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I could get you some nicotine gum if you like?我可以给你一些尼古丁口香糖,如果你需要的话?No, it’s OK.I’ll stub it out… as you asked so nicely.不用了,谢谢。我会把烟灭掉的……看在你好心提醒我的份上。Thank you Mr Ingle. We’ll keep it a secret this time, but please don’t do it again.非常感谢,英格尔先生。我们就把这次的事情保密,但是请别再吸烟了。I’m afraid it’s just not permitted on company premises.在公司里抽烟是被禁止的。Yeah, whatever!无所谓!Oh and Mr Ingle, I still really like your overalls. Bye!对了,英格尔先生,你的工作很好看。再见!Nice one Anna. You dealt with Mr Ingle really well.干得好,安娜。在英格尔先生这件事上你处理的很棒。You kept your cool and explained the reasons why he shouldn’t smoke.你很冷静,也解释了他不能吸烟的理由。Let’s hope he doesn’t do it again Anna.希望他下次不会再犯了,安娜。I hope not. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke.但愿如此。我不喜欢闻香烟的味道。But I never got to ask him about stock management.但是我再也不想去问他关于库存管理系统的事了。Well, maybe it’s best to leave it for another time?或许你可以下次再问?Anna’s had a tricky day so far dealing with Mr Ingle but she was firm and fair in the language she used.安娜的这一天可真不容易啊,不过她态度很坚定,说的话也很有道理。 /201702/490903Turkey's Ruling Party Defending Itself in Court土耳其执政党在宪法法院自我辩护 Turkey's ruling AK Party Thursday defended itself in the country's constitutional court against charges it is undermining the secular state. The party is facing dismantling, and dozens of its leaders, including the prime minister and president, a political ban. 土耳其执政党星期四在土耳其宪法法院为这个党辩护,反驳指责该党正在破坏土耳其政教分离制度的指控。土耳其执政党面临被解散,几十名党内领导人,包括总理和总统,面临被禁止参政的命运。The Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek spent the day Thursday defending his party in a closed session of the Turkish constitutional court. The Islamic-rooted AK Party is accused by the country's top prosecutor of seeking to overthrow the secular state.  土耳其副总理奇切克星期四整天都在土耳其宪法法院的闭门庭审中为本党辩护。土耳其总检察长指控信奉伊斯兰教义的土耳其正义与发展党企图推翻这个政教分离的国家。Speaking to reporters after leaving court, Cicek, who is a lawyer, dismissed the charge.  身为律师的奇切克在离开法庭时对记者表示,这种指控没有道理。He said he explained to the court the prosecutor's case against his party is not based on law. We said the case has to be judged on many levels, including constitutional law, human rights conventions and Turkish law. He said he told the court this case should be decided speedily is it affects the governance of the country. 他说,他向法庭解释说,检察官对他的党的指控没有法律依据。我们说,这个案子必须经过多层面的审判,包括宪法、人权公约和土耳其法律 。他说,他告诉宪法法庭说,这个案子应该迅速裁决,因为这影响到国家的治理。Chief Prosecutor Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya told the court earlier this week the AK Party posed a "clear and present danger" that it was seeking to impose Islamic law on the country. Modern Turkey was founded in 1923 as a strictly secular state.  土耳其总检察长耶尔钦卡亚这个星期早些时候在法庭上表示,正义与发展党对土耳其构成“明显与现实的危险”,因为它正在企图把伊斯兰法律强加于土耳其。现代土耳其建国于1923年,是一个严格的政教分离国家。Along with the threat of the AK Party closure, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, along with 69 senior party members, are facing a five-year political ban if convicted.  如果被告被判有罪的话,在执政党正义与发展党被取缔的同时,总理埃尔多安、总统居尔以及69名党内高层人员也将被禁止在5年内参政。Political analysts predict Turkey will be thrown into a political and economic turmoil if the court orders the party to be disbanded. 政治分析人士预计,如果法庭裁决解散正义与发展党,土耳其将陷入政治和经济混乱。More than 20 government critics, including two retired generals, were arrested earlier this week in what the opposition claims is the government's intimidation campaign. The arrests are part of a year-long police investigation into allegations the opposition is conspiring to topple the government. 在本周早些时候,有20多名批评政府的人被捕,包括两名退役将军。反对党说,这是政府的恫吓运动。一年来警方一年以来一直在调查有关反对党阴谋推翻政府的指控,这些逮捕是这个调查的一部分。Deputy chairman of the AK Party, Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat, dismissed the intimidation charge. 正义与发展党副主席弗拉特否认执政党进行恫吓的说法。He said as the political party in power, the AK Party is acting with an understanding of its duties and obligations. He accused certain circles in the opposition of trying to politicize the police probe. 他说,正义与发展党作为执政党,在采取行动时考虑到自己的职责与义务。他指责反对派的某些人企图把警方调查工作政治化。200807/43362to get carried away ------ 情绪激动 英文释义To become excessively excited and active. 例句I told my brother not to get carried away every time he meets a beautiful young woman and thinks he is in love.我对我的兄弟说,不要每次见到美女就情绪激动,以为自己恋爱了。 /201610/466534

