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Song of the Fisherman (1934)《渔光曲》(1934)The story took place in a village near Shanghai. A wife whose husband was a poor fisherman, named Xufu struggled with her twins—a son, little Hou (Monkey), and a daughter, little Mao (Cat). After her husband#39;s death in a storm, she had to become the wet nurse of He Ziying, son of the owner of many fishing boats, let her twins along.影片故事发生在上海附近的一个村子,穷苦渔民徐福和妻子有一对孪生子女小猴、小猫。一场暴风雨夺去了徐福的生命,徐妻只得撇下刚生下的儿女,只身到了船王何家做了何家少爷子英的奶妈。Ten years later, Ziying, little Hou and little Mao grew up together and they became friends and playmates with each other. After eight years, the twins became fishermen like their father, renting he#39;s fishers and living on fishing while Ziying travels abroad to study new techniques which would modernize his father#39;s (later his own) fishing company. After that, fishermen and their mother still lives poorly, and Xu#39;s mum became totally blind. The twins immigrated to Shanghai with their mother to see their uncle, but they could only made their living by singing on the street with the poor uncle.十年后,何家少爷子英和小猫、小猴都长大,由于三人从小在一起长大的,所以相互非常要好。又过了八年,小猫、小猴继承父业,租了何家的渔船,以为生。 何家少爷子英出国留学,主攻渔业,表示将来回国后要出力改良父亲(后来他自己的)的渔业。在此之后,渔民的生活很不平静,徐家生活依旧十分贫困,徐妈双目失明。小猫和小猴只得带着母亲到上海投奔舅舅,然而也只能与舅舅一起在街头卖唱为生。One day, Ziying happened to meet Mao and Hou and gave them some money. But after being discovered in possession of such an unusually large sum, Mao and Hou were arrested in suspicion of theft. When they were released, they came back home only to find their home were accidentally burned, and their mother and uncle were killed in the fire. Mao and Hou were homeless and Ziying hoped they could live with his family. But they also learned that Ziying#39;s father was completely ruined by his mistress and commited suicide. Ziying gave up his plan for reforming fishing industry and decided to restart their fishing business together. Unfortunately, Hou was seriously wounded in fishing and died...一天,回国的子英碰巧在上海遇到了小猫、小猴并给他们一些钱,没想到 这些钱反倒让他们被怀疑是抢劫而得的,因而被捕人狱。他们出狱后,家里发生了火灾,徐妈和舅舅葬身火海。小猫、小猴无家可归。何子英希望小猫、小猴到何家去,但父亲的渔业公司也因他的情妇而破产自杀了。子英放弃了他改良渔业的计划,决定跟着小猫、小猴一起到海上重振业。不幸的是,小猴因受重伤致死…In 1934, as a successful film, Song of the Fishermen was a stir in filmdom because of its profound meaning and strong artistic appeal. The film was shown in the hot summer and attracted waves of audience. It played for 84 straight days in Shanghai and created the highest box-office of Chinese film. Its theme song became one of the household popular songs. In addition, it was notable as being the first Chinese film to win a prize, Honor Award, in the Moscow International 1935. It was not only welcomed by the audience but also gained the admiration of the representatives from the world filmdom.1934年,影片《渔光曲》以其深刻的思想内容和强烈的艺术感染力轰动影坛。 该片上映时值盛暑,观众如潮,在上海连映84天,创造了当时国产影片最髙上座纪录。影片的主题歌,也成为家喻户晓的流行歌曲之一。本片在1935年莫斯科国际电影节上获得“荣誉奖”,成为中国第一部在国际上获奖的影片。它不仅获得广大 观众的喜爱,也受到世界影坛人士的赞赏。 /201605/443497

