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The woman who appeared in India#39;s Olympic contingent in the opening ceremony was a cast member in the event, London 2012#39;s Seb Coe has said.在奥运开幕式上混入印度代表团队伍中的女子身份确定为开幕式的一名表演人员,2012伦敦奥组委主席塞巴斯蒂安-科表示。She was a cast member who got ;slightly over-excited;, he told journalists at the daily Olympic news conference.塞巴斯蒂安-科告诉每日奥运新闻记者招待会的记者们,她是一名“有点兴奋过度”的开幕式表演人员。Indian team officials were angered by the woman#39;s presence and are seeking an apology.印度代表团对突然闯入的这名女子表示愤怒,同时向奥组委道歉。She became known as ;the woman in red; because of the colour of the top she was wearing.这名女子因上身穿着红色的衣而被称为“红衣女子”。Lord Coe said: ;We have been looking at security but she didn#39;t just walk in off the street. She was a cast member who got slightly over-excited.奥组委主席塞巴斯蒂安-科表示:“我们已查看了安保记录,确认此女子并非闲杂人员,确实参与了表演,但她似乎有些“过度激动”。;She shouldn#39;t have been there but she clearly started in that venue. I will be speaking to the Indian delegation.;“她不应该出现在印度代表团里,但是很明显她从一开始就混入其中,我将与印度代表团商谈此事。”In contrast to the Indian team#39;s yellow saris or blue blazers, her red top made her stand out as she walked next to India#39;s flag-bearer, wrestler Sushil Kumar.该女子的红色上衣与印度代表团的黄色沙丽和蓝色西装形成鲜明对比,使她在与印度代表团旗手库马尔行走在一起时显得格外引人注意。;This was bizarre. We will ask for an apology,; India#39;s chef de mission, PKM Raja, told the Times of India.“印度代表团代理团长拉贾告诉印度时报:“这很奇怪,我们会要求她道歉。”;The Indian contingent was shown for just 10 seconds and to think this lady hogged all the limelight.;“印度代表团仅仅出现了10秒钟,可是这位红衣女子就吸引了所有的注意力。”He added: ;When we were entering the stadium, a member of the organising committee or some security guy asked to be in front of us. We thought the woman was part of Locog.他补充道:“当我们正要进入体育场的时候,组委会或者是保安的一群人走在我们前面,我们以为这个女子是伦敦奥组委的一员。”;When we entered the stadium, the woman who was walking between us and the contingent ahead of us, the Independent Olympic Athletes, suddenly came back and started walking next to Sushil Kumar, our flag-bearer.“当我们进入体育场的时候,走在我们前面的奥运独立代表队中的女子,忽然向后走并开始在团旗手库马尔旁边开始行走。”;We are totally surprised by the manner in which she joined the delegation and kept walking inside the stadium,; he said.“对于她这种加入代表团并且保持行走在体育场的方式,我们感到非常惊奇。” 拉贾说道。He told the newspaper that he was not sure of the woman#39;s nationality.他告诉媒体他并不确定该女子的国籍。He said the woman ;embarrassed us in front of the world;.拉贾说,这个女子“让我们在世界面前丢脸。”Several newspapers claim to have identified the woman in question as a post-graduate from Bengaluru, India. However this remains unconfirmed.几家报纸爆料此名女子同时可能是印度班加罗尔的一名研究生,但这种说法还没得到实。India is fielding 81 athletes at the London Games, with medal hopes in archery, boxing, badminton, shooting, tennis and wrestling.印度有81名运动员出席此次奥运会,有希望在箭术、拳击、羽毛球、射击、网球和摔跤项目中获得奖牌。 /201207/192921Britain's Got Talent star Janey Cutler has captured the attention of US television bosses, according to reports。  据报道,《英国达人》热门人物珍妮·卡特勒已经吸引了美国电视台老板们的注意。  The 81-year-old grandmother was seen stunning the judges with a rendition of Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien' in Saturday's auditions episode。  这位81岁高龄的珍妮奶奶在周六海选中以一曲伊蒂丝·琵雅芙的《无悔》英文版把评委们惊呆了。  It is thought that N and CBS have since requested clips of her performance to show on their news bulletins, and are also hoping to secure interviews with the budding star。  据说N电视台和CBS电视台因而已经求取珍妮奶奶的表演片段以展示在他们的新闻简讯中,并希望预约与这位崭露头角的明星的访问节目。  A show source told The Mirror: "The US networks are clamouring for a slice of Janey - they all want to be the first to sign her up. We are being besieged with requests from America offering to fly her first class if she'll come on their show." /201005/103684Check if you aly have a purpose ?If you find your present life purposeless just look again. In the totality of life there is no purpose that is too small or too big. Even a street sweeper fulfills a very important purpose in his life. Even if you are working in a small firm you are fulfilling a vital purpose in the link of life by the service you provide. May be you are supporting a family, or raising kids, that抯 quite a significant purpose. If you think your life is meaningless right now, it would just show that you are not really paying attention to your present role. 检查一下你是否已经有一个目标了?如果你认为现在的生活豪无目的,那么只要再看一下。在整个生命长河中没有什么目标是太小或太大的。甚至一个扫大街的也在实现他生命中最重要的目标。即使你在一家小公司工作,你也在通过所提供的务实现一个与人生有关的重大目标。可能你正在维持一家生计或养育孩子,这是相当重要的目标。如果你觉得目前生活毫无意义,这只表示你没有真正地重视你目前的角色。 /201004/102331

