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成都华西医院耳鼻喉怎么样绵竹市人民医院耳鼻喉好吗外教带你学地道口语 第27期:How are you feelingFeel…out-of-this-world, on top of the world, one has won the lottery, like a million bucks (dollars) the luckiest guy in the world.Got a certain feeling, to have feelings, like something is missing,Out of depth, in over ones head, out of ones comfort zoneTo put feelers out, to feel out a plan, to feel ones way /201508/391353重庆市第三人民医院耳鼻喉专家医生 Enam: Oh, Katia, youre from Mexico right?伊纳姆:哦,卡蒂亚,你来自墨西哥,对吧?Katia: Right.卡蒂亚:对。Enam: I want to know about the Mexico City? Can you tell me about it? How is Mexico City in terms of real estate, landscape?伊纳姆:我想了解一下墨西哥城的情况。你能给我介绍一下吗?墨西哥城的房产以及景色怎么样?Katia: Well, Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world and its in a valley, so it actually had to stop growing even though it has a big population, but basically there was no room. It was surrounded by mountains so the actual structure of the city is not very well designed but however we can all fit there and somewhat live comfortably.卡蒂亚:墨西哥城是世界上最大的城市之一,墨西哥城位于山谷中,人口众多,所以要控制增长,因为没有空间。墨西哥城被高山环绕,所以这座城市的结构设计的不是太好,不过我们很适应,生活地很舒。Enam: What about the people there?伊纳姆:那里的人怎么样?Katia: Well, I think in every big city theres always a tendency to have some kind of survival skills. When theres a lot of people, you have to make sure youre the first one to get in the bus, the first one in line, so theres a little bit of that feeling. However, everybodys, most everyone is kind and they will be helpful, so theres all kinds of people. Its a big city so its very hard to say.卡蒂亚:嗯,我认为所有大城市都需要生存技巧。当人很多时,你要确保你是排在队伍第一个的人,是第一个上公交车的人,可能会有这样的情况。不过,大部分人很友好,乐于助人,所以墨西哥城有各种各样的人。墨西哥城是座大城市,所以很难说。Enam: Really, tell me about the transportation system?伊纳姆:跟我说说墨西哥城的交通系统吧?Katia: Transportation system? Well, we have a Metro. We have bus, taxis, but it is quite bad. Its too many people in a small space, so yes you can get around but its better to live close to your work and just move in one particular area otherwise it will take you a long, long time to get from one place to another.卡蒂亚:交通系统?嗯,我们有地铁、有公交车,也有出租车,不过交通很糟糕。因为很小的空间里有太多的人,所以虽说可以通勤,不过最好在离上班近的地方居住,这样就只需要在特定地区移动,不然从一个地区去另一个地区要花大量的时间。Enam: Really, thats common like to our place. Do you go to theaters more often, like in Mexico City?伊纳姆:是吗?和我们的城市很像。你在墨西哥时经常去看电影吗?Katia: Actually, its a part of the culture. Every weekend, movie theater, or a theater ... you go to a theater to watch a show so its very common. Thats part of the culture of the Mexicans in Mexico City. Theres always things to see.卡蒂亚:这是文化的一部分。每周末,人们都会去电影院或剧院,观看演出,这很普遍。这是墨西哥城文化的一部分。墨西哥城一直有精演出上演。Enam: Is there any difference between the food you eat in Mexico City like commonly, and the food you like outside the city?伊纳姆:墨西哥城的食物和你喜欢的其他地方的食物有区别吗?Katia: Well, definitely yes. Mexico City is so big, and the people that live in Mexico City came from the rural areas or other cities from Mexico City so in regard to food, variety is wide. Theres many things ... that I go back to Mexico City and theres always something new that I havent tried, so its very interesting the food, and it also ... we have food that backs to the Mayas or the Aztecs time that Mexicans have been able to keep it and we still eat it.卡蒂亚:当然有。墨西哥城非常大,生活在墨西哥城的民众有来自郊区的,也有来自其他城市的,所以食物的种类很多。我每次回到墨西哥城,都会有我从来没吃过的新食物出现,非常有意思的是,我们还有玛雅时期和阿兹台克时期的食物,墨西哥人设法将这些食物保存了下来,现在我们仍在吃这些食物。 译文属 /201605/4407458. Looking for Jobs at EDD 8.在EDD找工作A. How are you doing?A:你过得如何?B. Good! Whats going on?B:很好!发生什么事了?A:Not too much. Im on my way to the EDD.A:没什么。我在去EDD的路上。B. Wait a minute. I thought you found a job last month.B:等一下。我还以为你上个月找到了一份工作。A: I did. Im not going there to file a claim.A:我找到了。我不会去那里提出索赔了。B: Then why are you heading out there?B:那你为什么去那里?A: The EDD is hiring, thats why.A:EDD正在招人,这就是原因。B: Wow! Thats awesome. Thats a very good place to work.B:哇!这太好了。在那里工作非常不错。A: I know. Thats why Im going.A:我知道。这就是我去的原因。B: The pay is good, and the benefits are excellent.B:薪水好,福利好。A: Yes, my sister works there.A:是的,我的在那里工作。B: Good luck to you. I may have to go there myself now. B:祝你好运。现在我可能自己去那里。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/420198重庆爱德华女子医院耳鸣要多少钱

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重庆妇保医院突发性耳鸣要多少钱1 Driving Licence Dialogue1 考取驾照 对话Steven wants to get a drivers licence. Now he is talking with his friend Bob about the driving test.史蒂文想要拿到驾照,现在他正和朋友鲍勃谈论驾照考试的事。Steven: Hi, Bob. I heard that you had passed your driving test. Is it true?史蒂文:你好,鲍勃。我听说你已考取了驾照,是真的吗?Bob: Yes. A few days ago I have no right to get a driving licence. But now I get it.鲍勃:是啊,几天前我还没资格拿驾照,但是现在我拿到了。Steven: Is the driving test difficult?史蒂文:驾照考试难吗?Bob: Yes, it can be quite tough. Many pople fail to pass the test at the first time.鲍勃:是的,很难。不是每个人都能一次通过考试的。Steven: What does the driving test require?史蒂文:考驾照都考什么呢?Bob: You should enroll in driving school and then take a road test and a written test. After you pass both tests, youll get your licence.鲍勃:报个驾校然后参加路考和笔试,都过了就能拿到驾照了。Steven: Oh, I see. I need more practice before I take the driving test.史蒂文:哦,我明白了!考驾照前,我需要多多练习。Bob: Dont worry about your driving test. I think you will pass the test and get the drivers licence very soon.鲍勃:別担心,我觉得你会很快通过考试获取驾照的。Steven: Hopeful! Thank you.史蒂文:但愿吧!谢谢你啊! /201506/377711 梁平城口丰都县治疗声带小结多少钱阿坝藏族芜族自治州妇幼保健院打呼噜治疗的价格



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