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赣州石城不孕不育多少钱章贡人民医院是私立的还是公立的Now you can Google a phone call.现在你可以用谷歌(Google)打电话了。On Wednesday, Google unveiled its long-awaited phone service, called Project Fi, putting the search giant in competition with Verizon, ATamp;T and other wireless service providers. In addition to new turf, the service is an attempt to blend several communication tools and the multiplying ways of calling people — cellular calls, online calls like those offered by Skype — into a single phone number and service.周三,谷歌推出了人们期待已久的手机务Project Fi,这家搜索巨头因此加入了与威瑞森(Verizon)、ATamp;T等无线务提供商的竞争中。除了涉足新领域,这项务还试图把各种通讯工具,以及日益增多的通话方式——手机、Skype提供的那种网络电话——整合进一个单独的号码和务。For now, Project Fi could be considered an experiment. It will be available only to people using Google’s Nexus 6 phone, limiting its reach.就目前而言,Project Fi可以被看做是一种尝试。只有谷歌Nexus 6的用户才能使用它,这限制了它的影响范围。Analysts see the new service as a bid to reimagine phone calls so that they have greater overlap with Google’s expanding world of devices and services.分析人士认为,这项新的务是对手机通话的重新构想,从而让它与谷歌不断扩大的设备和务有更大的交集。Video by GoogleProject Fi: Innovating in connectivity and communication谷歌Project Fi的视频:连通与通讯的革新。Unlike your typical cell service, Project Fi will mix traditional wireless technology, where calls are routed through cellular towers, with the wireless Internet service found in Starbucks, airports and elsewhere. Google has teamed with Sprint and T-Mobile to provide the traditional wireless service, and said it had about a million wireless hotspots for the rest.与一般的手机务不同,Project Fi将把传统的无线技术——通过蜂窝信号塔传输的手机通话——与星巴克、机场和其他地方的那种无线互联网务结合起来。谷歌已经与Sprint和T-Mobile合作,提供传统的无线务,并表示,除此之外还提供了约100万个无线热点。“Wherever you’re connected to Wi-Fi — whether that’s at home, your favorite coffee shop or your Batcave — you can talk and text like you normally do,” wrote Nick Fox, Google’s vice president of communications products, in a blog post. “If you leave an area of Wi-Fi coverage, your call will seamlessly transition from Wi-Fi to cell networks so your conversation doesn’t skip a beat.”“无论你在哪里连接Wi-Fi——家里、你最喜欢的咖啡馆还是你的秘密基地——你都可以正常打电话发短信,”谷歌通讯产品副总裁尼克·福克斯(Nick Fox)在一篇客中说。“如果你离开Wi-Fi覆盖的区域,你的通话将自动从Wi-Fi转入蜂窝网络,对话不会中断。”In addition to changing networks, the service will move users’ phone numbers between screens, so they can talk and text on phones, tablets or laptops. And as with most things Google does, the service is meant to be cheap.除了切换网络,该务还可以让用户在不同设备上使用同一个号码,这样以来,他们在手机、平板和笔记本电脑上都能打电话和发信息。就像谷歌的多数产品一样,这项务同样价格不高。Traditional cellphone carriers like ATamp;T and Verizon charge customers upward of 0 a month for their services, including phone calls and mobile data. Google’s service will be a month for basic voice and text service, along with a flat per gigabyte of cellular data.对包括电话和移动数据在内的务,ATamp;T和威瑞森等传统手机运营商每月向用户收取超过100美元(约合620元人民币)的费用。谷歌的基本语音和短信务月费将为20美元,同时1G移动数据的收费为固定的10美元。“Since it’s hard to predict your data usage, you’ll get credit for the full value of your unused data,” according to the blog post. “Let’s say you go with 3GB for and only use 1.4GB one month. You’ll get back, so you only pay for what you use.”“因为很难预计数据使用情况,未使用数据的全部费用会被返还,”福克斯的客说。“比如,你花30美元购买了3G的流量,但一个月只用了1.4G。所以你会收到返还的16美元,只有用过的数据才花钱。”In many ways, the wireless service is similar to the Google Fiber Internet service that has been introduced in a handful of American cities, including the Kansas City area and Austin, Tex.在很多方面,该无线务都和Google Fiber互联网务类似。后者已在美国一些城市引入,包括堪萨斯城地区和德州的奥斯汀。Google is piggybacking on giant physical networks that are owned by other companies, creating a barrier that, for now at least, limits Google’s competitive threat to traditional carriers. But Google has a long history of trying to cut out middlemen — including Internet service providers, online stores and delivery businesses — that stand between the company and users.谷歌目前所依附的大型实体网络属其他公司所有,由此生出的障碍,至少在目前限制了谷歌对传统运营商的竞争威胁。但在将阻挡在自己和用户之间的中间人——包括互联网务供应商、网店和快递企业——踢出局上,谷歌有着悠久的历史。