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Residency 居留咨询A:Professor Zhang, recently I am working on a paper about immigration. I ran across some difficulties in my paper. Could you help me out?张教授,最近我正在写一篇关于入境的论文,现在我的论文遇到一点麻烦,您能帮我解决一下吗?B:Yes, sure. What is it? Just go ahead. I have told you that do not hesitate to turn to me whenever you are in trouble.当然可以啊是什么问题?尽管问吧我不是跟你们说过吗?无论什么时候遇到问题都一定要来找我A:Thank you do much. That very kind of you. There is a chapter in my paper about the right of residency a eigner has in another country. Could you give some inmation about it? 真的非常感谢您您实在是太好了我的论文中有一章是关于外国人入境者的居留权问题,您能给我讲讲这方面的知识吗?B: No problem. In accordance with the laws in the host country and abtain long-term, short term or permanent residency.没问题根据所在国的法律和有关的国际条约或协定,可以在该国短期、长期或永久居留A: Amazing. Does it mean that any eigner can obtain residency? 真是不可思议这是不是说任何一个外国入境者都有居留权?B: Not exactly. eigners who can not obtain long term residency bee he or she asks and gets permission.不完全是这样的外国人未经请求并获得许可不能在一国领土内长期居留A: So, if a eigner wants to obtain long term residency in another country, he or she has to apply it first and then wait permission.,假如外国公民想获得长期居留权就必须先申请然后再等候被批准B: You are perfectly right.你说的完全正确A: Are there any regulations and rules eigners to obey if they obtain residency in another country?当外国人所在国取得居留权后有什么要遵守的规章制度吗?B: Of course there are. The obligations and rights of a eigner are stipulated by the host country while he or she is in the period of residency. eigners ought to obey the laws and regulations of the host country.当然有外国人在居留期间的权利和义务有居住国的法律规定外国人应遵守居住过的法律A: So, these are the obligations eigners must obey, right?那么这些就是外国人要遵守的规章制度了,对吗?B: Yes. And at the same time the host country is responsible protecting the lawful rights and interests of them.是的,不过与此同时,居住国对外国人的合法权益应予以保护 77A: Hi, is this the water company?B: This is the water company. May I help you?A: As a matter of fact, you can.B: What do you need?A: In a few days, Irsquo;m going to be moving.B: Okay, and what do you need help with?A: Irsquo;m going to need the water turned on in my new house.B: When do you need your water turned on?A: Irsquo;m going to need it done by Saturday.B: That shouldnrsquo;t be a problem.A: What do you need from me in order to do that?B: All I need is your name, social security number, and your new address. 633Trees tend to be ignored because they dont do much—until you look closer. Then, they just get weird. From unexpected ms of communication between themselves and other ms of life to the deadly measures they take to ensure their own survival, trees can rightfully demand a whole new level of respect.树木常因默默无闻而被人们忽略,若不是认真走近它们,我们永远也无法了解树木的神奇世界你是否知道,树木与自然界其他生物的互动方式超乎人类想象,同时它们无时无刻不在为自己的生存而勇敢奋斗着.They Explode.他们会爆炸If a military sadist that gives kindergarten names was ever allowed to design a plant, the sandbox tree would be it. Poison sits in nearly every part of the leaves, bark, and pumpkin-shaped seeds. The entire 30-meter (0 ft) trunk deters tree huggers with its closely packed thorns. And the seeds explode with such ce that people and animals can easily get injured. While this is a good way the tree to sp its seeds up to 0 meters (0 ft) away, the ejection speed is what makes it so lethal.