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福州市第八医院割包皮多少钱福州做阴道炎检查费用都是North Korea has vented its frustrations with China as tensions on the Korean peninsula subside, highlighting the diverging interests of the countries even as Washington tries to use Beijing to control Pyongyang.在朝鲜半岛的紧张局势逐渐平息之际,朝鲜向中国宣泄了它的不满。此举凸显出尽管美国政府试图通过北京方面控制朝鲜政府,中国和朝鲜之间还是存在利益上的分歧。After tough talk in early April of harsher sanctions as it tried to avert a showdown between the US and North Korea over its nuclear tests, China has dialled down its public pressure on Pyongyang in recent days. Air China flights to Pyongyang resumed on Friday after a three-week suspension during the height of a face-off over North Korea’s missile tests.4月初,为避免美国和朝鲜在核试验问题上的摊牌,中国曾措辞严厉地提及加大对朝鲜制裁力度。在那之后,中国在最近几天减轻了对平壤方面公开施加的压力。周五,中国国航(Air China)恢复了赴平壤的航班。在此之前,在围绕朝鲜核试验的对峙达到高潮期间,该航班中断了三周之久。Nonetheless, North Korean news agency KCNA this week fired off a long complaint about “a string of absurd and reckless remarksby Chinese newspapers, which Beijing has used over the past month to threaten Pyongyang if it continued with its missile provocations.然而,朝鲜新闻机构朝中KCNA)本周发表了一篇长篇控诉文章,炮轰多份中国报纸发表的“不谙事理、失去分寸的言论”。在过去一个月里,中国政府曾在朝鲜政府继续导弹试验的挑衅行为时,通过这些报纸发出对平壤方面的威胁。The Korean agency took umbrage at the Chinese view, expressed in nationalist tabloid the Global Times, that its tests posed a risk to China’s northeastern provinces. “It is just the DPRK whose strategic interests have been repeatedly violated due to insincerity and betrayal on the part of its partner,it said, using the abbreviation of its official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.中国民族主义小报《环球时报Global Times)曾表示,朝鲜的核试验为中国东北各省带来了风险。朝中社认为,《环球时报》发表的这一中方看法伤害了他的感情。这家朝鲜新闻机构表示:“由于对方背信弃义的行动,国家战略利益屡遭侵害的不是中国,而是朝鲜。”The war of words comes as Chinese public opinion, particularly in elite business and political circles, shifts towards seeing North Korea as a liability, particularly if its tests provoke unwelcome American interference in north-east Asia.这一口水战爆发之际,中国公众舆论正在向视朝鲜为累赘转变,这一转变在商界和政界精英人士中尤为突出——尤其是在朝鲜核试验导致美国人干预东北亚局势的情况下(这是他们不愿见到的)。The Chinese military remains more sympathetic to its impoverished neighbour, which strategists see as an essential buffer state as long as US military forces are stationed in Japan and South Korea.中国军方对于这个贫困的邻国依然更同情一些。在战略家眼中,只要美国在日本和韩国驻扎军队,朝鲜就是一个必要的缓冲国家。Calls by Chinese newspapers for stricter sanctions and their support for a refusal to rule out military intervention if the DPRK failed to abandon its nuclear programme are “no more than an extremely ego-driven theory based on big-power chauvinism that not only the strategic interests but also the dignity and vital rights of the DPRK should be sacrificed for the interests of China KCNA said.朝中社表示,中国报纸呼吁,只要朝鲜不弃核,不仅加强对朝制裁力度,而且不惜使出军事干涉手段。该社表示这样的说法“不过是极为霸道的大国主义逻辑而已,即为了中国的利益,朝鲜的战略利益乃至主权和生存权都要牺牲”。Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Geng Shuang countered that “for years, the Chinese side has been assessing and dealing with the relevant issue based on its own merits in an objective and impartial manner中国外交Ministry of Foreign Affairs)发言人耿爽对此反驳称,“多年来,中方一直秉持客观、公正立场,按照事情是非曲直,判断和处理有关问题。”The Washington policy establishment has hailed China’s co-operation in trying to dissuade North Korea from testing missiles that could threaten allies in north-east Asia. China for its part welcomed US President Donald Trump’s comment this week that he “would be honouredto meet Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s supreme leader.朝鲜开展的导弹试验可能会威胁到美国在东北亚的盟囀?对于中国在劝阻朝鲜导弹试验方面的合作,华盛顿政策建制派曾大加称赞。美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)曾在本周表示,他会很“荣幸”与朝鲜最高领导人金正Kim Jong Un)会晤。对中国而言,它十分欢迎特朗普这一言论。