No need for any more expensive gifts, romantic breaks or big bouquets of flowers. It seems the secret to a happy marriage is completely free – a good night#39;s sleep.无需任何贵重的礼物,浪漫的假期或者是一大束鲜花。看起来,婚姻幸福美满的秘诀完全是免费的--那就是晚上美美地睡上一觉。Psychologists have found that having seven or eight hours#39; sleep a night means partners are less likely to focus on the negative aspects of their relationship and more inclined to think about the bigger picture.心理学家们发现,晚上睡上七至八个小时,就意味着夫妻双方会更少地关注于彼此关系的消极方面,转而更多地憧憬幸福画面。Researchers at Florida State University say sleep also helps to restore function in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that manages self control.佛罗里达州立大学的研究人员们表示,睡眠有助于恢复前额皮质--大脑中管理自控能力的部分--的功能。Although divorce rates in the UK are at their lowest levels of 40 years, the numbers separating every year are still significant. About 260,000 couples in the UK get married each year but at the same time nearly 120,000 part.虽然英国的离婚率正处于近40年内最低水平,但是每年离婚的人数依旧居高不下。英国每年约有26万人结婚,但与此同时有近12万人离婚。Experts regard honesty, warmth and respect as the bedrock of any relationship. But the latest study, in the Journal of Family Psychology, shows a good snooze is equally important.专家们把诚实,暖心和尊重视为一切关系的基础。但是发表在《家庭心理学杂志》的最新研究表明,良好的睡眠也同样重要。Scientists asked 68 newlywed couples to record their sleep patterns for a week. They also kept a diary on how they felt about their marriage and how rows affected their view of the relationship.科学家们要求68对新婚夫妇记录他们一周的睡眠状况。他们每天还记录了自己对婚姻的感受以及矛盾是如何影响了他们对于彼此关系的看法。Finally, researchers used something called the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale to assess volunteers#39; levels of satisfaction with their sex lives, levels of affection, time spent together, partners#39; mood and how they resolved rows.最后,研究人员们使用了一种叫Kansas婚姻满意感量表,来评估志愿者们对他们的性生活,感情状况,共度的时光,夫妻情绪以及如何化解矛盾的满意程度。Husbands benefited most from a proper night#39;s sleep, the study found. Even on days where they fell out with their wives, they felt upbeat about their marital status – providing they had a good rest the night before.研究发现,丈夫从良好睡眠当中获益最多。即使当他们与妻子发生争吵,他们也会对自己的婚姻状况感到信心满满——前提是他们在前一个晚上休息得不错。The researchers said: #39;Sleep is an important factor that affects marital satisfaction. Up to a third of married or cohabiting adults report that sleeps problems burden their relationship.#39;研究人员们对此表示:“睡眠是影响婚姻满意度的一个重要因素。高达三分之一的已婚或未婚同居成人声称,睡眠问题会给彼此关系带来负担。” /201607/457469

Do you know your plates of meat from yourporkies? How about your trouble and strife from your tea leaf? Unless you’re anEnglish native, you may be wondering what on earth all this means.你知道plates of meat、porkies、trouble and strife、tea leaf在英文中都代表着什么意思吗?除非你的母语是英语,否则你可能根本搞不清楚这些到底是什么意思。These words, which may sound nonsense, areknown as *cockney *rhyming slang, a system of speech used across the UK.这些听起来十分“无厘头”的词,其实是一种在英国被广泛使用、来自伦敦的押韵俚语。Rhyming slang has roots in 19th centuryeast London, and developed either as a method for market stall traders tocommunicate in secret or perhaps even a way for thieves to trade informationwithout giving away their game – historians are unclear of its true origin.押韵俚语起源于19世纪的伦敦东区,可能是一种小商贩之间沟通的密语或小偷间交换信息的暗号——事实上,就连历史学家们目前也无法界定它的真正起源。While there’s no official listof phrases –you could even make them up as you go along - the general rule isto replace one word with a two-worded phrase that rhymes with it. 并没有哪个官方名单列举这些表达——你甚至都可以自己创造一些谚语——大体规则就是用一个押韵的双单词词组来替代单个单词。For example: “dog and bone”(phone) and“Ruby Murray”(curry).例如:“与骨头dog and bone”(电话phone)以及“露比#8226;默里Ruby Murray”(咖喱curry)。Fortunately, there are websites and apps tohelp if you still don’t have a Scooby Doo (clue).