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X,@#B+.yKit_aCpEV6Gso(d.R~*v%Vdp,fSa_O;Cuban man ;; proud of his extra digitss[.;r6X^;X古巴惊现指人,为自己的指头自豪VAy(^m+Bqhw,9Hed(~I;*ky)1B|3kv^In this photo taken Wednesday Aug. , , Yoandri Hernandez Garrido, 37, known as ;Twenty-Four,; shows his six perfectly med fingers on each of his hands in Baracoa, Cuba.Ify1ZOtVU7.这张图片摄于年8月日,巴拉科阿,古巴ZhaPJriL*zXA]6DCc^c图中被称为指人的古巴男子,37岁Yoandri Hernandez Garrido正向人们展示他独特的指头8k]E^^hlVE)X*z(R(MItJkwL(vj~gI*rgHl6#eJw8cJ)yXJZu@-p0bFy 18。

When photographer Suleyman Oguz took his dog a walk in Turkey, he was probably hoping to capture some prized shots of his pet.当摄影师Suleyman Oguz带上他的爱犬去土耳其岸边散布时,他本希望为爱犬拍上几张靓照But instead the clumsy canine ended up making himself the mutt of the joke after tripping over his own feet.但是事与愿违,这条笨拙的在奔跑中把自己绊倒而沦为了笑柄 7。

1. Put Things Into PerspectiveCompanies and human resources departments do not fire people because they feel like it. Downsizing and job cutbacks are often used by companies to recover from downturns, and to remain competitive. Firing is almost always a last-ditch measure used by a company to remain profitable. Companies will resort to many other means bee firing people, including:Pay cuts. Some companies would rather hold on to their present number of employees and remain productive, but they have to pay them a lower salary. Companies may also need to cut back on benefits that are not required by law. Spending cuts. Perks like parties, free-flowing coffee, and free snacks are the first things to go when the company is not doing too well. Loans. Most companies usually take out loans and financial plans to stay afloat. The money acquired from loans are almost always used to pay employee salaries. Remember that firing is almost always a last resort. As much as you hate the feeling of getting fired, companies don’t like the feeling either. In time, you’ll realize that firing people is almost certainly not personal, but is strictly a business matter.1. 用长远眼光看事情公司和人力资源部门不会裁员因为他们也不喜欢这样公司从衰退期恢复时经常会采用缩小公司规模削减公司雇员的办法,这样也是为了保持竞争力裁员总是公司用于保持盈利而采取的最后一种办法在裁员之前公司会采取许多其他的办法来挽救,包括减薪,一些公司宁愿保留他们现有的工作人员的人数并生产,但他们不得不降低薪水,公司可能也会减少一些法律没有规定的福利削减开,当公司运营的不好的时候,一些福利会被削减,聚餐,免费的咖啡和零食首当其冲贷款,大多数的公司通常会贷款来维持运营得到的贷款大多数用于付员工的薪水记住裁员通常是公司最后用的办法,你不喜欢被裁掉的感觉,公司也不喜欢你要明白裁员不是针对个人,严格来说它是公司事件 1953。

1. Battle of the Sexes《性别之战The husband-and-wife team behind Little Miss Sunshine tackle the 1977 gender war between Bobby Riggs, washed-up 55-year-old tennis pro, and Billie Jean King, the young ace (then No in the world) he challenged to a match.《阳光小美女的夫妻档幕后团队将1977年鲍比.里格斯和比利.简.金之间的性别大战拍成了电影55岁的里格斯是职业网球运动员,他向年轻的王牌选手简.金(当时世界排名第二)发起挑战赛,结果落败. Dunkirk《敦刻尔克This means war: Christopher Nolan second film not set in the present (or future) is an epic tableau about the rescue of hundreds of thousands of troops from the French coast. Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy and, er, Harry Styles, star. Think Saving Private Ryan, but saltier.《敦刻尔克是克里斯托佛.诺兰第二部背景设定不在当代(或未来)的电影,这部战争片描绘了在敦刻尔克营救数十万大军的史诗般宏大场面该片由汤姆.哈迪、马克.里朗斯、肯尼斯.布莱纳,斯里安.墨菲以及哈里.斯泰尔丝出演想一想《拯救大兵瑞恩,不过比这更刺激3. Flying Horse《飞马Gary Oldman first film as director in years, and only his second ever, is a biopic of the pioneering 19th-century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, focusing on the affair between his wife, Flora, and Harry Larkyns, the theatre critic he kills. No casting confirmed, but Oldman had been chasing Ralph Fiennes and Benedict Cumberbatch. The man himself will play Muybridge prosecutor.