With the wireless service, Google will be operating as what is called a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, which provides a service on other mobile carriers’ networks.有了该无线务,谷歌将能以所谓的移动虚拟运营商(MVNO)的身份进行运营,这是一种用其他移动运营商的网络提供务的方式。“It’s always an interesting business because you are dependent on the companies who you are trying to compete with,” said Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research. “And they will only support you if they think you’re targeting a niche they can’t target themselves.”“这一直都是一个有意思的领域,因为你依赖的,正是你想与之竞争的公司,”穴鸟研究公司(Jackdaw Research)首席分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)说。“只有让它们认为,你的目标是它们做不了的小众市场,它们才会持你。” /201504/371994赣州仁济官方网站 Alibaba is experimenting with a drone delivery service as the Chinese ecommerce group seeks ever faster ways to put its goods in eager consumers’ hands.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)正在测试无人机送货务,这家中国电子商务集团寻求以更加快速的方式,将商品送到急切的消费者手中。The service — using propeller-driven drones in three major Chinese cities — appears more a publicity stunt than a serious business model, but raises the question of whether using drones for short-hop logistics is viable on the mainland, where airspace is tightly controlled.这项在中国三大城市测试的、使用螺旋桨驱动无人机送货的务,似乎更像是一个宣传噱头,而不是一种正式的商业模式,但它提出了一个问题:在中国大陆使用无人机进行短途送货是否可行?中国存在严格的航空管制。Alibaba “aren’t hinting that drone-delivery service is ripe for commercialisation in [mainland China]”, the company said.阿里巴巴表示,该公司并不是在暗示无人机送货务(在中国大陆)的商业化时机已经成熟。It said the quadcopter drones were deployed in a “one-off test”, to last three days, launched in areas of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to whisk boxes of ginger tea to customers.阿里巴巴称,将在北京、上海、广州三地展开为期三天的“一次性测试”,测试中将使用四轴飞行器把盒装姜茶快递给客户。The drones would not be flown right to customers’ doors, but to central logistics sites where the “last-mile” delivery will be handled by human couriers, said Alibaba, whose online marketplaces account for about 75-80 per cent of the ecommerce in China.该公司表示,这些无人机不会直接飞到客户门前,而是会飞到物流站点,“最后一公里”的送货将由快递员负责。阿里巴巴的在线集市占据了中国电商市场约75%到80%的份额。The drones were deployed by logistics company YTO Express, a partner of Alibaba.阿里巴巴的合作伙伴、物流公司圆通速递(YTO Express)执行了这次无人机送货务。Companies the world over have begun to experiment with unmanned aerial vehicles as part of efforts to more easily and quickly reach more remote delivery addresses.全球各地的企业已开始测试无人机送货,以求更快捷地将货物送到较偏远的送货地址。But regulations in China are so onerous that few believe airspace will be freed up any time soon to widesp use of whirring and buzzing quadcopter drones.但中国的法规非常繁琐,以至于没什么人相信其领空不久之后就能开放给嗡嗡作响的四轴飞行器广泛使用。Last June, US artist Trey Ratcliff was detained and had his GoPro camera-equipped drone confiscated by police after he flew it over the Forbidden City in Beijing without permission.去年6月,美国影像艺术家特里#8226;拉特克利夫(Trey Ratcliff)在未经许可的情况下,操控装有GoPro摄像头的无人机从北京故宫上空飞过。拉特克利夫随后被逮捕,无人机也被警方没收。“Deciding to fly a drone over China is kind of like Luke Skywalker deciding to ride his landspeeder on the Death Star,” he wrote in a blog post about the incident. “Note to self: don’t mess with these guys.”拉特克利夫在一篇客中对此事描述道:“决定操控无人机飞过中国上空,有点像卢克#8226;天行者(Luke Skywalker)决定在死星(Death Star)上驾驶他的陆上飞艇(landspeeder)。自我提醒:别碰这些家伙。”In 2013, a Shanghai bakery scrapped plans to deliver cakes within 30 minutes, using drone couriers, blaming airspace regulations.2013年,上海一家面包店放弃了用无人机在30分钟内将糕点送到顾客手中的计划,并将原因归于航空管制。Even in the relatively liberal US, Amazon has had to navigate regulatory issues as it tries to set up drone delivery services. The company, which has drone Ramp;D testing centres in both the US and the UK, said last year that it was creating Amazon Prime Air, which aims to use pilotless flying vehicles to deliver packages to millions of customers within half an hour of orders being placed.即使在管制相对宽松的美国,亚马逊(Amazon)在尝试建立无人机送货务时,也必须小心应付监管问题。亚马逊在美国和英国都有无人机测试中心。去年该公司表示,正在创建Amazon Prime Air务,其目标是利用无人飞行器将包裹送到数百万顾客手中,顾客下单后最多等半小时包裹即可送到。