幸运的是,如果你还是连一条“史酷比Scooby Doo”(线索clue)都没有的话,还可以求助一些网站和应用。“I’d like as many Londoners as possible to have a go, let us know howthey get on and add the words we don’t know about,”DickHoweson, the creator of uTalk, a rhyming slang translation app, told Msn.com atits launch in July.“我希望伦敦人尽可能都来试一试(这个应用),告诉大家他们如何使用押韵俚语,分享一些大家不知道的用法,”押韵谚语翻译应用uTalk的创始人迪克#8226;豪尔森七月发布该应用时,向Msn.com 表示。The app’s release comes justa few years after a survey conducted by the Museum of London suggested thatrhyming slang is declining in use. 该应用发布几年前,伦敦物馆开展的一项押韵俚语调查指出,押韵俚语正在逐渐衰亡。The museum claimed after the 2012 survey of2,000 UK residents that rhyming slang was soon to be “brown b”(dead)after results showed that most *respondents’knowledge of it haddisappeared.2012年,2000名英国居民参与了该调查,结果显示,大多数参与调查者并不具备押韵谚语的相关知识。因此,物馆认为押韵俚语很快就会变成“黑面包brown b”(“死亡dead”)。“For many people, cockney rhyming slang is *intrinsic to the identityof London. “对许多人而言,伦敦东区的押韵谚语是一种伦敦人身份的固有象征。However this research suggests that thecockney dialect itself may not be enjoying the same level of popularity,”said themuseum’s curator, Alex Werner.然而,这项调查却显示,伦敦方言自身却并非如此普及,”物馆馆长亚历克斯#8226;维尔纳说道。Despite this, rhyming slang seems to beenjoying a *revival. 尽管如此,押韵俚语似乎正在悄然复兴。Not only does it have its own apps andwebsites, “cockney”is even a language option on some ATMs in east London –perfect forlocals in need of some sausage and mash (cash).现在它不光有了自己的应用和网站,在伦敦东区的一些ATM机上甚至出现了“伦敦方言”甚这一语言选项——对于需要“香肠和麦芽浆sausage and mash”(“现金cash”)的本地人来说,这堪称完美。But why do people still use this form ofdialect?但为什么人们仍在使用这种方言呢?“It makes me smile whenever I hear people using rhyming slang and Itry to keep it in use myself,”says Ian Groves, 53.“每当我听见人们用押韵俚语的时候,我都十分开心。 我自己也尝试着继续使用这些谚语,”现年53岁的伊恩#8226;格罗夫斯说道。Ian grew up in London but now lives furthersouth. 伊恩在伦敦长大,目前住在更南边的地区。He was brought up hearing rhyming slang andsays it brings back memories of his younger days.他听着这些押韵俚语长大,称这让他回忆起了青葱岁月。“My parents were both Londoners and we used rhyming slang around thehouse. “我父母都是伦敦人,所以我们总在家里说这种押韵俚语。I’d be told to wash myGerman bands (hands) before dinner and my grandma would go up the apples andpears (stairs) at bedtime,”he says. 从小,他们就教我晚饭前要洗‘德国乐队German bands’(‘手hands’),我的祖母在睡前上‘苹果和梨apples and pears’(‘楼梯stairs’),”他说道。“It reminds me of my youth.”“这些俚语让我想起了整个青春。So if you really want to show off yourEnglish skills on a trip to the UK, walking into a cafe in east London, askingfor a cup of Rosie Lee (tea) then telling the cashier to keep the rifle range(change) wouldn’t be a shabby start.所以,如果你真的想在英国的旅途中秀一把英语,就走进东伦敦的一家咖啡馆,点一杯“罗西#8226;李Rosie Lee “(茶tea),然后告诉收银员不用找“打靶场rifle range”(零钱change)了。这一定会是个不错的开始。 /201609/463825Boris Johnson hit an immediate hitch on his first assignment as foreign secretary when the plane carrying him to Brussels for talks with EU officials was forced to make an emergency landing.鲍鲍刚要作为外教大臣去执行第一个任务,结果就立马碰上了乌龙。他当时正搭乘专机去布鲁塞尔和欧盟官员们会谈,结果飞机被迫原地紧急降落。The Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed that the aircraft experienced a technical fault and had to land.外交和联邦事务部实:那架飞机发生了技术故障,不得不降落。It’s unlikely that anyone thought Boris Johnson’s first London press conference as Britain’s new foreign secretary would go smoothly. But did it really have to be this bad?似乎没有人觉得鲍鲍作为英国新外长在伦敦接受的首次记者招待会能够顺利进行。