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The London Olympics has given us new vocabulary ORNs and PRNs. Or as weve been hearing, Olympic Road Network and Paralympic Road Network. And as from today London commuters travelling along the Olympic network will have to beware of the 30 miles of Olympic Lanes crisscrossing the capital to speed athletes and officials to the Games venues. So far responses to these Lanes have been mixed. No one would be happy waiting a couple of hours the men 0 metres final to start because athletes were stuck in traffic. But there have been a lot of voices who are worried about the traffic jams, the overcrowded trains, and the possibility of a fine if you happen to stray into the Lanes during the prohibition hours. The whole debate has dragged us into old conversations about privilege and positions. Of course, no one wants athletes arriving late the Games. But I can hear some asking, why cant these special heroes catch earlier coaches like the rest of us?伦敦奥运会为我们创造出了新单词:奥运会公路网和残奥会公路网这段时间我们总是听到人们谈起它们从今天开始,上下班途经奥运会公路网的伦敦市民在奥运通道上行驶时应多加小心这些通道长达30英里,纵横分布在首都,可以让运动员和官员们快速抵达比赛场馆到目前为止,公众对这些通道反响不一如果运动员被堵在路上,没人会高高兴兴地为男子0米决赛等上两个小时但许多人也同时担心自己会遇到交通堵塞,或挤在人满为患的火车里,又或不小心偏离了路线,在奥运通道禁止行驶的时间段把车开了进去遭到罚款这些争论把我们引到关于特权和地位这样老生常谈的话题中当然,没人希望运动员在比赛中迟到但我听到有人在问,为什么这些了不起的英雄们不跟我们一样坐早班车? 65593

991. crowded,拥挤的,挤满人群的a crowded train拥挤的火 车crowded cities拥挤的城市. shopping mall,商店林立,绿树夹道的大型购物中心,只限行人进入的购物中心,大商场3. entertainment,,消遣This law applies to all places of public entertainment.这一法律适用于一切公共场所. venue,场地,集合地点;片段中说到的 entertainment venue指的是场所5. broadcast,广播,播送The program is broadcast every Monday evening.这档节目每星期一晚上播出 196

I wish I didnt take life so seriously我希望我的生活不是一成不变I wish I lived more我希望我过的更加精I wish I gave more happiness to my family我希望我给了家人更多幸福I wish I knew how precious life was我希望我明白生活的宝贵How fleeting, How special时光飞逝,弥足珍贵and at the same time fragile and insignificant而同时又那么脆弱,那么得微不足道I wish I didnt give up on my dream so easy我希望我没有轻易的放弃自己的梦想One day your life will flash bee your eyes有一天,往事将涌现脑海Make sure It worth watching必定要让一切值得回忆When we look back on our lives in our last breaths在我们弥留之际,我们回忆一生We will all wonder我们都会想Did my life mean anything?我的生命有价值吗?Did my life mean anything to this world?我的生命对这个世界有意义吗?Was I loved?我曾被爱过吗?Did I have an impact on anyone else life?我对别人的生活有任何影响吗?Did I matter?我重要吗?We wont be worried about our bills我们将不再为生存而担忧We wont be worried about our hair我们将不会为华发而担忧We certainly wont care about our favourite TV show我们当然也不会在意我们最爱的电视节目We wont spare a second thought others opinions and judgements我们不会浪费任何时间在意别人的看法和评价DID I MATTER?(我们只会在意)我重要吗?Bee you reach that last breath而在你还没有到生命即将结束的时候Today might be the time to make a change今天也许就是做出改变的时刻Make your life matter!让你的生命重要起来吧!One day It will all be over终有一天,一切都将结束There will be dates either side of a dash每个生命都有开始和结束Make sure that dash is not empty不要让生命过程空空如也Make sure it is full of life full of living保它充满生命气息生机勃勃Oscar Wilde once said奥斯卡·王尔德曾说“To live is the rarest thing in the world.世界上最稀罕的事就是生活Most people exist, that is all.”大多数人只是活着,仅此而已And he was right.而他说对了Dont live like everyone else, existing.不要如他人一般,只是活着Be extraordinary.让自己不同寻常Live every moment with passion and wonder让生活的每一刻都充满和奇迹Dont take anything or anyone granted!不要轻看任何事任何人What is important to you你看重什么What dreams do you have你梦想什么Go get them!去追求它们!What are you waiting ?!你还在等待什么?You only have one shot你只有一次生命If you miss the target at least you will live with pride knowing you have no regrets!如果你没有成功,但至少你的生命充满骄傲,没有遗憾Who do you love? Who has loved you?你爱着谁?谁又爱过你?Tell them! Tell them now!告诉他们,现在就告诉他们You never know when it will be your last chance.你永远不知道这是否是你最后的机会Dont take this magical thing called LIFE granted不要将奇妙的生命想得理所当然Keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs在别人失去理智的时候,请保持清醒Trust yourself when everyone else doubts you当所有人都质疑你的时候,相信自己Take pride when the haters appear别人嫉恨你的时候,保持自己的骄傲Master your dreams when all others give up on theirs当所有人放弃梦想的时候,把握你的梦想Be the Captain when everyone else is content being the crew当别人满足于做小人物的时候,你要成为掌舵人Be the lion when all others are playing sheep当别人懦弱如绵羊,你要坚强如狮子Be the leader when all others are following当别人随波逐流之时,你要成为领路人Live each day as if it may be your last on earth把每天都当生命最后一天度过It may be.也许那真是最后一天Leave Your Legacy让世界留存你的传奇更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 865Levels of Communication 3交际面面观Evaluative communication Offering opinions, ideas and judgments to others.评价交流:告诉别人自己的观点,主意和评价This is risky business because the odds are that others will give their own evaluations, which may be different from yours.这是件冒险的事,因为你的评价和别人对自己的评价可能会不同When people always use evaluative communication, they must be prepared conflict.当人们开始评价性的对话时,他们一定是为冲突做好了准备Many U.S. Americans enjoy sharing at this level and feel that disagreeing with others is useful and invigorating.很多美国人都乐于这样交谈,并且觉得意见不一致才是有用的交流,也会让人精力充沛Untunately, many of us dont use evaluative communication with a high level of competence.不幸的是,我们大多数人并不能进行这样的交流,也就无法提高自己谈话的水平It important to consider the value of critical and creative thinking, as well as the relational meanings of messages that are exchanged.性,创造性的思考,以及可以进行信息交换的交流都是很重要的When using evaluative communication, consider carefully the importance of descriptive and responsible expressions.当我们进行评价性交流时,仔细考虑描述性和负责的表达方式的重要性Try to avoid warnings, sarcasms, and nonverbal put-downs (e.g., rolling your eyes in response to another comments).试着避免警告,挖苦,和语言上的奚落(如,滚动你的眼睛表示对另一个的的回应)eg Of all my children, my daughter is the better athlete.我所有的孩子中,我的女儿是最好的运动员I thought that movie was excellent, particularly with the surprising ending.我觉得那部电影非常精,尤其是令人意外的结局Im not convinced that your argument is well supported.我认为你的观点并不能得到很好的持I agree with you!我同意! 1When Durbeyfield heard he would only get a few shillings Prince dead body,当德北听说“王子”的尸体只能换几个先令时,he rose to the occasion.他改变了主意‘We d’Urbervilles dont sell our horses cat meat!’he insisted.“我们德伯家绝不会把我们的马卖掉换猫食的!”他坚持说And the following day he worked harder than usual in digging a grave,接下来的几天里,他比平常更卖劲儿地挖坟墓,where Prince was buried.All the children cried:“王子”下葬时,孩子们都哭了‘Has he gone to heaven?’asked Abraham in tears.“他会去天堂吗?”亚伯拉罕流着泪问But Tess did not cry.Her face was dry and pale.但苔丝没有哭她的脸干巴巴的,没有一丝血色She felt she had murdered a friend.她觉得自己杀死了一个朋友 7

