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DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg recalls the summer of 199 like it was yesterday.梦工厂动画公司(DreamWorks Animation)CEO杰弗里o卡森伯格回忆起199年夏天的事,他感慨那一切仿佛就发生在昨天Katzenberg was chairman of The Walt Disney Studios , a role that included reviving its animated film business. And revive it he did. Come 199, Walt Disney Studios was back on top: “The Lion King” was the No. 1 movie, the top-selling soundtrack with 5 million albums sold, and a blockbuster game developed by Sega. Oh, and the No. 1 TV show — a half-hour family sitcom called “Home Improvement,” with Tim Allen — belonged to Disney, too. But all that success did little to stop ex-CEO Michael Eisner from firing him over irreconcilable differences.卡森伯格时任华特o迪士尼制片厂(The Walt Disney Studios)总裁,肩负着复兴迪士尼动画电影业务的重任他也幸不辱命199年,迪士尼重回顶峰:《狮子王(The Lion King)成为票房排行第一的电影,电影原声带也极为畅销,共售出,500万张专辑,世嘉公司(Sega)根据电影开发的视频游戏也风靡一时此外,当年收视率最高的电视剧——由蒂姆o艾伦主演的时长半小时的家庭情景喜剧《家居装饰(Home Improvement)——也属于迪士尼然而,这些成功依旧无法阻止前任CEO迈克尔o艾斯纳因为两人之间无法调和的矛盾而将其解雇The lesson learned? “Do good — just don’t do too good,” quipped the 63-year-old Hollywood exec onstage at a conference hosted by online file-sharing startup Box on Wednesday. Katzenberg is now CEO of DreamWorks Animation , the Glendale, Calif.- animation studio he co-founded with media moguls Steven Spielberg and David Geffen in . Not every film has permed well at the box office — this March’s flop, “Mr. Peabody amp; Sherman,” cost the studio million in the first quarter — but the studio has also produced blockbusters like “Shrek ″ and “Shrek the Third.” And its most recent film, “How to Train Your Dragon ,” crossed the 0 million mark in ticket sales this weekend.这一事件带来的教训就是,“要把事情做好——但不要做得太好,”63岁的卡森伯格自嘲道最近,这位好莱坞高管出席了由在线文件分享初创公司Box主办的会议,并登台接受了采访卡森伯格现任梦工场动画公司CEO,年,他与媒体巨头史蒂夫o斯皮尔伯格、大卫o格芬在加州格兰代尔合作创建了这家公司虽然梦工厂的电影并非部部卖座,比如今年3月的《天才眼镜(Mr. Peabody amp; Sherman)便遭遇了票房滑铁卢,令梦工厂在第一季度损失了5,700万美元,但其制作的热卖大片也不在少数,比如《怪物史莱克(Shrek )和《怪物史莱克3(Shrek 3)最新电影《驯龙记(How to Train Your Dragon )的票房更是在最近突破了6亿美元The process by which Katzenberg and his studio go about making movies follows a general philosophy he’s followed decades. “The one thing I always tried to do a little bit better than what I was expected to do,” he said. “When I go into a situation, whether it was an assignment I had, whether it was as a gopher [years ago], retrieving a danish someone, or when I come into a staff meeting, I think about how I can exceed expectations and have people walk out of those engagements thinking, ‘well, that was a little bit better. I didn’t expect that.’ When people walk into any product or movie of ours, we want it to be a little bit more than what they were expecting. We don’t always succeed, but we really try hard.”在制作电影的过程中,卡森伯格和梦工厂始终贯彻一条卡森伯格自己数十年来一直在践行的原则他说道:“我做每一件事情,都会努力使其超出预期不论遇到什么情况,比如接受一个任务,做一名推销员(数年前的事情),甚至是帮某人检索一个丹麦语单词,或者参加员工大会的时候,我都会考虑如何超出预期,让人们最终觉得:‘这样好多了这出乎我的意料’我希望人们来购买我们的产品或观看我们的电影时,会发现结果都超出了他们的预期我们不可能事事成功,但是我们一直在努力”Case in point: Katzenberg’s 0th wedding anniversary with wife Marilyn isn’t until early next year, but the exec is aly plotting a surprise her. “I’m aly working on how in the hell am I going to exceed her expectations,” he mused. “So, if you can you exceed the expectations of those people you’re in business with, almost every single time you will win.”一个很好的例子:明年年初,卡森伯格与妻子玛丽琳将迎来0周年结婚纪念日,但他已经开始计划,到时候给妻子一个惊喜他若有所思地说道:“我正在考虑如何给她一个出人意料的惊喜如果你能事事超出生意伙伴的预期,胜利肯定是属于你的” 373。

Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon has married her long-term partner Christine Marinoni. The actress, 6, wore a custom dress by Carolina Herrera the ceremony, which was held in New York yesterday. Her publicist confirmed to People: ;Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni, were legally married in the state of New York.; No further details about the ceremony are currently available.《欲望都市(Sex and the City)女主演之一辛西亚·尼克森(Cynthia Nixon)的发言人周一表示,6岁的尼克森周末在纽约与5岁的女友克里斯汀·马里诺尼(Christine Marinoni)结婚于年5月7日在纽约州合法结婚其发言人未透露更多细节 185。

They caught the eye on Thursday when they cruised through Calinian suburb Calabasas on a pair of Segways – prompting rumours of a romantic reconciliation.当地时间周四加利福尼亚郊区的卡拉巴萨市,贾斯汀·比伯和前女友赛琳娜·戈麦斯被拍到一起骑赛格威电动平衡车——关于他们复合的传闻又开始了~Taking to his Instagram the following day, Justin Bieber gave credence to those whispers by posting a black and white shot in which he appears to be enjoying another, more intimate moment with mer girlfriend Selena Gomez.紧接着似乎是要给这些传闻添一些佐,贾斯汀·比伯在Instagram 放上了他和赛琳娜在一起的黑白照,显然他和享受和前女友赛琳娜·戈麦斯的亲密时光With the 19-year-old singer holding his smartphone aloft, the raven haired beauty – who bears a striking resemblance to the mer Disney star - is seen with an arm draped around his neck while she gently rests her chin on his shoulder.这位19岁的歌手举着他的智能手机自拍,一头乌黑美发的前迪士尼明星赛琳娜把胳膊搭在比伯的脖子上,下巴靠在他的肩头上An accompanying caption s: ‘Love the way you look at me.’标题上写着:“(我)喜欢你看着我的样子”The attractive pair zoomed along the sun-filled streets of the celebrity enclave as Bieber, ever the showman, flaunted his skills on the motorized vehicle.这对引人注目的前情侣疾驰在洒满阳光的街道上,比伯则不断在车上展示自己的技巧,不停耍帅Indeed, Bieber could be seen a dozen yards ahead of Selena as he kept pace with a male friend, who matched the pop idol in a snap back cap, white T-shirt, and jeans.比伯似乎技术的确不错可以看到比伯领先赛琳娜码,和一名男性友人并驾齐驱,两人均反戴鸭舌帽,白T恤配牛仔裤的简单打扮Twitter user Nick Sanitsky posted a picture of the pair on the unusual mode of transport and wrote: Bieber and Selena segwaying in the Oaks. She was so nice, so he yelled at us (sic).推特用户Nick Sanitsky上传了这对情侣不同寻常的交通方式,然后写到:“比伯和赛琳娜在奥克斯玩玩代步车,她人很好,所以他冲我嚷嚷” 1。

The world's strongest insect is a type of male dung beetlewhich needs its power to be able to mate with females in animal faeces, British and Australian scientists said Wednesday.  英国和澳大利亚科学家本周三称,全世界力量最大的昆虫是一种雄性屎壳郎,这种屎壳郎需要很大的力量才能在动物粪便中与雌性屎壳郎交配  Onthophagus taurus can pull 1,1 times its own body weight -- the equivalent of a 70-kilogramme (-pound) person being able to lift 80 tonnes, the weight of six double-decker buses.  屎壳郎可拖动相当于其身体重量倍的物体,这相当于一个体重70公斤(磅)的人能举起重达80吨的六辆双层巴士  The extraordinary strength of many of the beetles is due to their unusual mating arrangements.  很多这种屎壳郎的惊人力量源于它们特殊的交配形式。