《飞马是一部19世纪先驱摄影师埃德沃德.迈布里奇的传记电影,该片是加里.奥德曼近年来执导的首部电影,也是他人生中的第二部作品影片聚焦于迈布里奇的妻子芙洛拉以及被他杀害的戏剧家哈利.拉金斯之间的绯闻电影目前尚未确定出演阵容,但奥德曼一直在争取拉尔夫.费因斯以及本尼迪克特.康伯巴奇奥德曼本人将扮演迈布里奇的检察官. HHhH《行动代号:猿人Remember Anthropoid. A rather overlooked drama from earlier this year, it starred Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy in the story of a failed assassination attempt on Hitler third in command, SS General Reinhard Heydrich. Another crack at this story is being attempted with HHhH, this time round with Jacks Reynor and OConnell as the plotting soldiers, plus Rosamund Pike and Mia Wasikowska as the objects of their affections, and Jason Clarke the target of their anger.还记得《类人猿行动吗.这是一部被众人忽略的年早些时候的电影,由杰米.多南和斯里安.墨菲担任主演,讲述了对希特勒身边的三把手、党卫队将军莱因哈德.海德里希进行的一次失败暗杀《行动代号:猿人也尝试讲述这一故事,杰克.莱诺和奥康奈尔将在片中饰演密谋的士兵,而罗莎曼德.派克和米娅.华希科沃斯卡是他们片中的感情对象,杰森.克拉科则饰演他们的刺杀目标5. Sunset《日落Frankly, this is unlikely to be y in time next year, but well include it just in case. The second film from Laszlo Nemes, who won the eign language Oscar earlier this year Son of Saul, is a coming-of-age drama set in Budapest just bee the first world war.坦白地说,这部电影年可能筹备不好,但是以防万一我们还是把它归进来这是拉斯洛.奈迈施的第二部电影,年早些时候他凭借《索尔的儿子摘得奥斯卡最佳外语片《日落是一部关于成长的电影,背景设定在一战前夕的布达佩斯6. Untitled Detroit Riots film关于底特律骚乱的未定名电影Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have been working a while on a drama about the 1967 police raid in Detroit, which led to one of the largest citizen uprisings in US history. Kaitlyn Dever, John Krasinski, Will Poulter, John Boyega and Jack Reynor star.凯瑟琳·毕格罗和编剧马克.波尔已经为了这部电影筹备了一段时间,影片讲述的是1967年发生在底特律的警方突袭行动,这次行动引发了美国历史上规模最大的一场民众暴动出演该片的有凯特林.德弗、约翰.卡拉辛斯基、威尔.保尔特、约翰.波耶加以及杰克.莱诺7. Viceroy House《总督之房Gurinder Chadha goes colonial with a tale of the 197 handover and its fallout, when Lord and Lady Mountbatten lived in a mansion also containing 500 Hindu, Muslim and Sikh servants. Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson are our central couple.顾伦德.查达哈的这部殖民题材电影讲的是197年的英印权力移交及其余波当时蒙巴顿勋爵夫妇的府邸有500名仆人,他们中有印度教徒、穆斯林和锡克教徒休.内威利和吉莉安.安德森饰演主人公夫妇8. Victoria and Abdul《维多利亚与阿卜杜勒The killer combo of Judi Dench and Stephen Frears team up again, four years on from Philomena, with a Lee Hall-scripted look at the friendship between Queen Vic and a young Indian clerk. Eddie Izzard looks like inspired casting as Bertie, the Prince of Wales; filling out the rest of the cast are Olivia Williams, Tim Pigott-Smith and, once again, Simon Callow and Michael Gambon.继《菲洛梅娜后,朱迪.丹克和斯蒂芬.弗雷斯这对出色的组合四年后再度联手该片由李荷担任编剧,讲述了维多利亚女王与年轻印度男仆之间的友情艾迪.伊扎德看来是官方授意的威尔士亲王人选;演员阵容还包括奥莉维亚.威廉姆斯,蒂姆.皮戈特.史密斯以及同样出演了《总督之房的西蒙.卡洛和迈克尔.甘本 8636。

Taking a bath.与蛇共浴 987。

A Calinia man says he was saved from a mountain lion by a bear, Yahoo reported.据雅虎新闻网报道,美国加州一名男子自称在熊的帮助下,躲过美洲狮袭击,幸免于难Robert Biggs, 69, said he was hiking last Monday when a mountain lion grabbed his backpack. Bee that, Biggs said he had seen a mother bear with a pair of cubs.现年69岁的罗伯特·比格斯,周一徒步旅行时,被一头美洲狮抓住背包此前,他刚刚看到一只母熊带着两只幼崽穿过;It must have been stalking the little bears,; Biggs said, ;but it was on me in seconds.; But just as quickly, the mother bear came to his aid.他说:“美洲狮一定是尾随小熊崽,但它瞬间向我袭来”此刻,母熊也迅速扑向狮子,帮他逃脱;The bear and the cat battled it out about seconds,; Biggs recalled, bee both ran away. The hiker escaped with minor injuries.他回忆称,狮熊搏斗约秒后,相继离开比格斯所幸只受轻伤 675。

