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成都中医看前列腺炎成都第六人民医院是私人的吗Germany’s governing coalition moved on Monday to tighten benefits for migrants as Angela Merkel, chancellor, displayed a sharper tone towards those drawn to the country for economic reasons.周一,德国的执政联盟采取行动,收紧了为移民提供的福利,德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)也针对那些出于经济原因来到德国的移民发出了更严厉的声音。Ms Merkel has been lauded around the world for Germanswelcoming embrace to migrants. More than 22,000 people entered Germany by train at the weekend after Vienna and Berlin announced an agreement to allow refugees to continue their journey from Hungary.由于德国对移民采取了欢迎的立场,默克尔受到世界各国的称赞。上周末,在奥地利政府和德国政府宣布达成一份协议、允许难民从匈牙利继续西进后,有.2万人乘火车进入了德国。However, Ms Merkel suggested that there were limits to such generosity after facing criticism from her conservative allies the Christian Social Union over the decision to admit the refugees. “We will protect those who should be protected but those with no prospect of staying must leave our country,she said on Monday.然而,在接纳难民的决定遭到保守派盟友“基督教社会联盟CSU)批评后,默克尔表示,这种慷慨是有限度的。“我们将保护那些应该受到保护的人,但那些没有希望留下的人必须离开我们的国家,”她在周一表示。About a fifth of asylum seekers to Germany in the first half of the year were from war-torn Syria, giving them a strong claim to refugee status. But about 39 per cent were from the western Balkans and primarily seeking better economic opportunities, giving them little chance of qualifying for asylum.今年上半年到德国寻求避难的人当中,约五分之一来自饱受战争蹂躏的叙利亚,这些人有充分的理由获得难民身份。但也有9%的人来自西巴尔干国家,他们主要是为了寻觅更好的经济机会,因此获得难民身份的机会很渺茫。Berlin is seeking to reduce “pull factors particularly for economic migrants, with measures that include replacing cash benefits for asylum seekers in initial reception centres with benefits in kind.柏林方面试图降低德国的“吸引力”,尤其是对经济移民而言,措施包括在最初的接待中心以实物福利来取代发放给寻求避难者的现金福利。Ms Merkel also announced that social benefits for people likely to be deported would be reduced. These include items such as food, clothing and accommodation.默克尔还宣布,将削减提供给那些可能被驱逐出境的人的社会福利。这些福利包括食物、衣、住宿等。Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro will be added to Germany’s list of “safecountries of origin, enabling quicker deportation of illegal migrants from those countries.科索沃、阿尔巴尼亚和黑山将加入德国的“安全”来源国清单,来自这些国家的非法移民将被更快地驱逐出境。来 /201509/397728成都市治包皮医院 Chinas First Lady Peng Liyuan will need to make room under the spotlight, because Cheng Hong is coming in to share it. 继中国第一夫人彭丽媛惊艳亮相媒体后,中国国务院总理李克强的夫人程虹也给公众留下了深刻印象。State media on Sunday and Monday circulated pictures of Ms. Cheng, the wife of Chinas premier Li Keqiang, as she accompanies her husband on a tour of Africa, where the duo will work to boost Sino-African ties. 官方媒体周日和周一纷纷刊登了程虹陪同李克强出访非洲的照片,两人此行是为了加强中非关系。Ms. Cheng is stepping onto the public stage at a time when President Xi Jinpings wife Peng Liyuan is also building her own political persona. Ms. Peng gained attention last year by accompanying her husband on trips overseas, as well as in March, when U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama visited China to spend time with the presidents wife, who is also a well-known singer. 程虹进入公众视野时值中国国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛打造自己的政治形象之际。彭丽媛去年陪同习近平出访国外引来多方关注。美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama) 3月份访问中国时,彭丽媛还和米歇尔举行了会面。彭丽媛是中国著名的女歌唱家。But while Ms. Peng has gotten many plaudits for her dress sense, state media seems keen to stress Ms. Chengs scholarly achievements. 虽然彭丽媛以自己的着装风格受到不少好评,但对于程虹,官方媒体似乎更热衷于强调她的学术成就。