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Scripts:This Chinese bank is swamped with investors hoping to open a new kind of brokerage account for China. Until now Chinese citizens have only been allowed to trade Chinese stocks. But the government is easing restrictions on investing in HK, allowing these people to be among the first to buy shares outside the mainland. The markets in HK, Europe and the US are driven by market forces, but I am y.For years, China had strict controls on money flowing in and out of the country, making it tough for foreign investors to buy stocks on China’s booming markets, and nearly impossible for local investors to buy securities overseas. The Chinese government worried moving large amounts of money could destabilize its economy, but now with the economy booming, a huge trade surplus and China sitting on more than one trillion dollars and other currencies, the country is awash in cash.I think this is also a way for the government, the Chinese government to manage the capital flow in and out of the country, it is a very important move.It also provides new ways for people to invest their savings. Investors can open brokerage accounts with the Bank of China in the coastal city of Tianjin and invest in theory as much as they want. What they’ve done is they've offered select mainland investors to take Renminbi and convert it into HK Dollars and buy HK shares which nutlet is, er, positive for HK.Chinese investors will be able to trade all securities here in HK, but analysts expect them to focus on shares of mainland Chinese companies, which they can buy here at a steep discount. Some of the Chinese shares in HK are 80% cheaper. So far the new rules only apply to shares in HK, but analysts say the move brings China one step closer to integrating its markets and its people into the global financial system. Eunice Yoon CNN, HongKong. Notes:Be awash with: be fraught with, abundant in 200807/44134

South Korean President Begins Government Shakeup韩国改组高层以缓解示威者之怒  South Korea's President has begun a high-level shakeup of his government expected to continue next week. The move is aimed at soothing the anger of tens of thousands of protesters who say he has disregarded public sentiment on everything from U.S. beef imports to public schools.  韩国总统李明开始政府高层改组,改组行动预计将进行到下周。李明此举旨在缓解成千上万示威者的愤怒,他们指责李明在从美国牛肉进口到公立学校等一系列问题上无视民意。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak introduced seven new faces to the top levels of government Friday - all of them replacements for advisers who quit their jobs in the face of public anger. 李明总统星期五任命了7名政府高层新成员,取代那些因民众愤怒抗议而辞职的高级顾问。The change of personnel follows Mr. Lee's own public apology a day earlier for his management of a deal to resume imports of ed States beef. 这次人事变动的前一天,李明为有关恢复美国牛肉进口的协议做出公开道歉。In a briefing broadcast live by major South Korean networks, Mr. Lee introduced a new chief of staff, and six presidential secretaries. 李明通过韩国主要广播网宣布了新的办公室主任和六名总统秘书的任命。He says he chose all of them very carefully based on their ability to live up to the public's expectations. 李明说,他对每一人都进行了仔细的挑选,挑选的基础是他们的能力是否符合公众期望。All of President Lee's senior secretaries and Cabinet members tendered their resignations earlier this month, following weeks of mass protests against the administration. 在民众连续几个星期举行抗议政府的大规模示威后,李明的全体高级助理和内阁成员都在本月早些时候递交了辞呈。The candlelight demonstrations, which culminated in a massive June 10 showing of about 100,000 people, were mainly a show of opposition to Mr. Lee's April deal to resume U.S. beef imports. That deal failed to restrict imports of beef from older cattle, which many South Koreans believe pose a risk of transmitting a human variant of mad cow disease. 示威者主要反对的是李明4月份达成的恢复美国牛肉进口的协议。示威活动在6月10日达到顶峰,约有10万人参加了烛光示威。恢复美国牛肉进口的协议对月龄较高的牛肉进口不加限制,很多韩国人认为,这带来了人类感染疯牛病的风险。However, many of the protesters say that beef deal fits a much wider pattern of disregard for public opinion by the Lee government. They accuse the president of hastily pushing economic privatization, education reforms, and massive infrastructure projects forward without proper consultation. 不过很多示威者表示,恢复牛肉进口协议的做法显示出李明政府的一贯行为方式,那就是在很多问题上无视民众舆论。他们指责李明在没有进行充分协商之前,就匆忙推行经济私有化、教育改革和大规模的基础设施建设项目。Meng Hyung-kyu, newly appointed secretary for political affairs, says he and his colleagues will take a different approach. 新任命的政治事务秘书孟亨奎(Meng Hyung-kyu)说,他跟同事们将采取不同的方式。He says his ears are open, and he is y to listen. He says he wants the opportunity to renew the public's sense of hope. 他说,他准备洗耳恭听。他希望民众能够有重获希望感的机会。President Lee is expected to replace members of his Cabinet next week, possibly replacing the South Korean prime minister. His trade minister is expected to wrap up talks in Washington this week aimed at amending the beef import deal with a voluntary U.S. export ban on meat from older cattle. 李明总统预计将在下周重新组阁,也许会重新任命政府总理。贸易部长官预计本周将结束在华盛顿的会谈,此次会谈旨在修改牛肉进口协议,美国将自动禁止老龄牛出口。200806/42410

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