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Over the course of three hours at the restaurant, she spoke in Mandarin, with her son and his wife translating into English. 在餐厅接受采访的三个小时里,她一直在用普通话,她的儿子和儿媳把她的话翻译成英语。Ms Mao, who usually declines interviews, reflected on her past without sentimentality.经常拒绝接受采访的茅瑛回顾了自己的过去,没有一丝伤感。On moving to New York: My son was born, and my husband came here for work. 对于移居纽约:我儿子出生了,丈夫也来这里工作。Supporting my family is what is most important to me.持自己的家庭对我来说是最重要的。On her second vocation: Chinese restaurants are always a good way to make money in the U.S.对于自己的第二个职业:在美国,开中餐馆永远是赚钱的好办法。On leaving the spotlight: My story is now in history. 对于淡出公众视线:我的故事现在已经是历史了。I want to be off the screen. 我希望远离荧屏。I always keep low.我一向低调。When encouraged to discuss her stardom with less modesty, she turned away from her granddaughter, seeming to consider the past for the first time in a long while. 听到让她不要这么谦虚,谈谈自己当年的光芒的鼓励后,她放开孙女,似乎是很长时间以来第一次回忆过去。Then she chuckled.然后,她轻声笑了。How famous was I? she said. 我当时有多出名?她说。When I was a somebody, Jackie Chan was a nobody.我当明星的时候,成龙还是无名小卒呢。Ms Mao’s career was brief but bright, taking place in Hong Kong and Taiwan and including roles in more than 30 films over a decade. 茅瑛的电影事业短暂却灿烂。在十年时间里,她在香港和台湾演了30多部电影。Studios promoted her as a female Bruce Lee. 电影公司把她宣传成女版李小龙。When she appeared as Mr Lee’s doomed sister in the 1973 martial arts classic Enter the Dragon, her place in the kung fu canon was secured. 当她出现在1973年的经典武打片《龙争虎斗》(Enter the Dragon)中,扮演李小龙在劫难逃的时,她在功夫片领域的地位就树立起来了。Quentin Tarantino has cited her as an influence, and a violent fight scene in his 2003 film Kill Bill involving a swinging ball and chain is strikingly similar to one of Ms Mao’s duels in Broken Oath.昆汀#8226;塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Tarantino)就自称受了她的影响。在塔伦蒂诺2003年的影片《杀死比尔》(Kill Bill)中,一个激烈打斗的场景中出现了四处挥舞的链球,和茅瑛在《破戒》(Broken Oath)中的一个决斗场面惊人地相似。She fought with ferocity and grace, mowing through armies of opponents with jaw-breaking high kicks, interrupting the carnage only to flip her pigtails to the side. 她的打斗激烈而不失优雅,利用可踢断对手下巴的高踢腿横扫一群群敌人,在血腥搏斗中时不时地把辫子甩到一边。A common climax in her films was her combating a villain twice her size.在她的电影中,常见的高潮是她和块头是她两倍的反派搏斗。 /201611/479240

An “outstanding” performance in the Americas and “renewed growth” in China for Rémy Cointreau’s Cognac business have handed the company a strong first half to the year, writes Peter Wells.由于旗下干邑业务在美洲地区表现“出色”以及在中国“恢复增长”,人头马君度(Rémy Cointreau)上半财年业绩强劲。The French spirits maker said the performance was boosted by its high-end products and a positive foreign exchange effect, and has stuck to its operating profit guidance for the fiscal year.这家法国烈酒制造商表示,业绩受到旗下高端产品和正面汇率效应的提振。该公司维持之前做出的本财年营业利润指引。Reported operating profit in its House of Rémy Martin unit, which accounted for 31.6 per cent of total group sales by value, rose 9.1 per cent at constant exchange rates to EURO101.9m in the six months to September 30 compared to the previous year.在截止今年9月30日的6个月里,该公司旗下House of Rémy Martin部门报告的营业利润按恒定汇率计算同比增长9.1%,至1.019亿欧元。该部门的销售额占到整个集团的31.6%。Operating profit for the liqueurs and spirits division was up 8.6 per cent at constant exchange rates to EURO27.4m in the first half compared with a year earlier.甜酒及烈酒部门的营业利润按恒定汇率计算同比增长8.6%,至2740万欧元。For the group, operating profit rose 7 per cent at constant exchange rates compared with a year earlier to EURO123.9m, slightly ahead of analysts’ forecasts for EURO123m. Sales rose 4.1 per cent at constant exchange rates to EURO513.4m, also topping market forecasts.整个集团的营业利润按恒定汇率计算同比增长7%,至1.239亿欧元,略高于分析师预期的1.23亿欧元。该公司销售收入按恒定汇率计算增长4.1%,至5.134亿欧元,也超出了市场预期。 /201611/480003

