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:The Sweet Candies --01 3:: 来源: The Sweet CandiesCharacters: Narrator(N),Salesman(S) ,Mom,Maggi(M), Alice(A),个Candy(C), 个Policeman(P)Preparation:学校门口布景,做糖果用桌及相关材料,Maggie家布景 Scene1(At Salesman’s home)N: In a dark dirty house, there lived a small, dirty sale sman. He always makes unhealthy candies and sells them to the students. He has a lot of money now. But how does he make the candies? Oh, xu …… He is coming! S: Hello,do you know me? No? Oh, let me tell you .I’m the famous candy salesman at the school gate.My candies arevery popular,I don’t know why.The foolish students always come here. I’ll be a boss soon! Candy, money, candy, money…… (看表) Oops! It’s time to make candies now. (把粉倒到桌上,加水,加糖等用力搓)press, press…… (一块粉掉地,捡起来看看,又放进粉里)Never mind! (满不在意的情) Press, press……(用口水搓搓手,然后继续)Oh, my god!(鼻涕出来,用手擦后继续)Never mind! They don’t know it. it’s OK,he hehe…… Now let me cut it! (菜刀在地上磨一磨,再用刀切)One, two, three, four, five……Wow,OK now! (推糖果出来)糖果钻出来(跳舞),跳完后,非常难过地说:Oh, I’m so dirty and ugly! What can I do? The students will eat me! And they will be ill! Wuwuwu…S: Mmmm…It looks dirty, (突然想到一个点子)let me give you a nice coat! (给它穿上) Wow! it’s so beautiful! Haha… … C: Oh, no! I’m dirty!(把糖果拖出来,放到摊子上推下场) Scene(At the school gate)N: when the class is over, all the students come out happily and the salesman goes to the school gate as usual. (Maggie和Alice 欢快地跑出校门,看到小贩)(小贩推摊子上场,吆喝):Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! …… M: Oh, Alice! Look! Candies! A: yummy! M: Let’s ask him. A: OK! S: Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……(引诱两个女孩) MA:we want two Sweet candies!S: Do you have money?(轻蔑) MA: Money?(对视) No….S: No money? sorry! (吆喝着Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……走开,下场) M: What can we do now? A: Let’s ask mom.M: But how to ask? A: How?…Oh,I know ,(突然想到一个点子,悄悄告诉她)M: Good idea! Year! (两人一起击掌,欢跳下场) Scene 3:(At Maggie’s home) N: The children have to go home and ask mom some money, they will do something clever. (妈妈在擦家具)MA: (冲进家高兴地说)mom ,mom .Let’s help you !(接过妈妈手中的布,拿起拖把“洗刷刷”音乐响起) (做完后,三个人坐在沙发上)Mom:You are so good today.M: mom…Mom: What’s the matter?A:Can we have some money,please?Mom:Why?M:we want to buy some candies.A: Sweet candies! ……Mom:You can’t. They are unhealthy.Please go and do your homework.(置之不理,转头看报,孩子走开)(M做出难过的表情)A:I know.(诡秘的表情,轻声在M耳边说)M:good idea ! Let’s go !(两人走到妈妈的前面)A:Mom .I want a new ruler,M: I want a new eraser.Mom:No,no,no…(继续看报)A;My ruler is broken.(拿出尺子)M:My eraser is so small.(拿出橡皮)Mom:(看后)Ok,But,don’t buy the food at the school gate.It’s unhealthy.Do you know?AM: Yes,madom.Mom: Here you are.(给钱)AM:Thank you ,mom,bye bye.(非常高兴,下场)N: The next day, when the class is over ,Maggie and Alice come to the salesman again. They buy some candies and eat them, (孩子高兴地买了糖,边吃边回家,小贩,M,A下场,)N: but soon they feel a stomachache. M: Aiyo!……(孩子到家后肚子痛两人躬着背进场) A: Aiyo!…. Mom: What’s wrong? M: I’ve a stomachache! A: Me too! Mom: What did you eat? Candies? M A: Yes. We had some candies just now. Mom:Oh! You’ve cheated me! I told you that don’t buy the food at the school gate, they are unhealthy!(生气) M A: But they look nice! MA: Aiyo…… Mom:Well, Let’s go to the salesman together and have a look! MA: OK. Scene : (At the school gate) N: When they get to the school gate, a policeman is asking the salesman to go away. (正走到校门口,发现警察驱赶校门口的小贩)P: Hey! You shouldn’t stay here, leave now! C: Let’s go home, let’s go home! (轻声并拉小贩) S: Why? My candies are nice and popular here! And…M: Mom,it’s him. Aiyo…(指着小贩)Mom:: He? (警察走过来问妈妈,朝小孩) P: What’s the matter with them? Mom: They got a stomachache after having his candies. S: Really? No,no,no…… P: Stop!(打断小贩) Look at the two girls!You must go with me!(非常严厉,然后抓住S) S: Oh ,no. (羞愧) Policeman(对小孩): Girls, please listen! Don’t buy the candies next time. They are unhealthy. Mom::Yes, And you shouldn’t tell a lie to me. Try to be an honest person! Will you? MA: OK, mom.P: Let’s take them to the hospital now. D: OK, Let’s go. (全部退场)N(出场): A few days later, the girls recovered. (全部出场)And this story is trying to tell you that some of the phenomenon must be kept down, we hope it could be improved soon.Thank you !