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青岛市人民医院分院在线咨询青岛市妇女儿童医疗保健中心地址查询World leaders accustomed to fine dining had a surprise on their plates Sunday at the ed Nations - trash.吃惯了美味佳肴的世界各国领导人27日在联合国就餐时大吃一惊,因为他们的盘子里装的居然是厨余垃圾。Chefs cooked up a lunch made entirely of food that would have ended up in garbage bins, hoping to highlight the extraordinary waste in modern diets and its role in worsening climate change. It included such delicacies as the ;landfill salad;, consisting of vegetable scraps and rejected fruit.厨师烹制了一顿全部由本该扔进垃圾桶的食材制作的午餐,以凸显现代饮食惊人的浪费现象及其对气候变化加剧的影响。其中包括“垃圾堆沙拉”,由蔬菜废料和被丢弃的水果做成。Also on the for the lunch at the UN headquarters was a vegetable burger made of pulp left over from juicing, which typically wastes most of the produce.联合国总部的午餐菜单上还有一款蔬菜汉堡,它的原材料是榨取蔬菜汁后所剩的残渣。榨汁通常会浪费掉大部分蔬果。The burger came with fries created from starchy corn that would typically go to animal feed - which along with biofuels is the end product of the overwhelming majority of the 36 million hectares of corn grown in the ed States.与汉堡搭配的是玉米粉制成的薯条,而这种玉米粉通常被用作动物饲料。美国种植了3600万公顷玉米地,绝大多数玉米的最终产物就是这种玉米粉饲料和生物燃料。“It#39;s the prototypical American meal but turned on its head. Instead of the beef, we#39;re going to eat the corn that feeds the beef,” said Dan Barber, a prominent New York chef who co-owns the Blue Hill restaurant.蓝山餐厅老板之一、纽约著名大厨丹·巴伯说:“这是典型的美国菜,不过食材来了个大反转。我们吃的不是牛肉,而是喂牛的玉米。”“The challenge is to create something truly delicious out of what we would otherwise throw away,” he said.他说:“对我们而言,挑战是要把原本会丢弃的东西做成真正的佳肴。”Barber crafted the with Sam Kass, the former White House chef who drove the anti-obesity “Let#39;s Move” campaign of First Lady Michelle Obama.这份菜单的设计者是巴伯和前白宫大厨、美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马反肥胖运动“我们动起来”的组织者山姆·卡斯。Kass thought of the waste-lunch concept as he learned about year-end UN climate negotiations in Paris, which aim to reach a far-reaching global agreement to tackle the planet#39;s worsening climate change.在了解到年末将在巴黎举行的联合国气候谈判大会后,卡斯想出了垃圾变午餐这个点子。气候谈判旨在达成一项影响深远的全球性协议,以解决地球日益严重的气候变化问题。Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking to reporters afterward, said the lunch demonstrated how food waste was ;an often overlooked aspect of climate change.;联合国秘书长潘基文在午餐会后告诉记者,这一餐提醒大家,食物制作过程中产生的废弃物“经常是气候变化问题中被忽视的一个方面”。;That is shameful when so many people suffer from hunger,; Ban said.他说,“世界上还有那么多人忍受着饥饿,我们却在浪费食物,这是可耻的。”According to UN figures, 28 percent of agricultural lands around the world go to produce food that is lost or wasted. The loss each year is the equivalent of 3.3 billion tonnes of carbon responsible for climate change.联合国的数据显示,全球28%的农业用地上产出的食物会被丢弃或浪费,而在这些食物生产过程中产生的二氧化碳可达33亿吨。 /201509/401590崂山区中心医院医生在线咨询 When it comes to making up passwords, we#39;re not doing so great as a society.在编密码这件事上,大部分人的表现都不怎么样。Password management firm SplashData released its annual ;Worst Passwords List,; revealing that humans have remained rather indifferent to choosing unique, secure passwords since the company#39;s first report in 2011. SplashData analyzed more than 2 million leaked passwords in 2015 and found several trends in the most common ones.