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哈尔滨市第一专科医院预约哈尔滨怎么诊治滴虫性阴道炎As a technology firm, Apple spends much of its time reimagining the future, but it also likes to pay tribute to its past. Back in 1984 Steve Jobs, with a luminous mane of black hair, double-breasted suit and green bowtie, commanded the stage at Flint Performing Arts Centre near Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino to show off the new Macintosh computer. On September 9th Mr Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, balding and in blue jeans, held his own performance in the same location. It was the most significant showcase of Apple’s determination to wow the world since 1984. To thunderous applause, Mr Cook showed off two new iPhones, one of them is a wearable device, which it calls the Apple Watch.作为一个科技型公司,苹果花费了太多的时间来重新设计未来,但对过去的产品,他们依旧充满万分的敬意。回想起1984年的史蒂芬#8226;乔布斯,一头乌黑而又明亮的头发,穿着绿色纽扣、双排扣西装的他,在库比蒂诺市,位于苹果总部附近的弗林特表演艺术中心的舞台上向世界展示了麦金塔电脑。在今年九月九日,乔布斯的继承者,“聪明绝顶”的蒂姆#8226;库克,穿着一身蓝色的牛仔裤,还是在这个地方,完成了属于他的表演。这对苹果的命运而言,意义重大的展示,在1984年之后,又一次震惊了世界。在雷鸣般的掌声下,库克像我们展示了两款全新的苹果设备,其中一款便是可穿戴的苹果手表。 /201409/328997哈尔滨市做人流那里医院便宜些 Samsung Electronics has resumed business with a Chinese supplier that employed child workers, on the basis that the children were recruited by a labour broker and not directly by the company’s management.三星电子(Samsung Electronics)已恢复了与一家雇佣童工的中国供应商的业务合作,理由是这些童工受雇于一家劳动中介机构,而并非由该公司管理层直接雇佣。Last month Samsung said it had suspended all business with Shinyang Electronic, which assembled Samsung phone cases in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan, after finding evidence of underage workers. This followed a report from the rights group China Labor Watch citing interviews with five 14-year-olds and 15-year-olds working at the plant.上个月,三星表示,在发现新洋电子(Shinyang Electronics)存在雇佣童工的据之后,已暂停与其所有业务。位于中国南方城市东莞的新洋电子为三星组装手机外壳。此前,人权组织“中国劳工观察”(China Labor Watch,简称CLW)公布了一份报告,报告援引了对新洋电子工厂的5名14岁、15岁工人的采访内容。However, Samsung yesterday said that it had decided to lift the suspension on Shinyang because an investigation by Chinese authorities found that the children were hired by a subcontractor, meaning that Shinyang “did not directly hire or did not engage in illegal hiring of child labour”.但三星昨日表示,其已决定恢复与新洋电子之间的业务合作,因为中国官方的调查发现,这些童工是被一家中介机构雇佣的,意味着新洋电子“没有直接雇佣童工或者参与非法雇佣童工的活动”。This finding appeared to support the original CLW report, which said that the children had been hired “through an intermediary using false IDs”.这一调查结果看来实了当初“中国人权观察”报告的内容,该报告称,这些童工是“通过一家中介机构使用伪造身份雇佣的”。However, Samsung said it would reduce its orders from Shinyang by 30 per cent this year compared with last year, “to hold the supplier responsible for failing to monitor its subcontractors, in accordance with Samsung’s zero tolerance policy on child labour”. It added that the labour broker had contributed to the children’s future education costs. Calls to Shinyang were not answered.然而,三星表示其今年给予新洋电子的订单将比去年减少30%,以“按照三星的童工零容忍政策,让该供应商承担起对分包商失察的责任。”三星补充称,该劳动中介机构已缴纳了这些童工的未来教育费用。记者联系新洋电子的电话无人接听。Park Yoo-kyung, an investment adviser on governance at APG Asset Management Asia, an investor in Samsung, said: “Resuming business with [Shinyang] does not seem to me a zero-tolerant policy,” calling the company’s statement “a bit self-contradictory”.APG Asset Management Asia的公司治理投资顾问Park Yoo-kyung表示:“在我看来,恢复与(新洋)的业务合作并不像是零容忍政策”,并称该公司的声明“有点儿自相矛盾”。APG Asset Management Asia是三星的投资者公司之一。“Samsung should know that many investors are quietly watching how they deal with the child labour issue,” she added.“三星应该清楚,许多投资者正在默默地关注他们如何处理童工问题,”她补充道。