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Just as he blazed a trail through the world of rock’n’roll, David Bowie gave financial markets something they had never seen bee — pop bonds.大卫贠伊(David Bowie)在摇滚世界突破创新的同时,也给金融市场留下了一个前所未有的事物——名人债券In 1997, the musician, whose death was announced yesterday, sold m of “Bowie Bonds”, securities backed by current and future revenues of the 5 albums he recorded bee 1990.鲍伊逝世的消息于昨日公布1997年这位音乐家售出了5500万美元的“鲍伊债券”(Bowie Bonds),其券担保是他1990年前录制的5张唱片从今往后的收入Rather than receiving income from works such as The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, the bonds allowed Bowie to borrow more money up front. Investors received interest of 7.9 per cent the -year bond.鲍伊没有从《杰基星尘和火星蜘蛛的盛衰(The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars)等作品中直接获得收入,而是利用债券提前筹到更多资金投资者从这只年期债券获得7.9%的利息Mark Bezant, an intellectual property expert at consulting group FTI, said: “It only worked a small number of artists who had retained the relevant rights. That was the key.”咨询公司FTI的知识产权专家马克贝赞特(Mark Bezant)表示:“只有一小部分艺术家能这么做,因为他们保有相关权利,这是关键”The issue was masterminded by banker David Pullman, a US financier who carved out a niche securitising stars’ back catalogues, including those of James Brown and Marvin Gaye.该项目是由家戴维渠尔曼(David Pullman)策划的这位美国金融家一手打造了对歌星的旧曲——包括詹姆斯布朗(James Brown)和马文盖伊(Marvin Gaye)的旧曲——进行券化的缝隙业务But the rise of online music sharing blew a hole in copyright legislation and Bowie Bonds plunged. In , Moody’s cut their rating to BBB+, one notch above junk status. Mr Bezant said it was now “harder people to pull in income streams in a way they did when they were first invented”.但是,在线音乐共享的崛起破坏了版权立法,鲍伊债券骤然暴跌年,穆迪(Moody)将其评级下调至BBB+,仅比垃圾级高一级贝赞特表示,如今“更难像这些债券刚刚被发明时那样获得收入流”The early success of Bowie Bonds was a factor underpinning Guy Hands’ bid EMI. The private equity mogul, who had achieved success securitising pub and motorway service area returns, believed that EMI’s vast back catalogue was ripe the Bowie Bond treatment. The following year, with the collapse of credit markets, he abandoned the idea after being unable to sp the risk of the .bn takeover.鲍伊债券早期的成功增强了葛涵思(Guy Hands) 年竞购音乐公司百代(EMI)的信心这位曾经成功将酒吧及高速公路务区回报券化的私人股本大亨相信,百代庞大的旧曲目录应该得到类似于“鲍伊债券”的对待次年,随着信贷市场的崩溃,由于无法分散这笔亿英镑收购的风险,他放弃了这一想法 0699In case you missed it, China hottest topic right now is a cartoon.现在中国最火话题是一项卡通动漫,你千万不要错过The English-dubbed cartoon, published on -sharing website youku.com, centered the th Five-Year Plan, with a clear intention to help vague bureaucratic phrases reach ordinary people.这个动漫小片是由英语配音,发布在优酷社交网站上,内容围绕十三五规划展开,其目的就是将模糊高深的官方政策方针清晰地展现给平民百姓The titled ;Song of Shisanwu;, was unveiled Monday afternoon following China top leadership meeting to come up with a proposal to map out economic and social targets the next five years.这个小视频题目是“十三五之歌”,周一下午发布,这是跟随中国高层领导会议规划下一个五年经济和方针计划而兴起的The cartoon, which quickly gathered over 350,000 hits on Youku.com, includes several cartoon characters of different skin colors perming on the top of a van asking the question, hey have you guys heard what going on in China?这项卡通动漫在优酷网站点击量迅速达到35万次,视频中,各种肤色的卡通人物问道:“嗨,你们知道中国最近什么事情最酷?”Then it quickly jumps to the theme – shisanwu, the Chinese equivalent of the th Five-Year Plan repeats the chorus, if you wanna know what China gonna do, best pay attention to the Shisanwu.接着视频中就跳出了“十三五”的主题,中文“十三五计划”反复出现在这个歌曲中,“想知道中国什么事情最酷吗?