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SEOUL, South Korea — In the heart ofSeoul’s famous Gangnam neighborhood lies the “Beauty Belt,” a grouping ofstreets lined with hundreds of cosmetic surgery joints.(首尔,韩国) 在首尔中心著名的江南区的附近坐落着被称为“美丽地带”的整容手术一条街。Untold numbers of Koreans — as well asChinese and Southeast Asian tourists— have trekked to this district, seeking apointed nose, rounded eyes, a slimmer jaw line and even a gentler smile,considered graceful in some East Asian countries.数不清的韩国人---还有中国和东南亚的游客---经过长途跋涉来到这块地方,想要得到高挺的鼻子,大眼睛,尖下巴甚至是一个温柔的笑脸,这些在某些东亚国家都被认为是美丽的特征。South Koreans are the most cosmeticallyenhanced people in the world, according to the International Society ofAesthetic Plastic Surgeons. In this hyper-competitive society, plastic surgeryis often seen as a prerequisite to job and relationship success.But what if you can’t afford these high-endclinics?据国际整形外科医生协会统计,韩国人是世界上整形程度最高的人。在竞争激烈的社会中,整形手术常被视为实现就业和良好人脉关系的必备条件。但要是负担不起高档诊所该怎么办呢?Turns out, there’s an alternative: do-it-yourselfcosmetic enhancements.It’s popular among anxious Korean teenswho lack the funds to purchase the rarified good looks plastered on subway andbus advertisements. Taken together, a “VIP package” of procedures such as aneye lift, nose job, and even a popular jaw bone-cutting operation can fetchmore than ,000.有一个选择:自己给自己做整形这一方法在一些渴望美貌的韩国青少年中颇受欢迎,因为他们无力付地铁和巴士广告上的那种精致的美容手术。一个“VIP套餐”,包括开眼,隆鼻,有时甚至还有热门的下颌削骨手术,加起来可能超过10000美元。Impatient for such treatments, theseyoungsters are taking the burden upon themselves to carve out a better face.Enter the DIY craze, a potentially hazardous fad among high school friends whoself-apply cheap and scantly regulated tools bought online.出于对这种手术迫不及待的渴望,这些年轻人自己担负起把脸雕琢得更漂亮的重任,他们加入了DIY狂潮-------在高中学生间流行的、颇具危险的时尚。他们用在网上买的廉价且不正规的工具给自己整形。The process usually doesn’t involveself-mutilation (although there are exceptions). But cosmetic surgeons insistit is potentially dangerous because it involves trying to contort andmanipulate bodies that have not fully matured — offering the potential forharm.这些整形通常不会伤害到自己(虽然也有例外)。但整形医生们坚持认为它们是有潜在风险的,因为这些青少年的身体还未发育成熟,可能会造成伤害。Na and Choi, both 17, told GlobalPostthat two years ago, after seeing Korean talk show guests demonstrate variousshape-changing gadgets, they started buying the products online. Since then,they have suffered all sorts of facial injuries — thankfully, none of thempermanentNa和Choi,都只有17岁,告诉《环球邮报》:两年前,在看了韩国综艺节目嘉宾演示了各种整形小工具后,她们就开始从网上买这些东西。从那以后,她们忍受了各式各样的面部伤痛—不过谢天谢地,这些伤痛都不是永久性的。“Wewant to become pretty without spending all the money,” said Na, aged 17. “Weknow that these methods aren’t approved of, but lots of our peers do it. Girls[in our all-girls school] like girls who look pretty.” At times, the “patients”are as young as 12 or 13. “Weknow about the dangers, but we don’t think the dangers will come to us,” she said. (Because they’re minors, the two friends askedGlobalPost not to use their full names, per South Korean standards.)“我们想要不怎么花钱就能变得漂亮,”17岁的Na说。“我们知道这些方法是不可取的,但是很多我们的同龄人都这么做。(在我们女校)女孩子都喜欢漂亮的女孩子。”有时候,这些“病人”甚至只有十二三岁。“我们知道有风险,但我们觉得这些风险不会发生在我们身上。”她说。(因为是未成年人,她们要求《环球邮报》依据韩国规定不要使用她们的全名。) /201312/270973

Michelle Obama is a huge fan of the full-skirted silhouette, and she wears it in everything from dresses (like the green print dress, pictured) to separates. The First Lady favors a very flattering length for her height -- just below the knee -- and it looks fantastic on her. Fuller skirts look best when worn with a hem that ends at a slimmer part of your let (right above or below the knee.)米歇尔·奥巴马超喜欢长裙,她穿各式各样的长裙。她选择穿刚刚没过膝盖的长裙,看起来非常好看。裙角有褶边的长裙是最好看的。 /201307/247969

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