Samsung’s report of child workers at the factory was the first such admission by the company, which had previously dismissed two similar allegations by CLW as unsubstantiated.三星此次报告新洋工厂童工事件,是该公司首次承认此类情况。此前,三星对“中国劳工观察”的两次类似指控不予理睬,称其无事实依据。Working conditions in Chinese factories, where labour regulations are often systematically flouted, have become a liability for the reputations of companies including Samsung and its rival Apple.中国工厂经常系统性地违反劳工规章,其劳工工作条件已对三星及其对手苹果(Apple)等公司的声誉构成了负面影响。Samsung this year followed Apple’s example of publishing an audit of its suppliers’ working conditions, and the findings contrasted. Apple’s latest report revealed 23 instances of child labour, but claimed that 95 per cent of suppliers complied with its working time limit of 60 hours a week. In contrast, Samsung found no evidence of underage workers but said that most suppliers breached safety standards and legal limits on working hours.今年,三星仿效苹果,发布对其供应商工作条件的审查报告,审查结果与苹果大相径庭。苹果最近的报告披露了23起使用童工的情况,但声称95%的供应商遵守了其每周60小时的工时上限。形成反差的是,三星未发现使用童工的据,但表示大多数供应商违反了安全标准和法定工时上限。Recent scrutiny of its Chinese supply chain, and of a long-running scandal over deaths from leukaemia among its South Korean workers, is an unwelcome distraction for Samsung as it fights to allay concerns about its profitability.近来三星中国供应链,及由来已久的韩国工人死于白血病的丑闻令该公司受到的审查,成为分散注意力的坏事,因为三星正努力消除其盈利能力引起的担忧。The company has lost market share in smartphones to fast-growing Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi and Huawei, although it remains the global leader by sales of the devices. Samsung’s operating profit fell to a two-year low in the second quarter, with revenue down by almost a tenth year on year.三星目前仍是全球智能手机销量最高的公司,但它在智能手机市场的份额已部分被小米(Xiaomi)和华为(Huawei)等快速成长的中国对手夺去。今年第二季度,三星的营业利润降至两年低点,营收同比减少近10%。 /201408/318989In the latest effort to contend with exploding quantities of digital data, researchers encoded an entire book into the genetic molecules of DNA, the basic building block of life, and then accurately back the text. 研究人员将一整本书通过编码写入生命基本单元──DNA遗传分子中,然后再准确无误地从中读出这本书的文本。这是人类为应对迅猛增长的电子数据所采取的最新行动。 The experiment, reported Thursday in the journal Science, may point a way toward eventual data-storage devices with vastly more capacity for their size than today#39;s computer chips and drives. 《科学》(Science)杂志周四报道了这一实验。该实验可能会为人类开发远超当前电脑芯片和磁盘容量的数据存储设备指明方向。 #39;A device the size of your thumb could store as much information as the whole Internet,#39; said Harvard University molecular geneticist George Church, the project#39;s senior researcher. 该项目的高级研究员、哈佛大学(Harvard University)分子遗传学家丘奇(George Church)说,拇指大小的一个设备就可以存储整个互联网上的所有信息。 In their work, the group translated the English text of a coming book on genomic engineering into actual DNA. 这个团队将一本即将出版的有关基因工程的英文书编译成了真正的DNA。 DNA contains genetic instructions written in a simple but powerful code made up of four chemicals called bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C) and thymine (T). DNA含有用一种简单却无比强大的编码写成的遗传指令,这些指令由腺嘌呤(A)、鸟嘌呤(G)、胞嘧啶(C)和胸腺嘧啶(T)四种被称作硷基的化学物质组成。 The Harvard researchers started with the digital version of the book, which is composed of the ones and zeros that computers . Next, on paper, they translated the zeros into either the A or C of the DNA base pairs, and changed the ones into either the G or T. 哈佛大学的研究人员首先是从这本书的电子版入手,这个版本由计算机会“读”的1和0组成。接下来,他们再把电子版还原到纸上,将0译成DNA硷基对中的A或C,将1译称G或T。 Then, using now-standard laboratory techniques, they created short strands of actual DNA that held the coded sequence-almost 55,000 strands in all. Each strand contained a portion of the text and an address that indicated where it occurred in the flow of the book. 然后,他们利用如今标准的实验室技术,创造出包含编码序列的真实DNA短链,一共大约有5.5万个短链。每条短链都含有这本书本文内容的一部分,还有一个表明它在这本书中位置的地址。 