密码管理公司“飞溅数据”近日发布了2015年度“最不安全密码排行榜”。通过此次调查,“飞溅数据”发现,虽然它从2011年就开始发这个榜,但人们对于选择一个独一无二的安全密码的觉悟还是不高。该公司对2015年遭泄露的200多万个密码进行分析,发现了以下几个特点。;Password; and ;123456; still claim the top two spots on the list, where they#39;ve remained for the past five years. Simple numerical passwords remain an easy go-to; six of the top 10 passwords are comprised of only numbers.“Password”仍然是大家最爱用的密码,“123456”其次。这是它俩连续第5年霸占前两名了。大部分人还是青睐简单的数字密码。榜单前10名中有6个是纯数字密码。You#39;ll also find that references to sports and pop culture are fairly common. ;Football” and ;baseball” are both in the top 10 list, and in line with the release of The Force Awakens, ;starwars,; ;solo; and “princess; are all new entries on this year#39;s list.体育和流行文化相关的词汇也在大家最爱用的密码之列。;Football”和“baseball”都位列前10;随着《星球大战:原力觉醒》的上映,“starwars”、“solo”和“princess”也首登今年的不安全密码榜。Several others that weren#39;t on the 2014 list include ;welcome,; ;login; and ;passw0rd.; Changing that ;o; in password to a zero might seem original, but a lot of people had the same idea.其他2014没有、2015新上榜的还有“welcome”、“login”和“passw0rd;。不要以为自己把“password”中的字母“o”换成数字“0”很有创意,其实很多人都想到了这点。If you see your password on this list, make your 2016 resolution to do better.如果你在本榜单上看到了你正在用的密码,就在2016年下定决心改了吧。1. 1234561. 1234562. password2. password3. 123456783. 123456784. qwerty4. qwerty5. 123455. 123456. 1234567896. 1234567897. football7. football8. 12348. 12349. 12345679. 123456710. baseball10. baseball11. welcome11. welcome12. 123456789012. 123456789013. abc12313. abc12314. 11111114. 11111115. 1qaz2wsx15. 1qaz2wsx16. dragon16. dragon17. master17. master18. monkey18. monkey19. letmein19. letmein20. login20. login21. princess21. princess22. qwertyuiop22. qwertyuiop23. solo23. solo24. passw0rd24. passw0rd25. starwars25. starwars1. Use passwords with 12 characters or more with mixed types of characters.最好在12个字符以上,混合多种字符类型(译者注:一个数字、一个字母、一个标点,都属于一个字符)。2. Avoid using the same password over and over again on different websites.不同网站的账户不要反复使用同一个密码。3. Use a password manager, like SplashID or LastPass, to organize and protect passwords, generate random passwords and automatically log into websites.可以使用密码管理器(如SplashID或LastPass)管理和保护密码,生成随机密码并自动登录网站账户。 /201601/423147Pigeons and pollution are both common blights in cities around the world, but a group of engineers in London are hoping the birds can help them tackle problems with air quality.对世界上许多城市来说,鸽子和污染问题都是常见的危害,但伦敦的一群工程师却希望能利用鸽子来帮助解决空气污染问题。A technology company has revealed it is strapping pollution-monitoring backpacks onto ten pigeons in London to monitor air pollution over the next three days.一家科技公司透露称,他们在十只鸽子背上绑上了污染监测器,在未来三天监测伦敦空气污染情况。On Monday, the flock, nicknamed the Pigeon Air Patrol, were set loose from a rooftop in Brick Lane by pigeon fancier, Brian Woodhouse.当地时间周一,鸽友布莱恩·伍德豪斯从布里克巷的屋顶放飞了这群被称为“空中巡逻鸽”的鸽子。