However, founder Jeff Bezos has said the service could be delayed by red tape as US authorities have yet to approve proposals for commercial drone use. Tech commentators have dismissed the project as a marketing gimmick.然而,亚马逊创始人杰夫#8226;贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)已表示,这项务有可能因繁琐的审批手续而延迟推出,因为美国监管部门尚未批准使用商业无人机的方案。科技人士认为该计划是一个营销噱头、不必理睬。Racing against Amazon to get drones into regular commercial use, Google has opted for test runs in Australia, as aviation authorities have yet to allow any more than limited use in the US.在让无人机进入正规商用方面,谷歌(Google)正与亚马逊展开竞赛。谷歌选择在澳大利亚进行测试,当地航空管理部门对无人机使用的限制并不比美国宽松。 /201502/359209Informed conversations about self-driving cars no longer are about feasibility. New key talking points are ;When?; and ;Which automakers first?; and ;Who will be responsible when an accident happens?;消息灵通人士关于自动驾驶汽车的深谈已经与可行性无关了,现在大家关注的焦点是“什么时候上市?”,“哪家汽车厂商会首先推出这种车?”以及“如果发生事故,责任到底在哪方?”Nissan has said it will sell a driverless car by 2020. IHS forecast several models available by 2025. Both of these are guesses -- but they indicate how fast the technology is progressing.日产汽车(Nissan)已经表示将于2020年销售无人驾驶汽车。IHS咨询公司预计,到2025年,市场将推出好几款此类车型。这两个消息都有猜测的性质——但它们表明,这项技术的发展是何等神速。What seemed unimaginable a decade ago becomes more practical, comprehensible, and real by the day. Google#39;s (GOOG) self-driving Toyota Prius (TM) has logged hundreds of thousands of miles without incident on California roads. Most automakers are testing self-driving cars on tracks and -- lately, as I experienced earlier this week in Las Vegas -- in traffic.十年前还显得那么不可思议的事情现在已经变得十分可行,可以理解,而且无比真实了。谷歌(Google)那辆自动驾驶丰田普锐斯(Toyota Prius)已经在加州的公路上安全行驶了上万英里,没有出过任何事故。大多数汽车厂商正在赛道上测试自动驾驶汽车,同时——最近,正如我本周初在体验的——也在真实路况中开展这种测试。The Audi A7 equipped with ;traffic jam assist; was programmed to drive itself slowly in heavy traffic at no more than 40 miles per hour. (Dr. Bjorn Giesler, head of Audi#39;s project team, was behind the wheel.) The car was loaded with cameras, sensors, and a special device that monitors a driver#39;s eyes to ensure he or she doesn#39;t fall asleep at the wheel. In that event, the car will safely slow down, stop, and call for help.奥迪A7搭载了一套“堵车辅助系统”,它能在严重拥堵的车流中以每小时不超过40英里的时速自动驾驶(测试时奥迪项目组组长比约恩?吉斯勒士就坐在驾驶席上)。这辆车上装了各种摄像头、传感器和一套特殊设备,能监测驾驶者眼睛的情况,以确保司机开车时不要睡着。如果司机真的睡着了,这辆车就会稳稳地减速、停止行驶,请求援助。Think of a driverless car as a robot. For Audi and other automakers, a key question is how much of the driving should be done by the robot, how much by the driver. The driver decides. Executives at Audi and other automakers say the driver, in any case, must remain engaged and attentive, y to take over in the event of the unexpected: a car travelling the wrong way or out of control, for example.大家不妨把无人驾驶汽车看成是机器人。对奥迪公司(Audi)和其他汽车厂商来说,关键问题是驾驶中到底有多少该由机器人来完成,多少该由驾驶者来完成。这其实最终还是取决于驾驶者自己。奥迪和其他品牌的高管都表示,驾驶者无论如何都必须保持介入和警觉,发生开错道或失控这类意外时要能随时重新接管车辆。Audi executives won#39;t use the word ;driverless;; instead they speak about ;piloted; driving. Other auto executives talk about ;autonomous; or ;assisted; driving. Only Google is adamant that it wants a driverless car, one that can help the elderly and the blind, as well as anyone who would rather be ing a book.奥迪的高管从来不用“无人驾驶”这个字眼,他们说的是“引导式”驾驶。其他品牌的高管说的则是“自动”或“辅助”驾驶。只有谷歌坚称自己要研发的就是无人驾驶汽车,也就是能帮助老年人和盲人,以及那些宁可在车上读书的人的自动驾驶汽车。Today#39;s Audis and many other brands aly may be equipped with features like adaptive cruise control that keeps a car a safe distance and constant speed behind cars ahead. Several have dynamic lane assist, which warn when a car is leaving a lane inadvertently -- and can gently steer the car back.如今奥迪和其他很多品牌可能都搭载了自适应巡航控制系统这类配置,能让汽车与前车保持安全距离,同时维持匀速行驶。还有几个品牌采用了动态车道辅助系统,车辆无意中偏离车道时能发出预警,同时轻轻地让车回到正确的车道上。Given a multitude of sensors, weather conditions, road changes, pedestrians, and other vehicles -- robotic logic must be able to decide safely and instantaneously whether to turn, accelerate, or brake. The software, hardware, and algorithms that sift all this information are getting cheaper, smaller, and faster. Last year, the control systems filled the trunk of an Audi vehicle; this year, custom chips that function as the brain sit on a board about the size of a book.