The published by Time Out London on Facebook shows diners attempting to burst their Xiao Long Bao (little basket buns), and throw out the soup.日前,英国美食栏目“Time Out London”在Facebook上发布了一则视频,视频中食客们把小笼包戳破,倒掉了里面的灌汤。Originating in China, Xiao Long Bao have a passionate foodie fan following.小笼包起源于中国,有一大批吃货粉丝。Many point out the traditional way is to suck out the soup and eat the dumplings. Time Out said it burst them in order to show the soup inside.许多人都指出,吃小笼包的传统方法是先喝掉汤,然后再吃包子。而Time Out则称,他们戳破包子是为了向观众展示里面的汤汁。The steaming hot broth is, for many, the most prized part of each Xiao Long Bao.对许多人来说,包子里面热气腾腾的肉汤是每一个小笼包的精华。Characterised by its translucent skin, each dumpling is filled with juicy minced pork and broth and eaten with ginger strips and vinegar.小笼包的表皮呈半透明状,每一个包子里都满含多汁的馅料和美味的肉汤,要搭配姜丝和醋一起食用。The has been widely panned by food lovers on Facebook. ;The entire was one big blasphemy. I#39;m screaming internally and not in an excited way,; said Kenneth Ting. ;That is not how you eat Xiao Long Bao. It#39;s a complete waste of something so good.;该视频已经被Facebook上的吃货们大加吐槽。网友“Kenneth Ting”说道:“我真是忍不住要吐槽了,这整部视频简直就是对小笼包的亵渎!你们就是这么吃小笼包的吗?真是白瞎了这么好的东西。” /201704/502791

Advertising is a glamour manufacturer, powered by social envy, according to the late John Berger. “Envy becomes a common emotion in a society which has moved towards democracy and stopped halfway, where status is theoretically open to everyone, but enjoyed by only a few,” the critic said in the final part of his Ways of Seeing series for the B in 1972, which looked at parallels between fine art and publicity.按照已故的约翰?贝格(John Berger)的说法,广告是魅力制造商,由社会嫉妒心态推动。1972年,这位艺术家在为英国广播公司(B)编写的《观看之道》(Ways of Seeing)系列节目的最后一集表示:“在一个向民主推进而中途止步的社会,嫉妒成了一种普遍的情绪——在这个社会中,地位在理论上对所有人开放,但只有少数人才能享受到。”该节目探讨了美术和宣传之间的联系。Berger’s 45-year-old analysis of the fracturing impact of social inequality — and advertising’s role in it — sounds right up to date in the new post-truth era of Brexit and Donald Trump.贝格在45年前对社会不平等的割裂影响——以及广告在其中扮演的角色——作出的分析,在英国退欧和唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)主政的新的后真相时代听起来切中时弊。In many other ways, though, his critique is a quaint throwback to a more innocent age. Modern marketing can be much more insidious, invasive and hard to identify than the posters and display ads he studied.然而,在其他许多方面,他的反映了一个更为淳朴的时代,现在听上去有点离奇。与他研究的海报和展示广告相比,现代营销可能要隐蔽得多,更具侵入性,也更难识别。Berger described advertising as a moribund art form. But many of the people doing it at the end of the last century aspired to artistic excellence, and sometimes achieved it in their later careers. Directors Alan Parker and Ridley Scott used commercials to cut their teeth in film-making. Authors Salman Rushdie and Fay Weldon were copywriters.贝格将广告称为一种死气沉沉的艺术形式。但在上世纪末,许多广告从业人员渴望达到艺术卓越,有些人在职业生涯后期做到了这一点。导演艾伦?帕克(Alan Parker)和雷德利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)曾利用广告片来演练电影制作。作家萨曼?拉什迪(Salman Rushdie)和费伊?韦尔登(Fay Weldon)曾是广告文案撰写人。Advertising “creatives” once shared “a real belief in how to communicate”, Sir John Hegarty told the B recently. He was behind 1985’s “Launderette”, the “man-strips-to-his-boxers-to-wash-his-jeans” commercial that made his name, and, more to the point, revived his client’s brand, Levi’s.约翰?