For three days, Londoners will be able to get live updates of the pollution where they are by tweeting their location to @PigeonAir.此后三天,伦敦市民可以通过在推特上发布自己的位置并@PigeonAir来了解该地实时更新的污染情况。Data from three of the pigeons, called Coco, Julius and Norbert, will then be used to instantly reply, telling them about the level of pollution in their area.名为可可、朱利叶斯和诺伯特的三只鸽子收集的数据被用来即时回复市民消息,告知市民所在地的污染水平。A live map is also being updated as the pigeons fly around, detailing the levels of pollution in different areas of the capital.随着鸽子飞行轨迹改变,生成的实时地图亦不断更新,详细显示了伦敦各地区的污染水平。#39;Air pollution isn#39;t sexy and people don#39;t engage with it,#39; said Pierre Duquesnoy, creative director at DigitasLBi, who had the original idea.“空气污染并没什么吸引力,人们也不去关注它,”乐必扬创意总监皮埃尔·迪凯努瓦说道。这个想法最初是他提出的。#39;So the heart of our idea was to make air pollution more accessible and relevant to people.“因此我们的核心想法是让人们更容易得悉空气污染情况,让空气污染与人们更加切身相关。”#39;The Pigeon Air Patrol is a perfect example of how data combined with creative storytelling can raise awareness of a serious health and environmental issue.#39;“把数据同新奇的宣传结合在一起能够增加人们对严重环境卫生问题的关注度。空中巡逻鸽就是一个很好的例子。”To develop the idea Mr Duquesnoy worked with Plume Labs, a technology company that helps consumers track and reduce their exposure to air pollution.为了发展这个构想,迪凯努瓦选择与科技公司Plume Labs合作。Plume Labs帮助其客户追踪并减少暴露在空气污染中的机会。#39;Air pollution is a huge environmental health issue, killing 10,000 people every year in London alone,#39; said Romain Lacombe, chief executive office of Plume Labs.“空气污染是一项重大的环境卫生问题。仅在伦敦,每年因空气污染而死亡的人数就超过1万,”Plume Labs首席执行官罗曼·拉科比说。#39;Putting air sensors on the back of pigeons goes beyond raising awareness of this problem and helps Londoners understand the impact of pollution in an accessible, tangible and immediate way.#39;“在鸽子背上安设空气监测器不仅会使人们更加关注这个问题,也能让伦敦市民用可行的方式更真切、更直观地意识到污染的影响。”The pigeons used in the study are racing pigeons, who usually live four times longer than street pigeons because they#39;re so well cared for.研究所用鸽子均为赛鸽。由于受到良好养护,它们的寿命通常是街头普通鸽子的四倍长。The flock even has their own vet to double check they#39;re always in peak health.这批鸽子甚至有自己的兽医以确保它们总是处于最佳健康状况。The high-tech backpacks they wear to monitor pollution are tiny and light as a feather.鸽子背的高科技污染检测器像羽毛一样又小又轻。The campaign only runs for three days, after which the birds will be able to return to their normal life.这项活动仅持续三天,在那之后鸽子们将回归正常生活。The company hope the campaign will encourage Londoners to join the Air Patrol, by becoming beta testers for a wearable version of Plume Labs#39; air pollution measuring device.Plume Labs公司希望此举能鼓励伦敦市民参加“空中巡逻”活动,成为该公司设计的可穿戴式空气污染检测器的测试员。‘We’re looking for 100 people to beta test our new pollution sensor, in partnership with Imperial College London,’ the website says.“我们与帝国理工学院合作,寻找100人来测试我们的新污染监测器,”该网站表示。‘If you’re a cyclist, runner, or pram pusher, who’d like to know what you’re breathing and how to beat pollution, join our programme testing a wearable version of our air pollution device.’“无论你是骑自行车、跑步还是推婴儿车,只要愿意了解你所呼吸的空气的质量以及如何战胜污染,那就加入我们的项目,测试一下我们研发的可穿戴式空气污染检测器。” /201603/431757青岛三院在线问答

