这些东西全都暗藏杀机 你看 冰块全是活动的 全是碎冰To get to the glacier,you had to sort of step across which were effectively icebergs floating in the water.Often they#39;re pretty unstable.为了到冰川上去 你得跨过 那些看起来很结实的冰山 实际上他们很容易碎的Here we go, twinkletoes.出发 水上漂Just,okay ,come on then,give me your hand, this last bit.差点 好了 过来 最后这一段我能拉你一把He said,No, come on.Do this last one. It#39;s great.We#39;ll make it. We#39;ll make it.他说 不 快来 挺过这最后一个 感觉棒极了 我们能行 我们能行Ok. Look down, look across,Go for it, commit to it.好吧 看看下面 看看对面 就奋不顾身地冲过去了One, two, three.Good. good, good. And again.Nice.1 2 3 好 很好 不错 真棒Simon -- he#39;s no slouch in those situations,and danced across it really well.西蒙在这种环境中游刃有余 一把就跳了过去But he also has to hold a camera.但是他还要举着摄像机Sometimes you just got to commit to these things. Okay.有时候你得全情投入 走吧I#39;m as careful as I can be,but there#39;s always an element of risk for me and crew.我已经尽可能小心翼翼 但我和摄制人员还是常遇风险There was a scree slope which Bear and I were powering down.那里有一处布满碎石的斜坡 我和贝尔要速滑下去We got to about 20 feet before the end of this thing,and Bear says to me,;I#39;m gonna stop by that tree;.And he doesn#39;t stop.差不多要滑20英尺才能到坡底 贝尔跟我说 我会在那棵树的地方停下来 可他并没能停下来 Article/201610/473393

栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451744

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