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The prospects for the Jaguar and Land Rover brands under the ownership of Tata Motors of India looked weirdly uncertain in 2008, as the global financial crisis unfolded with no clear indicator whether and how soon sales of luxury cars would again grow.2008年,当捷豹和路虎被转让给印度塔塔集团时,这两大品牌的前景还非常不明朗。彼时,全球经济危机刚刚爆发,还没有明确的迹象表明豪华车型的销量何时才能再度恢复增长。Any undue fretting turns out to have been misplaced. The two quintessentially British automakers, sold to Tata by Ford Motor F 0.40% , delivered a record 462,678 vehicles globally in 2014, up from 425,000 a year earlier, with a forecast to break half a million this year. The automaker opened a manufacturing plant last year, its fifth worldwide, with ambitions to reach 750,000 units sold annually by the end of the decade and a million eventually.现在看来,当时的担心完全是不必要的。路虎和捷豹都是典型的英国汽车品牌,被福特卖给塔塔后,它们的全球销量在2013年达到425,000台,2014年更是达到了创纪录的462,678台,今年甚至有望突破50万台。去年塔塔集团又开设了它在全球的第五家制造厂。这家雄心勃勃的公司希望,到2020年,捷豹和路虎的销量能够达到75万台,最终冲破百万大关。Tata’s vision could be helped by two initiatives announced earlier this month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit: diesel engine availability for most models and Jaguar’s first crossover, F-Pace.为了实现这个愿景,塔塔在2015底特律车展上宣布了两项计划:一是为旗下大多数车型推出柴油版,二是推出捷豹的首款跨界车型F-Pace。Diesel engines seem ideal for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles because they’re more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, a key consideration as automakers strive to meet more stringent efficiency rules worldwide. Diesel’s image among luxury buyers has improved in recent years because the latest versions of the engine are virtually free of smoke, odor and clatter, while providing particularly rapid acceleration from a dead stop. All of the luxury brands have been offering diesel, so why not Jaguar Land Rover?对于捷豹和路虎的车型来说,柴油发动机似乎是个理想的选择,因为柴油版的燃油经济性要优于汽油引擎,随着全球各国对能耗标准卡得越来越严,此举是非常必要的。近几年,柴油引擎在豪车阵营的形象已有所好转,因为最新的柴油发动机基本上避免了烟雾、气味和噪声等短板,同时还能提供非常理想的加速能力。所有的豪车品牌都开始提供柴油版,捷豹和路虎肯定也不愿落于人后。Andy Goss, worldwide head of sales, said in Detroit this month the brands “have to challenge the established order the way Audi had to do with BMW and Mercedes not so long ago. We are creating clear differentiation for people to buy Jaguar over one of the German brands. The Germans tend to look at each other rather than anyone else.”捷豹路虎全球运营总监安迪o高斯在底特律表示,捷豹路虎“必须挑战奥迪、宝马和奔驰建立的现有秩序。我们正在为人们建立明显的差异化选择,吸引他们购买捷豹而不是哪个德系品牌。这几个德系品牌通常只把对方当作竞争对手,并不太重视其他品牌。”What seems clear is that Tata has allowed Jaguar and Land Rover to maintain their British identity while providing prodigious capital to renew their model lineups, invest in new technology such as diesel engines and market aggressively to luxury shoppers. For anyone with a feel for history, the arrangement has an ironic aspect since India was a colony of Great Britain until it gained its independence in 1947. More than a few British aristocrats plied Indian roads in their Jaguars and Land Rovers.目前可以看出,塔塔允许捷豹和路虎保留了它们的英式风格,同时提供大量资本来革新两大品牌的车型组合。另外,塔塔还进行了柴油发动机等技术投资,并在市场营销方面不惜血本。对于任何一个对历史有一点了解的人,这一幕恐怕都不乏一丝讽刺感,因为印度直到1947年之前还是英国的殖民地,很多英国贵族一度开着他们的捷豹和路虎疾驰在印度的大小公路上,现在却要靠印度来拯救这两个历史悠久的英国品牌。In early 2016, Jaguar’s first “performance crossover” – the aluminum-bodied F-Pace – is scheduled to debut. The event should bring cheer to the hearts of U.S. franchise dealers especially, since U.S. sales fell 7% to 15,773 units last year. Crossovers are the hottest vehicle segment worldwide and have proliferated among the luxury brands as well.作为捷豹的首款“性能跨界车型”,铝合金车身的F-Pace预计将于2016年正式亮相。该车的上市应该会令美国的捷豹路虎经销商感到兴奋,因为去年捷豹路虎在美销量下跌了7%,只卖出15,773台。目前在全球范围内,跨界车都是最受市场欢迎的车型,在豪车板块也一样受到追捧。