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我们今天要说的三个习惯用语都用来描绘人的忠诚可靠,不偏不倚和品行端正。第一个是: straight arrow。 Straight是直的,而arrow是箭,straight arrow从字面上看是笔直的箭,straight arrow,宁折不弯,当然它作为习惯用语有它的比喻意义。Straight arrow早年曾经专指白人信赖的刚直的印第安勇士,现在straight arrow被用来泛指任何值得信赖,道德高尚的人。我们听个例子,说话的人跟朋友谈起了国会选举。他正告诉朋友自己这回打算选谁当议员:例句-1:Ive decided to vote for Mary instead of that old guy who has been in Washington so long. Mary tells the truth and she keeps her promises - shes a straight arrow all right.他说:我已经决定投票推选Mary,不再选已经在华盛顿呆了这么久的那个老家伙了。Mary忠诚老实,而且说到做到。她真是个正直坦率的人。这里的straight arrow指正直坦率的人。******有时候straight arrow也可以说那种一板一眼,过于死板的人。这种人虽然正派可靠,但是也不怎么讨人喜欢。比方说Bob就是这样一个小伙子。例句-2:Bob is a real straight arrow: he doesnt smoke, drink or chase girls. I guess I should admire him. But I have to tell you one thing: he sure isnt much fun at a party.他说:Bob真是个古板的人。他烟酒不沾,又不追女朋友。我想我该赞赏他的为人,但是我得告诉你一件事: 要是让他参加个聚会可真叫人腻味。这里的straight arrow指过于古板而不合群的人。******再学个有类似含义的习惯用语: straight shooter。 Shooter是射手,手,而straight在这儿的意思是“正直的。” Straight shooter这个习惯用语把我们带回美国西部的拓荒生活,人不离的西部英雄除暴安良,最讲究信义。开发西部的年代早已成为过去,但是这些腰上佩着手专打抱不平的好汉: straight shooters, 却留在人们的记忆里,于是人们用straight shooters指那些刚直公正,仗义助人的人。我们听个例子,有人问他喜不喜欢他工作的里新来的那位主管。我们听听他怎么说。例句-3:Well, he makes sure we do our work right, but I think hes a straight shooter. He tells us the truth, hes very fair and hes always y to help if someone has a problem.他说:当然,他对我们的工作钉得很紧。 但是我觉得他是个仗义的人,他口无虚言,极其公正,而且不论谁有问题他都大力相助。这里的straight shooter指正直仗义的人。******再学个意义相近的习惯用语: true blue。 True blue原意是纯蓝色,或者说是不褪色的蓝色。这个习惯用语来自五百来年前英国的一个城镇。那里用特殊的蓝色染料印染的布无论经过多少次洗涤都不会褪色,于是人们就借用true blue来指久经考验而忠诚不渝的正人君子了。好,我们听个例子。这是一位公司总裁在答复他的人事部主任的请示。人事部主任想要解雇老员工 Ed,因为他年迈退化而工作不力。例句-4:Look, when we met rough times and our other workers were deserting us, Ed was true blue. He stayed loyal and worked hard for us. I say he can stay here as long as he wants.他说:瞧,在我们的困难时期当别的职工都纷纷离弃我们的时候,Ed却对我们忠心耿耿。他坚守岗位为我们兢兢业业地工作。我认为只要他愿意他可以一直留在公司里。这段话里的true blue用来说忠心耿耿,始终如一的人。 /201407/3108579. Set the alarm clock for 6:30 a.m.把闹钟拨到早上6点半。还能这样说:Put the alarm clock on for 6:30 a.m.Set the alarm clock at 6:30 a.m.应用:set oneself against 坚决反对;坚决与……为敌;set to 认真干起来;大吃起来;大打出手;大吵其架;set up with 向……提供10. I was sound asleep all night.整个晚上我睡得很沉。还能这样说:I fell asleep soon and slept soundly all night.I slept very well last night.应用:sound out 试探出,打听意见;sound as a bell 健康的,完好的;safe and sound 安全的,平安的11. Off to bed with you!睡觉去!还能这样说:Go bye-bye!Go to the bed!谚语:As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.自食其果。12. He has hit the hay.他已经去睡觉了。还能这样说:He has gone to take his rest for the night.He has gone to rest.谚语:Look for a needle in a haystack.海底捞针。13. Its unhealthy to keep late hours.经常晚睡对身体不好。还能这样说:You should not have stayed up late, for its not good for your health.Staying up late will do you harm.应用:keep ones head 保持冷静;keep ones temper 强压怒火;keep ones word 履行诺言;keep ones birthday 祝寿14. I feel refreshed after a good sleep.一觉醒来,我觉得神清气爽。还能这样说:I get my second wind by sleeping.A good sleep calls my strength back.应用:refresh oneself with a cup of tea 喝杯茶提神;refresh sb.s memory 唤起某人的记忆;refresh a fire 使火再旺15. It seems that you havent had enough sleep recently.好像你最近睡眠不够。还能这样说:You look lack of sleep lately.You dont seem to get enough sleep.谚语:It is wisdom sometimes to seem a fool.大智若愚。16. My daughter is used to listening to a story before she goes to sleep.我女儿临睡前习惯于听我讲故事。还能这样说:I always tell my daughter a story before she goes to sleep.My daughter is in the habit of listening to my story before she hits the hay.应用:it used to be said that 过去人们常说;there used to be 过去常常有17. My father was snoring.爸爸在打呼噜。还能这样说:My father was sawing logs.My father was sawing gourds.应用:snore like a grampus 鼾声如雷;snore away 打着鼾度过 /201301/221217嘉宾: Debbie 话题: 有趣的Female Spy! (2)单词拼写:1. consultancy 顾问工作2. rationale 原因3. bogus: fake 虚假的4. Niger – a country in north Africa 非洲国家(尼日尔)5. Nigeria 尼日利亚重点俚语:1. op-ed piece 专栏2. primary rationale 主要原因3. smoking gun: sth. has happened that you suspected 令人怀疑的事4. mushroom cloud 蘑菇云5. yellow cake 铀6. justify their actions 提供明7. thin skin 要面子 thick skin 厚脸皮问题:1. What did Valerie’s husband do for the ed States Government?2. Why was the White House angry with Joe, Valerie’s husband?:1. ambassador, then retried for a consultant2. he writes articles in his op-ed addressing there`s a big bogus to say weapons of mass destruction existing in Niger. /201310/261334