如果让一位军事爱好者设计一株植物,沙盒树当选无疑沙盒树的叶子、树皮和种子的各个部分都充满毒素密密麻麻的刺布满它30米宽的树干,这可是将破坏者拒之门外的好方法另外,沙盒树的种子会爆炸,其威力强大到轻而易举就能使人和动物受伤沙盒树的爆炸能帮助沙盒树将种子发射至0米远外的地方生根发芽,这也同时是它的杀伤力所在Clocking in at a deadly 0 kilometers per hour (0 mph), a nearby cow or human will actually get “shot” and can end up with serious wounds. If, some inexplicable reason, a person decides to snack on the stuff, the explosive seeds can cause vomiting and diarrhea, and the tree sap is sadistically fond of ruining whatever it touches. It will bring about horrific skin rashes and blind the eyes. One thing is sure: The sandbox tree is no indoor potted plant.爆炸时,其种子的散播速度可达每小时0千米,一旦附近的人或牛被击中,便会身负重伤如果不明真相的人们吃了散落的种子,会出现呕吐、腹泻的症状沙盒树的树液也是心狠手辣的角色,若不小心接触到,人们会得皮疹甚至有双眼失明的危险总之,有件事一定要记住:不要在室内养沙盒树9.They Employ Bodyguards9.雇佣保安的合欢树It kind of obvious that a tree is a lump of trunk that cannot shoo away any animals interested in a nibble. While it cannot help itself, this doesnt mean that trees are now on the free . They are known hiring bodyguards, and nothing keeps a hungry herbivore away like an ant up the nose.手无缚鸡之力的树干并不能将觊觎自己的侵犯者赶走,但这可不意味着树木是任人宰割的免费羔羊The acacia tree has its own militia of hostile ants which it rewards with shelter and a special food. And it not just any old hamburger. It laced with molecules called protease inhibitors that block a specific enzyme that bugs need to digest protein. In other words, it a poor and dangerous meal insects. Except the tree army of ants. When they eat it, it doesnt affect them in the least and is very nutritious. It a good deal both; one receives shelter and exclusive food they dont have to compete or search and, in return, the ants attack anything trying to harm the tree.合欢树有它自己的护卫队——蚂蚁,相应的,蚂蚁也可以因其护卫有功而收获树干这个庇护所和美味营养的食物可千万别以为蚂蚁获得的美食是汉堡包哦!真相是这样的:合欢树的树干含有一种蛋白质抑制剂分子,该分子抑制了某种酶的分泌,这种酶是其他虫子消化蛋白质必须依赖的被绕晕了没有?简单说,就是除了合欢树的蚂蚁护卫队,合欢树中所包含的抑制剂分子对其他昆虫都是危险的食物,一方面,蚂蚁可以将树干作为庇护所同时享受无尽美食;另一方面,合欢树有了蚂蚁的保卫,可以轻松的打败任何前来侵犯的敌人这真是一场愉快的双赢合作呀8.Suicide8.自杀A newly discovered palm tree must kill itself in order to procreate. These trees spend so much energy in order to attract pollinators that they have no sustenance left, and they die soon after bearing fruit. Cashew farmers accidentally discovered this oddity in Madagascar Analalava district and were dumbstruck by its mammoth dimensions. The 18-meter-high (58.5 ft) trunk adorned with sweeping 5-meter-wide ( ft) leaves ms a pyramid-shaped plant so immense that it can be seen from space.一项最新发现,棕榈树为了生殖很可能杀了它自己这些树为了吸引授粉,将消耗能量消耗殆尽,以致于没有留下任何食物,并在结了果实之后很快死去腰果的农民在马达加斯加的阿纳拉拉瓦区偶然发现这一怪异现象,他们被棕榈树的巨大尺寸吓得目瞪口呆这棵高达18米(58.5尺)的树干被5米宽的叶子装饰成一个金字塔形状,它是如此巨大,以致于从很远的地方就能看见它Flowering is the point of no return this rare giant. Hundreds of tiny blooms adorn the stem tip when it begins its fatal cycle, and these blooms contain copious amounts of nectar that are highly successful in attracting the desired birds and insects. Each and every flower can be fertilized, which is perhaps why the palm doesnt survive the mass fruiting. It literally gives up the nutrients it needs to survive in order to create the next generation. This certainly boosts Madagascar weird wilderness factor.