在大量传感器、各种天气条件、路况变化、各种行人和其他车辆并存的情况下——机器人逻辑必须能安全及时地做出转弯、加速和刹车的决定。而相关的软硬件,以及处理所有这些信息的算法现在都日益便宜、小型化并且运算速度更快。去年奥迪试验车辆的后备箱里还塞满了控制系统;而今年,作为车辆大脑、位于仪表板上的定制芯片只有一本书那么大。State and federal regulators still must decide under what circumstances to permit so-called autonomous systems or, perhaps, whether to mandate features like adaptive cruise control or lane assist, if they are deemed to make automobile travel more safe.现在,美国各州和联邦政府的监管者还是得决定在什么情况下可以允许采用这些所谓的自动系统。或者说,如果这些系统确实被认为可使汽车更安全的话,是否应要求厂商都标配自适应巡航控制或车道辅助系统。Auto insurance today is a very straightforward process. But what about when a piloted car hits a pedestrian? Or when a truck hits a piloted car? Once piloted driving becomes more common, real-world experience will show how many accidents happen. Actuaries have statistical tools for assessing how much accidents will cost and, therefore, how much everyone will pay in insurance premiums.如今的汽车保险流程非常简单。但是,如果自动驾驶汽车撞了行人怎么办?或者说,如果卡车撞了自动驾驶汽车又怎么办?一旦自动驾驶汽车变得日益普及,实际情况就会告诉我们到底会发生多少事故。保险精算师手里有统计工具,能算出这些事故会造成多大损失,也能算出每个人要付多少保险费。As for legal responsibility, a question at an Audi press conference summed it up this way: ;If a car without a driver has an accident, who is responsible: the driver? The owner of the car? Audi?; No one has answered the questions definitively, but it#39;s a good bet that driverless cars will be involved in far fewer accidents than ones with -- otherwise, why have them?至于说法律责任,奥迪新闻发布会的一个问题是这么概括的:“如果一辆没有驾驶者的车出了事故,到底该谁负责:司机?车主?还是奥迪?”没人有确切。但可以肯定的是,无人驾驶汽车出事的概率会比传统汽车要低——否则干嘛要研发它们呢? /201509/396581上犹县中稍卫生院人流要多少钱

全南县医院医生在线咨询He only had himself to blame, Mike Weston thought ruefully as he strapped a Fitbit to his wrist one cold February morning. His company was about to start tracking him 24 hours a day, gathering data on everything from his sleep quality and heart rate to his location and web browsing habits.在今年2月的一个寒冷的早上,迈克#8226;韦斯顿(Mike Weston)把一个Fitbit手环套在手腕上,沮丧地想这只能怪自己。他将受到自己公司全天候的追踪,并被采集从睡眠质量和心率到所处位置和上网习惯等各种数据。“I was really quite grumpy about it, I didn’t want to put myself on display like that,” he says. But as chief executive of Profusion, a data science consultancy, he had been urging his team of number crunchers to plan more ambitious internal projects — and this was the one they had come up with.韦斯顿说道:“我真的感到非常不爽,我不想这么展示自己。”但作为数据科学咨询公司Profusion的首席执行官,他一直在敦促自己的数据分析团队策划一些更具雄心的内部项目,于是他们就提出了这个项目。For 10 days, Profusion’s data scientists used Fitbits and other apps to track 171 personal metrics for 31 staff who volunteered (including the somewhat reluctant Mr Weston). Combing through the data, the analysts found they could group the staff into clusters, based on shared patterns of behaviour. They labelled one group “Busy and Coping”; another “Irritated and Unsettled”.在十天时间里,Profusion的数据科学家们使用Fitbit和其他应用来追踪31名员工志愿者(包括有些不情愿的韦斯顿)的171项个人指标。分析师们通过整理这些数据发现,可以按照一些共同的行为模式对这些员工分组。他们把一组员工称为“忙于应对型”,将另一组称为“烦躁不安型”。Technology has made it possible for employers to monitor employees more closely than ever, from GPS trackers for delivery drivers to software that tracks which websites office workers visit. Companies such as Profusion think wearable gadgets could open a new frontier in workplace analytics, albeit one that would further blur the lines between our work and private lives.从跟踪送货司机的GPS定位仪到追踪办公室员工浏览网站习惯的软件,技术让雇主能够比以往更严密地监控员工。Profusion等公司认为,可穿戴设备可能为办公场所分析开辟了新的前沿阵地,虽然它将会进一步模糊工作和私人生活之间的界限。“I think there’s an inevitability that it will gain ground, and there’s a backlash risk that will follow if the data get abused,” says Mr Weston.韦斯顿表示:“我认为,可穿戴设备普及开来是势所必然的,而如果数据被滥用,就有引起强烈反弹的风险。”For employers, the simplest way to use wearable gadgets (and so far the most common) is to give them to staff and try to nudge them into healthier lifestyles — a financially worthwhile goal if the company is on the hook for their health insurance. BP, for example, gives Fitbits to workers in North America and offers them rewards if they meet activity targets. Indeed, one of Fitbit’s five strategic goals is to “further penetrate the corporate wellness market”, according to its IPO prospectus. Wearables could also be straightforward tools.