那就看十三五计划吧!”In an odd backdrop mixing Chinese president Xi Jinping image with the Great Wall, and Albert Einstein, lyrics played around with various different English language skills such as rhyming, even if the cost is the elegance of the language.视频背景中出现很滑稽的习近平和长城及爱因斯坦的组合图,歌词有各种各样的语言技巧,比如押韵;And even engineers who deal with poo…;, one line s, in order to rhyme with, ;…There doctors, bankers, and farmers too.;“工程师都要和粑粑打交道”,一句歌词说道,为了能够和这句押韵,还有一句“医生,员工和农民也一样”After answering basic questions of who makes all the plans, how the plans are made, the cartoon didnt get to praise the government efts, saying, ;they have to work hard and deliberate.;除了回答比如谁制定了大政方针和方针怎么制定的这些基本问题,这个卡通动漫并没有忘记夸赞党中央的努力,说道,“他们需要为之付出努力” the most part, the received positive comments. Some viewers gave kudos to the melody, while others said it enlightening.这个视频好评无数,一些观众给这个旋律点赞,也有一些说这个视频很有启发性意义As expected, credit of this animation was given to Fuxing Lushang Studio, the same low-key producer responsible the previously viral cartoon titled How To Make Leaders.正如预期的那样,这个动画给予福星鲁商工作室以荣誉,这个低调的制片人负责以前创作过 “如何做领导”The studio has published s on youku.com, all related to Xi Jinping or to the government.这个工作室在优酷上发布过个短片,所有都是关于习近平或者政府的Though no other details can be revealed about the mysterious producer, what we do know is that a sequel can be expected.虽然我们并不知道这位神秘的制作者的其他信息,但我们确定很多人在期待他以后的系列作品The cartoon ending gave some hint, saying, ;now it time to get y the th Five-Year Plan.;这个卡通动漫的最后,给出大家点儿小暗示,“现在我们该准备十四五规划啦” 95Priscilla Chan has long been known as the girlfriend of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, but on Saturday she updated her status to the billionaire wife普里西拉·陈:社交网络Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯格交往9年的女友,在上个周六升级成了这位亿万富翁80后的妻子Given their nine-year relationship which started when she was a freshman and he a sophomore at Harvard, she has known the man behind the massive social networking site well bee he became one of the richest people in the world他们的恋情始自哈佛校园,当时她是大一新生他在读大二九年的感情,普里西拉·陈想必很了解这位社交网络巨头,而现在他已经成为世界上最有钱的人之一The surprise announcement of the couple wedding last weekend has prompted a closer inspection of the woman who is now effectively one of the first ladies of Silicon Valley这对新人突如其来的婚礼无疑迅速在全世界引起了极大轰动,人们开始挖掘这个女人的身世背景,普里西拉·陈到底是何方神圣?她是如何跻身硅谷第一夫人之列的?1. She been with Zuck since college1. 她跟小扎从大学就开始恋爱了Although ;The Social Network; made it seem as though Zuckerberg ambition was driven in part by his failures with women, the truth is he and Chan have been dating since their college days at Harvard. They met at a party while waiting in line the bathroom; Chan later told The New Yorker that she thought Zuckerberg was ;this nerdy guy who was just a little bit out there.;虽然那部《社交网络里描述的扎克伯格是在失恋后才奋起研发了Facebook,不过这并不是真实情况真实的情况是,他俩在哈佛读书的时候就开始约会了他们是在一个派对里排队上厕所的时候搭上话的后来某次《纽约客的采访中,陈坦言道:“当时他给我的印象就是个经常神游的书呆子”. He offered her a job, she offered him candy他曾邀请她来Facebook. 工作,而她给了他一颗糖When Zuckerberg left Harvard in to focus on Facebook full time, he began recruiting classmates positions at the facebook (as it was then known). According to The Harvard Crimson, Zuckerberg was sitting outside after a campus recruiting session when Chan walked by年小扎离开哈佛,开始全身心投入于自己的公司当时他曾广泛在校友中招聘同事(当时的Facebook已经小有名气) 据哈佛校报称, 有次招聘会结束后,小扎坐在那儿,看到陈正好经过,于是他叫住了她:;Hey Priscilla, do you want a job at the facebook?; Zuckerberg asked a passing friend“嗨,普里西拉,你想不想来facebook工作?”;Id love a job at facebook,; Priscilla Chan responded, offering him a Twizzler“听上去不错啊,” 陈回答道,并塞给了他一颗糖吃3. Their relationship has rules3. 