青岛普通人流医院“My wife got sick. She was constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, her failures and problems with children。“我妻子病了,工作和日常生活中遇到的问题,还有与孩子相处时的失败和麻烦总是使她很紧张。She has lost 30 pounds and weighed about 90 pounds in her 35 years. She got very skinny, and was constantly crying. She was not a happy woman. She had suffered from continuing headaches, heart pain and jammed nerves in her back and ribs。她体重减了30磅,35岁时体重大约是90磅,都瘦成皮包骨了,还总爱哭。她一点都不开心,持续的头疼、心口痛、后背和肋间神经不畅时刻折磨着她。She did not sleep well, falling asleep only in the morning and got tired very quickly during the day. Our relationship was on the verge of break up。她睡眠不好,凌晨才入睡,白天就很容易疲倦。我们的婚姻濒临破裂。Her beauty was leaving her somewhere, she had bags under her eyes, she was poking her head, and stopped taking care of herself. She refused to shoot the films and rejected any role。美貌离她远去,她眼下出现眼袋,总是用手戳脑袋,也不再好好照顾自己。她不再接拍电影,也拒绝任何角色。I lost hope and thought that we’ll get divorced soon…But then I decided to act on it。我没有希望了,以为我们很快就要离婚,但我决定要有所行动。After all I’ve got the most beautiful woman on the earth。毕竟我拥有的是世上最美的女人。She is the idol of more than half of men and women on earth, and I was the one allowed to fall asleep next to her and to hug her shoulders。她是世界上超过一半男女们的偶像,我却是那个可以和她同床共枕、相拥而眠的人。I began to pamper her with flowers, kisses and compliments. I surprised her and pleased her every minute. I gave her lots of gifts and lived just for her. I spoke in public only about her. I incorporated all themes in her direction. I praised her in front of her own and our mutual friends。我开始宠她,给她送花、吻她、对她大加称赞,每一分钟都给她惊喜,让她开心。我送她很多礼物,只为她而生活。我在公众面前只谈论她,方方面面以她为中心,在她和我们共同的朋友面前称赞她。You won’t believe it, but she blossomed. She became even better than before. She gained weight, was no longer nervous and she loved me even more than ever. I had no clue that she CAN love that much. And then I realized one thing: The woman is the reflection of her man. If you love her to the point of madness, she will become it。”你很难相信,她就像鲜花般开放,变得甚至比以前更好了。她体重恢复正常了,不再紧张不安,比从前更爱我了,我没想到她能如此爱我。然后我意识到了一件事:女人就是对她的男人的反映,如果你爱她爱到疯狂,她也会如此爱你。”– Brad Pitt布拉德·皮特 /201509/401571青岛市城阳人民医院四维彩超预约 During the period of the Eastern Han, transmarine transport expanded, which led to a close relation with other countries.东汉时期海外交通进一步发展。The Han court received a Japanese goodwill envoy in 57 to whom Emperor Guangwu gave a seal inscribed with a title of honor.建武中元二年(57),倭国派使臣来赠送方物,刘秀赐以印绶。Later, Han iron and bronze wares and silk goods found their way to Japan.此后东汉的铁器、铜器和丝织品便源源不断地输往倭国。It is said that in 64, Mingdi sent his official Cai Yin to Central Asia to learn more about Buddhism after a vision of a golden figure appeared to him in a dream, who a minister told him was Buddha.相传,汉明帝在梦里见到一个金人,大臣告诉他那是佛。于是公元64年,明帝遣郎中蔡愔等出使天竺(印度)求其道。