对雇主来说,使用可穿戴设备最简便(也是迄今最常见)的方法是,把它们发给员工,设法让他们选择更健康的生活方式——如果公司负责员工医疗保险的话,这个目标从财务上来说是有价值的。例如,英国石油公司(BP)向北美员工发放Fitbit可穿戴设备,如果他们完成了活动目标,还会给予他们奖励。实际上,按照Fitbit的IPO招股说明书所示,该公司的5个战略目标之一是“进一步渗透企业福利市场”。可穿戴设备也可能是直接的工具。But the bigger prize is to use the data from such devices to make the workforce safer or more productive. Some warehouse workers aly wear wristbands or headsets that measure their productivity and location in real-time.但更大的作用是利用此类设备获得的数据来让工作场所变得更安全或者提高生产效率。一些货仓工人已经戴上腕带或耳机来衡量他们的工作效率和进行实时定位。Kronos, the “workforce management” company whose customers include Apple, Starbucks and Ikea, makes annual revenues of more than bn by selling scheduling and real-time data tools that minimise salary bills and maximise productivity. Brenda Morris, who runs Kronos’s UK business, says the company sees applications for wearables in blue and white collar work.Kronos是一家“工作场所管理”公司,它的客户包括苹果(Apple)、星巴克(Starbucks)和宜家(Ikea),销售可以最小化薪资成本和最大化生产效率的排班和实时数据工具,年收入超过10亿美元。Kronos英国业务主管布伦达#8226;莫里斯(Brenda Morris)表示,该公司看到在蓝领和白领职员身上应用可穿戴设备很有效。“If you’re monitoring where people are, what their stress levels are, what their fatigue levels are#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.[that’s] really important when operating machinery#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Or [in an office] you can see that person’s getting stressed because they’ve been working on that legal contract for too many hours and they don’t have enough support.”“如果你在监控人们所处位置、他们的压力水平,以及他们的疲劳程度……在操作机器时,(这)真的非常重要……或者(在办公室),你可以看到某个人因长时间研究法律合同,而且没有获得足够持而变得焦虑不堪”。Chris Brauer, a senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, who runs experiments with workplace wearables, predicts a future in which managers have dashboards showing real-time employee biometrics such as sleep quality that are leading indicators for performance. “It becomes a predictive tool and possibly also a prescriptive one.”伦敦大学金史密斯学院(Goldsmiths, University of London)高级讲师克里斯#8226;布劳尔(Chris Brauer)负责有关工作场所可穿戴设备的试验,他预计未来经理们将会用仪表盘显示员工睡眠质量等实时生物指标,这些是预示业绩表现的先行指标。“它会成为一种预测性工具,可能也会成为一种规定性的工具”。But that vision is a long way off — and there are a number of practical, legal and ethical hurdles in the way.但这一设想距离实现还有很长的路要走,面临着许多实践、法律和道德方面的障碍。First, no one seems to have worked out yet how to analyse or draw useful conclusions from wearables data. Profusion plans to do more trials in larger companies, overlaying the personal metrics with workplace performance data. But so far, the experience of Rob Symes, co-founder of a London start-up called The Outside View, is typical. He tracked all his employees with wearables last year, only to realise: “Right, I’ve got all this data, what the hell does it mean?”首先,似乎还没有人研究出,如何对可穿戴设备产生的数据进行分析,或者如何从中得出有用的结论。Profusion计划在较大型公司开展更多试验,将个人指标和整体工作场所业绩表现数据叠加起来。但到目前为止,通常会看到的情况是伦敦初创公司The Outside View的联合创始人罗布#8226;赛姆斯(Rob Symes)的经历。去年他利用可穿戴设备追踪了所有员工,最后意识到:“好吧,我掌握了所有数据,但这些数据到底意味着什么?”Meanwhile, wearable devices crossing over corporate “digital perimeters” every day are an obvious target for hackers, says Dave Palmer, who spent 13 years at GCHQ and MI5 before joining cyber security company Darktrace as head of technology. “You might think that’s a bit alarmist — what are the chances of my watch or heartrate monitor getting hacked — but this idea of the ‘internet of things’ is racing farther ahead in terms of functionality than in terms of security.”另一方面,每天穿越企业“数据边界”的可穿戴设备明显会成为黑客的目标,在英国政府通信总部(GCHQ)和军情五处(MI5)工作13年后加入网络安全公司Darktrace担任技术主管的戴夫#8226;帕尔马(Dave Palmer)表示。“你可能会认为这有点危言耸听——我的手表或者心率监测器被黑客入侵的几率能有多大呢——但‘物联网’这个概念在功能性方面已经走在了安全性的前面。”