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乐观、豁达是每个人都应该具备的品质生活中会有一些挫折,可既然你还活着,也许就是上天给你最好的恩赐与死神檫肩而过之后,留下的一点点伤痛又算得了什么呢?Sweet-Pea Summers Each summer in the late 1960s, my two sisters and I would ride the Greyhound bus from Arizona to Arkansas to stay with our father. A World WarⅡ veteran, Dad had many medical problems, any one of which could cause many people to lose more than their sense of humor, but not him. I have vivid memories of Dad waking us up in the morning. Bee he'd put on his legs the day (he had lost his legs after his discharge), his wheelchair was his mobility. Holding his cane, which was his extended arm, he would roll through the house yelling, "Up, up, up! Get up and face the day! It's a beautiful day! Rise and Shine!" If we didn't get up right away, he would repeat his song in rhythm with his cane hitting the end of our beds. This was no permance put on our benefit; every day was truly a beautiful day to him. Back in the sixties, there was no handicapped parking or wheelchair-accessible ramps like there are now, so even a trip to the grocery store was a difficult task. Dad wanted no assistance from anyone. He would climb stairs slowly but surely, whistling all the way. As a teenager, I found this embarrassing, but if Dad noticed, he didn't let me help. Those summers always ended too soon. He would drive us back to Arizona every year, stopping at the checkpoint fruit and vegetables at the New Mexico-Arizona border. When asked if he had any fruits or vegetables, he would reply,"Just three sweet peas." Our father has been gone a long time now, but not the lesson that he taught us You are only as handicapped as you let yourself be. 593世界杯口语:看球时如何评价守门员 -- ::8 来源:   世界杯开赛第二天,世界杯C组第一轮比赛在勒斯滕堡皇家巴福肯体育场展开角逐英格兰队凭借杰拉德在比赛开始仅分钟时的一粒入球在上半场始终保持领先优势但好景不长,快到中场休息时,美国队在禁区范围外的一记并无太大威胁的射门却将局势扭转英格兰门将罗伯特?格林黄油手漏接了这记远距离打门,眼睁睁地看着皮球滚过了球门线,将平局大礼拱手让人英格兰的球迷们此前燃烧的也被这场意外彻底扑灭  纵观外电对当天这场比赛的报道,用得最多的是“gafe”和“blunder”两个词,这两个词均可用来表示“失误”和“错误”中文报道中则用了“黄油手”一词来形容格林当晚的失误,英文中可用fumble(slip through his hands)一词来表示“漏接”、“失球”,也就是这里说的滑的接不稳球的“黄油手”  那么我们在看球时,如何来评价守门员的表现呢,下面是一些表达和说法:  1、The goalkeeper made a fantastic diving save. 守门员有一次精的鱼跃救球  、The goalie saved a penalty kick. 守门员把点球给扑了出去  3、Well saved! 好漂亮的救球!  、His save from Phillips' free-kick was unbelievable. 他令人难以置信地扑住了菲利普的任意球  5、The goalkeeper beat out a shot. 守门员将球扑出  6、The goalkeeper failed to make a save. 守门员没扑到球  由此看出,save是评价守门员表现时用得最多的词,在足球中,save表示“救球”,即守门员阻碍对方的球进入球门线守门员救球的动作包括扑救球(diving save)、托救球(finger-tip save)以及接高球(clean catching)等等 评价 如何 口语 世界杯品牌口语00句(8):溢于言表 --5 :31:50 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. You’re pouring water into a sieve.你太浪费了. This contravenes regulations.这违反规则3. It must remain in true-blue hands.这事必须由可靠的人办#9658;true-blue 忠贞不渝的,坚贞的,坚定的gt;gt;每日一句英译汉667--true-bluelt;lt;. The car is roomy.这车很宽敞5. Snap out of it. It’s not the end of the world.别老想这事了又不是世界末日#9658;snap out of it 打起精神,行动起来,别泄气e.g. Even if you were wasting time all the years bee, you can still snap out of it and begin a new life now. 就算你之前几年都在荒废时间,现在你仍然可以振作起来,开始新的生活gt;gt;地道口语:常用介词口语短句lt;lt;6. Her joy was palpable.她的幸福溢于言表7. I have to use heavy-handed tactics.我只能采取铁腕政策#9658;heavy-handed 笨手笨脚的,不灵活的;严厉的,苛刻的;粗鲁的,粗俗的gt;gt;【读迷你小对话 学英语口语】第课:笨拙 - 6lt;lt;8. Bookkeeping is not really my line.财会不是我强项9. Peasant workers are poorly remunerated.农民工的收入很低. If you buy that house you’re on the hamster wheel.要是买了那房子,你还贷款就没个头了 品牌口语品牌英语口语00句():你自找的 --9 ::1 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. We’d better soft-pedal it.我们最好少提这件事#9658;soft-pedal 用弱音踏板降低……的音调;对……不予张扬;使大事化小to soft-pedal on something 在某事物上采取低调处理. We cannot infringe traffic regulations.我们不能违反交通法规3. The emperor dropped the pilot.皇帝不听忠言#9658;drop the pilot 辞掉可靠的顾问;抛弃良师益友;不听忠告. At that time I was laboring under the illusion that she loved me.当时我以为她是爱我的5. They got a landslide victory.他们大获全胜6. We are unwitting victims!我们只是无辜的受害者!7. He must be rolling in it.他一定腰缠万贯#9658;roll in [口]有大量的(钱财等);在……中打滚:e.g. They are known to be rolling in money. 他们是尽人皆知的拥有大量钱财的人8. I’m on a rocky road.最近有点不顺9. You can’t simply sweep the problems under the rug.你不能逃避问题#9658;sweep the problems under the rug 忽略问题,而不去解决问题. You’ve made your bed.你自找的 口语