他们还有恋爱条款Author and tech journalist Sarah Lacy has written that Chan has imposed strict rules on her relationship with Zuckerberg — not because she doesnt trust him, but because he such a workaholic. One of the top rules: ;One date per week, a minimum of a hundred minutes of alone time, not in his apartment, and definitely not at Facebook.;科技记者和作家Sarah Lacy写到,普里西拉·陈在和小扎谈恋爱的过程中设置了很多严格的条款:并不是她不信任小扎,而是因为他太工作狂了!条款中有一条是这样的:“每周约会一次,每次必须有至少0分钟的独处时间;约会不能在男方家里进行,更不能在facebook上进行!”. She helped spark Zuckerberg interest in China. 她燃起了小扎在中国拓展事业的兴趣Chan, who is Chinese-American, brought Zuckerberg on a trip to China in . (Their holiday included some business meetings, which prompted speculation about Facebook interests in the Chinese market) To prepare the visit, Zuckerberg studied the Chinese language every morning普里西拉·陈本人是美籍华裔,她在年带着小扎来中国游玩他们的游玩包括了一些商业会议(他们极大地激发了Facebook公司对中国市场的兴趣)为了准备这次旅行,小扎每天早晨都认真学习中文5. She on Facebook 5. 她也玩FacebookThat a no-brainer, right? According to the publicly available portion of Chan Facebook page, she into cooking, photography, learning Spanish, working with kids and visiting warm locales这是必须的嘛,对不?从她公共可见的信息来看,她的爱好有做饭、摄影、学习西班牙语、和孩子一起工作,以及探访温暖的小去处 185

Nearly a year after Michael Jackson's death, the managers overseeing his estate have stabilized its precarious financial situation, but at least one major liability still looms: a 0 million loan due at the end of this year.迈克尔#86;杰克逊(Michael Jackson)离开人世快一年了,为其管理产业的经理人已把杰克逊原先岌岌可危的财务状况稳定下来,但至少还有一笔主要的负债悬而未决:年底到期的三亿美元贷款Thanks to the surge of fan interest sparked by Mr. Jackson's death, the singer generated some Who is hosting the Oscars?谁来主持年奥斯卡颁奖典礼?Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars ceremony a second time.脱口秀主持兼喜剧演员艾伦·狄珍妮丝将会第二次主持奥斯卡颁奖典礼Ellen DeGeneres艾伦·狄珍妮丝Age: 56年龄:56岁Job history工作经历Ellen is a stand-up comedian and is best known her self titled talk show, which she hosted since .艾伦是一名优秀的喜剧演员并凭借自年起主持由她自己名字命名的脱口秀节目而被观众喜爱熟知Bee that, she starred in popular sitcom, and has also made a name herself in films.在那之前,她曾出演过大受欢迎的情景剧,并且也因饰演的角色而小有名气She the perfect choice this role, having hosted the Oscars last year, and previously hosted the Grammy Awards and the Primetime Emmys.在主持过去年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼、之前的格莱美奖及艾美奖之后,她无疑是这个角色的最佳选择Ellen DeGeneres:艾伦·狄珍妮丝:I am so excited to be hosting the Oscars the second time. You know what they say - the third time the charm.能够再次主持奥斯卡我感到非常激动和荣幸你知道有句老话:第三次总是幸运的Dawn Hudson, Academy CEO:道·哈德森,学院理事会执行官Ellen is talented, wonderfully spontaneous, and knows how to entertain a worldwide audience. She’s a big fan of the Oscars; we’re huge fans of hers. It’s a perfect match.艾伦非常有才,主持也自然,她知道如何调动世界范围内的观众的心绪她是奥斯卡的铁杆粉丝,而我们也是她的庞大粉丝团真是完美的契合Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Academy President谢丽尔·布恩·艾萨克斯,学院理事会主席I agreed with Craig and Neil immediately that Ellen is the ideal host this year’s show. We’re looking ward to an entertaining, engaging and fun show.我立刻赞同了克雷格和尼尔关于艾伦是今年颁奖礼最合适的主持的想法我们希望举办一场、吸引人而又有趣的颁奖礼 7839 million posthumously, allowing the estate to pay off tens of millions of dollars in debt and avert eclosure on the suburban Los Angeles home where the singer's mother lives.