The gadgets are also easy to game. Adam Miller’s employer gives him cash rewards if his Fitbit shows he has taken a certain number of steps a day. But it registers “steps” when jolted, so if he has not met his daily target, “I might watch TV and wave my arm around#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;or my kids will grab it and start shaking it to see what the numbers get to.”这些小玩意也很容易糊弄。对于亚当#8226;米勒(Adam Miller)来说,如果Fitbit显示他一天走到了一定的步数,他的雇主就会给予他现金奖励。但Fitbit是在摇晃的情况下记录“步数”的。因此如果米勒没有完成每日的目标,“我可能一边看电视一边挥舞我的手臂……或者我的孩子们会抓着它摇晃,看上面的数字会到多少。”For Dane Atkinson, chief executive of tech company Sumall, this highlights a serious problem with workplace metrics. “It has a law of physics — as soon as people know it’s being observed it changes the outcome.” His solution as a young CEO was to come up with a secret metric his employees did not know about: he tracked the volume and length of their work emails, which he found a surprisingly good indicator of who was in “professional distress”.科技公司Sumall的首席执行官戴恩#8226;阿特金森(Dane Atkinson)认为,这凸显了工作场所指标存在的一个严重问题。“这其中存在物理法则——一旦人们知道一个指标在被观测,结果就会改变。”作为一名年轻的首席执行官,阿特金森的解决方案是提出一个他的员工不知道的秘密指标:追踪员工工作邮件的数量和长度,他发现在显示谁处于“职业困难期”方面,这种指标效果好得惊人。“I was struggling with empathy#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;the data really helped me catch up,” he says. “In watching those patterns I could start a conversation and say, hey, what’s going on, and there was almost always a huge unload.”“我之前难以对员工感同身受……数据的确帮助我弥补了这一点,”他说,“看到那些情况后,我就可以与员工交谈,并且对员工说,嗨,怎么了,几乎总是会听到大量倾诉的话语。”He thinks it is reasonable for an employer to monitor work emails, “but there’s a moral line that’s not been navigated by public conversation yet”.他认为雇主监视工作邮件是合理的,“但这其中有一条道德的界线,公共舆论还没有找到这条线的位置。”The legal line has not been navigated yet, either. Lawyers say companies would have to gain the explicit informed consent of employees before gathering personal data from wearables — and further consent to correlate it with other data, such as performance metrics.法律的界线也还没有确定。律师们表示,企业通过可穿戴设备收集个人数据前,应该在员工知情的情况下取得员工的明确同意——在将这些数据与工作表现指标等其他数据进行关联前,还要进一步取得员工的同意。Even then, there is a risk employees would feel implicit pressure to agree, says Daniel Cooper, head of the data privacy team at the law firm Covington.科文顿#8226;柏灵律师事务所(Covington and Burling)数据隐私小组主管丹尼尔#8226;库珀(Daniel Cooper)表示,即使如此,还存在员工因感到隐性压力而勉强同意的可能性。“Historically European regulators in the data protection area have been very sceptical you can ever get a valid employee consent — they feel that for existing employees, [the relationship] is almost inherently coercive.”“欧洲在数据保护领域的监管机构历来对此抱着非常怀疑的态度,认为你根本得不到切实的员工同意——他们觉得对于现有员工来说,(雇佣关系)几乎有一种固有的强制性。”How many workers would say yes, uncoerced, and under what conditions? PwC asked 2,000 people recently: 40 per cent said they would wear a workplace wearable, rising to just over half if they knew it would be used to improve their wellbeing at work.在不强制的情况下,有多少员工会同意,又需要什么条件呢?普华永道(PwC)最近询问了2000人:有40%的人表示他们会佩戴工作场所可穿戴设备。如果他们知道这将用于改善他们的工作状况,这个比例会提高到略高于一半。Employers and employees might share the same goals (less stress in the workplace, say) but then again, they might not. Many of those who said “no way” did not trust their employer not to use the data against them. A promise to anonymise the data and only analyse them in aggregated form would help win people over, PwC found.雇主和员工或许有一些相同的目标(比如降低工作压力),但他们也可能意见相左。许多回答“不行”的人不相信雇主不会用这些数据来针对他们。普华永道发现,匿名收集数据,只从整体上分析数据的承诺有助于争取人们的持。For Mike Weston of Profusion, the reaction of his staff to their wearables experiment was as interesting as the data it produced. Some found it enlightening and useful, while others found it “quite disturbing.” One ended up “the most stressed I’ve ever seen her”.对于Profusion公司的迈克#8226;韦斯顿来说,员工对可穿戴设备试验的反应和试验产生的数据一样有趣。一些人觉得可穿戴设备很有用,富有启发性,另一些人则认为这些设备“相当令人烦恼”。其中有一个人到最后变成一副“我认识她以来最焦虑的样子”。As for him? “I still don’t know if I love it, but I haven’t taken it off.”他本人怎么看?“我还不知道自己是否喜欢可穿戴设备,不过我没把它脱下来。” /201506/381521全南县陂头中心卫生院地址 The Reality Editor, a tool developed by the Fluid Interfaces Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, points to a future in which everything from chairs and beds to televisions and cars can be connected, manipulated and controlled in new ways. 