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宁德检查男性精子质量那里好Meet Sudan, The Worlds Last Known Northern White Male Rhino全球最后一头雄性白犀牛Over the years, numerous animal and bird species have become extinct. However, it is rare for the entire world to witness one as it is happening. This could very well be the case with the northern white rhinos given that there are currently only five known specimens left. Whats worse is that only one, a 42-year-old named Sudan is male! If he passes away without producing an offspring, the rhino sub-species will soon disappear.多年来,无数动物和鸟类灭绝。不过全世界都在亲历一个物种的消失,这种事情还是比较少见的。这个物种就是北部白犀牛,目前仅存五头。最糟糕的是,现在仅存一头叫苏丹的雄性白犀牛。如果它在繁衍子嗣之前死去,白犀牛就会彻底灭绝。The massive 1.2-ton animal shares his 300-hectare enclosure with two female northern white rhinos, Najin and Fatu. The naturalists are hoping that he will take a fancy to one of them and produce an heir. Given Sudans advanced age, Zoo veterinarians are also scrambling to find a way to keep the sub-species alive using alternative reproductive techniques.这个1.2吨重的家伙生活在300公顷的围栏里,与另外两头雌性白犀牛Najin和Fatu为伴。自然学家希望它能与其中一头繁衍子嗣。考虑到苏丹的高龄,动物园的兽医正在竭尽所能找出人工繁殖的方法。Once found in abundance in several countries in East and Central Africa south of the Sahara, the population of this rhino sub-species has declined drastically in the last twenty years. In the 1960s there were an estimated 2000 of the magnificent animals roaming around in the wild. By 1984, ruthless poachers had reduced their numbers to fifteen and now, just five remain! In fact, the only reason Sudan is perhaps still alive is that most of his life was spent tucked away in a Czechoslovakian zoo.过去20年,在东非和中非撒哈拉沙漠南边的国家发现大量白犀牛之后,它们的数量就开始锐减0世纪60年代,据估计还存000多头野生白犀牛,到了1984年,残忍的偷猎者就把它们杀害到只剩5头,而到现在只有5头还活着了!事实上,苏丹之所以能活这么大年纪,也是因为大半辈子都躲在了捷克斯洛伐克公园里的缘故。Of course, the northern white rhino is not the only one facing extinction. All rhino species are being ruthlessly hunted down for their horns! Though made from Keratin, the same material as human nails, they are believed to be a cure for many ailments by the residents of Vietnam and China. 当然,北部白犀牛并不是濒临灭绝的物种之一。所有种类的犀牛都因为它们的角被残忍捕猎。虽然这些角只是由角蛋白组成,成分和人类指甲一样,还是被越南和中国民间认为是治疗许多疾病的良药。Whether Sudan can save his clan remains to be seen. But hopefully, the growing awareness of the plight of these majestic animals will result in more protection so that future generations can enjoy the ones left as much as we do!苏丹是否能拯救它的后代,这还有待观察。希望人们对这些巨型生物的悲惨境遇越来越多的关注能带给它们更多保护,这样我们后代还能看到它们的身影。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。来 /201507/384252福州做人工受精最好的三甲医院A week ago Scotland’s nationalists were trying to break up Britain. Now, it is the turn of England’s Tories. In the wake of Alex Salmond’s referendum defeat, David Cameron’s Conservatives have set about handing the leader of the Scottish National party the victory denied him by Scotland’s voters. Now there is a rum thought: Mr Salmond lost the battle but the English may yet concede the war.本月早些时候,苏格兰的民族主义者试图分裂英囀?如今轮到英格兰的保守党这么干了。苏格兰选民的意志,让苏格兰民族SNP)领导人亚历克#8226;萨尔蒙德(Alex Salmond)在公投中失败了,然而戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)的保守党似乎要帮助他取得独立胜利。如今有一种奇怪的看法:萨尔蒙德输掉了一场战斗,但英格兰人可能输掉整场战争。In a state of some excitement, perhaps because it is the autumn party conference season, the Tories are clamouring for “English votes for English laws The price for Scots of more devolution, they say, must be a diminished role for their MPs at Westminster.保守党正在宣扬“英格兰人为英格兰法律投票”——他们有些兴奋,或许是因为秋季会期的到来。他们说,既然苏格兰要获得更多自治权,苏格兰议员在英国议会的地位就必须相应削弱。This is partly about electioneering. The Tories have only one MP in Scotland; Labour has 40. Flying the English flag could paint the opposition into a corner at next year’s general election. Mr Cameron also wants to guard his flank against rightwing English nationalists.他们这样说,部分原因是为了竞选。保守党在苏格兰只有1名议员,工党(Labour)0名。高举英格兰旗帜,就有可能在明年大选中将在野的工党逼入绝境。卡梅伦还希望防备英格兰右翼民族主义者从侧面攻击他。On the face of it, the prime minister has a case. The closer Scotland gets to home rule, the odder it seems for its MPs to vote on English affairs. The snag, however, with deceptively simple solutions to complex problems, is that they are, well, deceptive.