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And they#39;ve taken it quickly.他们迅速把球传至前场。It#39;s a corner.是个角球。Free header.头球攻门。Liverpool are level,1-1.利物浦队把比分扳平,一比一。Goal-scorer for Liverpool,number 25,Igor Biscan.利物浦队进球,二十五号,比斯坎。重点词汇:corner 角球例句:David Beckham#39;s corner kick is a threat to England#39;s opposition.贝克汉姆的角球对英格兰的对手构成了一定的威胁。 Article/201406/306172China#39;s Alibaba to file IPO in America CNN#39;s Samuel Burke looks at vast array of sites owned by Alibaba and compares them to their western counterparts.Alibaba is a holding group with a vast array of very successful subsidiaries. So I want to do some West vs East to show you just how many companies Alibaba has and compare them to some of their well-known counterparts in the west. First, we have eBay known for its auctions. Alibaba? Well, they have this company: Taobao.com. Then we have price comparison websites like Nextag, also Google Shopping. Alibaba? They have this website: Etao.com. Then we move on the Amazon.com. Alibaba? They have this website: Tmall.com. Although it#39;s a bit different because Amazon actually sells products themselves, whilst Tmall.com is simply the middleman between merchants and buyers. Then we have sites like Paypal.com for online transactions. Alibaba? They have this website and platform: Alipay.com. And just to give you an idea of how many different types of products they have: you may have heard Dropbox in the west, well Alibaba, they have their own cloud system proceeding clouds across platforms. Theirs is called Aliyun.com. To put all these numbers into contact: Cyber Monday, sowell-known in the ed States, in total that brings in 1.4 billion dollar in sales across very many companies in the ed States. In China, on their guanggun Singles#39; Day, just on Alibaba#39;s platform alone, 5.75 billion dollars in transaction. And that gives you an idea of just how important and big this IPO here in New York might be. Samuel Burke, CNN, New York. /201403/281450Today in History: Tursday, May30, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月30日,星期四May 30th, 2002 In New York, the end of the agonizing clean up at Ground Zero, eight and a half months after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Retired firefighter Tom Steffens says he can hardly believe what he sees where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center once stood.It#39;s scary. It#39;s just atomizing two giant beautiful buildings were here and, now it#39;s gone. It#39;s that what’s like a baseball field, just flatten, just nothing there, is this… it’s a discard ranching1431,In France, Joan of Arc is burned at the stake, condemned as a heretic. Today, she is France#39;s national heroine and a Catholic saint.1982 ,I’ve always been someone that just grudges out and tries to do the best I can, take one day of the timeCal Ripken, Junior of the Baltimore Orioles plays the first of what becomes a record 2,632 consecutive games in major league baseball.And 1909,Benny Goodman, the jazz clarinetist and bandleader known as the “King of Swing”, is born in Chicago.Today in History, May 30th, Ross Simpson, the Associated Press. /201305/242138

The tectonic plates that make up the world#39;s crust构成地壳的各个构造板块grind against each other,相互挤压building up huge amounts of stress.逐渐累积起巨大的压力The stress produces cracks known as faults.压力造成了被称之为断层的裂缝Wherever there#39;s a fault,有断层的地方there might one day be an earthquake.总有一天会有地震发生We know that earthquakes happen我们知道地震的发生because stress builds up in the crust是因为地壳中逐渐累积的压力and finally you overcome the friction and you slip suddenly.最终克了擦力 突然释放Actually, an analogy is snapping your fingers.其实 就好比打响指When you snap your fingers当你打响指时you have two surfaces in frictional contact.两个面接触擦But, all right, now I#39;m trying to say而现在我想说明的是what micro-second they#39;re going to move on在某一微秒时手指将会动起来and that#39;s going to be exactly而这恰恰就是what point the friction is overcome.擦力被克的那一时间点That#39;s,There#39;s a lot of processes going on there.这其中经历了很多的过程But even though scientists know但即便是科学家知道how and where earthquakes happen,地震形成的原因和发生地点the question they can#39;t answer is the one that matters most.对最关键的一个问题 却仍无法作答So on May the 11th did you think5月11日那天 你有没想到there was going to be a big earthquake in China?中国会发生一场大地震No. There#39;s nobody who on May 11th said不 在5月11日 没人说过there#39;s gonna be an earthquake.马上就会发生大地震There are plenty of people on May 13th said倒是有不少人在5月13日说;I really did know this two days earlier. ;我两天前就知道 会有这场地震It#39;s a far cry from the picture of just couple of decades ago.这跟几十年预测帕克菲尔德地震那次 是两回事 Article/201304/237125

罗恩·古特曼回顾了一大批关于微笑的研究,并发现了一些惊人的结果。你知道吗,微笑能够预测你的寿命有多长!微微的一笑能对你的幸福生活产生不小影响?请一边放松面部肌肉,一边深入了解这种传染性极高的行为。 Article/201309/253994

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