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US TV dramas are known their seemingly endless seasons. In many cases, the longer a show is, the less creative and more tedious it gets. Viewers usually seek something new to binge on. But Netflix’s latest release, House of Cards season four, aims to avoid this fate. 众所周知,美剧似乎总有拍不完的下一季大多数情况下,一部剧持续时间越长,就会变得越没创意,越乏味观众常常会转向新剧不过网飞公司最新发布的《纸牌屋第四季力图摆脱这种命运 After its release this March, millions of subscribers from 190 countries and regions got hooked to this new season of political intrigue. Even the writer of the original B version of House of Cards, Andrew Davies, admits that he was engrossed by the new episodes. “I’m hooked on it,” Davies told The Guardian. “I’ll probably binge-watch the new season.” 自三月上线以来,共有来自190个国家和地区的数百万名用户被新一季《纸牌屋中的政治阴谋深深吸引就连英国广播公司原版《纸牌屋的编剧安德鲁#86;戴维斯都坦言,自己被新剧集圈粉了戴维斯告诉英国《卫报:“我完全看入迷了我可能会一口气刷完第四季” many longtime viewers, the previous season was a letdown. Its plot lines were almost too pedestrian to be interesting. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) was adrift in his new role as US president. He had beaten all of his rivals to reach the top political office, and there was almost no one worth fighting anymore. But season four aims to offer viewers the juicy twists they missed last season. 对很多常年追此剧的观众而言,上一季《纸牌屋太令人失望情节老套,毫无趣味可言当上总统的弗兰克#86;安德伍德(凯文#86;史派西饰)变得百无聊赖他打败了所有竞争者登上最高政治宝座,几乎再无对手不过第四季致力于为观众提供上一季缺失的生动、曲折的剧情 Underwood confronts his most potent enemy ever, his wife Claire (Robin Wright). Claire aims to amass power by becoming vice president. When Underwood thwarts her attempts, Claire moves back to Texas, her home state, to compete a seat in the US Congress. This move injects the storyline with spice and sexual tension. As a plot twist, it is “more effective than any previous murder or immoral ploy ever [was],” Indiewire’s Nikola Grozdanovic wrote. 安德伍德遭遇了有史以来最强劲的对手——他的妻子克莱尔(罗宾#86;怀特饰)克莱尔试图竞选副总统来发展自己的力量当安德伍德挫败了她的计谋,她转战家乡德克萨斯州,争夺国会议席克莱尔的举动为情节增添了不少情趣和香艳的张力随着剧情的发展,这一招“比之前任何谋杀和道德阴谋更奏效”,影评人网的尼古拉#86;格罗兹戴诺维克写道 Season four also dazzles viewers with an array of new faces. Through Claire’s mother (Ellen Burstyn), viewers get an idea of how little kinship means among the power-hungry. And Claire’s political consultant (Neve Campbell) reveals the relationship between power and wealth. Meanwhile, Underwood himself has to tackle another rival: aspiring president and New York governor Conway (Joel Kinnaman). Conway’s character showcases how duplicitous one needs to be in order to get to the top. These characters’ storylines are woven together with hot-button political topics, such as gun control and terrorism. 第四季中出现的一批新面孔也让观众眼前一亮通过克莱尔的母亲(艾伦#86;伯斯汀饰),观众知道了在权力和欲望面前亲情一文不值克莱尔的政治顾问(内芙#86;坎贝尔饰)则裸地揭开了权力和财富的关系同时,安德伍德自己还要应对另一个对手:有当总统抱负的纽约州州长康威(乔尔#86;金纳曼饰)康威这个角色展现了一个人需要如何两面三刀才能登上权力巅峰热门政治话题,比如管控和恐怖主义等将这些角色的故事交织在一起 On top of that, key characters from previous seasons return in the new season. The murdered journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) surfaces in Frank’s constant hallucinations. And the bamboozled writer Tom (Boris McGiver) determines to expose the Underwoods’ misdeeds no matter the cost. The reappearance of these characters makes the whole series “connected and encapsulated,” IGN’s Matt Fowler commented. 