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赣县区治疗女性疾病哪家医院好的赣州龙南妇幼保健院有学生套餐solid footing 稳固的基础英文释义A strong, secure basis or foundation.例句We want to have plenty of money in the bank and no debts so we can start our new business on a solid footing.我们想在里有很多钱,同时没有负债,这样我们才有创业的稳固基础。 /201309/253735寻乌医院农保能报销吗 This is the first in a two-part Business English Podcast lesson on softening negative replies – saying “no” politely.这是有关"缓和否定回答"2节课中的第一节——也就是委婉地说“不”。“No” is one of the strongest words in any language. Because it carries so much force, “no” is hard to say politely. Yet giving a negative reply, disagreeing or refusing a request are all things we have to do on a daily basis. So it’s important to learn how to say “no” in a way that enables you to maintain good relationships. In many cases this requires you to take a softer and more indirect approach. So today we’ll work on ways to soften negative replies in a variety of everyday situations.“不”是任何语言中最有力的一个词,因为它很给力,“不”很难礼貌地表达。但是给出否定的回答,不同意或是拒绝要求是日常生活中我们必须做的事,所以学会如何说“不”并让你们保持良好的关系很重要。在许多场合,这需要你采用更委婉和间接的方法。所以今天我们来研究在各种日常情形中如何委婉地说“不”。In the dialog we meet up again with Nicholas Fisher, the European sales director for Harper-Tolland6. He is flying into Kiev to support local sales staff by meeting with a large potential customer, Avitek. This is a Ukrainian company that manufactures cargo and firefighting aircraft. In our dialog, Nick is being met at the airport by Harper-Tolland’s sales manager in the Ukraine, Oksana Ivanchuk.在对话中,我们会再次听到Harper-Tolland 公司的欧洲市场销售主管Nicholas Fisher。他正飞往Kiev去帮助当地的销售人员,他将会见一个潜在的大客户Avitek。这是一家生产货物和消防飞机的乌克兰公司。在今天的对话中,Nick将和Harper-Tolland的销售经理会面。 /201102/125023Its important for you to rub elbows with everyone.与大家接触接触很重要。rub elbows with everyone直译过来就是:“和大家一起擦手肘”,这个短语的正确意思是:“与大家接触,与大家交往”。因此,当美国人说;Its important for you to rub elbows with everyone;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Its important for you to communicate with other.;、;Its important for you to interact with everyone.;、;Its important for you to talk to others.;。情景对白:May: My internship goes on well, but the only question is that it is difficult for me to talk with my colleagues. Im too shy.阿美:我的实习很顺利,唯一的问题是与同事交流好难,我太害羞了。Benjamin: Its important for you to rub elbows with everyone, sweetie. Thats how contacts are made.本杰明:与大家接触接触很重要,宝贝,关系就是这样建立起来的。搭配句积累:①Got it!我明白了!②Ill try my best to do it.我会尽力去做的。③Yes! I will overcome my shyness.是的,我会克胆小害羞。④It is the key to adapt to the society.这是适应社会的关键。单词:1. elbow n. 手肘She leaned her elbow on the windowsill.她把手肘靠在窗台上。Michael nudges me with his elbow.迈克尔用胳膊肘碰了一下我。2. internship n. 实习An internship would provide that opportunity.而实习正好给我提供了机会。I have served one-year internship at local news agency.我在当地的新闻社实习过一年。I did my internship in that company last summer.去年夏天我在那家公司实习。3. adapt to 适应They adapt to this bleak white world.它们完全适应了这个荒凉、洁白的世界。This way did not adapt to our policy.这种做法不符合我们的政策。Had to adapt to a difficult situation.必须适应困难的情况。 /201210/206822上犹县人民医院专家

定南县妇幼保健院治疗不能怀孕What is the most boring job youve ever had?How did you do at it?你曾做过的最无聊的工作是什么?你是怎么对待的?I dont really think Ive ever had a boring job,but if I have to choose one,it would probably be the winter job I had at a post office when I was in high school.我并不觉得过去有哪些工作很无聊,不过,如果我必须选择一个的话,那可能就是我高中寒假时在邮局的那份工作。The job involved sorting New Years postcards for delivery for eight hours a day every day for about a month.工作内容是投递贺年卡前的分类工作,在大约一个月的时间里,每天都要工作八小时。I dont know how it is done now,but back then it was all done manually.我不知道现在邮局是怎样分类的,但是那时候全部都是靠手工来完成。I got the knack immediately,so I had to make it more interesting and challenging for myself—I timed myself sorting the postcards and every time I tried to finish faster and faster.我很快就学会了分类的技巧,所以我必须让这个工作变得更有趣,更有挑战性才行。我计算我分卡片的时间,每次我都试着比上一次更快完成。The full-time worker who supervised me was impressed and said I was the fastest and also the most accurate.负责指导监督我的邮局员工对此印象深刻,并且说我是做得最快也最精确的。It was a great experience for a high school student.对高中生而言,那是一次非常棒的经历。 /201311/266522赣州中医院是几级 陈豪去年大学毕业以后,就到北京的美国A公司工作。今天他去出席了一个午餐会以后回到公司,还没有走进自己的办公室,就被同事Mary叫住了。(Office ambience)M:Hey, Chao Hao, I need to talk to you。C:What's wrong?M:Did you offer John in the Technology Department a ride to the lunch today?C:(恍然大悟) 哎哟,我忘得一干二净了。M:He waited a long time for you today!C:啊呀,害他等我半天。Oh dear, what should I do?M:Find him immediately and apologize!C:你说什么?Apologize?M:Apologize, A-P-O-L-O-G-I-Z-E, 就是道歉!C:我可不能对他说我忘了,总得找个理由吧!M:不要找出种种理由来解释。 It's always best to be truthful and sincere when you apologize。C:也是。要道歉嘛还是老老实实,找借口让人听起来不诚恳。好,我这就去找John。C:行了,没事了。M:你跟他道歉了?C:不,John已经走了,我给他写个email就行了。M:写email不太好。Email is too impersonal when you need to ask forgiveness。你要道歉最好还是当面说好,更正式一些。C:那,我给John的手机打个电话,好吗?这样不是又快,又能直接讲话嘛!M:That's a good idea。(Making cell phone call)C:Mary, John没接电话,所以我给他留了言,说今天忘了带他去午餐会,我感到很抱歉。这下总算结束了这件事。I'm glad that's over。M: Over? No way! 留个言就算完啦?不行, 你得做得更慎重一些。C:哎,我去找他,他不在。我打手机,他不接。我留了言,道了歉。这还不行呀?M:你最好今天在他桌上留个条。亲自写个条表示道歉会让他感到你很有诚意。要更地道的话,你还可以给他留个小礼物。A small gift as a sign of your sincerity。C:我哪知道他喜欢什么呀?M:他喜欢看篮球。C:OK, I have an idea! 我去买两张篮球比赛的票。我跟他一起去.....当然,要是他不再生我气的话。M:Great! So remember: when you make mistakes, the best thing is to apologize immediately. When a verbal apology is not enough, write a note and give a small gift.C: 知道了,知道了。我这就去买票。谢谢Mary.M:You're welcome! /04/66622安和乡卫生院有妇产科吗

安远县妇幼保健院开展无痛人流吗第21讲介绍:,,, /200809/51044 now and then 时常英文释义 Occasionally例句 The salesman visits his customers now and then to maintain his friendships with them and so they will buy from him consistently.销售人员时常拜访客户,保持同他们的友谊,以便让他们一如既往地从他那里采购。 /201208/195672赣州仁济妇科医院正规的吗于都县铁山垅钨矿职工医院打胎多少钱



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