赫加蒂爵士(Sir John Hegarty)最近向B表示,广告“创意人士”曾经“对如何沟通有着真切的信念”。他在1985年制作了《洗衣店》(Launderette)——这部“男子脱得只剩平角裤衩来洗牛仔裤”的广告片让他声名鹊起,更重要的是,让其客户李维斯(Levi#39;s)的品牌复苏。For a time, as a student with an interest in writing and design, I was tempted to join them. But my godfather wrote me a stern letter warning, in Berger-esque terms, that it was the devil’s work, and I chose the purer path of journalism.作为一名对写作和设计感兴趣的学生,我一度忍不住想加入他们。但我的教父给我写了一封措辞严厉的信(有点贝格的风格)警告称,那是魔鬼的工作,于是我选择了相对纯洁的记者之路。In an article for the Financial Times on January 2, the day Berger died, Sir John complained that creativity had “taken a back seat” to “data-only solutions”. That he longs wistfully for the “big, daring campaigns” of the past is no surprise. But while he identifies one of the symptoms of advertising’s malaise, he misses that fact that the disease is far more serious than a mere obsession with data.在今年1月2日(也就是贝格逝世当天)为英国《金融时报》撰写的文章中,约翰爵士抱怨称,创造力已经“靠边站”,让位于“只依赖数据的解决方案”。他怀念过去的“大规模的、大胆的广告宣传活动”这一点不足为奇。但是尽管他指出了广告业弊病的症状之一,但他没有认识到,该行业的病症比痴迷于数据严重得多。In fact, creativity is still a sought-after trait in advertising; it is just applied differently. “It’s no longer about a crew of 60 people spending five days shooting a 30-second ad. Somebody has still got to have an idea, but it may manifest itself in a technology solution or an event,” says one agency chairman.实际上,创造力在广告业仍受到追捧,只是运用有所不同。一位广告公司的董事长表示:“关键不再是一个60人的团队花上5天时间拍摄30秒的广告。还是得有人提出创意,但这个创意可能体现于某个技术解决方案或者某个大型活动。”The greater threat comes from the influence of Google and Facebook, which now account for three-quarters of all new online ad spending — and collect more relevant data on their users than 1980s television and ad execs could dream of. Tim Wu, academic and author of an excellent new book, The Attention Merchants, refers to Facebook as a “virtual attention plantation” that has turned people into “renters willingly making extensive improvements to their landlord’s property, even as they [are] made to look at advertisements”.更大的威胁来自谷歌(Google)和Facebook的影响力——如今这两家公司在新在线广告出总额中占到四分之三,而且它们从用户那里收集的相关数据是上世纪80年代的电视和广告人员想都不敢想的。学者、精新书《注意力商家》(The Attention Merchants)的作者吴修铭(Tim Wu)将Facebook称为一个“虚拟的注意力种植园”,把用户变成“自愿全面修缮地主财产的佃户,即便他们被迫观看广告”。Addictive social media platforms can finally supply the long-sought evidence of whether advertisers’ campaigns are working or not. They are also the virtual heirs of the machine that Berger attacked in the 1970s. Users’ posts of their happy Christmases, fabulous skiing breaks and beautiful children’s academic achievements are the new aspirational targets. Social media harnesses targeted adverts to these user-generated glimpses of glamour. Sir John rightly worries that such techniques are “aggravating people into attention”.令人上瘾的社交媒体平台可能最终提供了人们长期寻求的据:广告商的广告宣传活动是否奏效?它们也是伯格在上世纪70年代攻击的机器的虚拟继承者。用户在平台上发布的快乐的圣诞节、美妙的滑雪休假和孩子们的好成绩是新的渴望目标。社交媒体根据这些用户生成的魅力快照投放针对性的广告。约翰爵士正确地担心,此类手法“使人们加倍注意”。As Berger wrote in the book of his TV series, publicity is essential to capitalism’s survival. For all the airs put on by creatives, it is a mundane part of the process of persuading people to buy stuff. The pressing question, Prof Wu writes, is not whether advertising is good or evil, but how the attention merchants should conduct their business, as they reach further into our homes and, via social media and virtual reality, our minds.正如贝格在其电视系列节目中所写的,宣传对于资本主义的生存是不可或缺的。尽管创意人士会渲染一番,但他们的工作只是说人们购买东西这个过程中一个平凡的环节。吴修铭写道,迫在眉睫的问题不是广告是好还是邪恶,而是注意力商家应该如何开展业务;当今它们正进一步深入我们的家,并通过社交媒体和虚拟现实,将触角伸向我们的头脑。