In that form-a viscous liquid or solid salt-a billion copies of the book could fit easily into a test tube and, under normal conditions, last for centuries, the researchers said. 这些研究人员说,这本书即使有10亿份拷贝,也可轻松以这种形式(粘性液体或固体盐)放到一个试管中,并且在正常情况下可保存数百年时间。 The technique likely is a long way from being commercially viable. But it highlights the potential of DNA as a stable, long-term archive for ordinary information, such as photographs, books, financial records, medical files and s, all of which today are stored as computer code. 这种技术距商业化应用可能还有很长一段距离,但它凸显出DNA可稳定、长久地存储普通信息(如照片、书籍、财务记录、医疗档案和视频)的潜力,这些资料目前都以计算机编码的方式存储。 #39;It shows that the vast increase in capacity to synthesize and sequence DNA can be applied to store significant amounts of data,#39; said pioneering synthetic biologist Drew Endy at Stanford University, who wasn#39;t involved in the project. #39;If you wanted to have your library encoded in DNA, you could probably do that now.#39; 斯坦福大学(Stanford University)具有开创型的合成生物学家恩迪(Drew Endy)说,这表明人类合成和排序DNA的能力大大提高,这个方法可用于存储大量数据,如果你希望把自己的图书馆编译存储到DNA中,很可能现在就可以这么做了。迪恩没有参与这个项目。 /201208/195696哈尔滨阳光女子医院 治宫颈糜烂

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哈尔滨市七院妇科检查怎么样Smartphone cameras traditionally have been better in theory than reality.智能手机的拍照功能历来是“理论美过现实”。Start with the shutter lag: Nearly every phone camera I#39;ve ever used has had an annoying split-second delay between the time you hit the button and the time the shot gets snapped.首先说一说快门时滞问题:我用过的几乎所有的手机摄像头都有一个令人不快的问题,那就是按下快门后,需要隔零点几秒的时间照片才会拍下来。The lag is just long enough for your kid#39;s adorable smile to turn into a nightmarish frown.但就在这短短的一瞬间里,你的孩子灿烂的笑容可能就变成了可怕的皱眉。Then there#39;s the DMV-like photo quality. When you reach for your phone to take a picture, you#39;re almost always settling for a less-than-stellar image.然后再说说如同车管所现场拍摄驾驶照片时的成像质量。当你用手机拍照时,你几乎总是不得不接受质量不是很高的照片。Even late-model, high-end phones like Apple Inc.#39;s iPhone 5 and Samsung Electronics Co.#39;s Galaxy S4 were just good enough as cameras.即便是像苹果(Apple Inc.) iPhone 5和三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.) Galaxy S4这样的最新款高端手机,其成像质量也只能说是差强人意。But suddenly, with Apple#39;s iPhone 5s, all that has changed. I#39;ve taken it on an international vacation, to a wedding, to a water park, trick-or-treating and to a couple of parties.但突然之间,随着苹果iPhone 5s的推出,情况发生了变化。我曾带着这款手机到国外度假,参加婚礼,去水上乐园游玩,万 节拍摄孩子们“不给糖就捣乱”的画面,还参加了几个派对。The other day I realized something amazing: While I carried a #39;real#39; camera to most of these events, I barely used it. Instead, I used the phone to snap about a billion photos of my 3-year-old son, my 9-month-old daughter, my [age redacted] wife and about two billion pictures of myself. (Slide-show night at my house is endless.)有一天,我意识到了一件有趣的事:尽管我带着一部“真正”的照相机参加了大部分这类活动,但几乎没有用到,反而是用手机为我三岁的儿子和九个月大的女儿抓拍了大量照片,还为我太太(经过修片)和我自己拍了数不清的照片。(晚上看照片时几乎看都看不完。)Lost in the hype and hubbub around the 5s#39;s gold option or fingerprint sensor is that it marks a turning point in camera phones. There was a time when it would have been crazy to suggest that a phone camera would ever approach the speed and quality of a stand-alone camera. Now, that day is over.在iPhone 5s的土豪金颜色选择或指纹识别功能引发的喧哗骚动之外,人们没有意识到这款手机是拍照手机的一个转折点。过去,如果有人说手机摄像头会达到照相机的速度和成像质量,人们会认为这是一种疯狂的想法。而如今,人们已不再这样想了。Sales of point-and-shoot cameras have been declining for years and, according to research firm IDC last week, sales of more expensive SLRs are also set to plummet. That makes sense. Today, taking a picture with a phone simply isn#39;t a subpar experience. For most people, most of the time, a phone is all you need.多年来傻瓜相机的销量一直在下滑,据研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)上周说,更加昂贵的单反相机的销量也将下滑。