麻省理工学院(MIT)“流体界面小组”(Fluid Interfaces Group)开发的工具“现实编辑器”(Reality Editor)给我们展示了这样的未来:从椅子、床到电视、汽车的一切物品都能够以新的方式连接、操纵和控制。 Household objects equipped with processors and communications capabilities can, for example, be programmed so that your bed can turn on the heating system in your car as soon as you get up in the morning. 比如,可以对配备处理器和通信功能的家用物品进行编程,这样你早上一起来,你的床就会启动你的汽车的供暖系统。 But if such technologies might make home living more convenient, they will also usher in profound changes for businesses and society. 但是,如果说这些技术可能会让家居生活更为便利,那么它们也会给企业和社会带来种种深刻变化。 Critically, internet of things technologies — which include processors, software and web-enabled sensors — also allow objects to capture and transmit data instantly and constantly. 重要的是,包含处理器、软件和可联网传感器在内的物联网技术,让物品能够连续不断地瞬间捕捉到数据并进行传输。 On the plus side, this can pave the way for the delivery of more efficient services. In New York, for example, rubbish bins and recycling units developed by Bigbelly, a US-based technology and waste management company, can automatically notify collection agencies when they are full. 好的一面是,这为提供更高效率的务铺平了道路。比如,在纽约,美国科技和废品处理公司Bigbell研发的垃圾箱和回收站能够在满了以后自动通知收集机构。 With everything from lampposts and traffic lights to weather satellites generating information all the time, cities can now analyse data to improve the world around us. Harriet Green, general manager of internet of things and education for US technology company IBM, says: “Knowing from these predictive models where the pollution is coming from allows city planners to make important decisions on how to improve air quality.” 鉴于从灯柱、交通灯到气象卫星的一切每时每刻都在产生信息,如今的城市可以对数据进行分析以改善我们的生活环境。美国科技公司IBM物联网和教育总经理哈丽雅特#8226;格林(Harriet Green)表示:“通过预测模型得知哪里在产生污染,能够让城市规划者就如何改善空气质量做出重要决策。” Such technologies offer companies the chance to cut costs, says Gabe Batstone, chief executive of Contextere, a software start-up that develops services for industrial workforces based on machine learning — the technique behind much artificial intelligence — and internet of things technologies. With sensors generating data on the status of equipment, the work of maintaining machinery and preventing breakdowns will be transformed, saving companies large amounts of money, Mr Batstone says. 软件初创企业Contextere首席执行官盖布#8226;巴特斯通(Gabe Batstone)表示,这些技术给企业提供了削减成本的机会。该公司基于机器学习(很多人工智能背后的技术)和物联网技术开发面向工人的务。巴特斯通说,传感器产生有关设备状态的数据,使机器维护和故障防止工作彻底改观,为企业节省大量资金。 “There’s information on the device, the device knows what maintenance is needed and the employee has access to a supercomputer — otherwise known as a cell phone — right there,” he says. “That’s going to have a monumental impact on business operations.” “设备上有信息,设备知道需要何种维护,雇员可以通过一台超级计算机——或者叫作手机——得知信息,”他说,“这将给商业运营带来深远影响。” In the water industry, for example, sensors can supply continuous data on the physical integrity of pipes, helping to detect weaknesses and prevent leaks. 比如,在水务行业,传感器可以连续不断地提供有关管道完好性的数据,帮助探测薄弱之处,防止泄漏。 The same principle can also be put to work in the human body. Wearable and implantable sensors that can track everything from blood sugar levels to heart rates will allow irregular or life-threatening symptoms to be detected early. They will also enable people to take steps — through changes to diet or exercise regimes — to manage conditions such as diabetes or to lower their risk of illness. 同样的原则也可应用于人体。可穿戴和可植入传感器能够追踪从血糖水平到心率的一切体征,从而及早检测出不规律或者威胁生命的症状。这些传感器还能让人采取改变饮食或锻炼方式等举措,来应对糖尿病等病症或者降低罹患疾病的风险。 This could turn healthcare from a system designed to cure diseases and repair injuries to one that works to prevent illness and maintain good health. 这可能使医疗从一个旨在治疗疾病,修复伤痛的体系,转化为旨在预防疾病,保持健康的体系。 Of course, such changes also have implications for human resources. When equipment can be fixed remotely and patients remain at home, engineers and nurses may need to take on different roles. For some companies, it will mean hiring people with new skills. 当然,这样的变化也会对人力资源造成影响。