但是真的得有这么惨吗?Johnson had a chance to allay concerns about his errant quips at a joint press conference with his U.S.counterpart, Secretary of State John Kerry, at the Foreign Office in London on Tuesday, his first media appearance since May announced his appointment.周二,在伦敦的外交部,鲍鲍有机会与他在美国的对应官员——国务卿约翰·克里——一同参加一个联合记者招待会并试图平息由他的连串讽刺笑话引发的忧虑。这是自他被梅任命之后第一次出现在媒体上。But then journalist Brad Klapper asked him a 90-second question about his remarks on President Obama’s “Kenyan heritage” and his likening of Hillary Clinton to “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.” Johnson’s response was pretty awkward.不过,之后记者布莱德·开普勒向他问了个长达1分半的问题,问题是关于他对奥巴马“肯尼亚血统”的相关言论以及他在希拉里·克林顿和“精神病院的虐待狂护士”之间做的类比。鲍鲍的反映非常尴尬。Kerry was, at one point, put in the incredibly unfortunate position of actually almost complimenting Johnson, despite the fact the now British foreign secretary led the campaign to remove Britain from the European Union and has, as indicated above, insulted Kerry’s colleagues at home. Kerry acted gracefully, saying that those who have worked with him have described him as a “very smart and capable man.” He added: “That’s the Boris Johnson I intend to work with.”其中一个时刻,克里被推到了一个非常不幸的境地:尽管这位现任外交大臣曾主导了英国脱欧,而且(正如上面提到的)还侮辱了克里在国内的同事,而克里实际上却几乎得夸奖鲍鲍。克里表现得很有风度,说那些曾和鲍鲍共事的人将他形容为“一个非常聪明、非常有能力的人”。他还说:“而我打算与这样的鲍鲍共事。”“Phew. Stop there, that’s great,” Johnson said. “It’s called diplomacy, Boris,” Kerry responded.“哇哦。这话说得好,我爱听。”鲍鲍说到。而克里回应道:“这叫外交,鲍鲍。” /201607/455845

A South Carolina police officer has become an internet sensation after rescuing an adorable kitten that he now takes on patrol with him.南卡罗莱纳州的一名警官在救了一只可爱的小猫咪后成为了网红,现在他正带着猫咪一起巡逻呢。Cody Garrett, 28, of Spartanburg, offered to take the tiny kitten home with him after another officer found the cat hiding under a trash dumpster to get out of the rain and brought her back to the police department.一名警官在垃圾车下面发现了躲雨的小猫咪后将其带回了警局,来自斯帕坦堡28岁的科迪·加勒特提出将这只小猫咪带回家照料。 The mustached cop told A News that he decided to take it upon himself to nurse the kitten back to health because he aly had a rescue cat named Toothless at home who happens to be nursing four kittens.这个大胡子警察告诉A News说他准备自己照料这只小猫咪到康复状态,因为在他家,他救过一只喵星人,取名叫Toothless,这个猫妈妈正在哺育四只小猫咪。When the kitten met her #39;adopted mom#39; for the first time, she went to the bathroom—earning her the name Squirt.当小猫咪第一次见到养母的时候,她跑去了卫生间,因此给他取名Squirt.#39;That’s one of the only reasons I brought her home instead of taking her to the Humane Society,#39; he said of Squirt. #39;She needed a mom so it worked out.#39;“这就是为什么我要将它带回家而不是把他送到动物保护协会,”他说。“Squirt需要一个妈妈,这样才能解决问题。”Squirt is continuing to get stronger thanks to the support of her adoptive family, which includes her new mom, her four siblings, and Cody#39;s two dogs.幸亏有寄样家庭的持,Squirt才得以茁壮成长,而这个寄养家庭有养母,和四个兄弟,还有科迪的两只。Cody later took to Instagram to share photo of himself with Squirt, who is sporting a matching mustache.科迪之后分享了一张和Squirt的照片,小猫咪也被描上了和他一样的胡须。More than 1,300 people liked the photo, with people from all around the world singing his praises.超过1300人对照片点了赞,来自全世界的人都在赞扬他。Since he brought Squirt home with him, Cody has shared numerous photos and s of his new pet.自从将Squirt带回家,科迪便分享了很多关于他新宠的视频和照片。 /201605/442634