表面上看,首相这样做有一定道理。苏格兰越接近实现自治,苏格兰议员就英格兰事务投票就越显得奇怪。然而,用貌似简单的方法解决复杂问题是行不通的,这些方法带有欺骗性。The exclusion of Scottish MPs from most of the business of the House of Commons would amount to English secession by another name. It would also substitute a shuffling of power between politicians English MPs get more, the Scots less for the urgent task of dispersing authority within England. Creating a group of second-class legislators does nothing to loosen Whitehall’s deadening grip over the great cities and shires of England.不让苏格兰议员参与下议院(House of Commons)大多数事务,将意味着另一种名义上的分裂。而且,这将用政客之间的权力再分配(英格兰议员得到更多权力,苏格兰议员得到更少),代替向英格兰放权这项迫在眉睫的任务。制造一群二等议员无助于让白厅放松对英格兰大城市和郡的牢牢把控。The neat answer would be a federal system. Goodness knows, Britain needs to decentralise power by returning to city mayors and councils authority to make choices about local taxes and sershy;vices. The facts of the union, unfortunately, do not match the political theory textbooks. England’s overwhelming economic and political dominance among the UK’s four nations rules out a classic federation. For the union to work, its constitutional arrangements must serve as a counterweight to English hegemony. This means England has to be generous about the voice afforded to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Generations of English politicians have wrestled with this question and concluded, rightly, that a division of power perfectly calibrated to reflect respective populations or economic weights would be unworkable.一个简单的方案是,实行联邦制。天哪,英国居然得通过恢复市长及市政厅在地方税收和务方面的决策权,来分散中央集权。遗憾的是,联合王国的现实情况并不符合政治理论教科书上有关建立联邦制的学说。在英国的四个地区中,英格兰在经济和政治上占据显著的主导地位,使得典型的联邦制在英国不可行。这样的联盟要成功,其宪制就必须对英格兰的主导地位起到牵制。这意味着英格兰在给予苏格兰、威尔士和北爱话语权方面必须慷慨一些。几代英格兰政治家都曾努力解决这个问题,最后得出了一个正确的结论,那就是:精确地依据各个民族的人口或经济权重来分配权力是行不通的。Nor, anyway, is it possible to draw a neat line between legislation that is uniquely English and laws that affect Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The deep integration of public policy and finances across the nations means there are precious few decisions taken at Westminster that do not have an impact throughout the UK.同样,也很难清晰地区分哪些法律是只影响英格兰的,哪些是影响苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰的。英国四个地区在公共政策和财政方面的深度一体化,意味着英国议会所做的决策中,只有极少一部分不是影响整个英国的。When MPs voted for university tuition fees in England, it changed fundamentally the structure of education funding in the other nations. William Gladstone grappled with this during the 19th-century debates about Irish home rule. Even in a much less complex world, he decided the circle could not be squared.议员们就英格兰大学学费做出的投票,也会深刻改变英国其他地区的教育经费结构。威#8226;格拉德斯William Gladstone)9世纪有关爱尔兰自治的辩论中就曾面对过这个问题。即便当时的世界比现在简单得多,他最终仍然得出这种方法行不通的结论。Follow the logic of English votes for English laws and it leads to an English parliament and government. Such would be the dominance of these English institutions that the Commons would be reduced to a foreign policy talking shop. Even then, an English parliament might want to choose a different relationship with, say, the EU than the other nations. And once Westminster loses the power to raise UK-wide taxes, the union will be by any measure dead.按照“英格兰人为英格兰法律投票”的逻辑,就有必要建立英格兰议会和英格兰政府。这些英格兰机构将拥有主导地位,而下议院将沦为对外政策的清谈场所。这样一个英格兰议会还可能想和欧EU)间保持一种不同于英国其他地区的关系。而一旦英国议会失去了在整个英国征税的权力,联合王国将名存实亡。The noise about “unfairnessis in inverse proportion to a more prosaic reality. There have been only a handful of occasions in recent decades when Scottish MPs have been “swingvoters. On at least two of them, during Tony Blair’s premiership, these MPs were voting with a government that had a majority in England. As for the myth that Labour invariably relies on Scotland for a majority at Westminster, the electoral facts show it is just that a myth.叫嚷“不公平”的聒噪与相对平淡的现实情况形成了反差。近几十年来,苏格兰议员成为关键的“摇摆”投票人的情况只有寥寥数例。其中至少有两次——都在托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)担任首相期间——这些苏格兰议员投票持了这个在英格兰拥有多数的政府。至于所谓工党向来依靠苏格兰才能在英国议会中占多数的传说,选举事实表明这只是个“传说”而已。