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衰退和牙齿有关吗? Many people lose teeth as they get older, and many people lose some memory capacity as they get older. Could these two things be related? To find out, researchers are exploring the possible links between oral health and memory loss.人们越老牙齿越少,同时人的年纪越大也会越来越差。这两者之间有什么联系吗?为了找出两者间的奥秘,研究者们开始在口腔健康和衰退方面寻找联系。Richard Crout researches gum disease at the University of West Virginia School of Dentistry. He says in recent years, oral health researchers have found that tooth and gum disease have links to many other health problems - from heart disease to premature birth and pregnancy complications. Now they think there might be links to memory loss.研究表明,口腔疾病和牙龈疾病会导致其他的健康问题,比如从心脏病到早产及怀的并发症。现在研究者们认为,这些可能也和衰退有关。Crout says many dentists see older patients with memory loss who come into their offices with teeth that are a mess. Often that's because these patients have forgotten to do the basics of self care.克劳特说牙科医生经常会给一些年纪大的人看病,这些老人的牙齿状况也都很糟糕。通常是因为这些病人已经忘记了打理自己的一些基本事情。"Now we know that if somebody has dementia or they are demented or they have Alzheimer's, that they are going [to] potentially forget to brush or floss their teeth," he says. "That would not be new, but what surprised us was the linkage between mild to moderate memory loss and oral disease."现在我们已经意识到如果人们患有痴呆或者精神错乱或者老年痴呆症,那么他们就会容易忘记刷牙,剔牙。这并不是什么新鲜事,但是让我们吃惊的是轻度到中度衰退和口腔疾病之间的联系。Crout and his students examined data from the NHANES [National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey], a national survey of Americans, which asked them about their health. Subjects in the study also had dental exams. And the data showed that people who reported tooth and gum disease had lower scores on tests that measured memory and cognition. 克劳特和他的学生们对NHANES的数据进行了分析,这是一项美国国民调查。问美国人一些和他们的健康相关的问题。数据表明,那些患有牙齿和牙龈疾病的人在和认知力方面的测试分数也很低。One hypothesis that would link oral disease and memory loss relies on new evidence about how tissue inflammation affects the brain. 一项关于组织炎症如何影响大脑的新据进一步实了这一假说,将口腔疾病和记忆衰退联系起来。"Our hypothesis is that there are inflammatory byproducts that come from the infection that exists in our mouths, particularly with the more advanced form of gum disease," Crout says. "And these byproducts can then travel to areas of the brain that have been noted to be an area of concern for those patients with memory loss."“我们的假设是有一些炎症的产物由于感染而存在于我们的口腔 之中,尤其随着越来越多的牙龈疾病形式产生”,克劳特说,“ 这些产物能散播到大脑中的相关区域,使病人衰退。” 07/76199这是一个有3000年历史的城市,巴渝文化的发源地,这里的美景、美食、美女...总有一样吸引你With a history of over 3,000 years, Chongqing, the birthplace of Ba and Yu culture is one of the least well known but most important historical cities in all of China. Today, little of this interesting past is visible and the city is essentially an industrial mass. 201003/100198