当设备可以安装在相距遥远的地方,病人可以待在家中时,工程师和护士或许需要承担不同的职责。对一些企业而言,这将意味着雇佣具备新技能的人。 The advent of smart thermostats such as Nest, for example, means plumbing and heating companies now need IT skills since a system breakdown may have as much to do with a broadband connection as with the pipes or the boiler. “It’s turned that industry on its head,” says Tim Devine, a digital business expert at PA Consulting Group. 比如,Nest等智能恒温器的问世,意味着管道和供暖公司现在需要IT技能,因为系统的故障有可能和管道或者锅炉有关,也有可能和宽带连接有关。“这让这个行业发生了翻天覆地的变化,”安咨询(PA Consulting)数字业务专家蒂姆#8226;迪瓦恩(Tim Devine)说。 “The guy running a boiler company, where the key still is engineering, pipes, gas and big chunks of metal, is now running an IT company.” “尽管一家锅炉公司的关键依然是工程、管道、天然气和大型金属件,但运营锅炉公司的人现在运营着IT公司。” Internet of things technologies will also create a need for new services and business models. “It’s great that I can get a warning on my smartphone telling me someone is walking around my house,” says Mr Devine. “But I need to be able to ring a local security service, otherwise I’m just worried.” 物联网技术还会催生对新务和商业模式的需求。“我能从智能手机上收到警告,告诉我有人在我家周围晃悠,这很棒,”迪瓦恩说,“但我也需要能够致电当地的安保务,否则我只能干着急。” Moreover, because these new models depend on a complex system of organisations — from software companies to broadband service providers and device manufacturers — questions of liability will arise. 此外,由于这些新模式取决于从软件公司、宽带务提供商到设备制造商等多个组织组成的复杂系统,将产生责任归属的问题。 Mr Devine cites the example of a home heating system: “What happens with the boiler if the thermostat turns itself up while you’re away and you come back to a £1,000 heating bill. Whose liability is that?” 迪瓦恩举了一个家庭供暖系统的例子:“如果恒温器在你不在的时候把锅炉打开,你回来以后收到了1000英镑的供暖费账单。谁来承担这个责任?” While such questions have yet to be addressed, Mr Batstone argues that consumer technology has aly paved the way for adoption of the internet of things by a broad range of businesses. 尽管这样的问题尚未得到解答,但巴特斯通认为,消费者技术已经为物联网被各类企业采用铺平了道路。 “In our personal life, we’re used to our calendar telling us what time to leave to go to a meeting, giving us a map and checking the traffic,” he says. “在我们的个人生活中,我们已经习惯由我们的日历告诉我们什么时候该去参加会议、提供我们地图,并查看交通状况,”他说。 “So what the consumer side has aly done is to allow us to accept that artificial intelligence and machine learning can be useful.” “因此,消费端已经让我们接受这样一点,那就是人工智能和机器学习可能是有用的。” /201603/429600信丰县骨伤科医院是私立还是公立的

石城县人民医院网上预约电话Credit Suisse says its Asia Tech Team has confirmed that Apple#39;s has recently lowered its orders from suppliers, and that Apple now plans to build 70 million to 75 million iPhones in December and 45 million to 50 million iPhones in March..瑞士信贷表示,苹果的亚洲科技团队已确认,最近苹果已经削减了供应商的订单,并计划在12月生产7000万到7500万部手机,在明年3月生产4500万到5000万部手机。But a potential miniature iPhone, rumored to be released early next year, could help boost iPhones sales, Credit Suisse says in the report.瑞士信贷的报告中表示,传闻可能会在明年初发布的迷你手机,将有助于提升iPhone的销量。In a previous report, Credit Suisse blamed the softer demand for the iPhone 6S on the lack of apps that really take advantage of the phone#39;s new ;3D Touch; feature.在之前的报告里,瑞士信贷曾谴责6S需求减弱是由于缺乏能充分发挥它新的“3D触控”特色的应用。But not all is lost, Credit Suisse says: People who have iPhones tend to keep them, and Apple#39;s new iPhone installment plan program will put it into the hands of more people than ever before.但苹果6S也并非输的一塌糊涂,瑞士信贷称,那些拥有iPhone的人还是倾向于持有一台6S,并且苹果最新推出的分期付款计划,将会把它送到比以往任何时候都都要多的人群手中。Plus, if Apple follows through with the rumors and releases a smaller, lower-cost four-inch-screen iPhone in the first half of next year, Credit Suisse says, it could open up the market and make the device appealing to a larger audience.并且,如果恰如传闻那样,苹果公司能在2016年上半年发布一款更小巧,更低成本的4英寸手机,那么它将进一步打开市场,吸引更多的用户群体。And unlike what happened with Apple#39;s iPhone 5C flop, a smaller iPhone would be enough unlike the current flagship 6S that it wouldn#39;t confuse the market, according to the analysts.据分析专家称,新的迷你iPhone和曾经遭遇的失败的iPhone 5C不同,更完全有别于当前的旗舰6S,它不会引起苹果手机市场的混乱。 /201512/413654 于都做产检多少钱赣州仁济不孕不育医院专家微信



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