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Recent evidence and various sleep studies suggest that your sleep position could influence your dreams. Take a look at the sleep positions below, and see if your sleep position correlates with the types of dreams you#39;re having.最近有据和各种睡眠研究显示,睡觉姿势对做什么梦有影响(小编表示:真的?!!)。看看下面这些睡觉姿势,看看你的睡姿和所做的梦是否对应。Sleep Position #1: On Your Side姿势一:侧睡Bring on the puppies and rainbows, right-side sleepers! Right-side sleepers experience more positive and happy dreams and had fewer nightmares than left-side sleepers. Those who slept on their right were also more likely to report better quality of sleep than lefties.朝右侧睡的人会梦见小和虹!朝右侧睡的人会比左侧睡的人做更积极开心的梦,而且很少做恶梦。那些朝右侧睡的人比左侧睡的人睡眠质量更好。Sleep Position #2: On Your Back姿势二:平躺The study also mentions that those who sleep on their back experience dreams about vulnerability and feeling exposed — like showing up late for a final exam you forgot you had or suddenly being naked in public. Back sleepers also may have a harder time remembering their dreams, but maybe that#39;s not such a bad thing.研究也提到平躺睡觉的人梦里比较脆弱或者有被暴露了的感觉——比如因为忘记期末考试而迟到或者突然在公共场合赤身裸体。平躺睡觉的人也可能很难记起他们的梦,但这也并非坏事。Sleep Position #3: On Your Stomach姿势三:趴着In another study conducted by Dr. Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, PhD, of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, he concluded that the individuals who slept facedown on their belly were more likely to have a wide range of love-related dreams, like kissing a stranger, getting married, or dating a celebrity.在另外一项香港树仁大学余啟程士进行的研究中,他的结论是脸朝下趴着睡的人更有可能做各种与爱情有关的梦,比如亲吻陌生人、结婚或和名人约会。Sleep Position #4: Sleeping At An Incline姿势四:倾斜Those who sleep at an incline allegedly dream more vividly. It#39;s assumed a person is closer to wakefulness when they#39;re in a more upright position.倾斜睡觉的人声称做梦更生动,抬起的角度越大越接近清醒。When you experience a vivid dream, it feels incredibly real. Often, even after you#39;ve woke up, you thought that it really happened because you are so deeply involved in the dream.逼真的梦境给人难以置信的真实感,甚至通常醒来之后,你都以为梦是真的,因为你过于沉浸于梦中。 /201608/461861You might have difficulty expressing your needs. The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong way to do so, although it may be difficult to see this truth on a day like today. Deep-seated insecurity may make it difficult for you to express yourself. At a time when you feel like you should sit back and politely take things in, you really may be feeling like you want to run screaming at the people around you.可能你在表达需求方面有些困难。尽管在像今天这样的日子里很难看清以下的真相,即:底线就是并没有正确或错误的方式来表达需求。植根于内心的不安感使你很难表达自己。就在你感觉应该坐下并礼貌的接受事物时,你的真实感受可能是想对周边的人大声尖叫。Your well being horoscope幸福运势Today you might feel like spending time with a close friend. If you can, talk to a good pal and share some of what is on your mind. Your sense of humor will come out, and you#39;ll feel better right away. It#39;s not good for you to hold things in right now. It#39;s easy for you to brood and to get yourself all stressed out. Release some of this negative energy by clearing the air with a friend.今天你很想与密友待在一块儿。如果可以的话,与好朋友聊聊天,分享一些自己的想法。你的幽默感会蹦出来,立马使你感觉更好。现在,把事情憋在心里对你来说不是件好事。你很容易就会沉思,然后就会万分紧张。与朋友尽释前嫌,你就能释放一些负能量了。Your love horoscope爱情运势The only good thing about being on an emotional roller coaster is that you never feel sad for long. One moment you#39;re up, the next you#39;re down. You can#39;t seem to figure out just what it is you want today. Rather than bringing your loved ones along on this wild ride, why not take some time away from your usual environment. You#39;ll be a lot better off on your own. And who knows? Something more important may come out of these few moments of solitude!情绪起伏不定的唯一好处就是你从来不会伤心太久。前一刻你还很开心,下一刻你就不高兴了。看起来你想不出今天想要什么。与其让你所爱之人和你一起开始这段疯狂的旅程,不如独自离开一段时间,离开以往的生活环境。依靠自己你会活的更好。谁知道呢?也许少有的孤独时刻会带来一些更重要的事情。Your career horoscope事业运势As far as you are concerned, the outlook for the new cycle just beginning is bright and encouraging. You will be filled with energy. You should pay particular attention to reinforcing any career plans you recently initiated. If you have been somewhat aloof from your colleagues or family in the past few months, now is the time to make up for your absence.