这株稀世植物开花之时,也预示着它生命的终结当它开始命中注定的循环时,成千上百的花朵装饰了茎尖,这些花朵包含了大量丰富的花蜜,成功地吸引到了饥渴的鸟儿和昆虫每一朵花都能受精,这可能就是为什么这颗棕榈树不能在大规模的结果中存活下来的原因照字面来说,为了创造下一代,它放弃了它需要用来存活的营养物质毫无疑问,它推动了马达加斯加怪异的荒野因素7.They Touch Immortality7.他们触到了不朽Trees are some of the oldest living organisms on the planet. Left in optimal conditions, there seems to be no limit on how old theyll become. There is a spruce alive in Sweden today (pictured above) that was a seedling at the end of the last ice age. This traditional “Christmas tree” is at first glance a disappointing sight, considering that it 9,550 years old. Discovered in , the Norway spruce looks like a normal young tree about meters ( ft) tall, but the secret to its longevity lies in its ability to clone itself. Whenever its trunk dies, a new one grows from the roots which are the truly ancient parts of the tree.树是星球上最古老的生物之一在最佳条件下,它们的寿命会不受限制地持续下去有一颗存活在现今的瑞典的云杉(如上图),它曾经是最后一个冰河世纪末端的一颗小树苗考虑到它已经有9550岁了,这颗传统的“圣诞树”第一眼看起来颇有一幅令人失望的景象挪威云杉在年被发现的时候,看起来像一颗正常的年轻的树,它大概米(尺)高,但是它长寿的秘密在于它克隆自己的能力无论何时它的躯干死了,都能有一个新的躯干从这棵树真正古老的部分——树根里长出来Mount Etna in Sicily is home to the oldest chestnut tree in the world, an old-timer possibly ,000 years old and certified Guinness World Record holder the largest girth at 58 meters (190 ft) in circumference. Some bristlecone pines from Calinia White Mountains have been watching the world go by up to 5,000 years and are still going strong. With this incredible time-defying ability, it tragic to note that trees in cities average a lifespan of about years.西西里岛的埃特纳火山是世界上最古老的栗树的家乡,这颗栗树前辈可能有000岁并且被吉尼斯世界纪录持有人认它拥有最大的周长,一圈有58米(19尺)长一些加利福尼亚州的怀特山狐尾松已经看了将近5000年的世界经历,现在仍旧坚强地活下去因为世界上有这种不臣于时间的植物存在,所以城市里的树木短短年的寿命难免会使我们觉得悲伤6.Make Their Own Fertilizer6.自体供肥Researchers have discovered a new ability in trees that have been chopped down. Somehow, the remaining stump draws nitrogen from the air and fertilizes the area around itself with this powerful nutrient plants. Tropical est trees are apparently quite good at this. After being logged, they also capture carbon from the atmosphere which allows them a better chance at recovery. Nor are the trees stingy. The nutrients are released into the immediate area which allows nearby plant life to also benefit from the captured plant food. This ability to draw nitrogen from the air is something trees can switch on or off depending on the plant needs, but only certain species can do it. During the early stages of est regrowth, the difference in recovery between those that can and those that cant is markedly different. Tree species that lack this ability put on carbon weight up to nine times slower than their nutrient-fishing cousins.科学家们发现,被砍倒的大树有一项新奇的本领树桩的残余部分从大气和周围的肥料中努力吸取氮元素来满足自身需求,热带植物在这方面显得尤其擅长在被砍伐之后,它们为了争取生存,会不断地从大气中吸取二氧化碳植物们并非吝啬小气之徒,它们所吸收的营养成分会渗入自身周围,进而使周围的植物也能从中得益,享受到断木的给予植物从空气中吸收氮的这种能力会随着其对营养元素的需求发生或增或减的变化,但这种变化只有少数植物能够实现在植物再生长的早期阶段,自身免疫和吸收营养的能力能把植物之间明显得区分开来那些缺乏吸碳能力的植物会比其他植物吸碳慢九倍翻译:哈利小王子 前十网 19

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