Jaguar and Land Rover’s new diesels may have arrived at an odd moment in the U.S. since the price of gasoline has been plummeting while diesel fuel is becoming relatively more expensive. But energy prices have a way of confounding consumers just when they think they’ve figured out which way prices are moving and how to adjust.捷豹和路虎的最新柴油车型登陆美国的时机则有些尴尬,因为美国的汽油油价正在暴跌,相比之下,柴油车型的燃油成本反而显得不划算。不过能源价格总有办法迷惑消费者,就在他们以为自己已经了解价格走势以及怎样适应后,它说不定又会杀你个回马。Tata Motors no doubt has been watching and learning as it invests in its estimable British brands. How long before Tata uses that knowledge to advance under its own name and ethnic identity to the front ranks of global automakers?在投资建设这两个英国豪车品牌的同时,塔塔无疑也在不断观察和学习。不知还要多久,塔塔就会利用这种知识打造具有其民族特征的自有品牌,最终跻身全球汽车厂商的“第一梯队”?(财富中文网) /201502/359908

Airline to offer Wi-Fi飞机上将会提供无线上网China Eastern Airlines will launch in-flight Wi-Fi services on 21 of its flights, making the first extensive splash in the huge potential domestic market.东航将在21架飞机上向旅客提供;空中上网;务,这是国内首次批准这一务大范围使用,标志着一个潜力巨大的市场的解封。The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will give green light to more airlines to launch such services, said an insider.一位知情人士透露,接下来还会有更多航企获得工信部放行。Currently, it is estimated that there are 360m people travelling by air annually in China, each flying 2.5 hours on average. That makes a total of 900m potential hours yet to be filled.据估算,按照中国民航年均运送旅客3.6亿人次、人均飞行2.5小时计算,一年就有9亿小时的飞行时间可以利用。The in-flight online services thus have the potential to become an RMB100b industry, according to experts.因此专家认为,整个民航互联网产业规模可能将超过千亿元。 /201506/378316

What is the cosmological effect of singer Zayn Malik leaving the best-selling boy band One Direction and consequently disappointing millions of teenage girls around the world?歌手泽恩·马利克退出热门的“单向”男孩乐队,进而导致数以百万计的世界各地少女心碎——这会有什么宇宙学效应吗?The advice of British cosmologist Stephen Hawking to heartbroken fans is to follow theoretical physics, because Malik may well still be a member of the pop group in another universe.英国宇宙学家史蒂芬·霍金给伤心欲绝的歌迷们的建议是遵循理论物理,因为马利克很可能在另外一个宇宙仍然是单向乐队的成员。The physicist took a break from speaking about his work as one of the world#39;s leading scientists to answer the question from one upset fan during a talk at Sydney Opera House at the weekend.这位物理学家是世界顶尖的科学家之一,他周末参加了悉尼歌剧院举办的一个谈话节目,工作之余,他回答了一位沮丧歌迷的提问。;Finally a question about something important,; Hawking, who appeared via hologram, said to loud laughs from the audience.霍金通过全息投影对爆发出笑声的观众说道:“总算有人问了一个重要的问题。”;My advice to any heartbroken young girl is to pay attention to the study of theoretical physics because, one day, there may well be proof of multiple universes.“我建议任何伤心的小女孩都应该关注理论物理的研究,因为终有一天,我们会有多重宇宙的据。”;It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere outside of our own universe lies another, different universe and, in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction.;“不排除这种可能性:我们存在的这个宇宙之外还有另一个不同的宇宙,在那个宇宙中,泽恩仍然是单向的成员。”The wheelchair-bound scientist, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the age of 21, appeared at the talk in the form of a hologram streamed from Cambridge, England.当天霍金是从英国剑桥通过全息投影参加该座谈的。这位轮椅上的科学家21岁时被诊断患有运动神经元疾病。Now 73, he is known for his work on black holes and his international bestseller ;A Brief History of Time;.现今73岁的霍金以其关于黑洞的著作和国际畅销书《时间简史》而闻名。Malik quit the band last month, saying he wanted to live a normal life after five years of touring and performing.马利克于3月退出单向乐队。他表示,经过五年的巡回表演,想回到正常人的生活。 /201505/373104