He warns advertisers and their agents to “t very lightly” in this area — a message enlightened advertising executives have aly absorbed. The same agency chairman told me the industry must act with “self-interested self-restraint” when it comes to exploiting new technology.他警告广告商和代理机构在这一领域“轻轻迈步”——有见识的广告业高管已经消化了这一信息。上述广告代理公司的董事长告诉我,就利用新技术而言,广告业在行为上必须保持“出于自身利益的自我克制”。Customers’ appetite for ad-blocking software is one sign it may aly be too late. But the advertising industry has suffered popular backlashes before. A revolt against garish Parisian posters in the late 1860s, described in The Attention Merchants, triggered regulation on street publicity that is still in place. Yet advertising always finds ways to creep back into consumers’ consciousness.客户对广告屏蔽软件趋之若鹜表明,现在可能为时已晚。但广告业以前也遭遇过大众的反弹。就像《注意力商家》里描述的那样,在19世纪60年代末,大众对庸俗的巴黎海报感到不满,带来了实行至今的针对街头宣传的法规。然而,广告业始终能找到方法引起消费者的注意。That leaves self-defence, based on Berger’s prescient scepticism and keen eye, as the only way to avoid being misled. For, whether we like it or not, we are all in advertising now.这意味着,只有自我保护(借鉴贝格具有先见之明的怀疑和敏锐眼光)才是避免误入歧途的唯一方式。因为无论我们喜欢与否,如今我们大家都涉足广告业。 /201702/491999

Contrary to popular belief, the best way for men to meet women isn’t by becoming an idol otaku or a rental boyfriend online. Instead, it’s all about what they’re putting into their mouths.想要邂逅女生?当一名偶像宅男或是网上的可出租男友可不是什么好办法。相反,你的异性吸引力与吃的食物可是息息相关的,这一点可能出乎很多人的意料。According to an article in Evolution and Human Behavior, sweat produced by males who ate a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, fats, meat, eggs and tofu was judged by females to bemore pleasant smelling than the sweat of males who ate a higher concentration of carbohydrates. The better smelling sweat was recorded to have more “floral, fruity, sweet and medicinal qualities” to it.《进化与人类行为》期刊上的一篇文章表明,女性认为均衡膳食的男性——食用水果、蔬菜、肥肉、猪肉、鸡蛋和豆腐,他们的汗味要比那些吃高浓度碳水化合物的男性好闻得多。据记载,味道相对好闻的汗液中含有更多的“花香,果香,甜味与药味”。Sweat and attractiveness may not go hand-in-hand in most people’s minds, but if you’re a guy who’s been having bad luck with the ladies, then you might want to consider this: women typically have amore sensitive sense of smell than men, and women typically rate their partner’s smell as amore important factor in attractiveness than men.大多数人并不会把汗味与魅力相提并论,但你若女生缘不是太好的话,那么你可能得好好思考一下这个因素:女性嗅觉的灵敏度一般要高于男性,在考虑个人魅力时,她们往往要比男生更看重另一半的气味。So even if you don’t care that you smell like a used diaper on hot days or when you’re exercising, chances are those last couple hundred women who turned you down do care very much.所以,即使你并不在意在酷热的天气里或运动锻炼时,自己闻起来像块用过的尿不湿的话,但曾经拒绝过你的那些女生可能是非常在意这一点的。This news correlating diet and sweat-smell came as a shock to Japanese commenters. They had a lot of questions right off the bat:将饮食与汗味同日而语的新闻让许多日本家大吃一惊。他们立马就产生了许多疑问:“Do the vegetables in my ramen count?”“拉面里的蔬菜算数吗?”“Does drinking vegetable juice every day count?”“每天喝蔬菜汁算数吗?”“Do potato salad and macaroni salad count as salad?”“土豆沙拉和通心粉沙拉只能算作沙拉吗?”Of course it’s important to bear in mind that once you do achieve the adonis level of sweet-smelling sweat, it’s important to still be open to the signals that women give off when they’re interested. Otherwise you’ll still be alone… but at least you’ll have a nice-smelling laundry basket to show for it!当然,你还应该牢牢记住,一旦你的汗液达到了“甜甜的美少男”标准,学会接受女性示好的暗号同样重要,否则你还是孤家寡人一枚……但最起码你还有个闻起来还不错的洗衣篮可展示。 /201611/479663

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