A woman and her partner spent nine months working on a project to document her pregnancy with heartwarming results. Their time lapse , simply called Introducing, shows her midriff grow from a rather toned and flat belly to an oversized protrusion towards the end of her pregnancy and, finally, the arrival of their beautiful baby girl. The well-produced condenses the whole nine-month experience into just 90-seconds.近日一段名叫introducing的视频走红网络。这段短短90秒的视频却记录一位母亲怀九个月的过程。一对年轻的父母用这种特殊的形式,记录下了生命从育到诞生的过程。YouTube users have been quick to commend the couple for their nine-month long project. One user, named alfacinhotube, wrote: ;Beautiful! A well-conceived, wonderfully executed documentation of a#65279; magnificent moment in your lives. Thanks for sharing!; While a woman with the user name Malleolust said: ;I#39;m 7 months pregnant with my first child, a son. This made me cry. Can I blame hormones...? Little Amelie, be blessed.; And even one male viewer said the brought him to tears, matstrick wrote: ;Beautiful... You just brought#65279; a grown man to tears!;这段视频被上传至视频网站Youtube后,这对父母以及他们的小女儿Amelie得到了大家的祝福。很多人留言表示,视频制作的很用心,传递了新生命所带来的喜悦,让人感觉非常温暖。 /201203/174138

These are the modern day mummies. Aly, more than 1500 people across the world have contacted Summum, the world#39;s only mummification company, to be mummified after they die.美国萨门公司推出全新安葬方式:把尸体制成;现代木乃伊;。全球已经有1500多人联系这家独一无二的木乃伊安葬公司,预订死后的木乃伊安葬务。The company based in Salt Lake City, Utah have revealed that their clientele includes celebrities, from all over the world, including Britain, and added that they also cater torequests from pet owners.该公司位于美国犹他州盐湖城。该公司介绍称客户中有来自全球的名人,其中也包括英国。同时公司也为宠物主人提供宠物木乃伊务。Dozens of pets, including everything from dogs and cats, to peacocks, finches and even rats have undergone the traditional Egyptian burial routine.已有数十只宠物,不仅包括猫,还有孔雀、雀鸟,甚至老鼠,都已经按照传统的埃及木乃伊殉葬流程予以安葬。The process takes 90 days. The organs are taken out and cleansed, then the body is hydrated for more than 70 days, submerged in a tank.木乃伊制作过程需要90天。工作人员先把内脏掏出并清洗干净,然后把尸体放在水槽里,用水合物药液浸泡70天。Then it is covered with lanolin and wax, followed by layers of cotton gauze and a fibre glass finish. The body is then encased in a steel or bronze casket.然后,工作人员在尸体表面涂上羊毛脂和蜡,随后用层层纱布裹好,并用玻璃纤维封好,最后放进钢或铜制的棺材里。Ron Temu, who works at Summum#39;s appropriately pyramid;shaped building as a counsellor for clients, said: ;The chemicals we use are so permeable that if a drop was put on thehand, just seconds later it can be tasted in the mouth.;萨门公司的客户咨询朗bull;特穆说:;我们选用的药液渗透性极强。如果滴一滴在手心,几秒钟后,嘴巴里就能尝到味道。;萨门公司的办公楼外形酷似一座金字塔。;The olden day mummies look very dry and that#39;s because it was believed the best way to preserve them for the afterlife was to completely dehydrate them. We do the opposite andbelieve that hydrating the body fully is the best way to preserve it.;;古代木乃伊看起来很干燥,那是因为当时人们认为,彻底脱水是保存尸体的最好办法。而我们采用相反的方式。我们认为,让尸体充分保湿才最好。;;That#39;s why the bodies will still look like the day they died ; even thousands of years later.;;因此我们制作的现代木乃伊和刚去世时一模一样,即使几千年后也是。;But the process isn#39;t cheap. Cats cost pound;3,600 and dogs at pound;15,000. Human mummification costs approximately pound;40,000.但制作木乃伊价格不菲。制作一只猫木乃伊要花费3600英镑,则要1.5万英镑。人类木乃伊大约需要4万英镑。Summum have aly mummified human beings but their progress has been checked after 18 months and then state law says that as they have been opened, they must be incinerated.萨门公司已经成功制作了一些人类木乃伊。但这些木乃伊在做完18个月后被打开检查。而根据犹他州法律规定,这些木乃伊在被打开后必须焚化。But many are signed up to be mummified in the future ; and the company says it has tremendous implications for cloning. It is feasible that DNA could be removed at a later dateby drilling into the casket.已经有很多人与萨门公司签约,要求在死后被制成木乃伊。该公司表示,这对克隆技术也有重大意义。将来可以在棺材上钻孔从木乃伊里提取DNA。Mr Temu said: ;Being able to take out DNA at a later date has real appeal for people. People like the idea of being able to clone themselves.;特穆说:;能在将来提取DNA对很多人来说非常有吸引力。人们希望将来自己也能被克隆。;;We have a lot of people signed up to be mummified. They signed up in their 30#39;s and 40#39;s, and are now in their 50#39;s and 60#39;s, so we have a lot of work ahead of us.;;很多客户已经签约,有些人签约时才三四十岁,现在已经五六十岁。所以我们还有很多工作要做。; /201203/173727