就你而言,刚开始的新一轮工作前景十分明朗、鼓舞人心。你将能量满满。你应该额外注意最近做出的任何事业计划。如果你在之前的几个月有点疏远了同事和家人,那么现在是为你的缺席做出弥补的时刻了。译文属 /201607/456368Got a long weekend coming up but can#39;t decide where to go?长长的周末要到了,但你还没想好要去哪儿?A new travel agency is offering to do that for you, but there#39;s a twist. You won#39;t know where you#39;re going until you reach the airport.一家新的旅行社可以帮你做这个决定,不过还有个新创意,那就是到机场了你才能知道要去哪儿。Pack Up + Go builds surprise itineraries spanning the U.S. and plans your trip based on a survey you fill out.“说走就走”这个旅行项目会给你一个惊喜的美国国内行程,它会基于你填的调查表为你做行程计划。The concept was founded by Pennsylvania-based Lillian Rafson when she was only 23 and targets people who #39;love travelling but loathe planning#39;.这个理念是宾夕法尼亚的莉莲·拉夫森在年仅23岁时想出来的,针对的是那些喜欢旅行但讨厌做计划的人。Clients are first asked to fill out a survey detailing their departure date and holiday preferences.客户首先被要求填一张调查表,详细说明他们想要启程的日期和假期时间。Questions include where you#39;ve been aly and whether you are looking for action, culture or relaxation. The traveller is also asked about their hobbies, dietary restrictions, and physical state.问题中包括你去过的地方,你只是想出去走走还是要体验文化、抑或是为了放松。旅行者也会被问及他们的爱好、饮食限制和身体状况。In the week running up to the trip, Pack Up + Go sends a parcel containing a weather forecast, packing suggestions, and transport instructions. It also contains an envelope that mustn#39;t be opened until the client has reached their final destination.旅行前一周,“说走就走”会发给你一个邮包,包含一份天气预报、打包建议和交通指南。还有一个信封必须等客户到目的地才能打开。That envelope contains a city guide for their location.信封里有目的地的城市指南。According to their website, Pack + Go only send clients to #39;mid-sized American cities#39;, which are no more than four hours away from home.网站上说明了“说走就走”只能把客户送到“美国中等城市”,离家不超过4小时的路程。Kids are welcome, and friends who live in different cities can sign up as a group to end up in the same place.小孩也可以参加,不在同一个城市的朋友也可以组团报名去同一个目的地。 /201607/456241

After meeting with a group of gay people who said they had been bullied, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, appeared on the cover of Attitude, a gay magazine, and urged young people to report instances of abuse to an adult.剑桥公爵威廉王子登上了同性恋杂志《态度》(Attitude)的封面,呼吁年轻人向成年人反映虐待现象。在此之前,威廉王子还会见了一群称自己受到霸凌的同性恋者。“No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason, and no one should have to put up with the kind of hate that these young people have endured in their lives,” Prince William said in an accompanying statement. “You should be proud of the person you are, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”“任何人都不该因为性取向或其他任何原因受到欺侮,任何人都不应容忍这些年轻人在生活中忍受的憎恶,”威廉王子在随杂志一同发表的声明中说。“你应该以自己为傲,不用觉得羞耻。”The cover was planned weeks before a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., killed 49 people, but the magazine said in a statement that the type of hatred exhibited by the gunman, Omar Mateen, begins at an early age.这一期封面的策划发生在造成49人死亡的奥兰多同性恋夜店击案的前几周。但该杂志在一份声明中表示,手奥马尔·马廷(Omar Mateen)表现出的那种仇恨在他小时候就开始了。“Such violence does not exist in a vacuum but snowballs from intolerance and bullying that begins in classrooms, too often comes from politicians, religious leaders and is often not treated with respect by the media,” the statement .“这种暴力并非凭空而来,而是不宽容和欺侮行为滚成的雪球,这种不宽容和欺侮从上学时就开始出现,很多时候来自政界人物和宗教领袖,并且常常得不到媒体的重视,”声明写道。For Prince William, the decision to meet with members of the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender community appears to be a further venture into gay rights issues and an extension of a broader effort to combat bullying. In April, he established a task force to help combat cyberbullying — on Tuesday, Kensington Palace announced that Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, had joined the effort. 对威廉王子来说,决定会见同性恋、双性恋和跨性别者群体的成员,似乎是在同性恋权益问题上的又一次尝试,也是一项打击欺侮行为的广泛行动的延伸。4月,他成立了一个工作小组,帮助打击欺侮行为。周二,肯辛顿宫(Kensington Palace)宣布,万维网的发明者蒂姆·伯纳斯-李爵士(Tim Berners-Lee)加入该小组。