In 67, Cai Yin returned and brought back with him not only the images of Buddha and Buddhist scriptures but also two Buddhist monks Kasyapamatanga and Dharmaranya, who came to Luoyang at the invitation of the Han emissary, which marked the beginning of the sp of Buddhism in China. Emperor Ming ordered the White Horse Monastery built in their honor and asked them to translate Buddhist sutras into Chinese.蔡愔于公元67年回洛阳,带来佛像和一些佛经,并邀请沙门摄腾和竺法兰一起回国。次年,明帝在洛阳建白马寺,供摄腾、竺法兰居住,并翻译《四十二章经》,为中土佛教之始。They were followed by the Parthian monk An Shigao, who came to China in 148 and stayed for more than years.公元148年帕提亚僧人安世高来到中国,居住了20年。He became a well-known translator, rendering into Chinese 95 Buddhist works comprising 115 juan during his stay.在此期间,他翻译了115卷95部佛经,成为著名的译者。During the reign of Emperor Zhang and Emperor He, with China’s prosperity came another attempt at westward expansion.章帝、和帝时,国力强盛,朝廷意图向西拓展疆域。In 73, for the purpose of building good relationship with western region tribes, a military officer, Ban Chao, younger brother of Ban Gu, went westward on a diplomatic mission with a delegation of thirty-six men.公元73年,为建立与西域各国的友好关系,班超(班固的弟弟)带领36名军士,奉命出使西域。He finally made those desert tribes tributaries of the Eastern Han Empire, which ensured the long peace and smoothness along the Silk Road.他成功说各国向东汉称臣,确保了丝绸之路的安全畅通。Furthermore, Ban Chao once remained in the Western Regions for 31 years, suppressing rebellions and establishing diplomatic relations with over 50 states there.班固在西域长达31年之久,不但多次镇压叛乱,还与50多个国家建立了外交关系。In 97, the Eastern Han court dispatched an emissary, Gan Ying to Daqin(the Roman Empire).公元97年,东汉朝廷派甘英出使大秦(罗马帝国)。He traveled westward, passing Tiaozhi(modern Iraq) and Anxi (modern Iran), and finally arrived at the west border of Anxi (the Persian Gulf), but returned without crossing the sea.Though failed to reach Daqin, he brought home a wealth of information about west Asia.甘英西经条(今伊拉克)、安息(今伊朗)诸国,至安息西界(波斯湾),未过海而还,带回了大量有关西亚地区的信息。As the most famous envoy after Zhang Qian, Gan Ying made great contribution to open a route connecting Asia with Europe.甘英是继张骞之后到达西亚的使节,为开辟欧亚通道做出了重要贡献。 /201512/413044青岛中心医院医生有哪些

青岛无痛引产哪家医院比较好The reason dogs are not allowed in space travel不被允许在太空遨游的原因What#39;s going on here? Who the hell opened a window!?发生了什么?到底是谁开了一扇窗!? /201512/417751 Traumatised Reddit users have revealed the little white lies they were told as children - and many believed until adulthood.网友们在红迪网上晒出了小时候听过的各种善意的谎言,表示“很受伤”——有些人甚至直到成年后才发现那些话是假的。From being told they#39;re #39;allergic to sugar#39; to threats that the plane will turn around if they misbehave, the lies - often told by parents or by mean elder siblings - left a lasting impression on the Reddit users.这些谎言大多出自父母或熊哥哥、熊之口:小到“糖过敏”,大到“如果不听话飞机就会掉头”,给网友们留下了深刻的印象。Every parent wants the best for their child, but used extreme tactics to encourage a healthy lifestyle.每位父母都是为了孩子好,但有时为了鼓励孩子培养健康的生活方式,他们会采取一些非常手段。One Reddit user was told the #39;candy next to the checkout line#39; at the supermarket was not for sale.有网友说,大人告诉他/她,“超市收银台旁边的糖果不是卖的”。#39;My mom told me that rice cakes were cookies,#39; one person wrote.另一网友写道:“我妈告诉我米糕就是曲奇。”#39;Mine went straight for telling me I was allergic to sugar,#39; said another.