此外,前几集的主要人物也陆续回归被谋杀的记者佐伊#86;巴尔内斯(凯特#86;玛拉饰)出现在弗兰克的幻觉中被欺骗的作家汤姆(鲍里斯#86;迈克基弗饰)决定不惜一切代价揭露安德伍德的罪行网站IGN的马特#86;富勒说,再现这些人物能让整部剧“更紧密、更精炼” With fresh surprises and horrors, House of Cards season four has received a wave of praise from critics its entertainment value. “House of Cards has always longed to be an opera, right down to the soprano who occasionally wails on the soundtrack,” Vox culture editor Todd VanDerWerff wrote. “Season four comes the closest the show ever has to realizing that ambition.” 全新的惊喜和恐惧元素为《纸牌屋第四季赢得了家的阵阵好评,盛赞它的价值新闻网Vox的文化版编辑托德#86;万德维夫写道:“《纸牌屋一直渴望像歌剧那样,有一位女高音随时可能会在音轨上留下最强音第四季是这部剧最接近实现这一野心的时候” 38357Desert Spadefoot Frog, Australia, 1999"A desert spadefoot frog surfaces with a wary stare at Australia's Alice Springs Desert Park. Life hides in unexpected places: These frogs wait rain deep in the outback's red sands— years, if need be." —From "The Variety of Life," February 1999, National Geographic magazine一只沙漠中的锄足蟾露出沙面,警惕地盯着澳大利亚的爱丽丝泉沙漠公园生物总藏匿在想不到的地方:这些蟾在内地的红沙深处等待雨水——如果需要,它们会等待多年 ——摘自1999年《国家地理杂志月号《生物的多样性 851At first glance, an interrogation might seem like a mere question-and-answer session, but countless psychological angles delve far beyond ;good cop, bad cop.; Below are facts about interrogations, from the dark secrets of government agencies to heavy metal and the world most influential cult.乍看之下,审讯看起来仅仅只是一个问答环节然而,这里面探究的无数心理角度都要比;好警察坏警察;(一种审讯中的心理策略,亦叫做联合询问或朋友和敌人法)深得多以下列出关于审讯的十大事实,从政府机构不可告知的黑暗秘密到重金属音乐和世界上最具影响力的宗教,真是无奇不有!.The CIA Interrogation Architect.中情局的审讯工程师Dr. James Mitchell has had the kind of career they make movies about. He enlisted in the Air ce in 197, where he became an expert in defusing bombs. Toward the end of his military stint, he served as a psychologist to a North Carolina special-ops . His retirement coincided almost perfectly with the 9 attacks. Subsequently, he joined up with fellow mer military psychologist Dr. Bruce Jessen to sell their expertise to the CIA.詹姆斯·米切尔士拥有某种电影中才有的职业他在197年应征加入空军,在那里他成为了拆弹专家在他兵役结束之后,他在北卡罗来纳州特种部队中担任心理医师他退休的时间几乎与9恐怖袭击发生的时间完全吻合所以,他与担任前任军事心理学家的同事布鲁斯士一起加入到美国中央情报局,为他们提供专业意见The two made millions despite their lack of experience. Neither had carried out real interrogations or could even speak Arabic. And yet Mitchell became known as the architect of the CIA ;enhanced interrogation; program, a euphemism which has since been revealed to describe unambiguous torture. Their methods included confinement, throwing subjects into walls, sleep deprivation, and—perhaps most notoriously—waterboarding. Mitchell himself waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who under duress admitted to various terrorist activities, which legal experts later deemed false confessions. In , Mitchell and Jessen were dismissed from the CIA payroll. The Senate issued a scathing report detailing their abuses.