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil Triangle, is an infamous stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by the southern coast of the U.S., Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles that has been the location of strange disappearances of ships and aircraft since the mid-19th century. Could supernatural ces be responsible these occurrences? Some probable explanations the missing vessels include hurricanes, undersea earthquakes and magnetic fields that interfere with compasses and other positioning devices. But it much more interesting to think the disappearing vessels were drawn into another dimension, swept away by aliens or simply vanished into thin air.百慕大三角(Bermuda)又称魔鬼三角海域(Devil Triangle),臭名昭著的它从大西洋延伸到美国南部海岸自19世纪中期以来,就有很多船只和飞机在百慕大三角和大安地列斯群岛(Greater Antilles)这两地离奇失踪难道真的是超自然力量引发了这些事件?虽然也有一些诸如飓风说、海底裂缝说、磁场导致罗盘和定位设备失灵说等理论试图解释这些失踪事件,但想想这些消失的船舰可能被外星人卷走、被吸进另一个时空、或是消失在虚无世界,反而更为有趣Dozens of ships and planes have vanished into the Bermuda Triangle, many without leaving a trace. Read on to learn about ill-fated journeys that never returned from the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.已有许多飞机和船舶都消失在百慕大三角,踪迹全无请继续阅读,了解以下段在神秘的百慕大三角有去无回的不幸旅程.The Spray.浪花号Joshua Slocum, the first man to sail solo around the world in 1895, was considered one of the best sailors of his time. His boat, the Spray, was an old fishing boat that he had rebuilt, and the story of his circumnavigation, ;Sailing Alone around the World;, remains a classic in sea literature. He never should have been lost at sea, but it appears that exactly what happened. In 19, Slocum left the East Coast of the ed States and headed to Grand Cayman the winter. Slocum was never heard from or seen again. He wasnt declared legally dead until 19. No one knows sure that Slocum disappeared within Triangle waters, but Bermuda buffs claim Slocum story as part of the legacy of the Devil Triangle.1895年,约书亚·史洛坎(Joshua Slocum)成为独自驾船环游世界的第一人,也是当时最棒的航海专家之一他的浪花号是一艘经过改装的旧渔船;他的环球航行故事——《独自驾船环游世界是海洋文学中的经典他本应是最不可能在海上失踪的人,但事实却并非如此19年,史洛坎从美国东海岸出发,准备前往大开曼群岛(Grand Cayman)过冬,但从此他便了无音讯,并于19年被宣告死亡没人知晓史洛坎到底是不是在百慕大三角失踪的,但百慕大发烧友们还是把史洛坎失踪之谜视为这魔鬼三角海域留给人们的一部分遗产9.Teignmouth Electron9.Teignmouth Electron号If Bermuda Triangle swallows up ships and planes, could it also make a man go mad? Perhaps that what happened on the Teignmouth Electron in 1969. Businessman Donald Crowhurst set sail from London on October 31, 1968 in a triple-hulled boat design featuring his own safety innovations and grand intentions to win the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, an event that requires each contestant to sail solo around the world. A relatively inexperienced sailor, Crowhurst obtained the backing of a demanding investor and hired an aggressive publicist. With his tune and pride riding on a successful voyage, Crowhurst got off to a slow start and his boat was plagued with problems, and he considered turning back. Instead, he reported incredible times and progress to his publicist while floating around in the Atlantic. When Crowhurst began his journey home, he found out his closest competitor had sunk. Fearing that the truth about his deceptions would be discovered, Crowhurst apparently jumped overboard with his fraudulent logbook and drowned himself. The Electron was found abandoned in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle in July 1969, with the last entry of his accurate logbook dated June 9.如果百慕大三角能吞噬船只和飞机,那是否也能使人发疯呢?