1 Start with the small things. Take small steps and make small choices to gain confidence in your ability to make a decision. As you become secure in your ability to make good choices, you will gain confidence in yourself, and be more secure about your abilities in general. 从小事着手。认真做好每一件小事,收集点滴的自信,继而相信自己的能力,更好地驾驭自己。 /200912/92719

导读:从“蒜你狠”到“豆你玩”再到“糖高宗”、“棉花掌”,由中国网民创造用以调侃物价上涨的网络新词层出不穷,折射出中国人正频繁遭遇物价上涨压力。一片“涨”声中,快来看看都有哪些省钱妙招(tips)吧!Growing inflationary pressure on the Chinese mainland, led by rising food prices, is driving mainland buyers to Hong Kong to fill their shopping carts. More and more residents in Guangdong province, especially Shenzhen, have in the past few weeks been queuing to cross the border into Hong Kong to buy sugar, salt, soybean sauce and even tissue paper in bulk to cushion increasing pressure from rising food prices at home.随着物价飞涨,一些大陆居民迫于通货膨胀的压力,而选择赴港购物。在过去的几周内,由于本土物价上涨幅度较大,越来越多的广东居民在通关口岸处排起长龙,前往香港大批采购白糖,食盐,酱油,甚至是餐巾纸等日用品。While prices are rising so fast, many people are worrying out ways to cut down their expenditures.物价高涨不下,人们便开始千方百计地寻求节省开的妙招了。Du Zhenqi, an 80-year-old resident in Beijing`s Chaoyang district, expressed his sympathy for the people who took away his towel gourds without permission.80岁高龄的北京朝阳区居民杜振祺(音译)在说到有路人偷摘了自己种的丝瓜时,反而带有一丝同情之心。Every year Du plants towel gourds in the community yard for ornament. But this year, before they turned ripe, they were all picked by his neighbors for food.杜大爷每年都会在社区院子里种些丝瓜,美化社区。可今年,还没等丝瓜成熟,就被邻居们摘去炒菜了。"The prices of many kinds of vegetables, not only the towel gourds, have gone up dramatically," said Du. "So I understand those people and it pleased me to offer my help to them."杜大爷说:“不仅仅是丝瓜,很多蔬菜都涨价了,价格贵的离谱。所以我也不怪他们,反而觉得这是在助人为乐。”The food price surge in China has made residents with low incomes feel serious financial pressure and forced them to spend wisely.食品物价上涨使低收入群体感到经济压力倍增,他们不得不精打细算了。 /201011/118056

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