Arab Summit in Kuwait Ends in Discord阿拉伯峰会结束 分歧依然存在Arab leaders tried to patch over their differences as a two-day summit in Kuwait drew to a close, but the Gaza conflict appears to have exacerbated the tensions. 阿拉伯领导人在科威特举行的为期两天的首脑会谈结束,各国领导试图弥补他们的分歧,但是加沙的冲突看来已经导致紧张加剧。Arab leaders began their Kuwait summit, Monday, amid discord, and ended it, a day later, amid more discord. Attempts to find a common position on the conflict in Gaza and towards Israel seemingly failed, leaving rival Arab camps as divided as ever. 阿拉伯领导人在不协调的气氛中从星期一开始了他们在科威特的首脑会谈,一天以后又在更不协调的气氛中结束了会谈。就加沙冲突和如何对待以色列的问题找到一个共同立场的打算似乎已经失败,让持不同立场的阿拉伯阵营和以往一样抱持分歧。Arab leaders did, however, agree to a plan to rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip, promising a total of billion to reconstruct what was damaged or demolished in the 21-day conflict between Israel and Hamas militants. 不过阿拉伯领导人的确同意重建饱受战争蹂躏的加沙地带的计划,承诺拿出20亿美元来重建经过21天以色列和哈马斯冲突中被损坏和被夷平的建筑和设施。Iraqi Foreign Minister Houshiyar Zubeiri told Kuwaiti TV that the summit's final declaration avoided a common position on Gaza because Arab leaders had "run out of time" to reconcile their differences, and because "some [leaders] remain entrenched in their positions." 伊拉克外长祖贝里对科威特电视台说,这次首脑会谈的最后宣言避开了对加沙问题的共同立场,因为阿拉伯领导人已经“没有时间”就他们的分歧进行和解了,也因为“一些领导人固守他们的立场”。Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa sounded unusually downbeat and discouraged in a press conference after the summit. 阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨以一种不同寻常的悲观和气馁的口气在首脑会谈以后的记者会上发表讲话,形容阿拉伯内部关系是一种麻烦的状态。He said the Arab state of affairs remains troubled and tense. He said, "we tried, Monday, to start rebuilding after the important speech by [Saudi] King Abdallah [calling for an end to discord]." But, he concludes, "things are still not back to normal, in my view, and we must make intensive efforts in order to repair the damage." 他说,阿拉伯事务的状态仍然是麻烦的、紧张的。星期一沙特国王阿卜杜拉呼吁结束纷争的重要讲话之后,我们试图开始重建,但是,他总结说,事态还没有恢复正常,以我的观点,我们必须付出巨大的努力,来修补损失。Moussa did, however, make a special point to emphasize that the 2002 Arab peace initiative towards Israel, remains on the table, despite events in Gaza, and despite calls from Syria and Iran to withdraw it. 不过穆萨确实指出了特殊的一点,就是强调2002年阿拉伯向以色列提出的和平倡议,这个问题仍然在谈判桌上,尽管出现了加沙的冲突,尽管出现了叙利亚和伊朗要求撤销倡议的呼声。The 2002 Arab peace initiative, he says, did not figure in the summit's closing statement, but he said it remains valid, and he said Arab leaders have no quarrels over the initiative, which he calls a common point of view. But, he adds, the initiative can't remain on the table much longer, if after seven years Israel still hasn't accepted it. 他说,2002年阿拉伯的和平倡议没有在首脑会谈结束的声明中提及,但倡议仍然有效,阿拉伯领导人对这一倡议没有争议,他说这是一个共同的观点。但是他补充说,如果以色列7年以后仍没有接受这一倡议,那它则不会被保留太久。Paul Salem, who heads the Beirut-based Carnegie Center for Peace in the Middle East, explained that the Arabs had papered over their profound differences which had arisen during the Gaza conflict. "Definitely, the two camps remain; papering over some of the differences was expected and is sort of the normal course of affairs in Arab affairs. The idea of conciliation and sort of moving forward and not bringing out differences too much into the open, but nobody's position has changed, but it was necessary to save face for the Arab leaders, in general, for the regimes in general, to show that they could agree, at least after the Gaza war was over," he said.  塞勒姆是设在贝鲁特的卡内基中东和平中心的主任。他解释说,加沙冲突再次让阿拉伯世界出现分歧,但是各位领导人一度掩盖处在他们之间的这一深刻分歧。他说:“肯定,这两个阵营仍然存在,搁置一些分歧也是估计到的,是阿拉伯事务中的一种正常状态。和解和向前推进的想法,不把分歧公开表现太多的想法都有,但是没有人改变立场,总体来说,这些阿拉伯国家领导人要顾及面子,总体来说这些国家要显示他们可以同意,至少是在加沙战火停止之后可以同意。”Salem was, however, more optimistic about the long term prospects for peace. "The Gaza events certainly divided people, but there is more areas of agreement as to how to move forward in terms of bringing Hamas and Fatah together, in terms of reconstructing the Gaza Strip, in terms of trying to revive negotiations with Israel, and encouraging the U.S. administration to do so," he said.As the new Obama administration takes office, it will both have to work with the camp of traditional U.S. allies, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as to make some sort of overture to the opposing camp of foes and adversaries, which includes Iran and Syria. 目前正值美国总统奥巴马走马上任,美国新政府必将和美国传统盟友合作,包括埃及、约旦、沙特和科威特,同时也会跟对立阵营的夙敌及对手进行初步交涉,其中包括伊朗和叙利亚。01/61333

Snarky no more: UK issues Olympics etiquette guideHold off from hugging an Indian, don't be alarmed if the French are rude and never mistake a Canadian for an American.Britain's national tourism agency issued guidelines Wednesday on the etiquette of dealing with the hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors who will be coming to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics.Seeking to help the country's sometimes snarky citizens offer a warmer welcome, VisitBritain has updated its advice for anyone likely to work with travelers arriving from overseas — from hotel staff to taxi drivers.Other tips: Don't go around asking Brazilians personal questions and never be bossy with visitors from the Middle East."Giving our foreign visitors a friendly welcome is absolutely vital to our economy," said Sandie Dawe, chief executive officer of the agency. "With hundreds of thousands of people thinking of coming to Britain in the run-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, this new advice is just one of the ways that VisitBritain is helping the tourism industry care for their customers."About 30 million people visit Britain each year, spending about 16.6 billion pounds ( billion). The 2012 Olympics is likely to bring in an additional 2.1 billion (.3 billion) in tourism revenue, according to a government estimate, and about 320,000 extra visitors from overseas during the games in July and August 2012.VisitBritain said research it had conducted found tourists believe Britons are honest and efficient — but not the most pleasant. Britain is ranked 14th out of 50 in the Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index on the quality of welcome offered to visitors, the tourism agency said.背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111392

来自英国、也门、美国、法国、沙特阿拉伯等21个国家以及欧盟、联合国、世界、国际货币基金组织等国际组织的代表,27号在英国伦敦举行会议,讨论海湾国家也门目前面临的反恐形势,寻求彻底解决“基地”组织在也门等地渗透的途径。 World leaders discuss assisting YemenBritain is hosting a meeting with senior officials from Yemen, the US, Europe, the Gulf states and others countries, to address Yemen's security issues and economy.The gathering is having a particular focus on terrorism, after a Yemen based al-Qaeda affiliate claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas day bombing attempt on a US-bound flight.At a press conference in London, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the world can't ignore the poverty and instability that is fueling extremism in Yemen.Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, said, "We have recognized that the challenges facing Yemen can not be solved by military action alone. Progress against violent extremists and progress towards a better future for the Yemeni people will depend on fortifying development efforts. The Yemeni people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future, not leaving their fate to extremists who incite violence and inflict harm.The delegates are discussing fears that declining oil revenues are weakening Yemen's ability to deliver basic services, that has stirred dissent and given militants a firmer foothold in the country.The World Bank and International Monetary Fund said it won't pledge new funding, but instead will form a new organization to help Yemen spend 5 billion US dollars donated in 2006, most of which remains untouched.The talks also focused on providing support for Yemen to seek a cease-fire with rebels, known as the Hawthis, whose bloody revolt in the country's north is diverting resources from the fight against al-Qaida.201001/95655

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