或许这正是1969年,Teignmouth Electron号上所发生的事情1968年月31日,星期日泰晤士报金球赛拉开帷幕,商人唐纳德·克劳赫斯特(Donald Crowhurst)满怀着必胜的雄心壮志,乘坐着融入了自主安全创新设计的三体船从伦敦启航该赛事要求每位参赛者必须独自驾船航行作为一个相对缺乏经验的水手,克劳赫斯特不仅得到了一位苛刻的投资者的持,还雇佣了一个有进取心的公关虽然怀揣着开启一次成功之旅的美好愿景和自豪感,但他一开始就进展缓慢,当他的船出现问题时,他更开始考虑返航然而,在大西洋漂流时,他向公关汇报了虚假的时刻和进程当克劳赫斯特开始返航时,却发现离他最近的竞争对手早已沉入大海他担心自己弄虚作假的事情被拆穿,于是带着他虚假的航海日志跳船自尽1969年7月,人们在百慕大三角的中心地带发现了被遗弃的Electron号,以及克劳赫斯特写于6月9日的最后一篇准确无误的航海日志8.Star Tiger8.星虎号客机On January 30, 198, a British South American Airways Tudor IV plane flying from England to Bermuda disappeared without a trace. The Star Tiger, commanded by Capt. B. W. McMillan, was flying from England to Bermuda. On January 30, McMillan reported he expected to arrive in Bermuda at 5:00 a.m., but neither he nor any of the 31 people onboard the Star Tiger were ever heard from again. The official accident report suggests that the aircraft heater was unreliable and may have failed en route and a compass was at fault. To keep the temperatures warmer, the pilot may have chosen to fly the route at a lower altitude, burning fuel faster. Flying so low would have left the pilot little time to maneuver or signal help in the case of a catastrophe; the flight would have lost its height quickly and fallen into the sea.198年1月30日,英国南美航空公司(British South American Airways)的一架图多尔四引擎客机消失得无影无踪这架名为“星虎号”(The Star Tiger)的客机,从英格兰(England)飞往百慕大(Bermuda),由机长麦克米伦(Capt. B. W. McMillan)执飞1月30日当天,麦克米伦向指挥台报告说客机预计于凌晨5点飞抵百慕大(Bermuda),但随后整架飞机以及机上的31名人员音讯全无官方事故报告称,该客机的加热器并不稳定,可能在飞行途中突发故障,并且其组合罗盘也可能失灵了为保持机舱温度,飞行员极有可能选择降低飞行高度,但这样会加快油耗而且,低空飞行使得飞行员在空难降临之际无暇调整飞行策略抑或是发出求救信号,因而导致机身迅速下坠,落入海中审校:落月 校对:落花生 旭旭 386318。

To the right of the path, a fast-rushing river, blue and white, sped through a secluded gorge, breaking into rapids over dark rocks and tumbling over the occasional waterfall. To the left, a long line of timeworn Buddhist statues sat with their backs to a steep wooded bank, inviting passers-by to share their contemplation.道路的右边,一条湍急的河流带着蓝白色的波浪,飞速流过一处隐秘的峡谷,在暗黑的礁石上撞出破碎的激流,并飞越偶尔形成的瀑布道路左侧,一长串古旧的佛像背靠陡峭而林木茂盛的河堤,吸引过客前去分享自己的沉思冥想Someone had been here. Many of the statues were dressed in red knitted hats and cloth bibs, and some held little piles of one-yen coins, left as offerings, in their moss-covered laps (at last! a use this smallest of small change). But there was no sound other than the river, and no one in sight.以前一定有人来过许多雕像都带着红色针织帽,身穿棉布罩衣,有的面前还堆着日元硬币组成的供奉,摞在雕像覆满青苔的大腿上方(这些最小的零钞终于有点用处了)但除了涛声以外,这里几乎没有任何声响,也没用任何人迹This serene glen, Kanmangafuchi, which in English goes by the bidding name of the Kanman Abyss, is in Nikko, the temple town of the great shoguns. Tour buses roll up to Nikko dazzling shrines — Japan most lavish and elaborate — and re-enactors stage grand annual processions on its 00-year-old avenues. But Kanmangafuchi, a secondary attraction that doesnt make it onto most day trippers agendas, is hidden and magical, a key to understanding why the shoguns built their monuments in this place and why Buddhist monks had put down roots hundreds of years earlier. Here, by the Daiya River, it was easy to feel the magnetism of the steep verdant hills, waterfalls, hot springs and volcanic mountains. Throw in a taste the mystical, and Nikko would be a perfect place to seek enlightenment — or to enshrine yourself as a god.