Most singles have deal breakers when evaluating whether or not someone is their future Mr. or Mrs. Right.在判定一个人是不是未来伴侣的时候,大多数单身人士都有自己的一套择偶标准。Researchers have now complied a list of the top deal breakers in order to determine what effects age and gender have on deciding which qualities are seen as deal breakers for different people.如今,研究人员已经列出一份最能导致分手的异性特征列表,目的是研究对不同性别和年龄段的人来说,哪些异性特质会让他们结束一段恋情。They found that women have more deal breakers than men, but there were more similarities than differences between the sexes when asked to list what they deemed as a turnoff.研究人员发现女性无法接受的异性特征比男性要多,但在这些异性特征中,相似点多于不同点。The list includes: unattractiveness, unhealthy lifestyle, undesirable personality traits, differing religious beliefs, limited social status, differing mating strategies and differing relationship goals.七大导致分手的特质包括:魅力不够、生活方式不健康、有不良癖好、宗教信仰不同、社会地位低下、交往策略不同、情感追求不同。The team also found that even though singles look for positive traits when evaluating a mate, they tend to subconsciously sniff out undesirable ones because of their deal breakers.研究团队还发现,即使单身人士在寻找伴侣时往往会关注优点,但由于受到内心的择偶禁忌影响,他们会下意识地排除掉不合适的异性。The studies examined for creating the top seven deal breakers revealed that those who believe they are a good catch have more deal breakers and everyone has their own list if they are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, reports The Wall Street Journal.华尔街日报报道,提出七大分手特质的研究表明,认为自己是理想伴侣的人有更加严格的择偶要求,并且,若是打算正式谈一场长期恋爱时,每个人心中都有一套自己的择偶标准。In one of the studies, 5,541 singles were given a list 17 negative personality traits and asked if they viewed each one as a deal breaker for a long-term relationship.其中一项研究对5541名单身人士进行了调查,调查期间给这些单身人士列出了17个异性缺点,同时还询问这些人是否会因这些缺点结束一段长期恋情。The top deal breakers for both women and men were #39;disheveled#39; or #39;unclean,#39; followed by #39;lazy#39; and #39;too needy#39;.男性和女性最无法接受的是伴侣“衣冠不整”或“邋里邋遢”,其次是“懒惰”和“太穷”。Women see #39;lacks sense of humor#39; a very serious negative trait and won#39;t even peruse the relationship, mainly because humor has been linked to intelligence.女性认为“缺少幽默感”是一个很大的缺点,她们甚至不会考虑继续这段关系,这主要是因为在很大程度上,幽默感与智慧联系在一起。A separate study, found that men prefer not to date women who are smarter than they are and that #39;low sex drive#39; and talks too much#39; are among their biggest deal breakers.一项独立研究发现,男性不愿同比自己聪明的女性约会,同样,“性冷淡”和“话痨”也是约会成功的头号杀手。Another study asked 92 participants to list their biggest deal breakers when looking for both long-term and short-term partners, which produced extremely different results.另有研究让92名参与者列出在寻求长期或短期伴侣中最不欣赏的异性特质,最终发现,针对二者的有很大差异。In long-term partners the top deal breakers were #39;anger issues#39;, #39;is dating multiple partners#39; and #39;dishonesty#39;.在寻求长期伴侣的过程中,最不欣赏的异性特质有:“情绪问题”、“脚踩两只船”和“不诚实”。For short-term relationships, participants ranked #39;has health issues, such as STDs,#39; #39;smells bad#39; and #39;has poor hygiene#39; at the top.而对于短期感情关系,参与者更注重“健康问题,比如有没有性传播疾病”、“体臭”以及“不讲卫生”。 /201604/437853You may be familiar with the statistic that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last few years. It’s true. One of the first mentions of this particular formulation I can find dates back to May 2013, but the trend remains remarkably constant. Indeed, every two years for about the last three decades the amount of data in the world has increased by about 10 times – a rate that puts even Moore’s law of doubling processor power to shame.全世界90%的数据都是最近几年生成的,人们对这个结论可能已经耳熟能详。