他们二人尽管经验不足但却成了百万富翁他们没有进行过真正的谈判,甚至还不会说阿拉伯语然而,米切尔却被称为中情局;强化审讯;项目的工程师现在人们发现所谓的;强化审讯;不过是裸的折磨的委婉说法而已他们的方法包括监禁,把犯人往墙上摔,剥夺睡眠,也许最恶名昭著的是水刑米切尔亲自动手对穆罕默德实行了水刑穆罕默德被迫承认多起恐怖袭击事件,之后法律专家们还误以为是他坦白从宽了年,米切尔和杰森被中情局解雇参议院对于他们滥用刑法一事发布了一份报告,对此严厉指责Mitchell was unrepentant his activities, saying, ;The narrative that out there is, I walked up to the gate of the CIA, knocked on the door and said: ‘Let me in, I want to torture people, and I can show you how to do it. Or someone put out an ad on Craigslist that said, ‘Wanted: psychologist who is willing to design torture program. It a lot more complicated than that. Im just a guy who got asked to do something this country by people at the highest level of government, and I did the best I could.;米切尔并不对他的行为感到悔恨,他说:;事情是这样我走到中情局的大门口,敲了下门,说‘让我加入你们吧,我想要折磨人,我可以展示给你看我是怎么办到的或者换个说法,某人在克雷格列表(网站名)发布了一个广告:招聘愿意设计酷刑计划的心理医生当然要比这复杂得多我只是为政府最高层的人办事而已,而且我已经尽我所能;9.The Reid Technique9.里德审讯An official interrogation is careful and systematic, using such methods as the ;Reid Technique,; established by John Reid in the 1950s and taught by John E. Reid amp; Associates, Inc. It uses nine steps to disarm subjects. The interrogator monologues as if the accused is guilty. The trick loaded statements lull the accused into accepting responsibility the crime.正式的审讯会非常严密和系统化,用到像;里德技巧;之类的审讯方法世纪50年代约翰里德(测谎分析师)发明了这套审讯体系并由约翰里德联合公司传授其方法只要九步,犯人就会缴械投降审讯者要滔滔不绝,好像罪名成立一样这个把戏用一些别有用意的话慢慢地把被指控的人引入要对这起犯罪负责的节奏中去Although the technique is still commonly taught, many see major flaws. One of its biggest drawbacks is its focus on body language. Step 6, instance, tells the interrogator to look ;physical signs of surrender; because ;tears at this stage positively indicate the suspect guilt.; The connection between anxiety and lying is tenuous at best; an honest man locked away in a police precinct will likely exhibit suspicious traits when pressed, while a cold-blooded sociopath can weave a murderous tapestry of lies without blinking. The Reid Technique is infamous drawing false confessions, particularly from children. In some European countries, it cannot legally be used to question juveniles.虽然人们还在学习这个技巧,但是许多人看到了主要的缺陷它最大的缺陷之一就是关注肢体语言举个例子,第六步要求审讯人寻找;投降的身体特征;,因为;在这个阶段如果流眼泪的话恰好明了嫌疑人有罪;焦虑和说谎之间的联系最多也就那么一点;一个老实人被关在警局里,当他被强行逼供的时候也可能表现出一些可疑的迹象,而一个冷血的反社会分子可以眼睛都不眨一下,编织出一箩筐的谎言里德技巧因为把人们(特别是小孩)屈打成招而背上了骂名在一些欧洲国家,在审问青少年的时候使用里德技巧是不合法的8.The Fatal Debt Interrogation8.致命的债务审讯On March 9, , Indonesian businessman Irzen Octa was called to a Jakarta Citibank office to discuss the ,700 he owed on his platinum card. Octa was sent to an interrogation room used to question debtors, where he was beset by three third-party collectors: Arif Lukman, Henry Waslington, and Donal Harris.年3月9日,印度尼西亚商人Irzen Octa被叫到雅加达花旗,讨论他白金卡里拖欠的5700美金一事他被送到一间审问债务人的审讯室里,在那里他被三个第三方收债人围攻:Arif Lukman, Henry Waslington和 Donal HarrisIndonesian banks are known to hound debtors, but what happened to Octa defies comprehension. Security footage shows him walking into the interrogation room, which had no cameras of its own. Over two hours later, he is shown being rolled out the room in a wheelchair, perhaps aly dead. The bank may have attempted to cover-up the death, as a single medical examiner released conflicting reports. Several doctors examined the body, listing the cause of death as asphyxiation and brain hemorrhage caused by blunt violence. The three debt collectors were sentenced to five years in prison their role in Octa death.