这是合情合理的。现在,用手机拍照不再是一种次优选择。对大部分人来说,大部分时间一部手机就能满足你的一切拍照需要。What the phone did to the camera isn#39;t an isolated incident. The story behind the death of the stand-alone camera is a history of the future of almost everything.手机给照相机带来的影响并非孤立事件。照相机之死背后的故事可以说是一切事物未来的缩影。The iPhone 5s#39;s triumph over the camera offers a lesson in how smartphones and tablets will co-opt most other devices in our lives, from PCs to game systems to even our wallets and our keys.iPhone 5s对照相机的大获成功使我们认识到:智能手机和平板电脑将如何把其他大部分设备挤出我们的生活,从个人电脑到视频游戏系统,甚至是我们的钱包和钥匙。Right now, all this might sound impossible. Just wait.眼下,所有这一切听起来似乎都是不可能的事。但且慢。First, about the 5s in particular: What I like best is its #39;burst mode, #39; which can take 10 shots a second, thereby eliminating shutter lag.首先,尤其是就iPhone 5s而言:我最喜欢的是其“连拍模式”,在这种模式下,使用者可以在一秒钟内拍摄10张照片,进而消除了快门时滞的问题。The camera#39;s pictures are also fantastic, especially in low light. (Apple improved the phone#39;s image sensor to make this possible). As a result, the 5s is the fastest, best phone camera I#39;ve ever used -- even better than Nokia Corp.#39;s 41-megapixel Lumia 1020.照相机的成像质量也非常棒,特别是在光线较暗的拍摄条件下。(这是因为苹果改进了iPhone 5s的图像传感器)。iPhone 5s是我所用过的最快、最好的手机摄像头,甚至比诺基亚(Nokia Corp.) 4,100万像素的Lumia 1020还要好。The 5s is far better than my point-and-shoot, and because it lets me edit and share my pictures, it is often superior to my expensive, interchangeable-lens SLR (whose battery I haven#39;t had reason to charge in weeks).iPhone 5s比我的卡片相机好多了。而且,由于iPhone 5s还让我可以编辑和分享照片,这部手机还常常替代了我价格更高的可换镜头单反相机——数周来我都没有找到给这台单反相机充电的理由。I don#39;t mean to suggest Apple has a camera monopoly here. Though the 5s is ahead now, I suspect most other high-end phones will soon catch up with Apple#39;s device. But I can#39;t see how dedicated cameras can beat smartphones now.我并不是说苹果公司在相机市场占据了垄断地位。虽然iPhone 5s目前处于领先位置,我猜测大多数其他高端手机很快就能赶上苹果的设备。但我却无法看到目前相机何以能赶超智能手机。Sure, big cameras with zoom lenses will always be useful for professional or semipro photographers, or for times (like at sporting events) when you are far from the action. Yet there are several reasons why smartphones often beat conventional cameras. Phones are small and nearly ubiquitous -- you#39;re more likely to be carrying a phone than you are to be carrying a camera or anything else.诚然,对于专业和半专业的摄影师来说,拥有变焦镜头的大相机总是有用的。而且,在诸如运动会等场合,如果你距离拍摄对象很远,这些相机也是很有帮助的。不过,仍有一些原因可以解释智能手机为何可以经常取代传统相机。手机体积不大,而且广泛普及。你随身携带手机的可能性比你携带相机或其他物品的可能性都要大。According to tests by the review site AnandTech, the iPhone 5s#39;s processor is 100 times as fast as that of the original iPhone, a speed gain that surpasses most other parts of the tech business.据评测网站AnandTech说,iPhone 5s的处理器比最初的iPhone快100倍。这一变化速度超过了大多数其他科技领域。Finally and most importantly, smartphones are connected to the Internet, and they run software that can be constantly improved and augmented.最后也是最重要的一点,智能手机可以连接互联网。它们运行的软件可以经常更新和改进。Cameras and most other gadgets, by contrast, are offline, and their software is often static.相比之下,相机和大多数其他设备都无法接入网络,而且它们的软件通常是一成不变的。It#39;s no wonder that the most important innovations in photography over the past few years -- things like Instagram and Vine -- happened on the phone, not on cameras.这也难怪过去数年摄影领域最重大的创新都出现在手机上而不是相机上,比如应用软件Instagram和Vine。What other gadgets are similarly vulnerable to the march of smartphones and tablets?还有什么其他设备也容易受到智能手机和平板电脑的侵蚀呢?Portable game systems seem doomed. Soon you will be able to connect game controllers to your iPhone that -- given the popularity of Apple#39;s App Store with game developers -- will undercut the main reason to buy a dedicated games device.移动视频游戏系统似乎前景黯淡。