尽管我能找到的这个说法的最早出处是在2013年5月,但是,这种趋势却始终未曾发生变化。事实上,过去30年间,每隔两年,全球总数据量就会增长大约10倍——这让计算机行业的尔定律相形见绌。One of the problems with such a rate of information increase is that the present moment will always loom far larger than even the recent past. Imagine looking back over a photo album representing the first 18 years of your life, from birth to adulthood. Let’s say that you have two photos for your first two years. Assuming a rate of information increase matching that of the world’s data, you will have an impressive 2,000 photos representing the years six to eight; 200,000 for the years 10 to 12; and a staggering 200,000,000 for the years 16 to 18. That’s more than three photographs for every single second of those final two years. 信息爆炸所带来的问题之一在于,即便和不久之前相比,当前的信息量规模都会大到不可思议的程度。假如有一本信息影集代表了你从婴儿到成年的前18年人生,并且照片数量的增长速度和全球数据量保持一致,如果头两年你只有两张照片,那么从6岁到8岁的两年间你就会有两千张照片,从10岁到12岁有20万张,从16岁到18岁则有惊人的2亿张,这意味着在16-18岁期间你每秒钟就会拍3张照片。This isn’t a perfect analogy with global data, of course. For a start, much of the world’s data increase is due to more sources of information being created by more people, along with far larger and more detailed formats. But the point about proportionality stands. If you were to look back over a record like the one above, or try to analyse it, the more distant past would shrivel into meaningless insignificance. How could it not, with so many times less information available?当你回过头去以更长远的眼光来看待事物时,你会发现,你有太多太多近期的的事件,而较早的数据和事件是那么的稀少。当然,全球数据不能这样简单类比。全球数据增长的主要原因在于更多的人口产生了更多信息源,以及更大的和更复杂详细的信息结构。然而,如果试图回顾或分析与上文所述影集类似的历史记录,你会发现一个相同点,越遥远的历史所留下的信息和记录就会越稀少。怎么会发生这种事情呢?Here’s the problem with much of the big data currently being gathered and analysed. The moment you start looking backwards to seek the longer view, you have far too much of the recent stuff and far too little of the old. Short-sightedness is built into the structure, in the form of an overwhelming tendency to over-estimate short-term trends at the expense of history.这就是目前大数据采集分析中存在的一项弊端。无论你在哪一个时间点开始回顾历史,都会遇到同一个麻烦:近期数据的数量远远超过远期历史数据,由此,这个分析系统会过度重视短期趋势而忽略长期趋势,从而受到短视的困扰。To understand why this matters, consider the findings from social science about ‘recency bias’, which describes the tendency to assume that future events will closely resemble recent experience. It’s a version of what is also known as the availability heuristic: the tendency to base your thinking disproportionately on whatever comes most easily to mind. It’s also a universal psychological attribute. If the last few years have seen exceptionally cold summers where you live, for example, you might be tempted to state that summers are getting colder – or that your local climate may be cooling. In fact, you shouldn’t anything whatsoever into the data. You would need to take a far, far longer view to learn anything meaningful about climate trends. In the short term, you’d be best not speculating at all – but who among us can manage that? 为了理解这个问题的重要性,需要考虑社会科学中有关“近因偏差”(recency bias,又称近因效应)的研究发现。近因偏差是指:人们在判断事物发展趋势时,会认为未来事件将会和近期体验高度类似。这可以说是某种“可利用性法则”(availability heuristic)——不恰当地以最容易认知的信息来作为思考的基础。这还是一种普遍的心理学特征。举例来说,如果在你居住的地方,过去几年的夏季气温都很低,那么你可能会认为夏季气候正在变得更冷——或者说你当地的气候正在变冷。但是,你不应该只根据少量数据分析长期趋势。你需要有一个长远视角,才能认识真正有意义的气候趋势。短时期内,最好不进行任何猜测。不过,我们之中又有谁能真正做到这点呢? /201606/450672

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