(谢幕)本文由网整理 英语 话剧 剧本台湾旅游——吃喝玩乐在台北夜市(一) -- :5:18 来源: 去台湾旅游,如果只有几天时间,你会去哪里呢?台湾夜市绝对是你不容错过的地方,它是你体验当地色的最佳地点和其它地方的夏夜一样,台北大同区的夜晚闷热潮湿上千人挤在宁夏路狭窄的小街上,夜空中充满着愉快的欢笑声,让人怦然心动的哭声,还有嘶嘶作响的食物的味道Travelling in Taiwan,if you only have a few days,where will you go?Night market is absolutely theplace you shouldn't miss ,it's the best place you to experience a little of local color.The night is hot and humid, just like any other summer night at Taipei's Datong district. Thousands are squeezing into a narrow back street off Ningxia Road, and the night is filled with gleeful shouts, beckoning cries and the scent of sizzling food. No, it is not a block party, or a carefully orchestrated public relations event. It's just another normal evening as people gather to celebrate the age-old tradition of the Taiwan night market.These night markets, basically groups of street vendors in any given locality, are a staple of Taiwan nightlife. They offer everything from food to tourist souvenirs and game stalls."Night markets fill a very important role in Taiwan," says Lin Ting-kuo, head of the Ningxia Road Night Market Association. "In Taiwan, convenience is very important, and the night market offers convenience in many ways, from offering fast and cheap food to hungry businessmen, to providing a nice venue the family to get out and have fun."Lin says the hospitable nature of the Chinese people in general is part of the reason why night markets have become such an integral part of Taiwan's culture."Many people head out to night markets and dine directly at the food stands or stalls," says Lin. "In doing so, they can chit-chat with the stall owner, and these conversations give a sense of familiarity and belonging, and that makes night markets places that people feel at home."Lin's Ningxia Road Night Market, like many of Taiwan's night markets, started out as a place where people gathered. Some of the more famous night markets began life on streets in front of temples. 台湾旅游——吃喝玩乐在台北夜市发生在白领办公室的英语话剧 --19 1:30: 来源: Narration: Carrie, Cici and Wing are co-worker of a company. This day they are talking in the office.Ca: Bingo! I finally finish this case. It is really tough! I have not slept well almost a week.Wing: Me too .I always get so busy in this season. I have drunk three cups of coffee in order to keep awake.Ci: Our boss must be enjoying his holiday in Fiji very much. What do you think he will feel when he comes back to see our case?Ca:Of course he will feel surprised and give each of us a promotion.Wing: Come on, he is a devil, how could he do this to us? Anyway, we should award ourselves these days hard work!Ca: You are right. Let’s pig out on junk food!Wing: I have stayed in China a whole year and I miss my hometown. I miss German food!Ca: so do I .how much I love French food!Ci: I have not eaten German or French food bee. Do you have any recommendation?Ca: If you visit France or go to a French restaurant, snails, cheese, and goose liver and red wine are the best choices.Wing: You also can’t miss the famous German sausage, ham and blue checseCi: They all sound yummy. But do you know what Chinese eat when they miss their families?WingCa: NoCi: The answer is dumplings!Ca:Well ,I heard that bee though I haven’t tasted .Wing: Can you make dumplings, CiCi? Would you make some us? I have been longing dumplings a long time.Ci: Aha, it is as easy as a pie me .what about coming to my house tonight? We can make dumplings together. I will teach you how to cook it.Ca: Great! That is fantastic. Then it will be the first time to make and eat dumplingsWing: Very good idea! We could busy some basic ingredient at the supper market after work.Ci: Sure.We need flour, yeast, pork, cabbages, vinegar, sauce and ginger.