Prince William is not the first royal to champion a high-profile cause, but Arianne Chernock, an associate professor of history at Boston University who specializes in modern British history, said that Prince William; his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge; and his brother, Prince Harry, had gravitated toward more sensitive topics than others had in the past.威廉王子不是首位投身广受关注的倡导事业的王室成员,但波士顿大学(Boston University)专门研究现代英国史的副教授艾丽安·彻诺克(Arianne Chernock)表示,威廉王子和他的妻子、剑桥公爵夫人凯瑟琳及弟弟哈里王子关心的话题,比过去其他人关注的更敏感。L.G.B.T. issues, Ms. Chernock said, might have been seen as “an underdog cause” until relatively recently, and was perhaps the kind of work that would have attracted the duke’s mother, Princess Diana.彻诺克表示,可能直到最近,LGBT问题还被当做是“一项弱者事业”,是可能会吸引公爵的母亲戴安娜王妃的那种工作。“I think they’re building on Diana,” Ms. Chernock said, “who really championed the other causes other people didn’t want to touch.”“我认为他们是在发扬戴安娜的风格,”彻诺克说。“她真的持其他人不愿触碰的其他事业。”Ms. Chernock said that Diana understood that the news media could be used to bring awareness to her causes; she also knew that it could help keep the royal family relevant and fashion her image as a royal. When she chose to shake hands with an H.I.V.-positive man in 1987, she was credited with helping to shed light on a cause that had been shunned and ignored. 彻诺克称,戴安娜知道去利用新闻媒体来让外界关注她持的事业;她也知道这样有助于保持王室的影响力,塑造她作为王室成员的形象。在1987年选择同一个HIV检测呈阳性的人握手时,她的举动被认为有助于人们了解一项一直被逃避和忽略的事业。;That was a really huge turning point for her,” Ms. Chernock said, “and really did change a lot of the public attitude toward H.I.V. AIDS in particular, but as a consequence, the gay community more generally.”“对她来说,那真的是一个很大的转折点,”彻诺克说,“真的让公众的态度发生了很大的改变,尤其是对HIV/艾滋病,也因而改变了对同性恋群体的态度。”Her sons have largely followed her blueprint. In March, Prince Harry made headlines when he spoke about the need for gender equality while on a visit to Nepal. But Prince William’s decision to allow himself to be photographed for a gay magazine, Ms. Chernock said, shows a royal “pushing the envelope further than we’ve seen before.” 她的两个儿子在很大程度上继承了她的风格。3月,哈里王子在访问尼泊尔期间谈到须实行性别平等一事,成为热门新闻。但彻诺克说,威廉王子同意为一份同性恋杂志拍摄封面的决定表明,王室“正在进一步挑战极限”。 /201606/449936

Smartphone blindness happens when people lie on their side at night, with one eye against the pillow and the other staring at the smartphone screen. While one eye adjusts to the dark, the other eye gets used to the bright light of the high-resolution screen. But when they roll over and open both their eyes, the eye which has been staring at the screen cannot cope with the darkness of the room. Subsequently, with both eyes uncovered in the dark, the light-adapted eye is perceived to be “blind”.人们晚上侧躺着看手机,一只眼靠着枕头,另一只眼盯着手机屏幕的时候会出现“智能手机眼盲症”。一只眼(靠着枕头的那只)适应了黑暗的环境,而另一只眼(看手机的那只)则适应了高分辨率屏幕发出的亮光。当你翻身把两只眼睛都完全睁开的时候,之前盯着手机屏幕的那只眼睛无法适应房间内黑暗的环境。结果,两只眼同时在黑暗环境中的时候,适应了光亮的那只就会出现“眼盲”的情况。It usually takes several moments for the eyes to adjust, leading people to believe they are suffering from a severe problem.通常,这种情况需要一段时间让眼睛来慢慢适应,有些人就会以为自己得了什么重病。A similar condition known as digital eye strain may also appear after long hours of staring at computer screen or smartphone screen. The sympotoms may include eye dryness, blurry vision and persistent headache.另外一种相似的症状叫“数码眼疲劳”,多半出现在长时间盯着电脑或手机屏幕之后,主要的症状有,眼干、视野模糊,以及长时间头疼。TIPS:缓解眼疲劳小贴士:1. Blink more often.多眨眼。Blinking is very important when working at a computer; blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation.看电脑的时候眨眼很重要,眨眼能够滋润眼睛,防止眼干和不适。2. Adjust your computer display settings.调整电脑显示设置。Brightness. Adjust the brightness of the display so it#39;s approximately the same as the brightness of your surrounding workstation.亮度。将电脑显示的亮度调整到接近周围环境亮度的水平。Text size and contrast. Adjust the text size and contrast for comfort, especially when ing or composing long documents.字体大小和对比度。将字体大小和对比度调整到让眼睛舒适的水平,尤其在需要长时间阅读或处理文件的时候。3. Take frequent breaks.多休息。To reduce your risk for computer vision syndrome and neck, back and shoulder pain, take frequent breaks during your computer work day.为了缓解电脑视力症状以及颈、背、肩痛,在电脑前工作时要多停下来休息。 /201606/451451

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