Home rule in Scotland does raise important questions about the governance of the rest of the UK. There is a legitimate debate to be had about if and when Scottish MPs should step back from voting at Westminster. There will also be room for scrutiny of the Barnett funding formula for public spending in Scotland once Edinburgh gains more fiscal autonomy.苏格兰地方自治确实引发了关于英国其他地区如何治理的重要问题。对于苏格兰议员在英国议会的投票权是否以及何时应该削弱,确实有必要开展一场合理辩论。此外,如果爱丁堡在财政上获得更多自主权,在苏格兰公共开方面实行的巴聂特算the Barnett Formula)也有待检讨。But the prior question is whether England wants a parliament that represents all four nations of the union? If the answer is yes, then it cannot expect a formulaic English votes for English laws.不过,首要的问题是英格兰是否想要一个代表联合王国所有四个地区的议会?如果这个问题的是肯定的,英格兰就不能指望出现“英格兰人为英格兰法律投票”这种公式化结果。The strength of Britain’s unwritten constitution has lain in its capacity to accommodate anomalies and contradictions. If tidy English minds now redefine “fairnessas perfect symmetry between Scotland and England, the unavoidable consequence will be the break-up of the union. Mr Salmond, of course, is rubbing his hands at the prospect.大不列颠不成文宪法的优点在于它包容非常规和矛盾事物的能力。如果英格兰有智之士将“公平”重新定义为苏格兰和英格兰的绝对平等,这将不可避免地导致联合王国的解体。当然,萨尔蒙德对此满怀期待。来 /201410/332608福州哪里精子检查好

福州治弱精专科医院龙岩哪家医院治疗早泄The B plans to broadcast a daily news bulletin into North Korea, as part of a renewed strategy of countering state propaganda worldwide.英国广播公司(B)计划向朝鲜播放一档每日新闻节目,这是应对世界各地政府宣传的新战略的一部分。Britain’s public broadcaster has said it is increasingly worried by restrictions on the media in certain countries and by the rise of state-backed rivals such as Qatar’s Al Jazeera, China’s CCTV and Russia’s RT.B表示,某些国家对媒体的限制,以及卡塔尔的半岛电视Al Jazeera)、中国的央视(CCTV)以及俄罗斯的今日俄罗RT)电视台等由政府持的竞争对手日益崛起,让这家英国的公共广播机构越来越担忧。Under proposals to be announced on Monday, the B World Service would also expand in Russia, India, Africa and the Middle East.根据将于下周一宣布的计划,英国广播公司国际B World Service)还将在俄罗斯、印度、非洲和中东扩大务。Broadcasting in North Korea is likely to encounter technical obstacles, as authorities in Pyongyang have consistently jammed signals from South Korean and US broadcasters.对朝鲜广播可能会遭遇技术障碍,因为朝鲜政府一直干扰韩国和美国对朝广播的信号。来 /201509/397101福州去那里看早泄最好FREETOWN: Sierra Leone declared a healthemergency and called in troops to quarantine Ebola victims on Thursday, joiningneighbouring Liberia in imposing tough controls as the death toll from theworst-ever outbreak of the virus hit 729 in West Africa.弗里敦:周四,塞拉利昂宣布一起卫生紧急情况并召集军队将埃拉病毒感染者隔离。随着埃拉病毒爆发致使西29人死亡,塞拉利昂同邻国利比里亚施行了强硬的控制措斀?The World Health Organization said it was in talks with donors andinternational agencies to deploy more medical staff and resources to one of theworlds poorest regions. The WHO reported 57 new deaths between July 24-27 in Guinea, Liberia,Sierra Leone and Nigeria.世界卫生组织表示,为了向世界上最贫困的地区部署更多的医务人员和资源,该组织正在与捐献者和国际机构开展对话。据世界卫生组织报道4号至27号期间,几内亚、利比里亚、塞拉利昂和尼日利亚新增57个死亡案例。Authorities in Nigeria,which recorded its first Ebola case last week when a UScitizen died after arriving on a flight from Liberia, said all passengerstravelling from areas at risk would be temperature-screened for the virus. In ameasure of rising international concern, Britain on Wednesday held a governmentmeeting on Ebola and called it a threat requiring a response. The White Housealso said President Obama was being briefed on the situation.利比里亚有关当局于上周记录了首例感染埃拉病毒案例,当时一名美国公民从利比里亚搭乘航班,在抵达后死去。有关当局称,所有经过危险区域的乘客都要接受是否感染病毒的体温检查。一部分出于国际担忧的升级,周三,英国就埃拉病毒举行会议并称需要对此威胁作出回应。美国也表示,奥巴马已经对情况作了简要汇报。But international airlines association IATA said the WHO was not recommendingany travel restrictions or border closures, and there would be a low risk toother passengers if an Ebola patient flew. The outbreak of the haemorrhagicfever, for which there is no known cure, began in the forests of remote easternGuinea in February, but Sierra Leone now has the highest number of cases.但国际航空运输协会IATA称,世界卫生组织并不建议进行任何旅行限制或边界封锁,如果埃拉病毒感染者搭乘飞机对其他乘客造成的威胁也很小。出血热于二月份在几内亚偏远的东部森林爆发,目前还未找到治愈方法。但目前最多的病例出现在塞拉利昂。Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma said he would meet leaders of Liberia and Guineain Conakry onFriday to discuss ways to combat the epidemic.塞拉利昂总统科罗马表示,他将于周五同利比里亚和几内亚两国领导人在科纳克里会面,就对抗传染病的方法展开讨论。来 /201408/317523南平做复通手术公立医院

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