(The three colleagues had their shopping and now they are in CiCi’s house)CiCiours some pour on the table and said:”Carrie, can you fetch some water here?”Ca: sure, here you are .what s next?Ci:Ci:we have to mix the flour yeast and water together .be careful ,don’t add too much water.Ca: Okay, I’m kneeing the dough repentedly.it is becoming and softerWing: Yeah, I am cutting the pork into many small pieces, and then I will add several spoons of oil in it .shall I blend them?CiCi: Yes, make sure they blend well. A bit salt and a spoon of vinegar are needed, too.(an hour later)Ca: Yes, the dumplings are prepared .lets start!CiCi: Wait! I remember well that you all miss the food from your hometown.Look, what are these?Ca: Wow! Cheese! Where did you get it? And my favorite red wine.Wing: God. Those are sausage and ham, I can’t believe it!CiCi: Haha, it is a big surprise, isn’t it? Now ,we are got all three countries’ food y.Ca: So it is a complete big meal.Wing: An ungettable banquet in my life. Let’s cheers!Ca, Ci, Wing: Cheers!盘点全球大浪漫旅游胜地 邂逅生命中的她 -- 19::50 来源: 盘点全球大浪漫旅游胜地 邂逅生命中的她怀着浪漫情怀的单身男子肯定想找一个漂亮的女友,小编在此罗列出大单身男子旅游胜地,这里不仅风景迷人,这里的姑娘更是风情万种!A single man of a romantic mind must be in want of a girlfriend. places listed below embody both fantastic scenery and gorgeous beauties. They are not only perfect getaways from city chaos, the dreamlike atomosphere can certainly increase your chances of meeting the One. Be prepared to be amazed!1 The Maldives 马尔代夫With its mesmerizing tropical appeal, the Maldives has long been a hotspot lovers or lovers-to-be. No prior visa is required to enter the Republic of Maldives. Entry permit will be granted to visitors on arrival at designated ports of entry, based on the immigration requirements. Hawaii 夏威夷A woman wearing sunglasses and a bikini poses under palm trees in the sand of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu on the Island Oahu, in Hawaii. 5 浪漫旅游胜地

我是球迷我怕谁-- :5: 我是球迷我怕谁…Socor fun  D: Hello modern English, Drew speaking.  你好,洋话连篇,我是Drew  A: Hello Drew, it is your friend Allan.  你好,我是Allan.  D: Hey what's up buddy, did you see the Liverpool game on TV last night?  怎么样,哥们儿,昨晚看利卧蒲队的比赛了吗?  A: Yeah!!! Wasn't it great, that Michael Owen can sure score goals. I have some questions about football you.  当然,太棒了,欧文真历害,我有一些足球方面的问题问你,  D: Sure Allan, what are your questions?  说吧  A: What is like to see an English football game?  看英国足球比赛是怎么样的?  D: it is really fun. The fans are really into the game and there are lots of families enjoying a day out together.  很有趣,他们特爱看球,很多家庭都会一起去  A: Really? I heard that it was very dangerous to go to a British football game because of all the violence in the stands.  真的,听说在英国看球很危险,足球暴力很严重,  D: No that's not true anymore they have really cleaned up their act.  不是那样的,他们现在好多了,  A: Do you want to go see a football game with me at the Workers Stadium?你想去工体看球吗?  D: I would love to go.  想啊  A: Ok, I will buy an extra ticket!  好,那我在买张票  D: Oh, don't worry, I'll buy my own ticket.  别担心,我自己来买  A: No problem, the tickets are no problem to get, I will buy you one and you can pay, me back!  没问题,我来买,然后你在把钱给我  D: Great I'll see you on Saturday. Don't get the jerseys….Glory Glory  好,周六见,别忘了买票[歌声]  A: Ok Drew be there or be square.  好的,不见不散  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]socore是足球的意思,这可与我们说的football有点不同,football在美国和加拿大表示橄榄球  []The fans are really into the game. Really into sth表示非常喜欢做什么事情,ie: I am really into playing computer games.我特喜欢玩儿点脑游戏  [3]They have cleaned up their act.clean up their act是指他们已经规范他们的行为了.  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  kick-off circle refree coach ward back center goal-keeper  注:书中对话仅作参考,重要的是拿起电话就自己喜欢的内容与老外反复练习轻易不出口,出口必砸人

Cartoo --19 ::1 来源: There are many television programs in Taiwan today, from TV aeries, quiz shows, soap operas, movies to cartoons. Of all the programs, I like to watch cartoons the best, like Cartoon network, Disney and many others. I like to watch cartoons because they are funny and very interesting, especially when I am sad, tired or bored. I also like cartoon characters. They are so cute and vivid. We must use our imagination when we watch cartoons. Because they are often exaggerated, so you need to have a sense of humor.