Feifei: Hi Rob. Nice to see you here! I love this coffee shop by the park. And because its outside, I can bring Fido with me.菲菲:你好,罗布。很高兴在这里见到你!我喜欢公园旁边的这家咖啡厅。因为它在室外,我可以带菲多一起来。Rob: Hello Feifei. Dont bark so loud, Fido... Oh dear... My head hurts so much…罗布:你好,菲菲。菲多,不要叫这么大声……我的头特别疼……Feifei: Oh, I didnt want to say it but... well, you dont look well, Rob!菲菲:哦,我本来不想说,可是……罗布,你看起来不太好!Rob: Ive got a hangover. I went to the pub yesterday to watch the football...罗布:我还在宿醉。我昨天去酒吧看足球比赛了……Feifei: ...and you had too much to drink?菲菲:……你喝了很多酒吗?Rob: Yes. Lets see: I had a beer after the first goal, and then two more... before Finn bought a bottle of whisky... and he told us to have just a small glass...罗布:对。我想想:第一个进球之后我喝了一杯啤酒,然后又喝了两杯……之后芬恩拿来了一瓶威士忌……他跟我们说只喝一小杯就好……Feifei: Or half a bottle! After all this alcohol, theres nothing better than a good strong coffee! Oh, theres Finn. Hi Finn!菲菲:还是半瓶!喝了这么多酒以后,没有什么比一杯浓咖啡更好了!哦,芬恩过来了。你好,芬恩!Rob: Hi Finn.罗布:你好,芬恩。Finn: Fido - good boy! Hi Feifei! Hi Rob! Great match yesterday, eh?! Id love a beer. Fancy one? Hair of the dog, you know?芬恩:菲多,好孩子!你好,菲菲!你好,罗布!昨天的比赛很棒,对吧?!我想来杯啤酒。要喝一杯吗?解醉酒?Rob: Yeah, OK, go on then. The best thing for this hangover is the hair of the dog.罗布:好的,可以。应对宿醉的最好方法就是解醉酒。Feifei: The hair of the dog? Is it what you use here in Britain to cure a hangover?!菲菲:的毛发?这是你们英国治疗宿醉用的东西吗?Rob: Its just what we say. Isnt it, Fido?罗布:就是我们刚才说的那样。菲多,对吧?Feifei: Well, luckily I do have a pair of scissors in my bag. Come on, Fido. Im just going to cut a little bit of your lovely long hair.菲菲:嗯,幸运的是我包里有把剪子。来吧,菲多。我要剪一些你可爱的长毛发。Rob: Feifei, no need to cut Fidos hair! In English, when we say the hair of the dog, we mean a small alcoholic drink which you have to cure a hangover. Its just an expression. Finn just offered me a beer.罗布:菲菲,没必要剪菲多的毛发!在英语中,我们用the hair of the dog表示用来治疗宿醉的一小杯酒精饮料。这只是一种表达方式。芬恩刚刚是请我喝杯啤酒。Feifei: Oh, what an odd expression!菲菲:哦,真是一个奇怪的表达方式!Rob: Well, apparently it comes from the phrase the hair of the dog that bit me. Its a reference to a medieval belief that when someone was bitten by a dog with the disease rabies, they could be cured by putting the same dogs hair onto the infected wound. Lets hear examples of how to use this expression in todays The English We Speak.罗布:显然这个表达方式来自短语“以毒攻毒”。这是一个中世纪的信仰,如果某个人被患有狂犬病的咬了,那他们会把那只的毛发放在受伤的伤口上来进行治疗。我们来听些例句,看看今天地道英语节目讲的短语如何应用。The doctor told Jane to take a couple of painkillers and to drink plenty of water. He said that would be much better than the hair of the dog!医生告诉珍吃两片止痛药,还有要大量喝水。他说那会比以毒攻毒要好得多。Alan felt better after drinking a Bloody Mary in the morning. His mate said the best cure for a hangover is the hair of the dog.艾伦早上喝了杯血腥玛丽之后感觉好多了。他的朋友说治疗宿醉的最好方法就是解醉酒。Feifei: So this is a very old expression. Although I think the best cure for a hangover is not to drink too much in the first place.菲菲:所以这是一个很古老的表达方式了。虽然我认为治疗宿醉的最好方法是一开始就不要喝太多。Finn: I drink to that! Cheers!芬恩:同意!干杯!Rob: Cheers! No more drinking for me for a while. Thank you for your concern, Feifei. And your hair is all yours, Fido.罗布:干杯!我暂时不再喝酒了。谢谢你的关心,菲菲。菲多,你的毛发还是你的。Rob: For me... its just coffee today! Bye!罗布:今天我只喝咖啡!再见!Finn: And I drink to that too. Cheers!芬恩:这我也同意。干杯! 译文属 /201409/331544

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