This week, the official Xinhua News Agency touted on one of its official microblog accounts the academic achievements of Ms. Cheng, who has had a more than 30-year career as a well-liked English professor at Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing. According to Xinhua, Ms. Cheng met her husband while studying at Chinas top academic institution, Peking University. The pair have one child. 新华社本周在其官方微账户上介绍了程虹的学术成就。程虹在首都经济贸易大学教授英语已经有超0年的时间,深受学生爱戴。新华社称,程虹在北京大学进修时和李克强相识结婚,两人育有一女。Wives of political leaders have rarely been made so public, said Zhong Xin, director of Renmin Universitys Public Communication Institute. Chinas recent attempt to push them out into the limelight, she said, is an effort to take a more innovative approach to the countrys foreign relations. Such a diversification of figures involved in international communication, said Ms. Zhong, can help to create a friendlier, more accessible image for Mr. Li and also deepen understanding between diplomats. 中国人民大学新闻学院教授钟新说,政治领导人的夫人此前很少有这么公开的亮相。她说,近来领导人夫人亮相媒体是处理外交关系的一个更具创新性的方式。钟新表示,在国际交流中加入多样化的形象有助于为李克强打造一个更加友奀?更易接近的形象,同时也能增进外交官之间的理解。Ms. Cheng also brings her intellect to the table, said Ms. Zhong. She comes in not only as a wife, but also as a female intellectual, Ms. Zhong toldChina Real Time . 钟新表示,程虹还带来了她的才智。她的角色并不仅是总理夫人,还是一位女性知识分子。But some say that the apparently higher profile of the First Lady and Ms. Cheng is simply the product of greater media attention, not a deliberate foreign policy choice. Its the Internet thats creating these larger images, Chu Shulong, an expert on international relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said in an interview in March, when Ms. Peng became the talk of the town during Ms. Obamas visit. Politicians spouses have been involved in public events in the past, he noted--the difference now is that there are more online publications and social media platforms to spur greater chatter about them. 但一些人表示,彭丽媛和程虹的这种高调的形象只是媒体关注度加大的结果,而非刻意的外交政策选择。在奥巴马夫月份访问中国时,彭丽媛成最热门的话题,清华大学(Tsinghua University)国际关系专家楚树龙当时在接受采访时表示,互联网放大了领导人夫人的形象。他指出,过去政治家的配偶也参加公共活动,现在的不同之处在于有了更多的网络报道和社交媒体平台,这使得公众会更多地谈论她们。Xinhua said that Ms. Cheng has had a particular interest in American nature writing and has translated several books on the topic, including Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Places, a memoir by American environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams, and The Outermost House, which chronicles of life on Cape Cod, by naturalist writer Henry Beston. 新华社称,程虹对美国自然文学尤其感兴趣,已翻译了多部美国自然文学著作,包括美国环保主义者特丽·T·威廉Terry Tempest Williams)的《心灵的慰藉:一部非同寻常的地域和家族史Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Places)以及自然主义作家亨利·贝斯Henry Beston)的《遥远的房屋The Outermost House),后者纪录了贝斯顿在科德Cape Cod)的生活。According to other press reports circulating this week, Ms. Cheng has generally kept a low profile in her work and dedicated herself to family, for example in caring for years for an elderly family member who was suffering from cancer before the relative died. Li Xuejun, an editor of Mrs. Cheng s translated books who has known her for more than a decade, told the Beijing News that the premiers wife was an unassuming presence, one who never wears make-up. 据本周其他媒体报道,程虹在学校为人低调,在家也是“贤妻良母”,报道还举了程虹用五年时间照顾家中患癌症的老人、并陪她走到生命尽头的例子。多次出任程虹译著责编的李学军告诉《新京报》记者,认识程老师十几年,她都是素面朝天。Elsewhere online, social media users responded to Ms. Chengs Africa trip with praise. [Ms. Cheng] really has the temperament of a teacher who teaches and helps students. Im not just flattering her, wrote one. 在网上,社交媒体用户也对程虹随行出访表达了赞赏。其中一位用户写道,“程虹的确有为人师表的气质,我不是在奉承她。Its like having a treasure to have such a wife, wrote another. 另一位用户写道,“家有贤妻,如有一宝。”来 /201405/294622Peace talks between Ukraine and pro-Russia separatists went nowhere Saturday, as fighting raged in the countrys east, killing both soldiers and civilians.