A Sad Story 一个悲惨的故事 -- :50:1 来源: A Sad Story 一个悲惨的故事  Three men came to New York a holiday. They stayed in a large hotel and their room was in floor.  In the evening, the three men came back late, and the clerk of the hotel told them the lifts didn't work. They didn't want to sleep in the hall, so they began to walk up to their room.  On the way, Tom told them many jokes, Andy sang some songs. At last they came to the 1 floor.  Then Peter said, "I shall tell you a sad story. It's not long, but sad enough. We left the key to our room in the hall."  有三个人来到纽约度假他们住在一家大酒店,房间在层  晚上三人回来得很晚酒店管理员告诉他们电梯坏了他们不想睡在大厅,所以开始上楼回房间  路上汤姆讲了许多笑话,安迪唱了几首歌曲最后他们来到了第1层楼  这时彼得说,“我将给你们讲一个悲惨的故事故事不长,可是真的很悲惨我们把房间钥匙落在大厅了”

湖边小屋精对白:Alex和弟弟四年后重逢 -- ::7 来源:kekenet 本文是经典爱情电影对白系列The Lake House(湖边小屋,又叫“触不到的恋人”)的第六段对白 在Alex的父亲和弟弟看来,他是消失了四年以后又回到芝加哥多年未见的兄弟俩拥抱在一起但是父亲却只是杨了扬手就离开了在酒吧里,Alex告诉弟弟Henry自己买了套湖边小屋,弟弟以为他赚到大钱随后,他们一起来到Kate信中提到的新住址,可是呈现在Alex眼前的却是一片正在规划中的空地,而且要到18个月以后才能建成Kate所说的那幢楼Alex似乎有些相信他们真是相隔了两年的时间……Herry:l can't believe that thing's still running. Alex:Yep. Herry:You look like shit. Alex:l missed you too. Herry:Hey, get about him. Alex:Condos. Riviera Estates. Herry:You're joking. Alex:l don't believe this. l come back after four years and l get this in front of me. Herry:What? Alex:My brother thinking he's Frank Lloyd Whatever. Herry:Oh, come on.Alex:Dad keeps you hostage in that little myth making factory of his while you haven't built so much as a phone booth or a hamster cage. Herry:That's funny you say that, actually. l have a hamster cage in mind. A development of them, actually. Prefab, no foundations. What do you think about that? Alex:See, that's what l'm talking about. You have vision. Speaking of which l'd like you to know l bought a house. Herry:Where? Alex:On the lake. Herry:You got a lake house. So you are making some money. Alex:Well, it's a dump. Been abandoned years, but-- Herry:Oh, so you got an abandoned, haunted lake hou... I guess... yeah, that's as good a reason as any selling out and joining the flab by-developers guild. Alex:How about this? l even got a dog. Herry:You got a dog? Alex:He just showed up at the house from out of nowhere. Herry:What are we doing here? Alex:l have to deliver a letter. lt should be here. North Racine. Herry:But... there's nothing here. Are we meeting someone? Does some body live here? What? Alex:Yeah. l thought so. Herry:Should we ring the bell?注释:1. You look like shit. 这里可不是骂人的话,看看Alex的回答就知道了意思是I miss you.. Condos:Condominium 分户出售公寓大厦3. hostage:人质Alex似乎在职责父亲像扣押人质一样把弟弟放在自己身边(这里我却以为Alex的父亲在一个儿子远离而去以后,不想失去另一个儿子). phone booth or a hamster cage:Alex意在说弟弟在父亲的建筑公司待了这么久却没有任何成就,甚至连个电话亭或者老鼠笼子都没有建成5. abandon:放弃,遗弃本文是那栋湖边小屋荒废了很久6. show up:出现 四年 湖边 重逢 对白 小屋 弟弟

三年级英语作文:The bird and cat --1 01:57:1 来源:   once upon a time. there was a house. beside the house there was a bird cage. one day a cat went to eat the bird, so the cat jumped and hit the bird cage.  the bird cage fell down to the ground knocking the bird cage#39 door open. the bird then flew away. so the cat started to chase the bird and the dog chased the cat. however the bird flew on top of the tree. so the cat started to climb the tree and the dog barked at the cat. bee the cat could reach the bird, the bird flew away. this caused the cat to fall out of the tree.  the dog then ran away, the bird quickly flew back into his cage and the man from the house carried him safely home.

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