“Currently, we’ve seen more co-operation between China and US to put pressure on North Korea,said Zhao Tong, a nuclear policy expert at the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing. “But drama between the two countriesstate media does not mean changes of policies on the government level.”北京清卡内基全球政策中Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy)核政策专家赵通表示:“目前,我们看到中美在对朝施加压力方面加大了合作力度。不过,朝中两国官媒间的争端,并不意味着政府层面上政策的变化。”Many Chinese argue that the country’s economic and political interests now align more naturally with South Korea than with the North, but the installation of a US anti-missile system has caused relations between Beijing and Seoul to turn acrimonious in recent months.许多中国人声称,与朝鲜相比,中国目前的经济和政治利益与韩国更为契合。然而,美国反导系统的安装,却在最近几个月令北京和首尔方面的关系陷入低谷。South Korean officials are quietly hoping the country’s presidential election this month will provide an opportunity to reset relations with China, opening the door to a visit to China by the new president later this year.韩国官员私下里希望韩国本月举行的总统选举会为重启对华关系创造机遇,为新任总统在今年晚些时候访华打开大门。来 /201705/507727三明市哪间医院精液检查 “商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。 /201308/254500The Central Military Commission (CMC) will cease all paid services provided by the military by the end of June 2018, Jiang Luming, professor at the National University of Defense Technology, said in an interview with Xinhua.国防大学教授姜鲁鸣近日在接受新华社记者采访时称,中央军委将在2018月底前全面停止军队有偿务。Jiang believes that services in 10 fields will be cut at the end of this month, including pre-school education, press and publications, culture and sports, communications, personnel training, barracks projects, storage and transportation facilities, militia armament repair, repair technology and driver instruction, he said.姜鲁鸣认为,涉及幼儿教育、新闻出版、文化体育、通信、人才培训、营房工程、储运设斀?民兵装备修理、维修技术、司机训0个行业的军队有偿务将在本月底前停止。Projects in another five fields - real estate rentals, agricultural and sideline production, accommodation services, medical care and scientific research - are likely to finish by the end of June 2018, he said.他表示,涉及到房地产租赁、农副业生产、招接待、医疗、科个行业的项目很可能在2018月底前停止。In February 2016, the CMC issued a circular urging the end of all paid services by the armed forces and armed police in three years.2016月,中央军委下发通知,敦促军队和武警部队年内全面停止有偿务。来 /201706/513341福建男科精子检查医院

连江县做造影专科医院to fall on one’s sword 主动承担责任(俚语)英文释义To sacrifice oneself; to take responsibility for a failure, and thereby prevent either another person or one’s organization from suffering the consequences of that failure.例句After the accounting scandal in our company, our president offered to fall on his sword and resign, but the board of directors persuaded him to stay.在公司发生会计丑闻后,我们的总裁主动将责任揽在自己身上并提出辞职,但董事会劝他留下。 /201304/236045福州晋安博爱医院检查精子好不好 My main purpose for coming here is to set up business contact with you.我来这儿的主要目的是想和你们建立业务关系。Im here to explore the possibilities of establishing business relationships with you.我来这里是想探询我们双方建立业务关系的可能性。Wed be pleased to enter into business relationships with your firm.我们很乐意与你们公司建立业务关系。Id like to give you a brief introduction to our company.我想简要说明一下我们公司的历史。I have a feeling that we can do a lot of business in this trade.我感到我们在这一行业上可以做很多生意。Your desire coincides with ours.你们的愿望同我们的愿望非常一致。Thank you for your proposal and we hope to work with you to our mutual advantage.感谢您的建议,期望与您互利合作。Establishing Business Relationships建立业务关系Good morning. My name is John Smith. Im an import manager.早上好,我叫约翰·史密斯,我是进口部门的一名经理。How do you do, Mr. Smith? MY name is Zhou Hong.Heres my card.您好,史密斯先生!我叫周红。这是我的名片。Nice to meet You, Ms. Zhou. Weve learned that you specialize in the export of electronic products.周女士,很高兴见到您。我们了解到你们公司是专门经营电子产品出口的。Will you please take a seat? Mr. Smith, have you seen the display of our electronic products in the exhibition hall downstairs?