印度尼西亚骚扰债务人是出了名的但是发生在 Octa身上的一切却实在让人无法理解安全监控录影带里显示他走进了没有摄像头的审讯室两个小时之后,他就坐在一把轮椅上被推出了房间,或许那个时候他就已经死了也许试图想要掩盖其罪行,因为有一位法医发布了许多自相矛盾的报告一些医生检查了尸体都认为死因是因钝物袭击引起的窒息和脑出血因为暴力殴打导致了Octa的死亡,最后这三个收债人被判处五年监禁7.The FBI Interrogation Guide7.美国联邦调查局的审讯指南Under the Freedom of Inmation Act signed by Lyndon B. Johnson, the government regularly releases merly classified intelligence to the public. These reports are heavily redacted, with black boxes removing names and details. Much of this stuff covers tedious bureaucratic proceedings, but there are some juicy bits, such as FBI files of well-known personalities. The highly anticipated CIA files on the JFK assassination are due to be made public in .在林顿·约翰逊总统签署的信息自由法案里,政府要定期向公众公开一些以前的机密情报这些报告经过大量的修改,还有一些删除姓名和细节的黑匣子许多资料都要通过单调乏味的官方审核,但其中也不乏猛料,比如说美国联邦调查局里著名人物的档案资料人们极度期待的关于肯尼迪遇刺案的中情局文件将在年被公之于众Other sought-after documents include the FBI internal guidelines. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been trying to get its hands on this material years. In , the FBI released a censored version of their interrogation procedures. However, in a bizarre turn, it was discovered that this inmation—without redactions—had been available through the US Copyright Office. some inexplicable reason, a high-ranking FBI official registered the m copyright, making it publicly available. Unlike the FBI redacted version, the uncensored copy reveals that only FBI ;clean; teams, who plan to bring cases to court, must follow the stated regulations. This indicates that underground operations work far outside the boundaries of the law. The uncensored report also confirms that the FBI uses the aementioned Reid technique.其他一些很吃香的文件包括联邦调查局内部的审讯指南美国公民自由协会多年来一直想要掌握这份资料年,美国联邦调查局发布了一份审讯程序的校队版本然而,让人匪夷所思的是人们发现如果没有经过修改的话这份资料在美国版权局就可以得到出于某些无法说明的原因,联邦调查局的高层官员将其注册为版权形式,完全对公众公开不像联邦调查局的修改版本,未经审查的版本揭露了只有联邦局里计划将案件提交给法庭的;干净;团队才必须遵守相关规定这就表明了它们的地下工作已经远远超出了法律的界限此外该报告还明了联邦调查局使用了之前提到的里德审讯技巧6.Interrogation Room Suicide6.审讯室自杀事件The morning of December 19, would be a surreal one the officers of San Bernadino County, Calinia Sheriff Department. Deputy Michael Parham stopped 7-year-old Ricardo Alfonso Cerna a traffic violation, only to have Cerna open fire, shooting him twice in the abdomen. Cerna was captured shortly thereafter and send to headquarters. He was placed in an interrogation room by the head of the homicide , Bobby Dean. But Cerna had no intention of being questioned.