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is likely to release its first personal computer next month, as part of the tech firm#39;s plan to catch up with Apple Inc in revenue.华为技术有限公司可能在下个月发布首款个人电脑(PC),这是华为赶超苹果公司营收的计划的一部分。What will be interesting would be to see if the world#39;s biggest telecom equipment maker is able to translate its success story in smartphones market to the PC sector, where demand is languishing in major markets.看着世界上最大的电信设备制造商,能否将其在智能手机市场上的成功转化到在主要市场需求已经持续减少的个人电脑领域是一件很有趣的事情。Huawei is working with chipmaker Intel Corp on a PC that is scheduled to be unveiled in February, Shanghai-based news site yicai.com said on Monday. The report did not disclose what kind of device the Shenzhen, Guangdong-based vendor will launch.总部位于上海的第一财经网周一的报道称,华为正与芯片制造商英特尔合作研发一款PC,预计2月发布。但是该报告并没有透露这家位于广东深圳的供应商将推出什么样的设备。Huawei sources said on condition of anonymity that the company may release at least one tablet device at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, next month.华为消息人士对媒体表示,华为或将于今年2月在西班牙巴塞罗那召开的世界移动通信大会上发布关于推出笔记本电脑的通告。Nicole Peng, research director of Canalys China, a market research firm based in Shanghai, said Huawei may choose to enter the PC market even if it is hard to attain profits immediately. But Huawei will also need to overcome a series of challenges to make the PC idea work. said Peng.总部位于上海的易观国际中国的研究总监彭路平表示,即使现在很难立即获得利润,华为也可能会打入PC市场。但是彭路平也说道,华为想要在PC市场取得成功需要克诸多困难。;The PC market, including tablets, is undergoing a tough time with even Apple seeing stagnant tablet sales,; Peng said, adding the enterprise market could be more important to Huawei as there are still considerable revenue opportunities.彭路平说:“目前PC(包括平板电脑)市场正处于困境中,连苹果的平板电脑销售也停滞不前。” 增加企业市场对华为可能更重要,因为这样仍然有获得可观收入的机会。;But Huawei needs to leverage the business-to-business channel to sell PCs instead of using the current retail channel. A big challenge for them,; according to Peng.“但华为需要利用业务渠道来销售个人电脑,而不是使用当前的零售渠道。这对他们来说是一大挑战。”彭路平说。 /201601/424803If smartwatches just aren#39;t fashionable enough for you, designers from California are hoping a smart bracelet will tempt you into the world of wearables.如果智能手表对你来说还不够时尚,加利福尼亚州的设计师们希望下面这款智能手镯会让你爱上可穿戴设备。The Eyecatcher has a curved, 5-inch display that wraps around the wearer#39;s wrist and this #39;always-on display#39; shows notifications from a connected smartphone.Eyecatcher智能手镯有一块5英寸曲面显示屏,包裹住佩戴者的手腕。这一“常亮”的显示屏可以显示与之相连接的智能手机上的通知。Wearers can select which notifications they receive and even change the device#39;s wallpaper to match their outfit.佩戴者可选择接收哪些通知,甚至可以更换手镯的壁纸来搭配自己所穿的衣物。The Eyecatcher was developed by Looksee Labs, based in Oakland, and the firm has set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the device.Eyecatcher智能手镯由奥克兰的Looksee实验室开发。Looksee实验室在Kickstarter上发起了众筹活动,为生产该手镯筹集资金。There are three models - two for women and one for men - and each come in small, medium and large.该手镯有三种款式,两种为女性设计,一种为男性设计,每种又有小、中、大三种尺寸。The female Mercury model is made from white bronze while the Venus model is made from sterling silver. The male, Mars model is made from stainless steel.为女性设计的墨丘利款,由淡色青铜制成,维纳斯款由标准纯银制成。男款马尔斯由不锈钢制成。Each device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app where wearers can select a display design, manage their notifications and choose which widgets appear.每件手镯通过蓝牙与智能手机上的应用程序相连接,使用者可在应用上选择显示图案,管理通知及选择显示哪些小部件。These include activity tracking, calendar events, maps, text messages, breaking news, and stock details.这些小部件包括活动追踪、日历事件、地图、文字短信、突发重大新闻及股票行情。The bracelet uses a low-power e-ink screen and the designers claim the device will last a year on a single charge.手镯使用低能耗的电子墨水屏,设计者称,该手镯充电一次可使用一年。If the campaign is successful bracelets will be shipped in February 2016.如果众筹成功,该手镯会在2016年2月发货。 /201510/402653

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