乌克兰政府和亲俄罗斯分离分子的和平会谈星期六没有取得任何成果,乌克兰东部的冲突继续发生,双方武装人员以及平民仍有伤亡。The talks in Minsk were adjourned after several hours. A statement from the Trilateral Contact Group said that the representatives from the rebel-held areas of Ukraine did not come to the talks prepared to discuss implementation of a cease-fire and withdrawal of heavy weapons. Instead, the group said the rebels wanted to revisit the Minsk Protocol that laid the groundwork for a cessation of hostilities.在明斯克举行的和谈进行了几小时后休会。俄罗斯、乌克兰和欧安会的三方联合声明说,前来参加和谈的反政府武装控制区代表拒绝讨论落实停火协议和撤走重武器的问题,而表示希望重新审议作为停止敌对基础的明斯克协议。The cease-fire the sides agreed to in September has been repeatedly violated and collapsed completely last week when rebels announced the start of a new offensive designed to expand their territory.双方去年9月达成的停火协议不断被打破,上星期完全破裂。亲俄罗斯武装宣布开展扩大其控制区的新一轮攻势。Shelling in the strategic transport hub of Debaltseve killed 12 civilians Saturday, according to the police chief of the rebel-held Donetsk region. Debaltseve is located northeast of the city of Donetsk, connecting it with Luhansk, another major rebel stronghold.反政府武装控制的顿涅茨克警察总监说,战略交通枢纽德巴尔切夫镇星期六受到的炮击中2名平民丧生。德巴尔切夫位于顿涅茨克东北方向,是与反政府武装控制的另一个重要城镇卢甘斯克连接的重要环节。The government still retains primary control of the vital rail and road junction, which has been without water, power and gas for days.乌克兰政府仍然基本控制着德巴尔切夫的铁路和公路要道,但是那里被切断水源、供电和汽油已经数天。In addition to the civilian deaths, Ukraines defense minister, Stepan Poltorak, announced the deaths of 15 soldiers across the east in the past day of fighting with Russia-backed separatists.乌克兰国防部长说,政府军与亲俄罗斯武装作战一天以来,5名军人丧生。来 /201502/357454甘孜州妇幼保健医院预约四维彩超

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四川省华西医院体检多少钱Despite China’s faltering growth, Costa Rica is looking to Beijing to help it plug a growing hole in its public accounts, as it starts talks on the sale of a bn bond.尽管中国经济增长乏力,但哥斯达黎加还是希望中国帮助填补其不断扩大的财政赤字。目前,哥斯达黎加正就发0亿美元债券事宜与中方展开商谈。Commodities producers in Latin America have long seen China as a deep-pocketed ally, and Costa Rica will be hoping it can emulate Venezuela and Ecuador, which have both secured Chinese funding this year as they battle the oil price crash.长期以来,拉美大宗商品生产国一直把中国视为资金雄厚的盟友,哥斯达黎加希望自己可以效仿委内瑞拉和厄瓜多尔,后两个国家都在今年应对油价暴跌之时获得了中方的资金。“We’re in the initial stages of negotiations,Costa Rican president Luis Guillermo Solís told the Financial Times in New York. He acknowledged, however, it was “not the best time for China“我们正处于谈判的初始阶段,”哥斯达黎加总统路易斯吉列尔莫∠利斯(Luis Guillermo Solis)在纽约告诉英囀?金融时报》。不过,他承认,现在“对中国而言并非最佳时机”。Costa Rica’s ties with China have deepened since 2007, when the Latin American nation severed ties with Taiwan and established relations with Beijing. Beijing rewarded that decision by buying 0m in bonds at a preferential 2 per cent interest rate. Costa Ricas sovereign debt was cut to junk status last year, and the new bond would again have a favourable rate.2007年以来,哥斯达黎加与中国的关系一直在加深。那一年,这个拉美国家切断了与台湾的关系,并与北京方面建立了外交关系。作为对这一决定的回报,北京方面%的优惠利率购买了3亿美元哥斯达黎加国债。去年,哥斯达黎加主权债券评级被下调至垃圾级,此次新发行的债券将再次提供优惠利率。Mr Pacheco, speaking by telephone from San José, said a proposal had been submitted to the Chinese and he hoped for a reply within six weeks as 016 is just around the corner and we’d like to have the funds to start the year哥斯达黎加代理财政部长何塞弗朗西斯科帕切Jose Francisco Pacheco)在圣何塞接受电话采访时表示,哥斯达黎加已向中国提交一项方案,他希望中方在六周内作出答复,因为016年即将到来,我们希望能在年初时获得资金”。Mr Solís, who was seeking to drum up investment, referred to China “a strategic partner Beijing is building a key highway linking the capital with a bn container port at Puerto Moín to double capacity for the world’s top pineapple exporter. Mr Solís visited Beijing this year and the two nations agreed to set up a special economic area in Costa Rica for Chinese investment and to “promote a growing Chinese presence in the region索利斯正竭力招揽投资,他把中国称作哥斯达黎加的“战略合作伙伴”。