位于美国洛杉矶Encino区的杰克逊故居杰克逊死后,歌迷对他的兴趣激增,这位美国流行音乐天王在过世后依然创收约两亿美元,从而得以付以千万美元计的部分债务,避免其在洛杉矶郊外的房子被强制止赎,那是杰克逊的母亲居住的地方Since Mr. Jackson's death last June 5, his businesses have been run by the singer's longtime lawyer, John Branca, and a music-industry veteran and personal friend of Mr. Jackson's named John McClain. Unlike traditional executors, Messrs. Branca and McClain are aggressively managing Mr. Jackson's affairs as a going concern.杰克逊于年6月5日去世后,他的产业由其长期以来的私人律师布兰卡(John Branca)代为管理布兰卡是一位音乐界资深人士,也是杰克逊指定的另一位遗产管理人迈克莱恩(John McClain)的好友与传统的遗产执行人不同,布兰卡和迈克莱恩以积极的态度管理杰克逊留下来的产业,希望将其持续经营下去The estate's primary beneficiaries are Mr. Jackson's three young children and his 80-year-old mother, Katherine, who is now the children's guardian.杰克逊产业的主要受益人是他的三个小孩和80岁的老母亲凯瑟琳(Katherine),后者现在是孩子的监护人Meanwhile, Mr. Jackson's absence from the equation has eliminated the chaos and out-of-control spending that reigned during his life.与此同时,杰克逊的辞世也给纠缠其一生的混乱以及失控的出划上一个句号

A team of European neurologists says in a new study that Russian president Vladimir Putin walks with a peculiar ;gunslinger gait;.欧洲一神经学家团队在一项新研究中称俄罗斯总统普京走路时带有一种奇特的“手步态”The study, published on Tuesday by the British Medical Journal, notes that Putin has shown a ;clearly reduced right-sided arm swing;, possibly related to weapons training he received when he was part of the Soviet KGB.周二,这份发表在《英国医学杂志周刊的报告称“显然,普京的右臂摆动少”,这可能与普京在前苏联克格勃接受过武器训练有关Citing a KGB training manual they obtained, the researchers suggest that his style of walking is linked to training he underwent in the feared security agency, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel bee retiring at the twilight of the Soviet Union.普京在前苏联时期为克格勃工作,退休前曾晋升中校军衔通过研究克格勃使用的训练手册,研究人员认为普京的走路方式与他在情报安全机构接受的培训有关;According to this manual, KGB operatives were instructed to keep their weapon in their right hand close to their chest and to move ward with one side, usually the left, presumably allowing subjects to draw the gun as quickly as possible when confronted with a foe,; the researchers, based in Portugal, Italy, and the Netherlands, wrote.来自葡萄牙、意大利和荷兰的研究者们共同写道,“这本训练手册指示克格勃特工将武器放在右手靠近胸部,在走路时将身体的一侧,通常是左侧,略微转向前进方向,以便遇到敌人时能尽快拔出”To test their hypothesis, the neurologists studied YouTube s of other Russian officials.为了验他们的设想,神经学家们还研究了YouTube上其他俄罗斯官员走路的视频Bastiaan Bloem, a professor of movement disorder neurology at Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, who led the study, said his team was ;stunned; by what they saw.领导这项研究工作的荷兰奈梅亨大学医学中心运动障碍神经学教授巴斯蒂安·布卢姆说,他们被所看到的一切“惊呆”了They found the same characteristic walk in Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, in mer Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov and Sergei Ivanov, and in senior Russian military commander Anatoly Sidorov.他们在俄罗斯总理梅德韦杰夫、两位前国防部长阿纳托利·谢尔久科夫和谢尔盖·伊万诺夫、高级军事指挥官阿纳托利·西多罗夫身上也发现了这种独特的走路方式Like Putin, Ivanov is a mer KGB officer who served in Europe during the Cold War. Serdyukov and Sidorov both received military training, the researchers claim.研究人员称,普京和伊万诺夫都是冷战时期在欧洲役的前克格勃官员谢尔久科夫和西多罗夫则受过军事训练The outlier in this group is Medvedev, a lawyer by training who has no clear ties to the KGB and did not serve in the military, though he is thought to have undergone brief reservist training during his university years.而梅德韦杰夫是律师出身,尽管在大学期间曾有过短暂的后备军训练,但他似乎与军队和克格勃都没有明显的联系Since Putin handpicked him to serve as president from - – between Putin second and fourth terms – Medvedev body language has often resembled that of his mentor, as has the cadence of his speech.