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I have your letter, my adorable love. It has filled my heart with joy ...Since I left you I have been sad all the time. My only happiness is near you.I go over endlessly in my thought of your kisses, your tears, your delicious jealousy.The charm of my wonderful Josephine kindles a living, blazing fire in my heart andsenses.When shall I be able to pass every minute near you,with nothing to do but to love you and nothing to think of but the pleasure of telling you of it and giving you proof of it?I loved you some time ago; since then I feel that I love you a thousand times better.Ever since I have known you I adore you more every day.That proves how wrong is that saying of La Bruyere “love comes all of asudden.”Ah, let me see some of your faults; be less beautiful, less graceful, less tender, less good.But never be jealous and never shed tears. Your tears send me out of my mind ...they set my very blood on fire.Believe me that it is utterly impossible me to have a single thought that is not yours,a single fancythat is not submissive to your will. Rest well. Restore your health.Come back to me and then at any rate bee we die we ought to be able to say“We were happy so very many days!” Millions of kisses even to your dog. 3673Crying Tears哭泣 流泪I dont cry much.我不是经常哭Of course, when I was really young,当然,在我真的很年轻的时候,crying was not a big deal.哭不是一个大问题But it is when one gets older that crying becomes one big deal.但是一个年纪大些的人哭就成了大事I was never a crying baby.我从来不是一个爱哭的泪人I mean I never cried more than other kids.我的意思是,我决不会比其他孩子更易哭泣But i wasnt cold-hearted,either.但我也不是冷酷无情The last time I really cried, I mean I wept,我最后一次是真的哭了,我的意思是大哭,was when I saw the ...movie ... .当我看到…那部电影…I was bombing when I saw that movie.当我看到那部电影时自己受到触动I thought of my grand mother who had passed a few years bee.我想起了几年前去世的我的祖母And I missed her really badly.我真的很想念她She was such a giving person.她是一个如此无私的人I dont normally go in much tear-jerkers.我一般不是如此容易流泪的人I perfer a comedy or an action film.我还是更钟情喜剧或动作电影But once in a while, Ill see a movie that pulls on the heart strings and makes me tear up.但偶尔,我要去看让感动,使我落泪的电影Some actors are good at making themselves cry.有些演员擅长让自己流泪 some actors it comes easier than others.对于一些演员来说比别人更容易Some actors ce themselves to keep their eyes open and then their tear start to wailing up.有些演员强迫自己保持他们的眼睛睁开,然后他们的眼泪开始倾泻而出I wonder if they ever use cut-onions.我不知道他们是否曾经使用切洋葱的方法 1880

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