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A decorated military veteran opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday in a burst of violence that killed 13 people, including the gunman, and set off waves of panic at the military installation just miles from the White House and U.S. Capitol.本周一,一名授勋老兵持袭击了美国华盛顿海军基地,包括持者在内的13人在这起暴力冲突中丧生。海军基地距美国首都、白宫所在地仅有几英里,该事件引起基地人员巨大恐慌。The FBI identified the suspect as Aaron Alexis, 34, of Fort Worth, Texas, a onetime Navy contractor who attended a Buddhist temple and had two gun-related brushes with the law.美国联邦调查局实,嫌疑人为艾伦-阿莱克西斯,现年34岁,得克萨斯州沃思堡人,曾为美国海军基地的非军人身份合同工,信仰佛教,并合法持有两把。He received a general discharge from the Navy Reserve in 2011 after a series of misconduct issues, a Navy official said.根据一名海军官员透露,嫌疑人曾犯有大量不端行为,在2011年被海军预备役部队解雇。He was killed in one of several gun battles with police.嫌疑人在与警方的交火中丧生。The motive - and how he breached security - remained unknown. About 12 people were injured, Washington Mayor Vincent Gray said, though it was unclear how many of them were shot.目前仍不确定他的作案动机和避开安全监控的方法。华盛顿市长文森特·格雷称,大约有12人在本次事件中受伤,但还不清楚其中有多少人受到击。Hours after the incident, police were searching for a possible second suspect in an incident that raised questions about security at the Washington Navy Yard, about a mile south of the U.S. Capitol and 3 miles from the White House.击案发生几小时后,警方开始搜寻本事件可能存在的第二嫌疑人。这一行为令人们对华盛顿海军基地的安全性产生质疑,该基地位于美国首都南部1英里处,距白宫只有3英里。Somehow the gunman managed to enter the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building about 8:20 a.m. (1220 GMT) and started picking off victims from a fourth-floor atrium, witnesses said.目击者称,早上8点20分,持歹徒成功进入海军海上系统指挥总部大楼,在四楼中庭里挑选受害者并一一开射杀。It was the worst attack at a U.S. military installation since U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009, killing 13 people and wounding 31 others.这是2009年得州胡德堡案件之后发生过最恶劣的美国军事大楼暴力事件。在那起事件中,美国陆军少校奈达·哈桑向没有配备武器的士兵开火,导致13人死亡31人受伤。Hasan, who said he acted in retaliation for U.S. wars in Muslim countries, was convicted and sentenced to death by a military jury in August.哈桑声称他的目的是报复美国在穆斯林国家发起的大量战争,他被判有罪,并于八月被军事法庭执以死刑。 /201309/257199。

  • Beautes were dressed as Santa Claus to greet guests in a London department store.英国伦敦百货商店一角,装扮成圣诞老人的美女迎接客人。 /200912/92930。
  • As a society, we're obsessed with achievement. But what happens once you're considered objectively successful, with a great salary and a job that energizes you? It's easy to rest on your accomplishments and your way of getting work done, perhaps even feeling there's not much left to learn。  But in this economy, you can't afford to sit back -- even though it might be tempting。  'Successful people fall into the trap of thinking they don't need to change anything because their behavior is working for them,' says Marshall Goldsmith, author of 'What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful.' 'Every time they get promoted...they get positive reinforcement even when certain skills are lacking.'  Know Your Weaknesses  But examining where you might have shortcomings can make or break a career。  David Hale of Columbia, S.C., quickly rose to the top of the military police force and was granted the highly sought-after position of polygraph examiner with the Army Criminal Investigation Command。  'I was my own biggest fan, and being cocky, I would try to force confessions from suspects either prior to or based on their exams,' he says. But he didn't take the time to understand that criminals are more likely to confess to people they like and trust. 'My results fell way below other examiners,' Mr. Hale says。  Mr. Hale didn't realize he needed to change until his boss transferred him and said that if his confession rate didn't increase, he would be fired. He studied forensic interviewing, worked on relating to subjects on an emotional level, and pursued courses in leadership, counseling and psychology. Eventually, Mr. Hale began to rise again in his career, and he became known as one of the top polygraph examiners anywhere。  Necessary Skills  Becoming as successful as you can be -- after you've aly climbed part of the ladder -- means you need two things。  For starters, you need outstanding people skills: Listen carefully, think before you speak, reciprocate favors and manage conflicts diplomatically。  Second, you must regularly take a hard look at yourself and address your weak points. For example, if you have a communication issue with one person or a group of people, step away from the blame game and ask yourself, 'How can I be better?' Make sure people are honest with you by requesting feedback anonymously and confidentially。  If you're employed by a large organization, consider contacting human resources to see what training is available. You may have the opportunity to take leadership-development courses online or in-person for free。  But the most important thing to keep in mind is that just because you're skilled or talented in a particular area doesn't mean you should simply pass go and collect your 0。  I, for instance, was hesitant to work with a speaking coach because my audience uations didn't mandate it, but once I learned that the top speakers in the world -- from Tony Robbins to President Barack Obama -- have worked with coaches, I changed my mind。  Says Mr. Goldsmith: 'Strong leaders don't coast.' /201003/97512。
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