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  ②I can't tell a lie.英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 My Birthday -- 18::37 来源: my birthdaytoday is my nineth birthday.my mother and my grandma buy a big cake me.when i get home,i see a cake on the table. there are nine candles on it and there is a present next to the cake.i ask my mother and my grandmother:"what's it?"they say:"can you guess?""yes,i can.is it a toy-car?""no.it's not."my mum says."is it a cap?""no,it's not.""is it a scarf?""yes,it is.you're so clever."i open it.hmm!there is a letter under the scarf.write :the weather is getting cold,please wear this scarf ,don't have the flu.""thanks mum and grandma.i love you very much!"写作练习:美国人写的经典作文() -- :5:51 来源: 英语四级写作长度范文非常重要,下面是小编为大家整理的大学英语四级写作练习:美国人写的经典作文,希望大家认真学习   .Make Change Work You  Transmation is a universal constant that affects our lives from the moment we are born until we leave earthly existence behind. At the root of all growth, we find change. Occasionally, change and the circumstances leading up to it are a source of extraordinary joy, but more often than not they provoke feelings of discomt, fear, or pain. Though many changes are unavoidable, we should not believe that we are subject to the whims of an unpredictable universe. It is our response to those circumstances that will dictate the nature of our experiences. At the heart of every transmation, no matter how chaotic, there is substance. When we no longer resist change and instead regard it as an opporty to grow, we find that we are far from helpless in the face of it.  Our role as masters of our own destinies is cemented when we choose to make change work in our favor. Yet bee we can truly internalize this power, we must accept that we cannot hide from the changes taking place all around us. Existence as we know it will come to an end at one or more points in our lives, making way some new and perhaps unexpected mode of being. This transmation will take place whether or not we want it to, and so it is up to us to decide whether we will open our eyes to the blessings hidden amidst disorder or close ourselves off from opporties hiding behind obstacles.  To make change work you, look constructively at your situation and ask yourself how you can benefit from the transmation that has taken place. As threatening as change can seem, it is often a sign that a new era of your life has begun. If you reevaluate your plans and goals in the days or weeks following a major change, you will discover that you can adapt your ambition to the circumstances bee you and even capitalize on these changes. Optimism, enthusiasm, and flexibility will aid you greatly here, as there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on what might have been. Change can hurt in the short term but, if you are willing to embrace it proactively, its lasting impact will nearly always be physically, spiritually, and intellectually transmative.


考研英语 年考研英语搞定翻译 让成绩“高人一等” -- :9:57 来源: 考研英语中的翻译虽然分值不大,但却是很容易失分也很难得分的一个部分下面,就针对大家平时遇到的一些困惑来分析一下翻译题型的特点以及应对策略,并在此基础上提出相应的复习指导,希望能帮助年考研的同学们在翻译题型上成绩高人一等  一、翻译的题型特点  a.体裁以议论文为主,内容和意义比较抽象  b.题材具有明显的偏向文科领域的趋势  c.句子长,结构复杂、从句多的句子划线  二、翻译题型的应对策略  两个关键一是理解的关键在于英语的语法结构、逻辑结构二是表达的关键在于根据汉语习惯对译入语进行适当调整  考生们需要注意的是以下几点:  (1) 能直译不意译直译不符合汉语习惯的时候,要意译另外,还有一些有固定翻译方法的语法结构和搭配也要遵循惯用意译方法例如:IT is well-known (that…) 习惯译法是众所周知  () 只加不减的原则这是从信息量的覆盖层面来说的因为英文中有些词汇有特定含义,还有在并列结构中大量使用省略为了忠实于原文,我们要尽量在翻译时覆盖所有原文携带的信息以免出现因为信息减损出现的扣分  (3) 适当运用翻译技巧考研英语翻译试题,如果不能够运用一定的翻译技巧,很难将译文处理到位也很难达到“达”的翻译标准  三、翻译的答题步骤  1、快速阅读全文,把握文章主旨和文体  文章是一个有机整体,不看文章翻译其中的句子,必然会导致断章取义文章的文体也决定了我们翻译时的语言风格提醒年考研的同学们必须先通读全文,了解文章整体内容,准确把握作者作者想要表达的主题思想以及文章文体需要注意的是,因为时间有限,这里的通读意味着快速阅读  、通读全句、划分各意群成分  把主句、从句、非谓语动词短语划分开来;把主干部分和修饰部分划分开来  3、选择词义、根据汉语习惯调整各意群语序、贴切表达  、适当调整,书写译文  所谓知彼知己,百战不殆了解了考研英语翻译的试题特点以及基本的应对策略以后,在平时的复习中再加以针对性地练题,搞定考研英语就不是问题了


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