您请坐,好吗?史密斯先生,您看过楼下展厅里我们展出的电子产品了吗?Yes. I had a look just now. I found some of the exhibits of excellent quality and beautiful design. I feel we might be able to do a lot of business together.看了,刚刚看过。我发现有些展品质量很好,设计也很美观。我觉得我们可能可以一起做很多生意。Sure we can. You know, weve been in this line for more than twenty years.当然了。您知道我们在这个行业里已经二十多年了。So, Ms. Zhou, were a newly-established company, but we have wide connections with wholesalers and retailers all over America.周女士,我们是一家新成立的公司,不过我们与全美的批发商和零售商都有着广泛的联系。Good. We can hold more talks later on to iron out the details.很好。稍后我们再谈谈,解决一些细节问题。Sure.行。 /201402/275512三明市什么医院检查不孕

宁德那间医院输精管接通1.At least two people present 至少两人在场 A:I need to work overtime today.B:Make sure that at least two people are present for safety reasons. A:我今天要加班了。B:为了安全起见,至少要有两个人在场。 2. Call if there are any issues 有问题打电话A: Julian, I'm going to work next Saturday.B: Good, call me if there are any issues.A:朱利安,我下周要来加班。B:好的,有问题给我打电话。注:"Issues" are problems and troubles, not simply something. 3.Check all the electricity, fire, gases after done 离开之前检查电、火和煤气。A: You can go home, we'll finish the job.B: Thank you. Make sure to check all the electricity,fire, gases after done.A:你先回家吧,我们把事情做完。B:谢谢你,(干完)走之前一定要检查电、火和煤气。4.Exempt 薪水工A: Do I get overtime pay?B: No, you are an exempt (salaried) employee, and do not get paid for overtime.A:我有加班费吗?B:没有,你是薪水工,加班是没有加班费的。5.Have to work overtime 不得不加班 A: Can you finish it today?B: No way, I have to work overtime today to get it done.A:你今天能干完吗?B:根本不可能,我今天不得不加班才能干完。 /200807/45024 来自中国的雇员Dana跟同事Charlie聊天儿,说自己要去美国朋友家过圣诞节。Dana: Hey Charlie, youre from Boston right?C: Yeah, Im from Newton. Its a suburb of Boston.D: Im going to be visiting your hometown for Christmas.C: Really? Boston is beautiful at Christmas time. Maybe youll get to experience a real white Christmas! Are you going there for business?D: Actually, I was invited by an old friend of mine. He was an exchange student in Beijing in the 1980s. Weve known each other for over 20 years now.Dana要到Charlie的hometown家乡,Boston去过圣诞节。波士顿是美国东北部的大城市,冬天经常下大雪,所以Charlie 说,Maybe youll get to experience a real white Christmas. 没准你能体验一下真正的白色圣诞节呢! Dana说,自己不是去波士顿出差,not for business, 而是去看一个认识很久的老朋友。C: I see. So youre going to hang out with your friend for the holidays?D: Yes, but Im a little nervous.C: Why would you be nervous?D: Because Im going to be staying with his family. Ive never experienced an American Christmas. What if I say or do the wrong thing?C: Oh...theres nothing to worry about. Christmas is a time of goodwill. People are supposed to forget about any differences and be nice to each other. Usually every one is in a really good mood.跟老朋友hang out一块儿过节,为什么还会紧张呢?原来,Dana担心自己不了解过圣诞节的风俗,会说错话,或是做错事。Charlie安慰她说,没什么可担心的,因为Christmas is a time of goodwill. 圣诞节是展现友好的时候。大家一般心情都很愉快、平和。Everyone is usually in a really good mood.D: So give me a basic rundown. What are the Christmas traditions?C: Each family is different, but basically you just go with the flow. If your friends family is religious they might go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.D: Ive never attended a church service before...that sounds interesting.C: The singing and music can be quite beautiful, but many American families just hang around at home on Christmas - talking, watching TV, eating food and opening presents.Dana让Charlie给她简单讲讲美国人过圣诞节都有哪些传统,a basic rundown of the Christmas traditions. Rundown 每个家庭都不一样,教徒一般圣诞前夜或是圣诞节早上会去教堂,但是很多美国家庭就待在家里,聊天、看电视、吃东西、拆礼物。他建议Dana, Basically you just go with the flow. 客随主便就对了。美国人过圣诞,还有哪些传统呢?我们下星期继续听。 /201212/216283南平去哪里检查不孕福州精液检查哪里最好



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