中国正在哥斯达黎加修建一条重要的高速公路,将把该国首都圣何塞与莫因Puerto Moín)价0亿美元的集装箱港口连接起来,令这个全球最大菠萝出口国的出口能力提高一倍。索利斯今年曾访问中国,两国同意在哥斯达黎加设立一个面向中方投资的特别经济区,并“推动中国增强在该地区的影响力”。来 /201510/402153 Russia on Monday unblocked the sale to Iran of one of the world’s most advanced air-defence systems, in a move that will irk the US and other world powers involved in talks to limit Tehran’s nuclear programme.周一,俄罗斯解除了向伊朗销售S-300系统的禁令,此举或激怒美国及其他参加限制伊朗核计划谈判的国家。S-300系统是目前世界上最先进的防空系统之一。President Vladimir Putin cancelled a decree under which he had banned delivery of the S-300 system to the Islamic Republic in September , a restriction imposed under intense diplomatic pressure from the US and Israel.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)取消了一项禁止向伊朗提供S-300系统的禁令。该禁令009月,普京在美国和以色列的强大外交压力下提出的。His move comes at a highly sensitive point in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme, with the White House attempting to sell this month’s framework agreement with Tehran to a highly sceptical US Congress.普京此举恰逢伊朗核计划磋商进入高度敏感时刻,白宫方面正试图向十分多疑的美国国会推销本月与伊朗政府达成的框架协议。Opponents of the nuclear deal which imposes conditions on Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief see the resumption of Russian arms sales as evidence of Iran winning space to hone its capabilities and better protect nuclear facilities from outside military action.伊朗核协议为伊朗的核计划设置了限制条件,以换取其他国家解除对伊朗的制裁。该协议的反对者认为,俄罗斯恢复对伊军售明,伊朗赢得了锻炼自身能力、更好地保护其核设施免受外来军事攻击的空间。On Monday, Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli intelligence minister, said that the green light for S-300 sales was “a direct result of the legitimisation that Iran is receiving from the nuclear dealthis month, of which Israel’s government has been fiercely critical.周一,以色列情报部长尤瓦#8226;施泰尼茨(Yuval Steinitz)表示,S-300系统销售解禁是这个月“核计划协议赋予伊朗合法性的直接后果”。以色列政府对该协议始终持强烈批评态度。“Instead of demanding Iran stop its terrorist activities which it is sping in the Middle East and around the world, they are enabling it to arm with advanced weapons which will only increase its aggression,Mr Steinitz said.施泰尼茨表示:“他们并未要求伊朗停止在中东和全球不断蔓延的恐怖活动。相反,他们却令伊朗得以装备先进武器,这只会增加伊朗的侵略行为。”Washington and Israel have long objected to the possible sale of the S-300s to Iran, saying they would destabilise the military balance in the region. Since 2006 successive US presidents have raised the issue with Mr Putin.长期以来,美国政府和以色列政府一直反对向伊朗销售S-300系统,并表示这么做会打破该地区军事平衡。自2006年以来,连续多任美国总统都曾向普京提出这个问题。The Obama administration played down the potential impact of the Russian announcement. Marie Harf, spokeswoman at the state department, said that the US does “not believe it’s constructive at this time for Russia to move forward withthe sale of the missiles. However, she added that “we don’t think this will have an impact on unity in terms of inside the negotiating rooms奥巴马政府则试图淡化俄罗斯声明的潜在影响。美国国务院发言人玛#8226;哈夫(Marie Harf)表示,美国“认为,俄罗斯在这个节点上推进”对伊导弹销售“毫无建设性”。不过,她补充说“我们认为这不会影响谈判桌上的团结”。US secretary of state John Kerry talked to his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on Monday and repeated Washington’s longstanding concerns about the potential deal, she said.她说,美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)周一与俄罗斯外长谢尔#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)举行了磋商,并重申了美国政府长期以来对俄伊潜在协议的担忧。Some analysts in the US questioned whether Russia would actually ever deliver the missiles.美国部分分析人士则质疑俄罗斯是否真的会向伊朗供应这批导弹。来 /201504/370407彭州市治疗宫颈肥大多少钱都江堰市中心医院彩超检查好吗



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