这座幽静的峡谷就是日光市(Nikko)的憾满之渊(Kanmangafuchi,英文名Kanman Abyss)日光是多位幕府大将军的神社所在地,旅行巴士爬坡上山,通向那些庄严的神庙——它们是日本最华丽最精致的庙宇,这里00年的古道上目前正举办每年一度的庆典但憾满之渊作为不太热门的目的地,并没有成为一日游旅行者的常规造访地点它位置隐蔽,氛围奇幻,这也是幕府将军在这里建立神社以及佛教僧侣数百年前就在这里扎根的原因在大谷川(Daiya River)的河边,面对瀑布、温泉、火山和峻峭且布满密林的山陵,很容易感受到这里的魅力带有神秘气质的日光,是寻找心灵觉醒或将自己当神来崇拜的绝佳地点An easy two and a half hours north of Tokyo by train, Nikko is a small mountain town at the edges of both a cultural Unesco World Heritage site — the 6-acre Tokugawa shrine complex — and a 3-square-mile natural reserve, Nikko National Park. The combination pulls in Japanese tourists by the millions. Yet relatively few Western travelers seem to be among the crowds, even though the list of those who have made the trip stretches back to Ulysses S. Grant, who arrived in 1879. Those who do come here often sign up day trips organized by Tokyo-based tour companies, giving them enough time to see some high points of the intricate shrine art and architecture and not much else.从东京乘坐火车,两个半小时就能到达日光这个小巧的山城两边都是美景,一边是联合教科文组织认可的文化遗产、面积6英亩的德川家族神社(Tokugawa shrine),另一边是3平方英里的自然保护区日光国家公园(Nikko National Park)这种组合吸引了大量的日本旅行者但西方游客相对较少在来过这里的为数不多的西方人中,最早的一位是1879年造访此地的尤里西斯.S.格兰特(Ulysses S. Grant)现在来日光的游客,大都选择参加东京出发的一日游旅行图一天的时间足够欣赏神社的精美艺术和建筑,但没有时间探索别的东西My first trip to Nikko, years ago, was in winter, when the clear mountain air was crisp and new snow dusted the emerald branches of the 0-foot-tall cedar trees. Against that backdrop, the brilliant red lacquer facade of Rinnoji, the central Buddhist temple, made an ungettable picture — almost as vivid in memory as the shocking chill of an unheated wooden floor on feet covered in thin socks (since, of course, shoes must be removed bee going in to bow bee the -foot-gilded statues of Buddha and Kannon).我第一次造访日光是年以前的事了那时正值冬天,山区的空气冷冽清新,新雪点缀着高达0英尺的墨绿色雪松有亮红色涂漆外墙的轮王寺衬着这样的背景,形成一幅难忘的画面这幅画面的冲击力,与穿着薄袜踩在冰凉木地板的感觉一样令人多年难忘(游客必须脱掉鞋子才能进入寺庙,并在英尺高的佛陀和观音面前鞠躬)On a recent fall visit, I walked uphill toward the shrines on ancient stone steps, full of anticipation, and was hit by a jolt of surprise. At the top, I found myself looking not at the three-story-high Rinnoji temple, but at a full-scale painting of it on a giant white plastic wrapper. The temple was inside, undergoing restoration in a project that began in and will move from structure to structure around the treasures of Nikko until 1.在最近的一次秋季重游中,我沿着古老的石阶上山,心中对山路尽头的神社充满期待但到达山顶的时候,我发现眼前不是三层楼高的轮王寺,而是它真实尺寸大小的一张照片,后面是一团巨大的白色塑料真实的寺庙裹在塑料中,正在进行翻新这次翻新工程从年开始,预计1年结束,该工程会将日光市的所有景点都逐个修葺一新The restoration is not shutting down Nikko, I soon learned, or even this one temple. People were going up the still-exposed front steps and disappearing behind the wrapper, so I followed. Inside, one of the three tall statues of gods was missing, but the thousand-armed Senju-Kannon and the double-headed Bato-Kannon (a horse head is atop its human one) were there and as inscrutable as ever. the full effect, it essential to walk as close to them as possible and look up. Their astonishingly lifelike eyes will look directly down into yours, not exactly menacing and not really friendly either, prompting thoughts about exactly what their intentions might be your future.