很快你就可以让游戏控制器与你的iPhone相连,鉴于苹果公司的应用软件商店App Store颇受游戏开发商欢迎,专门购买一个游戏设备的主要理由将不复存在。I#39;m also quite optimistic that phones will one day replace our wallets.我还很乐观地认为,手机有一天将代替我们的钱包。And, really, I don#39;t see how laptops survive the onslaught either. Today, tablets like Microsoft#39;s Surface are close enough to replicating PCs.此外,我认为笔记本电脑可能也难逃一劫。现如今,像微软(Microsoft)旗下Surface这样的平板电脑已经接近能代替个人电脑了。At the rate that mobile processors are improving, it won#39;t be long until our tablets become replacements for 90% of what we use computers for today, and will give us astonishing battery life and portability too.从移动处理器的发展速度来看,用不了多久,我们现在使用个人电脑做的事情有90%都可以在平板电脑上完成。不仅如此,平板电脑还有更长的电池寿命并具备便携性。Some ers might not believe this. But nobody believed smartphones would run cameras out of town, either. The lesson, here, is to never underestimate how greedy mobile devices are: As much as they do for us now, they will always keep trying to do more.一些读者可能不相信这些。但之前也没有人相信智能手机会挤占相机的地盘。应该从中吸取的教训是,永远不要低估移动设备的野心:虽然移动设备目前能为我们做很多事情,它们还会一直尝试做更多事情。Today your phone is your camera, game console, TV, music player, e-book er, alarm clock, fitness log and notepad. What#39;s next? Everything.如今,你的手机同时还是你的相机、游戏机、电视、音乐播放器、电子阅读器、闹钟、健身日志和记事本。接下来呢?它会变成你的一切。 /201311/266351 Amazon was forced to take action on Saturday after it was found to be selling T-shirts with slogans promoting rape and violence on its website.在被发现其网站上出售带有推广强奸和暴力口号的T恤之后,亚马逊在星期六被迫采取了行动。The American clothing company Solid Gold Bomb blamed an automated computer dictionary for its series of the items emblazoned with offensive phrases such as ;Keep Calm and Rape a Lot; and ;Keep Calm and Hit Her;, based on the much reproduced ;Keep Calm and Carry On; second world war poster.美国装公司Solid Gold Bomb责怪一台自动化的电脑词典将其一系列产品印上攻击性短语,例如“保持冷静,尽情XX”和“保持冷静,打她”,基于二战海报“保持冷静,坚持到底”的多次复制。Both companies were bombarded with complaints and Solid Gold Bomb later closed its Twitter account. The T-shirts were still on sale in Germany on Saturday.这两家公司被投诉炮轰,Solid Gold Bomb之后关闭了它的Twitter账户。T恤周六仍在德国销售。One of the slogans was taken down but others, including ;Keep Calm and Knife Her; and ;Keep Calm and Punch Her; remained on Solid Gold Bomb#39;s website on Saturday afternoon; the company said they were all in a ;deletion queue;.有一个口号被撤了下来,但其他包括“保持冷静,捅她”和“保持冷静,揍她” 周六下午仍在Solid Gold Bomb的网站上,该公司表示他们都在一个“删除队列”中。Amazon deleted most of the offensive ;Keep Calm; range but continued to promote the company#39;s shop.亚马逊删除了大部分“保持冷静”的攻击性系列产品,但继续为该公司促销。Solid Gold Bomb, based in Massachusetts, said the graphics for the T-shirts were the result of ;a scripted computer process;, which used an algorithm to generate hundreds of slogans.Solid Gold Bomb,总部位于马萨诸塞州,表示T恤上的图形是“脚本化计算机过程”的结果,它使用一种算法生成成百上千的口号。The shirts, which appeared on Amazon on Friday, prompted an online furore. Amazon did not respond to the Observer#39;s call but a spokesman for Amazon UK told Sky News: ;I can confirm that those items are not available for sale.;这些衬衫周五出现在亚马逊上,在网上引起轰动。亚马逊没有回应《观察家》的电话但亚马逊英国发言人告诉天空新闻:“我可以实,这些物品并没有可供出售。”The company said it had received death threats and its Twitter account was bombarded with scores of angry messages, many of which said: ;Rape is not a joke.;该公司表示它已收到了死亡威胁,其Twitter账户被许多愤怒消息炮轰,其中许多说:“强奸不是一个笑话。”Amazon is no stranger to controversy. The site#39;s US operation faced criticism for briefly selling a book described as a paedophile#39;s guide. In 2008 it had to pull from sale T-shirts lauding Nazi leaders.亚马逊对争议并不陌生。该网站的美国业务因为简单地将销售书籍描述为恋童癖指南而遭受批评。2008年它不得不取消出售赞扬纳粹领导人的T恤。 /201303/227952黑龙江省哈尔滨市一院怎样预约哈尔滨阳光医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱



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