梅德韦杰夫由普京亲自挑选任职年至年的俄罗斯第三任总统,而普金任职第二任和第四任俄罗斯总统——梅德韦杰夫的肢体语言与他的导师普京很相似,演讲也是抑扬顿挫Citing western media reports, the researchers write that ;substantial evidence suggests that Medvedev is being coached to sound, look, and importantly, walk like the president.;援引了西方媒体报道,调查人员写道“大量据表明,梅德韦杰夫无论在声音、面貌,尤其是走路姿势上,都在模仿普京总统”The study asserts that Putin asymmetrical arm swing is likely ;a behavioural adaptation resulting from military or intelligence training.;该研究称普京摆臂不对称可能“因军事或情报训练造成的”Bloem conceded that his researchers do not have access to Putin medical records or his doctors. But he said Putin unusual walk is the subject of a small but growing debate among medical specialists.布卢姆承认他的研究人员无法探访到普京的医疗记录或医生但他说普京不同寻常的走路姿势引起了越来越多医学专家的争论;It is an unusual study, but there is a very serious message to it; about neurological observation, he told AFP in a telephone interview.他在法新社的电话采访中说,“这是一个不寻常的研究,但对神经学观察有很重要的意义”Bloem added that Putin ;abnormal gait has been noted bee.;布卢姆补充道普京“非比寻常的走路姿势以前就已经注意到了”;What we are putting ward, but very cautiously, is a new hypothesis,; he said.他说:“我们提出的是一个很谨慎的、新的假设”

It one of the most hotly-anticipated events of the Games, as much the action as the skimpy outfits on display, and it appears Olympic organisers have gone to great lengths to make sure nobody goes home disappointed.沙滩排球是奥运赛事中最为令万众期待的项目沙滩排球动作有力,运动员的紧身装也展现出他们的完美身材似乎奥运主办方倾尽全力,只为使所有观众满足而归The spectacular beach volleyball stadium on Horse Guards Parade was being prepared the opening matches today and there was a tantalising taste of what will be on show.位于皇家骑兵卫队校场的沙滩排球馆已经为今天的各项开幕赛事做好了准备,将奉献出撩人的视觉盛宴With a capacity of ,000, it is the largest-ever Olympic beach volleyball venue. Some of London most historic buildings including Buckingham Palace will m a unique backdrop as it hosts its first games on Saturday.馆内可容纳,000名观众,是奥运史上最大的沙滩排球馆周六就将在此举行第一场比赛,而伦敦的诸多历史建筑包括白金汉宫都将成为它最好的背景The British women team - Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney - will play their opening match against Canada at 5.30 pm on Sunday while the men team of John Garcia-Thompson and Steve Grotowski will play Canada on Saturday at .30.拥有著名沙排健将Shauna Mullin 和Zara Dampney的英国女子排球队将在周日下午5:30首战对抗加拿大,而有包括John Garcia-Thompson和Steve Grotowski在内的男子排球队则周六下午:30就将对阵加拿大劲敌And between the games spectators will be entertained by a US-style cheerleader troupe, who were going through their final rehearsals the event today.而在比赛间隙,观众们将欣赏精的美式啦啦队表演,他们将在今天进行最后的排Beach volleyball is one of the most talked-about sports on the Olympic scene owing to its daring dress code. Women often play in bikinis - something that has won the game a new army of fans.沙滩排球着装大胆前卫,一向是奥运风景中最受热议的运动项目女性运动员通常身着比基尼泳装,这无疑也为沙滩排球吸引了一大批粉丝军团We go to places and it is a little bit shocking people, but it draws them in and once they see the sport, theyre hooked.“我们前往比赛场地,起先人们看到了是有些震惊的然而当他们看到了激烈的比赛,他们就会全心投入,再难自拔”People are going to want to see it and hopefully we gain lifetime fans. We feel so blessed to be playing here.“人们都想去看这些比赛,而我们也拥有了忠实的粉丝能够打沙滩排球比赛,我们倍感荣幸”运动员们这么说 19As Beijing creeps closer to the notoriously noxious winter season air pollution, Westerners here are tracking executives moves from the city and asking whether pollution is the culprit. U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke surprise resignation from his post in Beijing is the latest fodder.