但我很快发现,这次翻新并没有阻挡游客对日光市甚至这座寺庙的热情人们来到仍然开放的庙前阶梯,然后消失在塑料包装的内部,我也跟着他们照做了里面的三座大型神像少了一座,但千手观音和马头观音(人类脑袋上方有个马头)还在,依然和往日一样神秘莫测为了更好地感受这种氛围,请务必走到神像跟前并抬头仰望他们生动逼真的目光会直接进入你的灵魂,既不凶恶也不温柔,但发人深省,你会忍不住思考他们的目光对你的未来到底意味着什么Nikko shrines and temples, as they now appear, date to the 00s, when the Tokugawa shogun Ieyasu decided Nikko was the right spot his mausoleum, signifying his ascension after death to godly status (as planned, he was posthumously named a Buddhist deity). However inflated his self-esteem, Ieyasu was no run-of-the-mill warlord. Defeating rivals in battle, he unified Japan under his rule in 00, and the country never fractured again. He also moved the capital from Kyoto, leaving the powerless emperor behind, to the coastal town that he called Edo and that is now Tokyo, setting up a court there that quickly transmed the town from a tiny fishing village into a metropolis. Later in that same century, another Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu grandson Iemitsu, assembled the country greatest artisans and finest materials, commanded an outpouring of cash from the cowed nobility and did more building at Nikko.根据建筑上的标识,日光的神社和寺院建于00年代,那时候德川幕府(Tokugawa)的家康(Ieyasu)决定在日光建造自己的家庙,暗示着他死后将升天变成神佛(他死后,人们确实根据他的计划将他命名为一个佛教神祇)尽管德川家康非常自负,但他并不是个普通的军阀00年,他打败诸多敌手,将整个日本置于自己的统治之下,从那以后日本再也没有分裂他还将首都从京都搬到了当时的江户(Edo,即现在的东京),将毫无实权的天皇抛在身后他在江户设立朝廷,并迅速将它从小渔村建成一个大都市后来,另一个德川家族的将军家光(Ieyasu),也即德川家康的孙子,集中全国最好的工匠和最好的材料,胁迫贵族们出钱,在日光修建了许多建筑The two Tokugawas left behind enough artistry to occupy an admirer days, and I found most of it on view with little intrusion from the restoration.德川家这两位将军留下来的艺术品足够游客用几天的时间来欣赏,而且我发现几乎开放游览的作品都没有因翻新而遭到破坏There a large Shinto shrine to the god of nearby Mount Nantai (shoes off, please, to go inside); ornate gates and big, scary statues guarding flights of steps up to the mausoleums of both grandfather and grandson; a walkway flanked by 0 large stone lanterns; a five-story pagoda; even a ;sacred stable.; Anyone looking the familiar spare Japanese aesthetic will be disappointed. Elaborate, Chinese-influenced decoration is everywhere: gilding, metal work and, especially, intricate wood carving. It was the style of the time, a sort of Japanese Baroque, and Nikko is its highest expression.那里有座巨大的神社,供奉的是附近男体山(Mount Nantai)的神灵(进入神社前请脱鞋);华丽的大门之后,两侧树有威严雕像的石阶通向德川家祖孙俩的陵墓走道两边有0多个大型石灯笼、一座五层高的宝塔,甚至还有一个“圣厩”任何试图寻找常规日式审美的人都会失望到处都是精雕细琢、明显受中国影响的装饰:镀金、金属物件,尤其是工不厌精的木雕这正是当时的艺术风格,相当于日本的巴洛克,而日光的艺术品是这种风格的极致体现Isabella Bird, the Victorian travel writer whose books kept her English audience rapt, wrote in ;Unbeaten Tracks in Japan;: ;The wood-carving needs weeks of earnest work the mastery of its ideas and details.; I didnt want to stay that long, but I understood her reaction. The carving is in 3-D: brightly painted wooden friezes of flowers and plants; cranes, peacocks, dragons, elephants; and the Three Wise Monkeys (See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil), a charming and famous piece that everyone stopped to gawk at. A group of 9- or -year-old schoolchildren with bright yellow hats (billed caps the boys and small rain hats the girls) were especially appreciative but seemed to have even more fun running up and down the moss-edged steps where their handlers soon led them.英国维多利亚时代的旅行作家伊莎贝拉·伯德(Isabella Bird)曾以自己的游记作品让许多英国读者如痴如醉她在《日本少有人走的路(Unbeaten Tracks in Japan)中写道:“制作一件木雕需要好几个星期的专注工作,以及对主题和细节的深刻把握”我不想在这里停留太久,但我非常理解她的反应木雕都是立体的:涂了鲜艳油漆的木头,雕成各种形状:花朵、植物;仙鹤、孔雀、游龙、大象;还有《三只灵猴(分别代表非礼勿视、非礼勿听和非礼勿言)这件艺术品非常漂亮,几乎每个游客都会停下来仔细观看,一群来岁学生组成的旅行团戴着明黄色的帽子(男生戴鸭舌帽,女生戴小型雨帽)对此尤为感兴趣当然,当领队将他们带到生有绿苔的石阶时,他们对于在台阶上跑上跑下表现出了更多的热情Nikko is a great place exercise. On this trip I walked all day two days, exploring museums, gardens and a downtown with souvenir shops and a public hot-spring bathhouse. (Buses are available those who want to walk less.) Like everyone else, I took pictures of the crescent-shaped red Sacred Bridge over the Daiya River that is Nikko signature image.