年月19日早晨发生的事情对于加州圣伯纳迪诺县警局的警员来说就像做梦一样副警长迈克尔·帕勒姆因为交通违章拦下了7岁的里卡多#86;阿方索#86;塞尔纳的车,但这却使塞尔纳对他开火,在他的腹部射了两那之后不久塞尔纳就被警方逮捕送到总部凶杀案组的组长波比迪安将他押进审讯室,但是塞尔纳却无意接受审问Dean gave the suspect a bottle of water and stepped out into the hallway to speak with another officer. Then Cerna replaced the cap on the bottle of water, pulled a .5-caliber handgun from his pants, and calmly shot himself through the left temple. Dean returned to the room and exhaled a string of stunned expletives. Exactly how the official interrogation footage was made available to the public has not been revealed—it was distributed to various law encement agencies and could have been leaked anywhere along the line. Officials claimed disciplinary action was taken against officers in the Cerna case but did not provide details.If we accept the footage at face value, police arrested a man shooting an officer and then allowed him into police headquarters with his massive handgun. Such a lapse of responsibility is so shocking that some believe there may have been a conspiracy.迪安给了他一瓶水然后走到走廊与另一名警员聊天然后塞尔纳盖上瓶盖,从他裤子里拿出一把5口径的手,平静地在他的左脑门上开了一迪安回到审讯室闻到一股火药味到底官方审讯录像里录制了什么还没有被公之于众——它被分发到各个执法部门,在其中的任何一个环节都有可能被泄露官方称已经对涉及塞尔纳案的警员进行了纪律处分,但是没有提供具体的细节如果我们光看表面,警察逮捕了一名袭警的人,然后让他带进入到警察总局这种过失实在让人觉得不可思议,所以有些人认为其中必有阴谋翻译:高陈影 来源:前十网 39396138

Latin Name (拉丁名)-----Bombax ceiba English Name (英文名)----Tree Cotton, Red Kapok TreeChinese Name (中文名)---木棉Family Name (科名) -----Bombacaceae (木棉科)Habit (習性)----Deciduous tree 500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983195550.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983195550.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>Scientific Name: Bombax ceiba Family: :Red Silk Cotton Tree Size,Rangeamp;Distribution:Bombacaceae -- Kapok Tree Family Botanical Description: To 75' or more, spiny trunk. Native to India and dry areas of Asia and Australia. Fast grower from cuttings; can reach up to 0'. Botanical Description: Roots become strongly buttressed with age. Waxy flower petal are lustrous, red, long, and recurved, stamens are many in two whorls. Birds seek nectar and are pollinators. Usually deciduous. Leaves alternate, palmately compound. Flowers are clustered near the ends of the branches. Fruits is a five-celled woody capsule with many small seeds embedded in floss. Economic Examples: Tree is grown its wood on large plantations in India. The floss is commercially important; four-* kilos can be obtained from each tree to be used life belts, cushions, refrigeration insulation, sound proofing. Yarn can be made plush and lace. In China, it's woven into garments. Flower buds and calyx are edible. Seed oil is used in the manufacture of soaps and lubrication substances. Tree exudes a gum high in tannin used to halt diarrhea and dysentery. General Comments: Wood is easy to work and is used in many manufactures. 500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983195590.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983195590.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>木棉 生活型: 乔木栽培植物: 栽培特征: 落叶大乔木;花期: 3果期: 5生境: 栽培用途: 庭园、行道树种;木材可作蒸笼、包装箱、火柴杆、造纸等用;鲜枝能搅浊水澄清;根、皮代海桐皮用,治痢疾及月经过多;果内绵毛可作枕、褥垫、救生圈等填充材料;种子油供工业用门中名: 种子植物门亚门中名: 被子植物亚门纲中名: 双子叶植物纲中文别名: 红棉、英雄树灿若红霞的赛波花,赛波树属木本豆荚科植物,主要分布在中南美地区在西班牙殖民统治时期,拉普拉塔地区的印第安人不断奋起反抗  传说在一次战斗中,一位印第安部落酋长不幸阵亡,她的女儿阿娜依挺身而出,指挥战斗,与西班牙殖民者浴血死战,最后她也被俘西班牙殖民者将阿娜依绑在一棵赛波树上,要用火烧死她阿娜依在熊熊的大火中慷慨就义此时,花期未到的树上突然盛开出满枝累串的,如火如血的红花19年,阿根廷通过一项法令,正式确定赛波花为阿根廷的国花 397

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