随着北京即将迎来因空气污染而恶名远扬、有损健康的冬天,京城的西方人开始密切关注各大公司高层的离城动向,纷纷质疑,空气污染是不是导致他们离开的真正原因同时,美国驻华大使骆家辉出人意料地突然辞职,也成为街谈巷议的最新谈资The official line is that Locke is returning to Seattle so he can be with his high-school age children when they graduate in the U.S. ;It very clear his family has been back there since summer, his eldest kids are in high school, and he wants to rejoin his family,; said the spokesman the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, Nolan Barkhouse.官方口径是,骆家辉是为了回到西雅图陪伴自己目前就读高中的孩子,直至他们毕业美国驻京大使馆发言人柯英豪称:“他的家人今年夏天已经返回美国,他的大女儿正在读高中,而他希望能和家人团聚”Locke himself responded to rampant speculation across social media that pollution ced him out. ;Absolutely not,; he told the Los Angeles Times. ;We are concerned about it [air quality], but that not what motivated us to go back.;针对社交媒体上盛传的所谓因空气污染而被迫辞职的传言,骆家辉做出了回应他告诉《洛杉矶时报(Los Angeles Times):“绝不是这么回事我们确实关心这件事(空气质量),但这不是让我们回到美国的原因”The real story is probably not so clear-cut. Other media outlets have reported that people who spoke to Locke about his decision said that pollution weighed on his resignation. And Locke himself acknowledges at least some concern in his e.真实情况可能并不会这么一目了然其他媒体有报道称,与骆家辉聊过辞职这件事的人表示,空气污染也是重要的诱因之一而骆家辉在公开表态中至少也曾经对此表示过担忧Locke resignation follows a trend Ive heard the past few weeks as Ive asked businesspeople and others in Beijing about pollution influence on their decisions to live here, questions Ive had ever since moving to China capital city this year. Invariably, they say pollution is a top factor, especially those with children, and it something that has real influence on those who have a choice about living in China.过去几周来,我一直在询问北京的外籍商务人士和其他人群,空气污染对他们考虑是否继续留在北京影响有多大,这也是我今年到北京来之后一直就有的疑问大家的回答一致透露出离开的动向,骆家辉的辞职正好与此不谋而合大家都异口同声地表示,空气污染是头号因素,对那些有孩子的家长来说尤其如此,而这对那些有能力选择是否留在中国生活的人来说更有着实实在在的影响One prominent headhunter in Asia I spoke with this week said in the corporate world, there a shortage of executives CEO roles who want to come to China. Sure, the country luster has slightly worn off -- there are no longer eye-popping, double-digit GDP growth rates, one. But the headhunter said it doesnt matter how much you pay prospective CEOs to come here (or in Locke case, how much prestige comes with the job), their decisions often come down to pollution and lifestyle. some, pollution on the top of the list of considerations, others it somewhere in the middle. But it an issue all.这周我采访的一家亚洲知名猎头公司表示,在企业界,想来中国工作的首席执行官的人选始终颇为匮乏的确,中国的吸引力现在有所减退——比如那令人惊叹的两位数增长率已是明日黄花但这家公司称,付给那些首席执行官候选人的薪酬高低(或就骆家辉这样的例子来说,这个职位能带来多大的声望)并不是他们考虑的主要因素,他们是否会来归根结底取决于污染和生活方式污染是有些人考虑的首要因素,对另一些人来说,它至少也在众多因素中占中间位置但显然对所有人来说它都是一个大问题Public figures like Locke cant talk about pollution like others. Besides diplomatic considerations, there also the fact that China is no longer at loggerheads with the U.S. over the problem. China government has not only followed the U.S. Embassy lead to issue frequent measures of air quality the public, but it openly talks about the need to reverse the ugly trend of air quality, even if solutions remain far off.骆家辉这样的公众人物没办法像其他人那样对污染畅所欲言除了外交上的考虑之外,还有一个因素在于,中国在污染问题上已不再和美国唱反调了中国政府不仅紧跟美国大使馆的脚步开始定期公布空气质量指数,还公开表态必须扭转空气质量不断恶化的趋势,哪怕暂时来说拿出解决方案还遥遥无期Locke may never reveal the degree to which pollution affected his decision. But his resignation highlights this truth: Career prestige is one thing, the reality of living in Beijing is another.骆家辉可能永远也不会透露空气污染对他决定离京的影响到底有多大但他的辞职还是凸显了一个真相:职业声望是一回事,真正住在北京又是另一回事了 665


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