日光是健身的好地方这趟旅行,我连续两天都在奔走,探索了多家物馆、花园、市区几家纪念品商店和一家公共温泉浴场(不希望整日步行的人可乘坐公共汽车)像其他人一样,我特意拍摄了日光的地标景点,大谷川上朱红色的弯月形神桥(Sacred Bridge)I wandered in the tatami maze of the sprawling 0-room Japanese-style Imperial Villa, now a museum, where Akihito, Japan current emperor, was sent safety by his father, Hirohito, during World War II. You can see the entrance to a bomb shelter in the gorgeous garden. (It wasnt needed. Nikko and its treasures were never bombed.) The villa, built in the late 19th and early th centuries, is near the Kanman Abyss, and the emperor Taisho, Akihito grandfather, wrote a stylized poem about walking there and getting his sleeves wet from the rapids spray. The poem is inscribed on a stone monument at the gorge, one of several such literary monuments in Nikko.我在田母沢御用邸复杂的榻榻米迷宫里徜徉田母沢御用邸面积庞大,有0多个房间,以前是天皇的离宫,现在变成了物馆“二战”的时候,裕仁天皇(Hirohito)出于安全原因,曾将皇子、当今的明仁天皇(Akihito)送到这里居住优雅的花园里,可以看到一扇通往防空洞的大门(这里当年并没有派上用场,日光及其珍贵的文化珍宝在战争中完好无损)田母沢御用邸建于19世纪末世纪初,紧邻憾满之渊,明仁天皇的祖父大正天皇(Taisho)曾写过一首优美的诗歌,描述了在这里散步时衣袖被激流打湿的感觉诗歌现在刻在峡谷里的某个石碑上,这样充满文化意味的石碑在日光有好几座Outside town is another experience, accessible by bus. A corkscrew of a road leads up to the alpine Lake Chuzenji and the high Kegon waterfall; along the way, monkeys inured to the slow-moving traffic sit in trees or run along the road, hoping to score a handout. And then there are the hot springs. In Japan, Nikko is almost as renowned its nearby hot-springs resorts as its shrine.坐公交走出市区,会有另一种体验曲折的盘山公路,会将人带到高山湖泊中禅寺湖(Chuzenji)和落差很大的华严瀑布(Kegon waterfall)山路两边,已经习惯缓慢车流的猴子要么坐在树上观望,要么跑到马路上试图捕获游客分发的零食然后是温泉在日本,日光温泉几乎与那里的神社一样著名I stayed close to the shrine and retired at night to the Kanaya Hotel, an old European-style place where expats and diplomats took holidays from steamy Tokyo in the days bee air-conditioning. The list of guests includes Eleanor Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi and Frank Lloyd Wright. When Ms. Bird stayed there in 1878, the building was a small guesthouse and the host was the original Mr. Kanaya. ;I almost wish that the rooms were a little less exquisite,; Bird wrote, ; I am in constant d of spilling the ink, indenting the mats, or tearing the paper windows.;我下榻于靠近神社的金谷酒店(Kanaya Hotel),一处古老的欧洲风格建筑在空调发明之前,许多外国人和外交官都在夏天逃离湿热的东京,来此地避暑曾经入住的名人包括埃莉诺·罗斯福(Eleanor Roosevelt)、英迪拉·甘地(Indira Gandhi)和弗兰克·劳埃德·怀特(Frank Lloyd Wright)伯德女士1878年入住时,它还是个小客栈,主人是当地人金谷先生“我几乎希望这里的客房没那么精致,”伯德写道,“因为我不断地担心自己打翻墨水、损坏地毯或撕破窗纸”Today incarnation falls short of the ;Japanese idyll; she described, but it is lovely, historical and beautifully situated on a slope almost directly above the Sacred Bridge. I found the Kanaya relentlessly European, but with a Japanese twist. The high-ceilinged corridors and my huge room, with an antique desk and view of a garden and a mountain peak, made me think of the fine old inns that still survive in the American Northeast. But here there were yukatas, the cotton kimonos lounging that are common in Japan, laid out the guests. Service was delicate and perfect, in the best Japanese style.今天的金谷酒店已经不是她笔下的那个“日式田园诗”,而是优雅端庄、历史感十足,坐落在神桥几乎正上方的山坡上我发现,金谷酒店非常欧化,但多少带着日本气息我的客房面积阔大,走道有着高挑的天花板,但写字桌是古典式样,窗外可以看到花园和山峰,让我想起美国东北地区仍然活跃的古雅客栈但这里还有供客人使用的和式浴衣——那是一种棉布制成的和,适合居家穿着,在日本非常普遍酒店的务非常用心,堪称完美,一流的日本水平Dinner at the restaurant was a white-tablecloth and French-wine affair with steak on the and a ;Downton Abbey;-worthy array of silverware at each place setting. Although the staff and all the other diners were Asian, there wasnt a chopstick in sight. Here, I thought, if anywhere in rural Japan, I might have a chance of getting a cup of decaf coffee after dinner. But the waitress, an older woman in a neat black dress who had up to this time anticipated my every desire, told me apologetically that there was none, and when I refused tea as a substitute, seemed genuinely stricken.