What do we think Ben Bernanke is going to say today and how closely will the market be listening?First of all, the market is going to listen very carefully, and secondly, we have to compare what Bernanke is going to say when compared to the interest rates statement which was delivered last Wednesday. Now as you know, the interest rates statement was putting the Federal Reserve at a neutral interest rates stance. And I guess that after the statement have been released, there have been a lot of negative news, not so much on the economic front but it had been on the financial sector. So he is going to be asked by people participating in that joint committee, what the Fed believes is going on in the financial sector and he has to give an answer. I guess that overall, his statement today is going to be more dovish than the interest rates statement and that is going to be the key for the foreign exchange market. So I assume the US dollar has more weakness ahead.Well I was going to ask you, is there anything that he can say or indeed do that can stop this slide on the dollar?Well, we have to figure out where the problem is. We have so far a US-centered problem which has to do with the housing market and has to do with related financial sectors and mortgage market and so forth. And that means the ed States do need higher net exports as a buffer to support the economic growth to make sure that that economy is not slipping into a recession.What about the oil prices? We are seeing record highs once again today really gonna be touching clearly I would expect 100 dollars a barrel some time soon. How worrying is that?Well, as far, oil prices did not really play in a lot typically because oil prices are still lower in the real terms than they were in the 80s. So if you do the inflation adjustments, then the price of oil in the 80s was higher than the current oil price. That's smooth change when we are seeing oil prices moving above 105. The second point is that we are using less oil relative to GDP and relative to disposable income. But of course the pace of the increase is a matter of concern. It's working inflationary. It does paralyze central banks to some extent. And therefore, it is a point of worry and I am a bit surprised that the equity markets are holding up so well. We have to consider what are the economic consequences of that and obviously it does not look too good to if you have a forecast of rise of about 6 months or a year.Notes: Dovish: Dovish refers to an economic outlook which generally supports lower interest rates. Doves take the position that inflationary pressures are low enough for low interest rates to be desirable200807/43622

Script:Todd Benjamin is with me, you have been banging on about credit risk for as long as I can remember in the housing market. So Todd, is this serious?Well, I think it’s serious in the short term. Right now, basically, you can’t get credit. You are having a many crises here, a many credit crunch. I think people are reassessing risk. That is what this is all about. Because for so long, financing was dirt-cheap, Richard, money was dirt-cheap. And therefore let the party continue, you had all this emanate activity. It still is, it still is relatively cheap, Todd, it’s still relatively cheap. It’s relatively cheap, and you are right. Corporate defaults are at a twelve-year low but nevertheless, people are pricing it differently. You know, so cheap. Wait a second, Richard, if it was so cheap , then the deal to finance Chrysler would have gone through this week, the deal to finance Boots would have gone through this week, and the deal for (greed, Todd, greed),no ,no, no ,no the deal to finance the North American operations of Cadbury Shops would have gone through. Right now, credit is getting more expensive and the reason it's getting more expensive is because people are questioning the amount of risk they wanna take. And that if you have like a pyramid here, and it all started from the problems in the housing market, of the sub-prime market, and now it is starting to spill out.( Alright.) Long overdue. Alright, so it’s longer overdue, and it’s a nasty blip on the horizon, that doesn’t answer our question of all our goods which they want to know tonight, is it going to continue?I think it continues in the short term, I think what people don’t know is where exactly is the cost of money going to be? And as long as eerie is this uncertainty over the credit market, it’s going to be tough for the stock market to make it away.I see a fence here, Todd, I see a fence (I'm not sitting on the fence.)here that you are sitting on.No, I am not sitting on the fence at all. Richard, listen to what I am saying here instead of trying to be a showman right now. What’s going on is this, very very simply, people think moneys can be more expensive because it’s more risky, taking on certain loans. Emanate activity has been the lifeblood of this market, alright? If the deals aren’t gonna go through, that cause them the question how long the rally can last? Now, back against the fundamentals of this is that basically the global economy is in great shape, corporate earnings are good, and therefore if it weren’t for that, we’d be in bigger trouble than we are right now. Alright, Todd, we have to act the showmen as you put it, carry on, carry on with the circus tonight. Notes:sit on a fence: To remain neutral, to refuse to take sides in a dispute200807/44309

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