还有网友表示:“我妈直接告诉我,我对糖过敏。”Other people were told lies by parents wanting some privacy in the bedroom - and it was not until adulthood that they realised the real reason the door was shut.还有一些网友的父母为了夫妻隐私对他们撒谎,他们直到成年后才明白父母卧室门紧闭的真正原因。#39;The door is locked because mummy was helping daddy hang a picture behind the door and we didn#39;t want you to open it and hit us,#39; one person wrote.有网友写道:“他们告诉我,妈妈正在帮爸爸往门后面挂画,不让我开门是怕门会撞到他们。”But it#39;s not just parents who fuel the rumour mill around the home.但在家里散播谣言的可不止父母。#39;My sister, who is 13 years older than me, was angry when I lost my first tooth and got a dollar, instead of the quarter she received when she lost her first tooth,#39; one person wrote.有网友写道:“我比我大十三岁。我第一次换牙时得了一美元,而她掉第一颗牙时只得了25美分,所以她很生气。”#39;As I danced around in my pajamas holding my crisp new dollar bill, my sister poked her head out of room and said, ;Man, a dollar? Just wait until the leg fairy comes, you#39;ll get, like, twenty dollars;.“我穿着睡衣,拿着那张崭新的一美元手舞足蹈。这时她从卧室里探出头来说道:‘小子,才一美元?等着吧,等腿仙来了你能拿到差不多二十美元呢。’。”#39;When I said that I#39;d never heard of this leg fairy, she explained that, when my kid legs fall off and my adult legs start to grow in, I#39;ll have to just kind of hop around on my butt for a year or so, but I#39;ll have the twenty bucks.“我说我从来没听过什么腿仙,她便解释说,我只有等到儿童的腿脱落下来,才能长出成人的腿,在此之前我得用屁股跳来跳去跳上个一年半载,不过我能得到二十美元。”#39;I cried inconsolably for hours.#39;“我哭了好久,谁哄都哄不住。”Travelling with kids can be tough, so it#39;s little wonder lies are told as a way to make the journey more bearable.带着孩子旅游挺受罪的,所以家长们撒点小谎也能让旅途轻松一点。One person was told if they #39;misbehaved in the car, the car would be sad#39;.有网友的父母骗他/她说,“如果你们坐车时不听话,汽车是会伤心的”。#39;Fast forward a year and I#39;m tearfully telling the car that I#39;m sorry he has to go, but I#39;m sure he#39;ll be a cool plane in his next life.#39;“很快,一年以后我泣不成声地向即将报废的汽车表示深深的遗憾和不舍,同时我也相信它下辈子一定会变成一辆酷炫的飞机。”Another was told that if they did not behave on the plane, the pilot would turn around.还有人被恐吓道,如果在飞机上不听话,飞行员就会把飞机掉头。Others were more threatening.还有一些更可怕。#39;If I didn#39;t sit still during a haircut, the barber would cut my ear off,#39; one person believed.“如果理发时不坐端正,理发师就会把我的耳朵切下来,”有网友童年时对此深信不疑。#39;The worst part was that the barber would play along.#39;“最可怕的是理发师也会跟着附和!”THE BIGGEST LIES TOLD TO KIDS孩子们听过的弥天大谎#39;If I touched something I wasn#39;t supposed to... It would turn into a million spiders.#39;“如果我碰了不该碰的东西……它就会变成一百万只蜘蛛。”#39;When I was a child my dad told me that I used to have a tail. He said that he had to cut off because I kept turning into a giant monkey and started destroying everything during the full moon.#39;“小时候我爸爸说我以前是有一条尾巴的。但是后来他不得不把那条尾巴切掉,因为在满月时我总是会变成一只大猴子,然后到处破坏东西。”#39;My sister told me that if I burped with my mouth closed, no one would be able to hear it. I believed this until my mid-20s.#39;“我说,只要打嗝时闭上嘴巴,别人就听不见我打嗝的声音了。二十多年后,我才发现被耍了。” /201601/422665青岛月经不调哪个医院好青岛治疗宫颈管粘膜炎哪做的好



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