晚餐是在一家铺着雪白桌布、菜单上有法国美酒和牛排、每张餐桌上都摆着《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)里那种纯银餐具的餐厅尽管务员和其他客人都是亚洲面孔,视野里却没有一根筷子我觉得,唯一让这里感觉是日本乡村的是这样一件小事:餐后我想要一杯无咖啡因的咖啡但务员——一位身着优雅黑裙、年纪较长、一直在耐心满足我所有要求的女子,却满含歉意地说,这里没有无咖啡因的咖啡当我拒绝了她以茶代替的建议时,她脸上顿时充满震惊I assured her that I could make do with water. But in a few minutes she reappeared, looking hopeful, with an offer: Could I take instant? I could. It arrived grandly — shining crystals in a stemware dessert glass — and proved to be the best instant coffee I had ever tasted. I smiled, she smiled, and all was well.我对她说,给我一杯白水来也行但几分钟之后,她重新出现在我面前,脸上充满希望地问:“速溶咖啡可以吗?”我说可以这杯咖啡来得非常高贵:一只装甜点用的玻璃高脚杯里,咖啡闪着水晶般的光芒这是我喝过的最纯美的速溶咖啡我微笑起来,她也笑起来,万事万物如此美好IF YOU GO实用信息In Tokyo, get advice on touring the Nikko area from English speakers at the Tourist Inmation Center (TIC) in the Shin Tokyo Building in Marunouchi, 81-3-31-3331; jnto.go.jp.东京的旅游信息中心(Tourist Inmation Center; TIC) 有讲英语的工作人员,可提供日光旅游的建议地址是丸之内(Marunouchi)街区的Shin Tokyo Building大厦81-3-31-3331;jnto.go.jpThe privately owned Tobu train (81-3-381-71; www.tobu.co.jpeign), the easiest way to Nikko, leaves from the Tobu Asakusa Station, across the street from Tokyo Asakusa municipal transit station. In Nikko, the Sacred Bridge and other tourist sites are within walking distance of the Tobu station; a bus makes regular circuits.私人运营的东武火车(Tobu train; 81-3-381-71; www.tobu.co.jpeign)是去往日光最便捷的交通方式起点是东武浅草站(Tobu Asakusa Station),在东京浅草市区中转站的对面东武火车在日光的站点距离神桥和其他景点都是步行可达日光市内的交通可采用公共汽车The Two-Day Nikko Pass, available at the Tobu Station ,600 yen (about ), covers round-trip train fare and buses in Nikko. Admission to the main Nikko temple and shrine is ,0 yen. Small fees, 0 to 500 yen, are charged to enter some ancillary areas and museums. The shrine and temple complex is open daily year-round.日光两日通票(Two-Day Nikko Pass)可在东武火车站购买,价格600日元(约6美元),包括日光往返东京的双程火车票和日光公交车票日光主要寺庙和神社的门票是0日元进入周边次要景点和物馆时,可能需要付0至500日元的小额费用所有神社和寺院都全年每日开放Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa (81--8853-6767; japan-guide.comee38.html) and its garden are open daily year-round except on Tuesdays and holidays. Admission is 500 yen.日光田母沢御用邸(Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa; 81--8853-6767; japan-guide.comee38.html)除了周二和节假日以外,全年每日开放门票500日元To reach the Kanman Abyss from the Imperial Villa, exit from the garden to the side street, walk downhill and turn left. Take the first right onto a tiny street, turn right at the end and walk to the road bridge across the Daiya River. Cross it, turn right and follow the street along the river, heading upstream, through a small neighborhood. The trailhead is off a parking lot at the end.若想从田母沢御用邸去憾满之渊(Kanman Abyss),从花园走出,到达旁边的街道接着步行下山,然后左转接下来,第一个路口右转,走入一条小街,到尽头的时候右转,然后走向横跨大谷川的那座路桥走到河对面,右转,沿着河边的街道向上游走去,走过一小片居住区步道终点的旁边是个停车场The Nikko Kanaya Hotel (81--885-0001; kanayahotel.co.jp) is reached from the Tobu station by an uphill driveway off Nikko main street spine just bee the Sacred Bridge. Prices vary by season; doubles from ,35 yen.日光金谷酒店(Nikko Kanaya Hotel (81--885-0001; kanayahotel.co.jp)距离东武火车站不远从日光的主干道出发,沿着一条上坡路走到神桥面前即可房间价格因季节而异双人房35日元起 3791。