A Beautiful MemoryEr...the loveliest house that I've ever lived in was one that I lived in with my grandparents when I was a child. And the name of the house was Crosslands. And I have some very happy memories of Crosslands. It was, it seemed, so huge to me as a child. And it had a lovely living room with a piano in it and a lovely sort of hall with lots of carpets and chests and antiques and so on. And there was a mysterious room, it was the drawing room, and we only used it on Sundays, or when the vicar came tea, or Christmas Day or Easter Day, and I was used to be amazed about this room because it had the best furniture in it but it was covered up with sheets- it was as if all the furniture was wearing clothes- and it seemed to me ridiculous that we couldn't enjoy this beautiful furniture all the week through really.And probably my favorite room was the kitchen. It had a lovely red flagstone floor, which was always highly polished, and an Aga, you know, one of those big cookers that heats the whole room so it was always warm there, and there was a kind of clothes horse above it that we used to hang all our clothes on, and it was just lovely. It was a very warm room with baked b and my grandmother used to make ice cream and we'd eat it in there and... there was a vegetable garden leading from thereso I spent a lot of time in the vegetable garden picking peas and eating them—my grandmother used to get really cross with me because I used to pick all the vegetables and the fruit our meals and then I'd eat half of them, because they tasted so delicious coming fresh from the garden.Now, I went back to it a few years ago and it was a big mistake. They've modernized it inside, they've got rid of those lovely old fire-places...have just gone. And they've knocked a wall down so the drawing room and the living room have become one big modern plastic kind of room.But I think what upset me most about it was the feeling that the house had shrunk, it had become smaller and that my memory of this lovely large warm comtable house had turned into an old house with modernized rooms inside it. And it taught me a lesson really, that you can't go back on the past and recapture it. But there's a beautiful memory there. 675

A Date 约会 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Brother : Hey, Sally! Are you going to stay in that bathroom the rest of your life? Sister : (From the bathroom) Come on, I just got in here. Brother : You're kidding me. You've been in there two hours twenty-four minutes and fifteen seconds. Sister : All right! Five more minutes, OK? Brother : What're you doing in there? Sister : (Coming out from the bathroom) Taking a bath. What do you do in a bathroom? Get a sun tan? Brother : A bath two and a half hours? Sister : What's wrong with that? I'm going out with Daniel tonight. Brother : You what? No way! Mom doesn't let you go out on dates. Everybody knows that. Sister : Yes, she does: She said I was old enough to make decisions. Brother : That's a quick change. Sister : Do I look good in red? Or maybe black? Brother : No, you look awful in either red or black. I think white is better. Sister : Is that so?...I better ask Mom opinions. Are you free tonight? Brother : Yeah....No, you're not going to use my car. Sister : Come on, this is my first time going out on a date. I'll give you Stella's telephone number in exchange. Brother : That's a deal. Vocabulary 注释 1. Opinion n.看法、观点 . exchange n.交换,亦可做动词 约会 Brother Sister bathroom

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